In This Issue 20

In This Issue 20:

Honourary Club Member: MND Arrives With His RMC Club Tie
Close to 300 cross stage to receive degrees
Proud Commandant & Proud Principal
“E’s and G’s” – The “Other” Graduates of RMC
Graduation 2017 Parade
Spectacular Sunset at RMC: Sunset Ceremony 2017
Golden Oldies… Graduation theme
Keeping Tabs…
RMC Foundation Contributions to the RMCC Bands
Countdown to Grad…
Wall of Honour: Two Entrepreneurs to be inducted
RMC Women’s Volleyball Program – Growing through Change
MEN’S VOLLEYBALL: Potential for a play-off spot
Message Board / Affiche de Messages
The LNO—a Brigade Liaison Officer to XVIIIth Airborne Corps

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi

Previous articles you may have missed:
Spirit I: Lift Off at Concert in Scarlets
ROYAL ROADS 1957: a short story of events from 60 years ago; names & in some cases photos are included to embarrass the guilty

Book Review – Out Standing in the Field
REFLECTIONS FROM A FORMER RMC DEBATER: 7307 David Primeau, Class of 1967
Birchall Leadership Award Dinner – 28 Oct

Branches and Classes – We Need Your Help With The Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign /
Promotions et divisions : la campagne « Vérité, devoir, vaillance » a besoin de vous

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour