In This Issue 3

IN THIS ISSUE – 3 –  Table of Contents (We’re trying a new look – bear with us)

West Point Weekend: 2018

Meanwhile, 27472 OCdt IV Eliza Bruce kept herself busy outside the West Point Weekend bubble

Ex Cadets and more in the news

7928 Cajo Brando follows up and connects with three students

Keeping Tabs…

18129 Kathryn Foss: Agent of Change – Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Golden Oldies

New Year’s Levee and Memorial Cup


Professional Development – 101

Sports department moves into the 21st century & 2 ‘Paladins’ gaining national attention

The Inaugural 2000 Chasse-Galerie – #3 in a series

Tough As They Come: Book review by Mike Kennedy

Tom Rozman shares his experience with Canadian Liaison Officer: Inter Army Relations—Another Form of Leadership

2017 Birchall Leadership Award Thank You Message from the RMC Foundation



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi

 Archives – Here