In This Issue 28



In this Issue 28:

Table of Contents:

1. Ex Cadets and more in the news
2. A Familiar Face Returns to e-Veritas
3. Just published – North American Strategic Defence in the 21st Century: Security and Sovereignty in an Uncertain World
4. Golden Oldies
5. What was happening at RMC in 1942 nearly 3 years after the outbreak of the Second World War?
6. RSM Coggins’ Farewell to the Cadet Wing & Remembering Sergeant Major J.E. Coggins
7. 3173 John Stewart: Remembering the trials & tribulations on the arrival of the first 32
8. Keeping Tabs
9. Liam Osbak straight from the heart on the differences between CMRSJ & RMC
10. Chris Hadfield, 27419 OCdt Timothy Robichaud and the ‘five spot’
11. Innovative & clever way to mix two of the pillars
12. Officer Cadet Owen competes on the world stage
13. Kingstonian experiences view of downtown & much more on her first visit to the peninsula
14. The S-3 who lived up to the legend
15. Deaths
16. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi
17. Archives – Here

18. Royal Roads hosting reunion 7-9 September

Note: Last week, we experienced a clerical error;
some readers were unable to access the Deaths post. We apologize for the inconvenience