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Trivia & Did You Know By E3161 Victoria Edwards?

Posted by rmcclub on 13th April 2014

 Quiz / Trivia

1. Lt.-Col. R. C. Richardson, Jr., then Commandant of Cadets, at __________, _________, presented to the Royal Military College Officers’ Mess a very beautiful set of blue china dinner plates, each plate bearing a different picture of the Academy/College or its surroundings in 1931.

a) Royal Military College, Kingston

b) United States Military Academy, West Point

c) United States Naval Academy, Annapolis•

d) Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

e) Royal Military College, Duntroon

f) Heroic Military Academy, Mexico


2. Where is the set of blue china dinner plates, today?

a) we’d love to know, if you have any information, please contact the RMC Museum soonest

b) RMC Senior Staff Mess

c) RMC Commandant’s Residence

d) RMC Museum

e) RMC Currie Hall


3. The RMC Museum collection includes ___ that were recovered from dumpsters by various staff members who eventually donated their finds back to the College.

a) the original shields that once hung in Currie Hall

b) the original (signed!) photograph of Queen Victoria that once hung in the original Cadet Dining Room (Rm 250 Mackenzie)

c) both a and b




On the north wall of the Chapel at Ashbury College in Rockliffe Park, Ottawa a memorial stained glass window was placed in the chapel by the former students and friends of 1337 Alfred Beaufort Belcher. The window was dedicated to the memory of Alfred Beaufort Belcher (RMC 1920), a devoted member of Ashbury staff from 1942 until his death April 4th 1963. It includes the crests of the Royal Military College of Canada and a few lines of one of Belcher’s poems “and God runs quiet fingers through the tired hair of the World”. Nicknamed “Duke”, he came to RMC from Ridley in 1917, and graduated in 1920. A heart attack prevented him from joining the Service. He retired to Bobcaygeon to raise bees, he did some acting on Broadway and wrote articles for stage journals. On his return to Toronto he joined the C.B.C. and also published a book of verse. He was an assistant master at Ridley for a few years before joining the staff at Ashbury in Ottawa in 1943.

On the north wall of the Chapel at Ashbury College, where he served as chapel monitor, a memorial stained glass window was dedicated to his memory “to the glory of God and in loving memory of RCNC 47 Michael F. A. Ney R.C.N. who was killed in an accident while serving against the Mau Mau October 31st 1954. The window was placed in this chapel by the questors of 1955. Michael F. J. A. Ney was the son of Major Fred J. Ney and his wife Helen Ney. Michael F. J. A. Ney was killed in an accident in Kenya in 1954 while serving as an inspector with the Kenyan Police Force. While returning to Naivasha from an advanced post, Mike was killed by a police jeep which ran into his car killed him and injuring the other occupants. He was buried with full military honours. He had served during the Second World War as a Midshipman with the R.C.N.V.R. Michael Ney had been educated at Ashbury College, Royal Roads Military College and the University of Toronto. It includes the crests of the Royal Roads Military College and of Trinity College at the University of Toronto and the message “First unto God and then to the Queen”.


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Keeping Tabs

Posted by rmcclub on 16th February 2014

Responsible for the implementation of major and complex accommodation and real estate projects utilizing private sector project managers, architects, engineers, specialist consultants and contractors. Project values range between $2 and $60 million.


Technical Training Flight Commander at 426 (T) Sqn 8 Wing Trenton


Experienced in advisory, leadership and understudy roles as a training and education development specialist. Currently study Human Performance Technology through Boise, trying to expand my professional base from training and education focus to performance focus.


Graphic Designer and Project Manager at Narrowcontent Inc.


Is the Chief Executive Officer of TDV Global Inc., a strategic management consulting firm with a clear vision and a global foundation of experience to meet the rapidly evolving challenges in the global health security environment.


Director General Cyber Warfare


I have been gifted with very rewarding leadership roles in the maritime and joint operations environments, supervising diverse teams and managing challenging tasks both nationally and internationally. I believe in strong teamwork founded on trust, open communication, and collaboration.


Ingénieure civil et cadre supérieur parfaitement bilingue, dynamique et polyvalente, possédant 15 années d’expérience dans la gestion des opérations au sein de la Défense Nationale, à l’échelle nationale et internationale (Bosnie-Herzégovine, Moyen-Orient, Europe, Afrique du Sud, Afghanistan). Cette expérience est combinée à 15 années d’expérience en gestion de projet et administration (exécutif, gestion des ressources humaines, gestion budgétaire, transformation organisationnelle).


Artillery Officer at Canadian Armed Forces


Possessed of extensive knowledge of Canadian and NATO defence and security policy, programmes and issues, as well as Canadian Forces organization, administration, capabilities, training and operations – all gained during 35 years of military command and staff experience at home and abroad


Hands-on, server-side engineer who takes pride in making things fast, scalable, and simple to use. Specialties: Java, C++, Perl, Linux, MySQL, Oracle, Spring Framework, Guava, Hibernate, Gradle, Tomcat, memcached


Served over 38 years in the military. Solid leadership experience. Logistician with a speciality in Supply related subjects. Presently holding a valid “Secret” Security Clearance. Experience in many fields with a focus on writing doctrine – tactics and procedures and manuals for products.

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Keeping Tabs

Posted by rmcclub on 9th February 2014

Executive recruiter and owner; an avid reader, a passionate musician without a future, an unrepentant fan of new technologies, a loving father and a tender and submissive husband


Assistant Professor of Political Science, The Royal Military College of Canada


An experienced leader, manager and researcher; a prolific writer, and a tireless advocate for sound and rigorous science


Experienced leader and engineer with background in aerospace and aircraft maintenance. Focused on project management for new procurements specializing in integrated logistic support requirements analysis, preparation, verification, validation and transition to service. Effective communicator with a focus on teamwork and personnel development.


President Boots Industries; CH146 Pilot


Vice-President, Kasseler Food Products Inc.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Student


Decontamination Troop Commander at Department of National Defence; Responsible for the day-to-day management, well-being, training, and employment of personnel within the decontamination troop. Manage projects that fall within the decontamination realm at the unit level.


Air Combat Systems Officer at 407 (Long Range Patrol) Squadron


JFACC LO 4 at Department of National Defence


Technical sales professional with strong trouble shooting skills and a solid knowledge of ink formulations, applications, and packaging structures. Ability to provide creative value-added, customized solutions based on customer’s requirements.


Traductrice et réviseure – de l’anglais vers le français

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Keeping Tabs…

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd February 2014


Over ten years of progressive experience in leadership and operations management in several functional areas including Human Resource practice. – Fluently bilingual; Extensive experience in many core HR functions; Over 5 years experience in financial management, budgeting, business planning and controlling; Senior policy advisor and developer; Community advocate with experience leading not for profit agencies; Extensive experience developing and facilitating training for management and non – management employees in both official languages.


Director Business Development at DEW Engineering & Development.


CF career started as a military police officer; completed post-graduate education in 1996 to become a social work officer. After doing clinical work on military bases in Canada for nine years,was employed in Mental Health Promotion and Mental Health Education and Training from 2005 to 2011; In 2011 was appointed National Practice Leader for Social Work for the Canadian Forces.


Fleet Support Medical Officer; Task Force Surgeon; Medical Officer; Wing Surgeon; Flight Surgeon; C 130 Pilot.


Commanding Officer at 3 Canadian Support Unit


Fleet Navigating Officer at Royal Canadian Navy


IBD Group Business Development Manager | IBD Group – Chef de service développement de l’entreprise at EODC Inc.


Branch Head at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons


August 2010 – June 2011 (11 months) Europe – Our family of four left Canada with backpacks and dreams and a few basic plans. We spent 6 months in France, in four main locations (Alsace, Côte d’Azur, the Loire Valley, and Normandy). The rest of the time we spent in the countries around France.


An accomplished engineering manager with 10 years of military experience in operations and project management. Specialized in planning, equipment engineering processes, and industrial systems engineering.


Lived a good and busy life, first in the Canadian Forces, then in the private sector, and then as a public servant; now retired and spending most of the time doing the smaller things, working on and around the house, enjoying personal hobbies and lending a hand to friends and family.

Flight Operations Coordinator – North Cariboo Air; Maintain active flight watch of company aircraft;Book and preplan flights;Communicate operational information to pilots;Initiate emergency response procedures; Complete customs and immigration paperwork;Arrange aspects of aircraft utilization such as FBO notification and requirements, fuel arrangements, etc.

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Keeping Tabs…

Posted by rmcclub on 26th January 2014


Chairman at Horton Trading Ltd.


Joined the military in 1987 under the ROTP training plan and was selected to attend Le College Militaire Royal de St-Jean; following wings training in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1994, was posted to 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron in Shearwater and served on HMCS Preserver, NCSM Ville De Quebec and HMCS Toronto. In 1998,was transferred to 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron,and served as a pilot instructor.




President at


Professor Emeritus at Royal Military College of Canada


Army G4 Systems – Army Headquarters; Chief of Staff – Director General Materiel Systems and Supply Chain; J4 Plans – Canadian Expeditionary Force Command; Army Logistics Officer – Canadian Forces College; Officer Commanding Supply Company – 1 Service Battalion; Officer Commanding Transportation Company – 1 Service Battalion; Senior Logistics Operations Officer – 1 Service Battalion; G4 Operations 3 – Army Headquarters; Adjutant – 2 Service Battalion.

Experienced Executive in the Defence & Aerospace Industry


Deputy Commanding Officer, Maritime Proving & Evaluation Unit


Aerospace Engineer – Department of National Defence; Air Navigator


CPA auditeur, CGA – Propriétaire


Board Certified (CPP) Security Management Professional – specializing in Healthcare and Corporate security


Is a retired Naval Captain whose career progressed along two mutually supportive tracks: Operational Leadership and HR Policy Development. Last military position, as a Director in National Defence Headquarters, had primary responsibility for the Canadian Forces’ approach to Diversity, Employment Equity, Human Rights and Harassment Prevention, working closely with Civilian HR staff to design the DND Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Harassment.

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Keeping Tabs…

Posted by rmcclub on 19th January 2014

… is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University, where he / she won the Faculty Award for Exceptional Interdisciplinary Endeavors in Scholarly Research. She / He holds a Beng & MASc from Royal Military College of Canada and a PhD, Dalhousie University.

… work focuses on the policies, strategies and technologies that can improve the sustainability of both industry and the communities they intersect. The emphasis is to support regional sustainability through the integration of green technologies, renewable energy, and sustainability strategies applicable within the specific cultural, economic and social context.


Maintenance Officer; Lecturer; Qualified Ammunition Technical Authority; Administrative Officer


Training Officer; Executive Officer; OTO; Project Director; Combat Officer; Scheduling Officer; Navigating Officer


“I am a Project Management transition specialist in the Infrastructure Outsourcing workstream. I have managed operations prior to the transition work in Canada, the US and Western Europe. Typical projects encorporate telecom setup, network, processes, knowledge management, training, testing, incident and problem management. My objectives are to continue expanding my current project experiences in the IP contact center setup.”


Aviation professional with a sharp focus on mission accomplishment and a dedication to serving the greater good. 22 years of experience have honed a mature scientific mind with an aptitude for problem solving. Strong interpersonal skills coupled with an unfailing drive for self improvement have yielded a challenging and rewarding career in the Royal Canadian Air Force.


President and CEO; Financial Services Analyst; Research Director; Head of Equity Research; Naval Officer


Flight Test Engineer; Aircraft Maintenance Officer


5 Troop Commander; Assistant Lecturer; 3 Squadron Administration Officer, 33rd Combat Engineering Regiment (DND);Research Assistant


VP Marketing, Export Development Canada; VP, Commercial Markets and Small Business; VP, Resource Sector; Director, Strategy and Planning


“I would absolutely advise alumni to get involved with the College extracurriculars/RMC Club. Alumni get involved for various reasons, whether to develop skills and interests, family military ties, pride and love for college, association and affinity with the military, ongoing professional development, or to reconnect with friends and family. There are benefits to networking as a student preparing for your career, while building your career, and as a retired person. The RMC Club offers services and benefits, which improve as members use them.”


Executive Assistant; Student; Commanding Officer; G6 (Signals) Operations and Plans; Deputy Commanding Officer2 Area Support Group Signal Squadron; Brigade G6 (Signals); Operations Officer; Operations Officer Kabul Multinational Brigade Headquarters & Signal Squadron; Signal Officer 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment


A true Renaissance person with strong military leadership command and control experience and a solid Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering background. Add project management expertise as well as database design and administration skills,combined with a proven sales track record, and Lisa is a welcome addition to any team.

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Keeping Tabs…

Posted by rmcclub on 12th January 2014

A senior leader in the Canadian Forces with over 24 years of diverse leadership experience. Fluently functional in French, he is a graduate of Royal Military College Kingston and holds a Bachelors degree in Arts and Sciences. Groomed for command, he has attended the Canadian Forces Staff College, Advanced Aerospace Operations, and NATO Tactical Leadership Programs.


… is a personal officer with a diverse background that includes tactical command and leadership, computer simulation and operational planning. Loves solving challenging and complex problems and working with others.


Inducted into the Global Who’s Who directory in 2013 as a life member for contributions in Telecom and supply chain best practices. Appointed as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Arts in 2013. Commenced masters level studies at Edinburgh School of Business, target completion date March 2015.


Director of Engineering; Senior Manager Engineering – Aircraft Modification and Integration; Program Manager – CF-18 Syst. Eng. Support; CF-18 Modernization Program Manager; Aerospace Engineer – AERE


Kingston District manager – Shared Services Canada; Network Manager – Royal Military College of Canada


Retired RCAF; Adm(MAT) / Op Requirements / MHLH Project; Operations Officer -Canadian Forces – Task Force Jerusalem; Program Director Borders & Crossings – Task Force Jerusalem


Joint Regional Medical Planner; Staff Officer Health Services Admin/Assistant Health Services Attache; Health Service Support Officer – Kandahar, Afghanistan; Support Services Manager – 2 Field Ambulance


PhD Candidate, Queens University, Teaching Assistant, Queen’s University; Head Athletic Therapist for RMC Paladins Hockey.


Portfolio Manager – Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited; Portfolio Manager – Centurion Investments; Portfolio Manager – Altus Securities; CFO and Portfolio Manager – Stanley Investment Management; Investment Advisor – Midland Walwyn


“I have had the good fortune to work in several different industries on very critical turn around projects. These projects well as my military career have instilled principles that guide all my thoughts and actions. Excellence is the only standard and best effort is simply not acceptable.”


Senior Information Architect, City of Edmonton; Security Information Coordinator; Deputy Commanding Officer, 6 Intelligence Company; Regional Security Advisor, EnCana International (Chad) Ltd.; Sworn Police Officer, Ottawa Police Service; Infantry Officer


Bachelor, Computer Hardware Engineering; Bagpipe player for 2 years; President of the Game and Fish Club for 2 years; Cadet Squadron Training Office

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Keeping Tabs…

Posted by rmcclub on 5th January 2014

Over 10 years of professional experience as an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Forces with emphasis on leading people and operational planning. Leadership focused career including command and staff experience in operations management, planning, training/mentoring, risk mitigation, and team building.

“I’m an air force Major currently based at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. I grew up in a military family from Nova Scotia and joined the Canadian Armed Forces the same week I finished high school in June 1992.”

First Career was as a senior officer in the Canadian Forces – Combat Arms, Command of large organizations, personnel administration, force development and equipment projects.
Second Career – senior executive in Professional Services for a pension administration software company – project management, support services, etc.
Third Career – Strategic planning and leadership in a large scale Canadian Charity.

Past experience as Intelligence Officer included but not restrict4ed to: International and Domestics operational experience as a Canadian Armed Forces Intelligence Officer. Deployed in support of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Joint Task Force Afghanistan, providing tactical and strategic intelligence support to the Tactical Operations Center and the mission Commander.

Chief Instructor, Armour School – As Chief Instructor, serves as the Deputy Commandant of the school responsible for the day-to-day operations of the School. Secondary employment as Armour Corps representative on a variety of issues.

Experience: Officer Training Division Commander -Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School; Combat Systems Support Centre (East) Detachment Commander DND; and Combat Systems Engineering Officer HMCS St. John’s DND

University of Oxford – Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Rhodes Scholar, International Relations; and Royal Military College of Canada/Collège militaire royal du Canada Bachelor of Arts (BA), History

Experience: Requirements Officer – 3 Wing Bagotville, Wing Construction Engineering; 11 Engineer Squadron 2I/C – 1 Engineer Support Unit; KPRT Civil Engineer – Task Force Kandahar; Officer Commanding – 91 Construction Engineering Flight; Construction Engineer Flight Commander – 4 Mission Support Squadron

Always interested in key leadership positions that require proven skills in strategic planning and leading change initiatives that increase output and productivity and allow an organization to meet and exceed its strategic objectives

Experienced communications professional with proven leadership and team building record. Used to operating at Board level in very large international organisations. Able to grasp the essentials in a complex situation and deal calmly with crises. Flexible, decisive, and resilient with good sense of humour and excellent influencing skills

Visionary, results-driven Executive Director with over 25 years leadership experience gained in the Royal Canadian Navy and Federal Public Service. Excellent analytical, problem solving, organizational, and communication skills which resulted in repeated appointment to high profile and challenging positions. Diplomatic and tactful, am comfortable and effective supporting or advising Boards of Directors, senior management and facilitating or speaking to large audiences. Inspirational team motivator, client focused, well respected, and known to always exceed expectations

“I am a Professional Engineer with experience across a number of industries. I have been in many leadership roles in my career and thrive in a Project Management role with over 18 years of project management experience. I am an accredited PMI Project Management Professional. I’m an outgoing, creative and energetic person that learns quickly and enjoys new challenges.”

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 8th December 2013

 V.P. Relationship Management at PNC

Commanding Officer at 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer at Canadian Armed Forces

Mgr at Hewlett-Packard

Science researcher

Army Logistics Officer (Transportation) at Canadian Army

A confident and tested leader who is calm under pressure

Defence Services Program Analyst and part time Graduate Student

President & CEO at SCOLU International Inc.

Chief Technical Officer at Echotec Sonar

COO at Magellan Luxury Hotels

Project Management Technical Specialist at Defence Construction Canada

Operations Cell at the 403 Helicopter Operational Tactical Squadron

First Officer at WestJet Airlines

Platoon Commander (Para) at Canadian Armed Forces

Project Director – Public Works and Government Services Canada| NCA Operations| Real Property Branch

Vice President, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager at TD Wealth

Contract Coordinator at DND

S&T Program Manager at Department of National Defence

Logistics Officer at Canadian Forces

Infantry background; currently a student at the Royal Military College of Canada

Project Manager Polar Icebreaker at Canadian Coast Guard

Real Estate Professional at Exit Realty Metro in Halifax region; big time partner with e-Veritas and Veritas magazine

Aerospace Engineer at Canadian Military

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 1st December 2013


Project Manager – GEMTEC Ltd

Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor at Bombardier Aerospace

Director of Studies, Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies

Officer Training Division Commander at Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School

Senior Executive and Project Director

Chief Executive Officer at gNO Therapeutics Inc.

DDR and SSR Consultant and Training / Consultant

Director, Channel Sales & Marketing at Central 1 Credit Union

Student at Canadian Forces: Canadian Forces College (Toronto)

Wedding Photographer | Event Photographer | Portrait Photographer | Freelance Photographer

Project Management Specialist at Sun Life Financial

Aerospace engineer, project manager, strategic advisor

Marine Systems Engineer (Operations and Maintenance)

Air Combat Systems Officer at Canadian Forces

Vice-President at Zycom Technology Inc. and Owner, Zycom Technology Inc.

Public Affairs at Canadian Forces

Requirements Manager – National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy Secretariat

Broker at Doctor’s Professional Services

FMF Cape Breton Engineering Manager at Canadian Forces

University of Cambridge PhD, Chemical Engineering – Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at RMCC

National Capital Region Officer

President at Royal Advantage Inspection Services, Inc

Education Management Professional

Landing Gear – Repair & Overhaul Engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 24th November 2013

Look for his “book review” – Dr. David Baird’s, Physics at RMC, The First 125 Years. (1876 to 2001) in the soon to be available Veritas magazine

Vice President at Bombardier Transportation

Chief Instructor and Management Consultant Build The Vision Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Aerospace Professional

Partner at BluEra

Managing Partner, Novo Energy Group

En recherche d’emploi

Mayor at City of White Rock

Chief Operating Officer at Gymnastics Canada

Information Protection Officer at Maritime Forces Pacific HQ

Government Executive and Board Member

Military Professional

Battery Commander, 119th Composite Battery – 4th Air Defence Regiment

Conference Chairman, Annual Conference 2013, Vancouver at Unmanned Systems Canada

IT Security Engineer at IBISKA

Medical Student, Président, Regroupement Étudiant, Association Médicale du Québec

Logistics Specialist

Commandant de Peloton 3R22eR at Canadian Forces

Dubai, UAE

Strategic Communications Advisor at Canadian Forces Recruiting Group

Owner at Kernow Quays Studio Gallery

Director, Business Finance Group at BMO

Military Psychology And Leadership Associate Professor at RMCC

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 17th November 2013

LEA Consulting Services

Sales / Design Former Division Warrant Officer turned Consultant at Oakwood Closets

Priest in charge Anglican Parish, Wolfe Island, Ontario

REALTOR® at Royal LePage; International Aid with Hungry For Life International

Director, Research and Evaluation at University of Saskatchewan

Director of Customer Operations at Procera Networks

Highly committed, goal-oriented senior executive with more than 35 years of leadership and operational experience

Public Affairs Officer at Canadian Armed Forces

Chair at KubasPrimedia

Forensic engineer specializing in collision reconstruction and vehicle testing

Front Desk Supervisor at Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services

Artillery officer, Operations’ officer – 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

Consultant/Developer at Latitude 40

Operations Officer at 1 Combat Engineer Regiment

Head of Flight Operations – A330 MRTT Support Team at EADS Cassidian Arabia Services – Airbus Military

Aerospace Engineering Officer at Royal Military College of Canada

National Manager Marine Fleet at RCMP

Energy Efficiency Service Provider – Eastern Region at LAS

Senior Project Manager at AECOM Canada

Personnel Selection Officer at Department of National Defence

Vice President, Product Development – Fantasy Games and Social Media

VP, Softgoods & Footwear, Giant Tiger

Operational Requirements Manager at Airlift Capability Project – Tactical

RMC MDMP, Public Administration – The strategic analyst responsible for domestic operations planning for the Canadian Forces

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 11th November 2013

Deputy Wing Telecommunications and Information

IO Planner // Cdn Exchange Officer

Successful leader of operational initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope, with first-rate project and program management capabilities

4 Wing Operations A4 Maintenance Officer

Retired Defence Scientist

Reg Force Canadian Army Infantry Officer at Department of National Defence

at MAGI Consulting Inc

Decontamination Troop Commander at Department of National Defence

Project Manager – Structural Engineering at National Capital Commission

Deputy Commander Royal Canadian Navy at Canadian Armed Forces

President at Gladstone Aerospace Corporation

Executive Assistant – Office of the President Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Auburn Orthopaedic Specialists

Sea Trainer, Combat Systems Engineering

Senior Staff Officer at Royal Canadian Navy

Financial Aid / Admissions at Royal Military College of Canada

Professional Engineer at Miriton

Aerospace Consultant

Self employed lawyer

Project Manager at Department of National Defence

Executive Team – Canadian Safety and Security Program

President at Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd

Associate Professor at École Polytechnique

Student Joint Command and Staff Program, Canadian Forces College

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd November 2013

 Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer

A highly experienced Senior Military Engineer Officer in the Canadian Forces with over 25 years of dedicated and honourable service at home and abroad

Following SLT training this past summer went to his home town for a visit in China

Commanding Officer – Health Care Administrator at Department of National Defence

HR/Business Lead

Strategic Security Engineer and Manager, with 5 years in Silicon Valley and global multi-national customers during 6 years in Paris, specializing in consulting and support for mid-to-large government and industry players

Commanding Officer at 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre

Construction Engineer Officer at Department of National Defence

Senior Engineer at Weir Canada Inc.

National Leader Green/Clean Technology at Deloitte Canada

Senior Staff Officer Search and Rescue, Canadian Forces

Retired Royal Canadian Navy Officer

Business Development Manager at Open Text Corporation

Value and event-driven investor

Expeditionary Operations – South West Asia at Strategic Joint Staff

Hospital & Health Care

Army Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces

Conseiller en architecture organique chez Logisphère en mandat chez Thales et au CSPQ

Dean and Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Artillery officer, Operations’ officer 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

Aerospace Consultant

President at Brecon Business Solutions

Equipment Management Team Coordinato- Director General Land Equipment Program Managemen

Publication Manager, Canadian Military Journal

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What are these 24 up to these days…?

Posted by rmcclub on 27th October 2013


Legal Department – OEM Software Procurement Leader at Genband

Retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force,  after a 25-year career as an Air Navigator, strategic analyst, and project manager

Chair, Information and Communications Technology Department at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Safety, Training and Security Supervisor at Rubicon Minerals Corporation

Retired at Edward Jones

Over thirty years experience in project management, systems engineering and Integrated Logistics Support in the aerospace and software development fields

Founder and Partner at REED POPE LLP

Principal Consultant at TenChairs

Supplier Quality Manager at Chrysler

A sound reputation for integrity, listening to, and working well with others

Chief Executive Officer at Commissionaires Southern Alberta

Director Capability Integration 4-2 at Canadian Forces

Financial Engineer

Business Jet Pilot

Owner & President at Carscadden Training Solutions

Graduate Student RMCC – Nuclear Engineering PhD Candidate

Security Executive

Head Defence Capabilities Section at NATO HQ

Chairman, CEO and President at GreenWell Renewable Power Corp

Former resident of Panet House; Educator at Durham District School Board

Director – consultant at On-Target Intelligence Inc.

Communications Advisor at BC Hydro

Director East Region at CBRE

d’Astous Consulting Group specializes in tax credits for IT (CDAE, SR & ED, MT

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