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Where are they now?

Posted by rmcclub on 12th September 2010

9869 Clément Fortin (CMR RMC 1973) has lead the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) as its new CEO since August 2010 Clément  stepped down as director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, a position he has held since 2005.

He earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the Royal Military College in Kingston in 1973, a Master of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, in 1975, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston in 1985.

Mr. Fortin established the Prototech Center for rapid product development at École Polytechnique and founded Polyplan Technologies Inc., a spinoff of Polyvalor, which developed an innovative software to manage manufacturing processes (Manufacturing Process Management – MPM). He helped develop the undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering at École Polytechnique, a first in Québec. Through his knowledge of academia and research, his experience in running an SME, his 1600 hours of flight (he was a pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces at the beginning of his career), Mr. Fortin will unquestionably be an asset to CRIAQ. Clément Fortin is a member of the Order of Engineers of Québec (OIQ), the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Design Society. He was awarded the SAE Teetor Award in 1985 and the Dean’s Excellence Award from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1990.

In 2008, he was named Pratt&Whitney Canada Research Fellow.


11199 Jacques St-Laurent (CMR RMC 1976) is a native of Baie-Comeau, Québec. He began his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, graduating in 1976 from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1978, he pursued his studies at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, in Patuxent River, Maryland, where he enrolled in the graduate engineering test pilot course.

In 1995, he obtained an MBA from the École des sciences de la gestion at the Université du Québec à Montréal. He also completed a training program on governance best practices at the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés (CAS).

Mr. St-Laurent joined Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd. (BHTCL) as an engineering test pilot in 1984. After holding several engineering and program management positions at the company, he was appointed to the position of Vice President of Engineering in 1998, making him the first Canadian to hold this position at BHTCL.

He became President of Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd. in November 2002, a position he held until he left for Europe in October 2008, where he was President of European operations until June 2009. He then became an executive advisor.

Mr. St-Laurent was the founding President of the Board of Aéro Montréal, the metropolitan Montréal aerospace cluster, from 2003 to 2008. He was a member of the Montréal International Board of Directors between 2006 and 2008. Thanks to his unifying leadership and negotiating skills, he was instrumental in mobilizing the region’s key players around high- benefit projects that contribute to the growth of Greater Montréal.

Mr. St-Laurent is also closely involved with the regional community. His activities include chairman of the fundraising committee for the Fondation de l’Hôpital St-Eustache, spokesperson for the Guignolées Moisson Laurentides fundraisers, and partner and spokesperson for PREL, a regional organization that encourages student retention.

In June 2009, he received an honorary degree from the Université de Montréal.


13325 Paul Mercier (RMC 1982) is the senior director, RAAF and UAV Programs L-3 Communications. He has 31 years in the aerospace environment. Following an exciting military career as a Military Aerospace Engineering on Fighters and Helicopters, he joined Bell Helicopter in engineering and project management.

He then joined Bombardier Defence Services in 1997 in engineering business development and program management. He has since assumed roles of increasing responsibilities where he became Director of Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Six Sigma, Business Development, Programs and UAVs. His most recent appointment has been to lead the Australian portfolio with a clear mandate to grow the F/A-18 business down-under. He has a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College.



8612 Richard Bastien (CMR RMC 1971) is the Vice President, Business Development L-3 Communications. He completed a successful 35-year career with the Canadian Forces, culminating in his final appointment as Second in Command of the Air Force. During his military service, he held a number of internationally-based CF positions, including Commander of the Defence and Liaison Staff in the United Kingdom, and Defence Attaché for UK and Ireland. He also served as Assistant Chief of the Air Staff where he instituted a new Succession Planning Program for senior officers and oversaw the development and implementation of the Air Force Strategic Vision.

Before joining L-3 MAS, he acted as a consultant for some prominent commercial, aerospace and defense organizations. He graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, and later completed and Executive Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).


14969 Davender Gupta (RMC 1984) received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, 1984) and a Master’s in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, 1990). “I remember how happy I was on my graduation from the Royal Military College of Canada. The double-major I chose had the heaviest course load of any program at my college, so each fall and spring exam session was a gruelling non-stop blur. I was so happy to never endure another exam for the rest of my life!” After 15 years of service, he left the military to launch a technology consulting business, then was involved in a major software development startup at the end of the 1990s. A decisive, soul-searching moment in 2000 triggered a career change which led to the founding of the Visioneering Institute.

From Passion to Profit Blog:






8335 Claude Naud (CMR RMC 1970) begins his five year term as director of the Kemptville Campus of the University of Guelph on August 23, 2010. He grew up on a small dairy farm at Cowansville, Que., obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Royal Military College in Kingston and had a distinguished career in the air force that included posts as commandant and vice-chancellor of Royal Roads Military College in Victoria and director of space development for the Canadian Forces.

Retiring from the military in 1998, he served eight years as senior vice-president academic at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology. He holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Toronto and obtained a doctorate in education from the University of Calgary in 2007. Already a resident of Kemptville, he had been working as a consultant.

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RMC just the beginning for Senior PAO

Posted by rmcclub on 6th September 2010

RMC just the beginning for Senior PAO

A/SLt 24498 Noelani Shore (RMC 2009)

For Major 20755 Holly Apostoliuk (RMC 1998), joining the Canadian Forces and becoming an officer was never a question of if, but when.

She is currently the Senior Public Affairs Officer for 1 Canadian Air Division and Canadian NORAD Region, but when she was in Grade 8, she knew that she would one day be a part of the CF.

“I never considered seeking anything but leadership as a career choice. I remember a poster that we were asked to create just before graduating from Grade 8 that illustrated where and what we wanted to be at different ages in the future – for age 25 I had sketched myself in an Army uniform with the rank of major,” she said.

Maj Apostoliuk was in the Army Cadets growing up, and it was then that she decided RMC would be the way she would make her career goals come true.

“My mother returned from a university information session with a sheaf of pamphlets for me about the College. I was an Army Cadet at the time, having joined because I wanted to learn the skill of rifle shooting and thought I might as well learn from the ‘experts.’ My family is intensely patriotic, but I was the first child to join cadets and take an active interest in military service,” Maj Apostoliuk said.

When asked what has made her grow the most as an officer, she responded that it was likely on her first posting and deployment with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, when as a young lieutenant she had the responsibility of providing public affairs advice to 12491 LCol David Barr (now Colonel) during work up training and deployment to Bosnia.

“What I learned from soldiers doing soldiers’ work throughout the Battle Group and from its leadership still informs my decision-making processes today.”

After five operational deployments, Maj Apostoliuk has experienced many different working environments.

“I served in Bosnia at both the battle group and national command element levels in 2000 and 2003, and deployed with the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to Pakistan in 2005,” she explained. “I supported the Strategic Advisory Team – Afghanistan through a month-long Technical Assistance Visit in 2006, and recently returned from an 11-month deployment as military assistant and public affairs advisor to the International Security Assistance Force spokesperson in Kabul.”

On the last mission to Afghanistan, Maj Apostoliuk worked for Brigadier General 13595 Richard Blanchette and with Lieutenant (Navy) 23258 Marc Wallis.

“I recall with appreciation the teamwork I experienced when part of a very small team on my last mission to Afghanistan. As the Office of the ISAF Spokesperson, we had the challenge of communicating the facts of the mission against a backdrop of insurgent propaganda and creative conspiracy theories,” she explained. “The strength and positivity of our working relationship helped us surmount significant obstacles in accomplishing the mission despite, or perhaps because of, our very different backgrounds and experiences.”

Maj Apostoliuk received the ISAF Commander’s Commendation in 2009 for her contributions to ISAF.

As the Senior PAO at 1 Canadian Air Division, Maj Apostoliuk is responsible for providing the Commander and the leadership team PA advice, leading the Division public affairs (PA) office in providing PA support, as well as providing guidance to Wing PAOs across the Division consistent with the Commander’s intent and with strategic guidance.

“What that means more simply, is that I am the lead go-to-girl for public affairs advice throughout the Division on a wide-range of issues including support to operations, issues and crisis management, community relations, the employment and at times deployment of Air Force public affairs officers, and identifying opportunities to tell the operational Air Force story,” said Maj Apostoliuk. “My responsibilities require a great deal of coordination, consultation and teamwork, as at any given moment Air Force activities may be in support of any of the four operational commands, NORAD, or in support of the Navy, Army – and yes, the Air Force.”

Maj Apostoliuk has had the opportunity to work for General Rick Hillier as his PAO.

“One of my fondest memories is being called ‘bossy,’ I hope in jest, by Gen Hillier when I was preparing dignitaries for the launch of the Military Families Fund. My only possible reply is to plead guilty that I was a product of his ‘get-on-with-it’ leadership,” she said.

“My proudest moments have been those where I felt I was concretely helping, or at least temporarily easing, a bit of the pain for some of the families of our fallen. Their sacrifice and burden is immeasurable,” she said. “The opportunity for me to offer those families some comfort, advice or support has been the greatest service I think I can provide to Canadians.”

When asked if her gender affected her decision to join the Army, or her experiences at RMC, she had this to say.

“The fact that I was a woman at RMC was immaterial to me, and, I believe, immaterial to everyone else. I am more notable for my size, my attitudes, and my approach to work than for my gender, and I do not expect that to ever change. From my experience on deployments it is clear that the Canadian Forces approach to gender is far from universal among our allies, so I no longer take that equality for granted.”

Maj Apostoliuk is married to 20066 Mike Apostoliuk. They have one huge garden, two large dogs, and are expecting their first child.

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Where are they now?

Posted by rmcclub on 22nd August 2010

RD3, Inc. (dba RD3 Sustainable Solution), founded and owned by 15285 Rob de Grasse (CMR RMC 1986), was awarded the Building Commissioning for the new construction of the US Coast Guard Headquarters (St. Elizabeth’s West Campus). The new HQ campus is a 11-story office building providing about a 1.2 million square feet for 3,860 employees, a separate central utility plant, and two seven-story parking garages.

RD3 will be the Commissioning Authority on the project conducting a number of QA/QC functions including the functional performance and acceptance testing of all major systems. RD3 will be working under the General Contractor (GC) Clark Construction.



The CDA Institute is pleased to announce that the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, PC, has been unanimously selected as the recipient of the Vimy Award for 2010. The award will be presented on Friday, 19 November, at a mixed gala dinner in the LeBreton Gallery of the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa.

Madame Clarkson was sworn in as Canada’s 26th Governor General in 1999. Madame Clarkson is a distinguished Canadian who has exhibited the highest standards of leadership throughout her career of service to Canada and to the Canadian Forces (CF), as Commander-in-Chief. During her tenure Madame Clarkson gave recognition to the duties carried out by members of the CF by her visits with Canada’s troops in Kosovo, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, and moved and educated Canadians on the role of the CF in our great nation with her tributes to the Unknown Soldier and Canada’s war Veterans, and their families. In 2007, she became the third Colonel-in-Chief of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). She was appointed as the Patron of the PPCLI Association later that year.

The CDA Institute is dedicated to increasing public awareness of Canada’s security situation and the vital role that is played by the Canadian Forces in our society. The Institute is the sponsor of the Vimy Award. Since 1991, the Award recognizes one Canadian who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to the defence and security of our nation and the preservation of our democratic values.

Previous recipients of the Vimy Award include eminent Canadians from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of those recipients include the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark (first recipient), General John de Chastelain, Major-General Lewis MacKenzie, Major-général Roméo Dallaire, Dr. Jack Granatstein, the Rt. Hon. Brian Dickson, Vice-Admiral Larry Murray, the Hon. Barnett Danson, Air Commodore Leonard Birchall, Colonel, the Hon. John Allan Fraser, General Paul D. Manson, Dr. David Bercuson, Mr. Gordon Hamilton Southam, Général Ray Henault, General Rick Hillier, and Warrant Officer William MacDonald (last year).

The Vimy Award Selection Committee was composed of Dr. John Scott Cowan as Chairman, and, as Members the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Général (Ret) Raymond Henault, General (Ret’d) Paul D. Manson, Dr. George A. Lampropoulos, Monsieur Richard Bertrand, Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, Lieutenant-General (Ret) Richard J. Evraire, Monsieur Pierre Camiot, Mr. Chris MacDonald, and Mr. Colin Robertson.


L’Institut de la CAD est heureux d’annoncer que c’est la Très honorable Adrienne Clarkson, CP, qui a été choisie à l’unanimité comme récipiendaire du prix Vimy pour 2010. Le prix lui sera remis le vendredi 19 novembre lors d’un dîner de gala mixte qui se tiendra à la Galerie LeBreton du Musée canadien de la guerre, à Ottawa.

Madame Clarkson a été assermentée comme le 26ème gouverneur général du Canada en 1999. Madame Clarkson est une Canadienne distinguée qui a fait preuve des plus hauts standards de leadership tout au long de sa carrière au service du Canada et des Forces canadiennes (FC) alors qu’elle en était le commandant en chef. Pendant son mandat, Madame Clarkson conféré un statut de reconnaissance envers les tâches accomplies par les membres des FC par les visites qu’elle a faites des troupes canadiennes au Kosovo, dans le golfe Persique et en Afghanistan, et elle a ému et éduqué les Canadiens concernant le rôle des FC dans notre grand pays par les tributs qu’elle a payés au soldat inconnu et aux anciens combattants du Canada et à leurs familles. En 2007, elle est devenue le troisième colonel en chef du Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). Elle a été nommée “Patron” de la PPCLI Association plus tard cette année-là.

L’Institut de la CAD consacre ses activités à sensibiliser davantage le public à la situation du Canada en matière de sécurité et au rôle vital que jouent les Forces canadiennes dans notre société. C’est l’Institut qui est le commanditaire du Prix Vimy. Depuis 1991, le prix reconnaît un Canadien ou une Canadienne qui a fait une contribution significative et exceptionnelle à la défense et à la sécurité de notre pays et à la préservation de nos valeurs démocratiques.

Parmi les récipiendaires précédents du prix Vimy on compte d’éminents Canadiens de toutes provenances. Ce sont notamment le Très Honorable Joe Clark (premier récipiendaire); le Général John de Chastelain; le Major-Général Lewis MacKenzie; le Major-général Roméo Dallaire; M. Jack Granatstein; le Très Honorable Brian Dickson; le Vice-Amiral Larry Murray; l’Honorable Barnett Danson; le Commodore de l’air Leonard Birchall; lr Colonel l’Honorable John Allan Fraser; le Général Paul D. Manson; M. David Bercuson; M. Gordon Hamilton Southam; le Général Ray Henault; le Général Rick Hillier; et l’Adjudant William MacDonald (l’an dernier).

Le comité de sélection du prix Vimy était composé de M. John Scott Cowan, qui en était président, et, comme membres, de la Très Honorable Beverley McLachlin, du Général (ret.) Raymond Henault, du Général (ret.) Paul D. Manson, de M. George A. Lampropoulos, de Monsieur Richard Bertrand, du Vice-Amiral Bruce Donaldson, du Lieutenant-Général (ret.) Richard J. Evraire, de Monsieur Pierre Camiot, de M. Chris MacDonald et de M. Colin Robertson.

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Where are they now?

Posted by rmcclub on 15th August 2010

18884 Patrick Pharand (RMC 1993) is currently Manager, International Offsets & Industrial Collaboration at CAE Inc. He is responsible for fulfilling CAE’s offset obligation by investing in local economy and fostering industrial cooperation. He also works with regional development agencies worldwide and represents CAE at industry and offset tradeshows.

Patrick joined the Canadian Forces in 1989. He graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from RMC in 1993. After graduation, Patrick served with 405 (MP) Squadron in Greenwood. In 1999, he returned home to Montreal to work at Bombardier and then CAE Inc. In 2004, Patrick joined the primary reserve as an army combat engineer and served at 34 Combat Engineer Regiment until 2009.

In 2005, Patrick completed a law degree from the University de Montreal and in 2008, a Master in Business Administration from HEC Montréal. He lives in Montreal with his wife Annie, daughter Justine and son Charles; born last June 6th.

Anyone wanting to catch up with Patrick or interested to know more on offsets at CAE; can contact Patrick at


Whatever happened to: Paul Rutherford


The first time I recall seeing 14493 Officer Cadet Paul Rutherford would have been at the 1981 Obstacle Course.

Paul was repeating I Year and so he was not a participant in the OC that year. However, he did have a role. I can recall him “wetting down” all the I Years on the Parade Square from a big hose likely from a fire truck. I also recall the look on his face as he made sure everyone of the recruits were soaked from the tip of their toes to the hair on their heads.

The Whig Standard had a big photo of the “ceremony” in the Saturday edition. I remember it like it was yesterday!

Over the years are paths crossed from time to time. Mostly it was around Kingston. Usually at a basketball game that he was playing whether he was a cadet; or a noon hour pick-up game; or I would see him at the occasional varsity game long after he left the college.

I always had the impression he had a great concern for the college, in general but the men’s basketball team, in particular.

Last week we were looking for a contact in London, England.

Lo and behold when we were going over the staff list the name Colonel Paul Rutherford appeared. I had thought he was still in Edmonton.

I quickly went to the senior officers bios to see what this lanky and always fit looking young man had been doing career wise over the past 29 years or so.

Here is what I gleaned from his bio:

• graduated from Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree;

• his formative years were spent with the Army’s 1st Canadian Signal Regiment (Kingston) from 1985 to 1989;

• from 1989 to 1991 he was overseas with 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Germany as the Signal Officer for the 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery;

• from January 1995 until August 1997 he served on Exchange with the British Army at the Royal School of Signals;

• operationally he deployed with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights in 1988;

• in 1994 he deployed as Officer Commanding the Canadian Signal Squadron for Canada’s deployment to Rwanda.;

• more recently he served as the CJ6 Plans and Acting Chief CJ6 in HQ ISAF from August 2006 until May 2007;

• his command appointments include 1 Line Troop from 1991 to 1993;

• the Combat Training Centre Signal Squadron from 1997 to 1999;

• 73 Communication Group from 2003 to 2005;

• Staff appointments include Adjutant of 1 Canadian Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment, G6 for the Combat Training Centre,;

• Directing Staff and Dean at the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College, and Director of Army Doctrine in Kingston;

Paul is a graduate of the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College in 1992, the Canadian Forces Staff College in 2000 and the Royal College of Defence Studies in London in 2009.

In December 2009, he was appointed Army Adviser, Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (London).

Over the 30 years or so that Rolande and I have been connected with RMC there are a lot of Paul Rutherford type of ex cadets that we often think and say to each other – hey, what ever happened to so and so?

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Ex Cadet Turning 99 – 14 Aug

Posted by rmcclub on 8th August 2010

2131 BGen (ret’d) George Wattsford entered RMC – 1929, will be celebrating his 99th birthday this weekend.  The lifetime member of the RMC Club was visited last week in a local retirement home by e-Veritas volunteer staff writer 24712 Brent Fisher.

Ex Cadet Turning 99 – 14 Aug

By: 24712 Brent Fisher (2010)

This upcoming week marks a very special moment for the oldest ex-cadet in the Kingston region: On Saturday 14 August, 2131 George James Harrison Wattsford will be celebrating his 99th birthday at the Trillium Ridge Retirement Residence. Last Thursday I visited Brigadier Wattsford in recognition of this milestone.

I was quite fortunate to have been able to meet George, and I left Trillium in an upbeat mood. I was particularly impressed with his health and his ability to recall details from his life. We recalled experiences from the Royal Military College, including time spent on campus, as well as highlights from representing RMCC in sporting competition. More importantly, Brigadier Wattsford was able to share his fondest memories from the Army.

George witnessed firsthand the transformation of the Lord Strathacona’s Horse from a cavalry to an armoured unit, and he served during the Second World War in the United Kingdom and Italy. His reflections on “leading the troops on morning rides” were particularly touching, as were his recollections on the Battle of Melfa River in 1944. The latter was a conflict where his tank was struck by enemy fire, which forced him to return to Canada.

Brigadier Wattsford is also amongst the most humble men that I have ever encountered. Despite a well-decorated career that led him to the post of Commander of the Canadian Delegation in Laos, followed by ten years of service at Queens University including the post of Director of University Services, George modestly attributes his past successes “to luck.”

I was quite pleased to have had the opportunity to visit with George. This marked the second time within a week that I was able to visit a retirement centre to visit an ex-cadet who had served in the Second World War: On Friday 30 July I was welcomed to St. Lawrence Place by The Honourable John Ross Matheson, and we shared a similar experience. More than 70 years my senior, these men possess a wealth of experience and knowledge well beyond the comprehension of officer cadets and recent graduates alike. I wish George all the best on his birthday this weekend, and I look forward to visiting him again in the near future.

Click for better viewing

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Around the World in 155 Days with the French Navy

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd August 2010


Around the World in 155 Days

By: 24712 Brent Fisher (RMC 2010)

A recent RMC graduate has just returned to Canada after spending the past six months as an exchange officer with the French Navy. 24100 Jordan Premo (RMC 2008) benefited greatly from genuine operational experience in a volatile region of the world. In addition to spending 155 days at sea, SLt Premo made port visits in France, Jordan, Djibouti, Seychelles, Kenya, South Africa, La Réunion, India, Oman, and Lebanon.

Premo’s experience allowed him to spend time on both BPC TONNERRE, (photo top left) an amphibious helicopter carrier, and FASM GEORGES LEYGUES, (photo top right) an anti-submarine destroyer, along with exchange officers from Belgium and Germany. While aboard these vessels, his work was split between watch-keeping and joint staff positions involving operations (N3) and planning (N5). He also participated in fleet level simulated exercises at the side of Operations Room Officers.

The exchange afforded Jordan several opportunities for professional development. The most notable course was the NATO Amphibious Operations Officer qualification. This involved planning and conducting a 24-hour mission while in Djibouti. This experience was complemented by the French boarding party qualification, and several operations and human resources classes.

Perhaps the largest aspect of Premo’s education involved learning the differences between the conduct of French and Canadian operations. He was also required to learn a new vocabulary in speaking “Naval French,” despite his fluency in the French language. He nevertheless persevered through these challenges, and took full advantage of this phenomenal exchange opportunity.

The French Navy has been involved in OP ATALANTA since 2008, and this recent operation enabled further deterrence and prevention of piracy off the coast of Somalia. Their ships cooperated with Combined Task Force 150 and 151 in the protection of the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor. The task force was also responsible for several humanitarian and diplomatic operations occurring in India and the East of Africa.

SLt Premo will have limited time at home to reflect upon these experiences. His ship, HMCS PROTECTEUR, (photo)  is participating in OP SOUTHPLOY with HMCS ALGONQUIN along the west coast of the Americas. He will be rejoining the ship’s company in Manzanillo, Mexico later this month. This time, the experience gained will not only benefit Jordan, but several other young ex-cadets in the fleet as well.

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MND @ Nijmegen March & The Major Completes 13th Battlefield Tour

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd August 2010

Caption: The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay, Minister of National Defence with 15012 Major Tom Norris (RMC 1985). MND marched with the Canadian Forces Contingent during the 94th annual International Four Day Marches Nijmegen in the Netherlands.  Major Norris is Deputy Commander and the daily piper.  In the photo he is shown carrying the pipes he played since RMC when was Cadet Wing BandMaster for 1st Term 1984/85.

MND Just One of the Troops During the 2010 Nijmegen March


The MND had been invited to visit JTF Nijmegen by the Comd, 14585 BGen John Madower (RRMC RMC 1984), as well as by one of the returning marchers, a gent who did his first 4 Days March last year, and came back this year for his second. That person was Mr Laurie Hawn, Member of Parliament for Edmonton West and Parliamentary Secretary for the MND. Laurie is a retired airforce pilot and Sr Officer.

The MND completed one day…ie the last day….ie Day 4

He actually marched the whole day (approx 43 km) and concluded by marching the last 5Km down the road known as the Via Gladiola. This is commonly known as the Victory Parade where Dutch spectators are packed 10 deep on either side of the road and cheer on the successful marchers (for all 5 Km). The Via Gladiola terminates in a grandstand area / saluting dias where the Contingent Comd (BGen Madower) saluted and gave the eyes right to the Cdn reviewing officer: LGen Christopher Davis – CANADIAN MILITARY REPRESENTATIVE TO NATO. What all of the Comd Team and Gen Davis and the MND found highly amusing was that as the MND insisted on being one of the marchers, LGen Davis was receiving an eyes right/salute from his boss !! This all attests to how down to earth the MND is and how well he interacts with the common soldier.

For Major Norris this was his 6th Nijmegen March and  4th as Deputy Comd. Together with the RSM and Comd, they form the Command Team.  When asked what the role is of the  Deputy commander, he explained. “My specific responsibilities involve liaison with all sponsors of the event (Legion, Logistik Unicorp, Cdn War Museum), organization and command of the annual Departure Parade at the Canadian War Museum  (attended by Dutch Ambassador or rep), and general command duties on the actual deployment. I am carrying the pipes I have played since RMC as I played the Cdn Contingent (approx 180 strong) to the start line from our form up area prior to each days’ march. I then resumed my DComd parade position for the march-out.”

The critical underlying message of JTF Nijmegen: this is not a sports event…..this is a leadership and team building experience aimed at CF servivemen and women..particularly those who have not experienced Nijmegen before. It is also a means of maintaining the excellent Canadian/Dutch relations Canada has enjoyed since WWII.  Also,it is an opportunity for the CF to honour Cdns who gave their lives in both world wars (thru our visits to Vimy and Groesbeek).

Canadian Forces Contingent Successfully Completes The Nijmegen Marches


The Major Does a Bakers Dozen

Major Danny McLeod with wife Sheila at his side led the South Albertas Battlefield Tour at the 65th anniversry – VE Day, 8 May 2010.

This was his 13th tour.  It involved all the WW II major battlefield spots in north west Europe. Close to 50 people from various parts of Canada participated in the two week tour.  Many of whom were children / grandchildren of veterans who served in WW II with Major McLeod.

In the photo above the Mayor of Eeklo, Belguim (right) presents a painting from the local region to Major McLeod. The painting now hangs proudly in the Regimental Museum located at the Paterson Armouries in Medicine Hat.

(Click on photo for better viewing)

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Bruce Poulin is running in Rideau-Rockliffe Ward (Ottawa)

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd August 2010

(Click on photo for better viewing)

14344 Mr. Bruce Poulin (RMC 1992) is running for municipal council in Rideau-Rockliffe Ward after more than 22 years in the military, and another 10 years as an entrepreneur and a member of The Royal Canadian Legion. Born to a working class family in Eastview, Bruce Poulin grew up and was educated in Ontario, Québec and the United States. Bruce is a first Class Honours graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston. Bruce also holds a Masters degree in International Relations, from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. Bruce is experienced in government operations and used his studies to rise quickly in the military. Bruce was a driving force in creating the influential Pearson Peacekeeping Centre; He also received the Canadian Forces Decoration for 22 years of service, good conduct and efficiency.

Today, Bruce Poulin works as a Service Officer in the Legion. In this capacity, he acts in the interests of serving, retired injured veterans and RCMP personnel.

Bruce Poulin has been an active volunteer in his local community for more than 25 years where, among other things, he oversaw the introduction of young women into minor hockey. In 2002, Bruce was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal for his exceptional community work. Bruce was the acclaimed Progressive Conservative candidate during the 2007 Ontario provincial election and earned the Trillium Award for outstanding candidate in the province. Bruce is a member of the Eastview Branch of the Legion where he received the 2009 Vanier Appreciation Award for volunteerism. Bruce is a member of the Knights of Columbus and received the 2009 Chevalier de l’année Award. Bruce is also an active volunteer with the Moose Lodge, Action Vanier, and Muséoparc Vanier Museopark.

Today, Bruce Poulin remains motivated by the same real life experiences he grew with: hard work, accountability and the belief in opportunity. Bruce is a member of a long line of Poulin and Cyr families. He was born in Eastview and now lives in Forbes park. He is the proud father of Jean-Mathieu, Olivier and Catherine.

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Posted by rmcclub on 26th July 2010

RMCC Represented at Oxford Round Table on Social Justice

By: 24712 Brent Fisher (RMC 2010)

For the first time in recent history, an ex-cadet was in attendance at the Oxford Round Table on Social Justice. Between the dates of 11 – 16 July, 6715 Yvan Gagnon (CMR RMCC 1965) sat amongst a select group of invitees from a variety of countries and academic disciplines. Dr. Gagnon’s presence at the event comes at a time when RMCC is benefitting from increased attention at Oxford, due in large part to 23988 Gino Bruni (RMCC 2008) receiving a Rhodes Scholarship last fall.

Caption: Dr. Yvan Gagnon (centre) during a break with two other international delegates at Oxford. Keen eyed Ex cadets may notice that he is wearing his RMC Club of Canada Old Brigade Tie.

The Oxford Round Tables promote human advancement and understanding through the improvement of education. They are a forum for the study of current issues facing state and national systems of education, and each session is made up of a small select group of leaders from both the public and private sectors of several countries.

Yvan, who returned to RMC to teach political science from 1972 to 2002, has always maintained a passion for education. Having spent 24 years as a student himself at institutions such as Laval University, University of California, and Universite de Geneve et Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales, he was thrilled to accept this rare opportunity. Dr. Gagnon was never told why he received an invitation, but we can only speculate that it was a result of his impressive resume, which includes the published book Making Sense of Politics . . . Anytime, Anywhere (2005).

The round table included over thirty papers related to exposing excess and poverty. Many of the 45 invitees were requested to “comment” on the papers that were presented. Dr. Gagnon had the privilege of commenting on two papers, which were Understanding and Measuring Social Justice and Commodities and Competition: The Economic Marginalization of Female Street Food Vendors in Northern Mozambique.

When asked for his impressions of the experience, Dr. Gagnon remarked on the high quality in which the entire conference was put together. He was particularly pleased by the venues, including the Rhodes House and Wadham College, Ante Chapel. Although he remains perplexed by his invitation, Dr. Gagnon recommends the experience to anyone who is offered the opportunity to attend. Anyone who has ever represented RMCC in an international forum would surely agree.  More on the Oxford round Table

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Susan J. Chambers, Fulbright Scholar – Completes Harvard University’s J.F.K. School of Government

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16946 Susan J. Chambers (RRMC RMC 1988) has returned to Canada on completion of her Master of Public Administration degree as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Boston. Previously serving with Public Works and Government Services Canada in Vancouver, she has joined the Privy Council Office. Susan’s recent athletic exploits (following 450 Club membership at RRMC and RMC) include diving in the Red Sea, training with the Tufts University marathon team, and various triathlons in Canada and the United States. Susan will make Ottawa home, together with her husband 16142 JJ Smith (RRMC 1988).

Ed: We should add parenthetically, apropos a series (2009) articles about our Rhodes Scholars, that we know of no other CMC graduate to have attended the Kennedy School of Government, less so one under a Fulbright Scholarship.  We are unable to confirm.  Are there any readers out there who can help us out?


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Where are they now?

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The Fort Henry Tattoo 2010 was held on Saturday July 24, 2010 at 7:30 p.m at the Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. The Tattoo is one of Fort Henry’s premier events and showcases the drill and musical skills of the Fort Henry Guard combined with drill and musical skills from international acts. The special celebratory evening highlighted the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy. Military Colleges alumni performing at the tattoo with the RCMP pipes and drums include Pipe Major 11396 Major (ret`d) Graeme Ogilvie (RMC 1977) and Pipe Sergeant 10985 LCol (ret`d)Donald Corbett (RMC 1976).


6395 Dr. Bowie Keefer (CMR RMC 1965) is Principal Scientist. QuestAir Technologies Inc., which develops, designs, manufactures and sells complete gas separation systems. He is one of the founders of QuestAir and inventor of the Company’s technology. Proprietary technologies, modular manufacturing methods and proven expertise enable the company to produce compact, high efficiency hydrogen purifying units for the fuel cell industry.He graduated in Engineering Physics from Royal Military College in 1965, and completed a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of British Columbia in 1972. Dr. Keefer served in the Canadian Army from 1965 to 1968. Dr. Keefer’s research experience includes work at Lockheed Petroleum Services, Ltd. designing submersible vehicles and fluid machinery. He was Ocean Engineering Group Leader at BC Research Inc. from 1972 to 1976 until he founded Highquest Engineering Inc., a predecessor of the Company, in 1976. While at Highquest Engineering Inc., he dedicated his efforts to the development of advanced pressure swing adsorption technologies, and built up the inventions and intellectual property asset base for launching the Company. Dr. Keefer has published an extensive list of patents and papers on gas separation, fuel cell development, ammonia synthesis and reverse osmosis.         Phone: (604) 454-1134 Fax: (604) 454-1137–principal-scientist-questair&catid=13%3Aindustrial-advisory-board&Itemid=1&lang=en


12016 Captain (N) Richard Bergeron, OMM, CD (CMR 1979) is the Naval Attaché on the Canadian Defence Liaison Staff in Washington, DC. He assumed these functions in July 2009 after serving as the Deputy Director, Joint Training & exercises and Lessons Learned at NORAD-US NORTHCOM and as Canadian Co-Director of the Bi-National Planning Group (BPG) at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado from July 2005 to June 2009.

He joined the Canadian Forces through the Regular Officer Training Plan in 1974 and graduated from le Collège Militaire Royal de St-Jean in 1979 with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Command College in Newport, RI in June 2000 and subsequently completed a Graduate Degree in Arts in the International Relations program at Salve Regina University.

Source -


15172 Maj Michael A. Ross, CD (RRMC RMC 1985) was posted to his present position as the Assistant Defence Cooperation Attaché (A/DCA) in Washington in August 2008. In 1981, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces and spent four years in the Military College system attending Royal Roads Military College in Victoria and the Royal Military College in Kingston, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, in May 1985. Maj Ross is married to Lori Tremblay, from Porquis Falls, Ontario and they have three daughters; Amanda, Kayla and Emerald.


6343 Mr. Ian Wilson (CMR 1960) is the Executive Director for University of Waterloo’s Stratford campus. He came to Waterloo-Stratford in 2009, to help establish a campus in Stratford, the Stratford Institute, a national think tank dealing with the impact of digital media. He was the Librarian and Archivist of Canada from 2004 to 2009.

Ian holds honorary degrees from University of Saskatchewan, Queen’s University and York University, is a Member of the Order of Canada, holds an appointment of Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Government of France, is a recipient of the 2005 Award of Merit from the Association for Canadian Studies. “Over a 40-year career,” says a citation, “Wilson has worked tirelessly to make archives accessible and interesting to a variety of audiences.

Before becoming the first librarian and archivist of Canada, Wilson held the position of Saskatchewan’s provincial archivist and chairman of the Saskatchewan Heritage Advisory Board.” He continues to hold the title of Librarian and Archivist of Canada Emeritus and remains president of the International Council on Archives.



Three Ex cadets Raising $$$$$$$ for Oxfam

This past weekend, 11306 Pierre Rivard (CMR RMC 1977) and 15414 Catherine Paquet (CMR 1985) met 13738 Chris Hadfield (RRMC RMC 1982) as they supported their teams who were hiking 100 kms for Oxfam Trailwalker Canada. The winding path led from the foot of Snow Valley to the Orillia peninsula, and the funds raised will go to help eradicate the root causes of poverty and injustice around the world.  Source

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Where are they now? Commandant & staff visit Gagetown

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7812 Mr. Reg Shortt (RRMC RMC 1968) photo left, is the band manager and plays Snare drum with the Streetsville Pipes & Drums, which practices at Branch 139, Royal Canadian Legion, 101 Church Street, Streetsville (Mississauga).

The Streetsville Pipes & Drums performed on Jul 01, 2010 at the Port Credit Canada Day Parade and at the Streetsville Cenotaph. On Jul 17, 2010, they will perform at the Orillia Scottish Festival. The Band is always open to adding new members, particularly if they already have some experience. The band generously supports the Cancer Treatment Unit at the Peel Regional Cancer Center and the Trillium Health Center.


The Honourable Hugh F. Landerkin QC, B.A., LL.B., M.J.S., Judge, The Provincial Court of Alberta (on medical leave) Adjunct Professor, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

6368 Judge Hugh Landerkin (CMR 1960) had a 20 year distinguished legal career at The Alberta Bar. He is past president of the Calgary Bar Association; a three term elected Bencher of the Law Society of Alberta, the ruling body for the legal profession in Alberta, and sat actively for twelve years in The Family and Youth Court Division of The Provincial Court of Alberta in Calgary. He is a past Chair of the Alberta Law Foundation, and was the founding president of the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family, a national family law think tank affiliated with the University of Calgary. He is one of only two Canadian judges to graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a Master of Judicial Studies Degree, the only post-graduate program created solely for judges in the United States.

As a leading family law practitioner, he was an early proponent of what has now become to be called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) being both an accredited arbitrator and trained mediator. His Master’s Thesis proposed a new model for custody dispute resolution in his court where trained judges would intervene, on a consensual basis, before trial, and work with the parties, using mediation techniques, to find solutions that would solve their family problems. He called this Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) and now JDR is part of the Canadian judge’s toolkit of skills and best practices.

He was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in Alberta in 1980, and received the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal and the Alberta Centennial Medal for distinguished service to the community.

He continues his studies and lecturing in conflict analysis and dispute resolution, employing both ADR and JDR methods, and has brought the quality of mindfulness to his thesis that the best conflict interveners are always recognized in their home communities as honourable citizens, possessing “presence” and “gravitas”.


21295 Captain Brad Schur (RMC 1998) is the Division Admin Officer for DGAEPM in the Materiel Group in Ottawa. Brad Schur was the women’s basketball coach at RMC for the past eight seasons.

His wife 20994 Capt Nicole Schur (McNutt-Holland) (RRMC RMC 1998) is the ILSO 3-2, Project Management Office Maritime Helicopter Project, DGMPD (Air) in the Materiel Group in Ottawa filling a Regular force position. Nicole has been a Squadron Commander at the college the past couple of years filling a Reserve Force position.


14240 Cmdre Pat Finn (RMC 1984) (Photo right) assumed the appointment of Director General Maritime Equipment Program Management (DGMEPM) from 12287 RAdm Richard Greenwood (RRMC 1979) (photo left) on 13 July 2010. Dan Ross, Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel), presided over the ceremony.

With 35 years of experience in the Navy, RAdm Richard Greenwood filled numerous key roles including Project Manager of the Submarine Capability Life Extension Project and Director of Maritime Class Management, as well as Commanding Officer Fleet Maintenance Facility CAPE BRETON. He will be leaving Ottawa and moving to Washington to fill the appointment of Commander Canadian Defence Liaison Staff.

Cmdre Finn has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the Navy, serving in a variety of key positions including Command of the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School, Director Maritime Fleet Management, Project Manager for the Joint Support Ship, Project Manager for the Canadian Surface Combatant Project, and Project Manager for the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.


17936 LCol Scott Wilson (RMC 1991) is the Director of Staff, a member of the Directing Staff and Course Director for the Military Communications Systems (MCS) and Military Information Systems (MIS) courses in the Royal Military College of Canada`s Department of Applied Military Science (AMS). The Department of Applied Military Science’s primary purpose is to design and deliver Technical Staff programmes to produce educated and versatile Operational Capability Managers and Technical Warrant Officers; Officers and Non Commissioned Members with a broad-based knowledge of militarily relevant science and technology, defence management, a system engineering approach to capability development and critical thinking plus the ability to apply that knowledge to the needs of the Land Forces. Two technical staff programmes, the Land Force Technical Staff Programme (LFTSP serial 15) and the Army Technical Warrant Officer Programme (ATWOP serial 7) culminated recently with the department’s 15th Annual Project Symposium on 16-17 June 2010. The theme for this year’s Symposium was “Applying Afghanistan Experience to Land Operations 2021.” Keynote Speakers included MGen David A. Fraser (RMC 2001), who completed his Master’s in Defence Management and Policy from RMC in 2001 and H24263 Dr. John S.


Commandant & staff visit Gagetown during summer training

Last week, the commandant, Commodore Bill Truelove (back row extreme left); Major Rob Parent (2nd right standing), Chief Instructor and the College Chief Warrant Officer – CWO Tony Slack (extreme right standing)  spent three days visiting with the RMC cadets who are undertaking various training at Gagetown this summer.

They had the opportunity to visit many of the cadets in the field and to participate in their training activities with them.

The RMC trio also had the opportunity to meet and chat with the staffs of the various schools to gain a better understanding of the courses, and the demands and challenges of each.

The commandant had this to say about the visit. “The Cadets are working hard and doing very well in their training while enjoying all that Gagetown has to offer – mosquitoes, dust and the occasional hike through the woods!! Morale was high amongst all we chatted with.”

This week the commandant and his staff are off to Borden to get perspective on the various courses that the cadets are attending there.

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Where are they now?

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22695 Captain Michael Davie (RMC 2003)`s tour to Afghanistan in 2006,  didn’t include a bugler for Canadian ramp ceremonies; they only had a piper. If a bugler was involved in a ramp ceremony (as he believes they have sometimes been on subsequent tours), they would typically play Last Post and Rouse (often mistakenly referred to as Reveille). He played these two calls at the 2006 Remembrance Day ceremony at Kandahar Air Field (KAF). He played at a ramp ceremony for a United Kingdom (UK) soldier, whose regiment had its own special song. He also played for the Navy’s commemoration of Trafalgar Day (21st October), the celebration of Lord Nelson’s victory over the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar. Combat Camera captured good shots of him playing at the UK ceremony and on Trafalgar Day. The Trafalgar Day picture also shows 12578 Colonel Fred Lewis (RMC 1980) on the far left, who was the Deputy Commander on his tour and who assumed command of Task Force Jerusalem, Operation PROTEUS, in August 2009. Captain Davie is currently a graduate student at the University of Ottawa.


M0189 Martin Gagné (RRMC RMC 1984) has been Group President, Military Simulation Products, Training and Services, since April 2009. He is responsible for CAE’s two military segments on a global scale – Simulation Products and Training and Services – which represent nearly half of CAE’s total income.

Mr. Gagné joined CAE in 1996 as a member of the CF-18 software support group at Mirabel. He subsequently held various positions of increasing importance, becoming Military Program Director in 1998, then Vice President, Visual Systems, in 2000. In October 2003, he held the title of Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, within the Military Simulation and Training division. From May 2006 to March 2008, in addition to his duties as Executive Vice-President, he was also responsible for business expansion and strategic planning within the Civil and Military Simulation Products and Services divisions. In March 2008, Mr. Gagné was appointed Executive Vice President, CAE Montreal. He took over responsibility for CAE’s activities in Canada and managed the consolidation of CAE’s civil and military simulation product orders on a global scale.

During his last 10 years at CAE, Mr. Gagné has played a key role in the continued success of the company’s military business by increasing CAE’s presence in military markets worldwide. His work has enabled the Civil Simulation Products segment to achieve record sales of full-flight simulators and has strengthened CAE’s leading position on the market.

Before joining CAE, Mr. Gagné acquired extensive management and leadership experience during his 23 years as a member of the Canadian Forces. He graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1984. In 1989, he obtained a Master’s degree in computer engineering and was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal. In 1997, Mr. Gagné successfully completed the McGill Executive Training Program.


Captain Christopher Nobrega, Officer Commanding SkyHawks

Occupation: Infantry Officer

Unit: Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre

Parent Unit: The Royal Canadian Regiment

Position: Officer Commanding SkyHawks

Tours of Duty: Fmr Yugoslavia, Afghanistan(2)

Time in the CF: 22 years

Jumps: 433

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

Captain Christopher Nobrega was born on 4 March 1969 in Georgetown, Guyana and was raised in Toronto, Ontario from the age of six. He joined the Queen’s Own Rifles as part of the Primary Reserves in 1987 before component transferring to the Royal Canadian Regiment of the Regular Force in 1996. He served as a Corporal with the 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment in Petawawa, Ontario until being accepted to The Royal Military College in Kingston during 1999. Following his commissioning and graduation from RMC in 2001, he returned to Petawawa to serve with 3 RCR until 2005. After completing his second tour of duty in Petawawa, he then served as RSS with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry until moving to Trenton, Ontario in 2008.

Captain Nobrega has completed an operational tour of duty in Bosnia and has twice been to Afghanistan, returning from his latest tour in August of 2007. He started his parachuting career in 1989 and served as a paratrooper with the Queen’s Own Rifles and Mike (Para) Company 3 RCR. After being posted to Trenton, he subsequently completed his Military Freefall Parachute course at the Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre where he is now employed as the SkyHawks Team Captain.


Officer Cadet Josée Belcourt,  SkyHawks Public Affairs Officer

Occupation: Communications and Electronics Engineering (Air) Officer

Unit: Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre

Parent Unit: Royal Military College of Canada

Position: Team Information Officer

Time in the CF: 3 years

Jumps: 1

Home Town: Ottawa, Ontario

Officer Cadet Belcourt was born 8 March 1989 in Ottawa, Ontario. She joined the Canadian Forces in 2007 through the Regular Officer Training Plan. After completing Basic Military Officer Qualification course in St-Jean, Québec, she was posted to the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. She is in her fourth year of studies at the college in computer software engineering.

Officer Cadet Belcourt’s summer job employments include working with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Movement in Ottawa, Ontario and Joint Task Force North in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This summer, she is the SkyHawks’ Team Information Officer.



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Where Are They Now?

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Public Service Award of Excellence 2010

S103  Colonel Arthur Harcourt “Harky” Carrington Smith was recognized for his 57 years of dedicated service to the public service. “Harky” was awarded the Public Service Award of Excellence at a ceremony on 14 June 2010 by the Clerk of the Privy Council, Mr. Wayne G. WoutersSource


CMR 1960 Lost Classmates

We are trying to find lost members of the CMR Entry Class of 1960. Please email Charles Emond if you know the whereabouts of any of those on this LIST.


Honouary Member of the RMC Club and longtime friend and supporter of RMC – Peter Milliken stepping down

Ian Elliot Whig-Standard – Saturday 26 June

Kingston and The Islands MP and house speaker Peter Milliken has announced he is ending his political career.

“That’s it,” he told a crowd of hundreds of local Liberals huddled under tents and umbrellas in the rain at his Elginburg home Saturday afternoon.

“I’m stepping down.”

After 22 years of representing the riding and an unprecedented nine years as speaker of the House of Commons, Milliken said he had decided his political career had run its course.

“I miss my house, I miss my community and miss being around all of you because I’m in Ottawa all the time,” Milliken told the crowd.

“I thought it would be nice to let someone else have a turn.”

He will continue to represent the riding and serve as speaker until the next election is called, which could come as early as this fall.

Tributes to the 63-year-old lawyer, who unseated Flora MacDonald in a stunning electoral upset in 1988 and who was rarely challenged in the elections since, poured in at the meeting, including from former Liberal MP Don Boudria.

He addressed local Liberals when Milliken, a political unknown, won the party nomination in 1988 and said he was honored to say a few words at the end of Milliken’s career.

“I know you didn’t sleep very well last night because I’ve been there too,” he told Milliken, who as speaker is required to remain impartial.

“Best of luck, Peter. You can’t be partisan but I can, and may we elect another Liberal here.”

Local MPP and environment minister John Gerretsen, who worked closely with his federal colleague on a number of issues, praised Milliken, observing that he was a strong constituency politician but also took on national issues in his role as speaker.

“Peter may have been the longest-serving speaker but he was also the best speaker Canada has ever had,” said Gerretsen, noting that Milliken cast the deciding vote in Parliamentary deadlocks five times, more than any other speaker.

Milliken played a key role in parliamentary issues, most recently in brokering a deal to allow MPs access to Afghan detainee documents.

“His decisions may not have been all that popular, but he was the only person who could make these decisions and knew how to make them.”

Local Liberals hope to have a candidate to run for the party in the next election by the fall.


11947 LCdr Douglas Poucher (RRMC 1979) has been competing in endurance sports for over 40 years. He started cross-country running and track in elementary school in 1969 and continued competing in running throughout high school and university when he graduated from RRMC in 1979. After graduation he competed in the CF National Running Championships from 1984 to 1998 with his best performance being 3rd overall. He was also a member of the CF CISM Running Team for ten years competing in the CISM World Cross-Country Championships from 1986 to 1993.

Doug started competing in triathlons in 1980 at the Victoria Elk Lake Triathlon and later in the Sharbot Lake Triathlon in 1989. After another long hiatus he did not take up triathlons again until 2004 with the Kingston Limestone Triathlon. He has since competed in many triathlons in southern Ontario and Quebec where he has done very well either placing between first or third in his age group.

In 2009 he was successful in becoming a member of the CF CISM Triathlon Core Team. He hopes to earn a position on the CF CISM Triathlon Race Team in preparation for the CISM World Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2011.


22562 Megan Cromarty (RMC 2003) – Born in Calgary and raised in Edmonton, she was always active in various sports ranging from figure skating to track and field. She joined the military in 1999 as an EME Officer and further expanded her range of activities to climbing and other sports. Upon graduation from RMC in 2003, she decided to try an Xterra triathlon. An Xterra triathlon differs from the traditional type in that the bike and the run portion are on trails, usually in mountainous areas. Already having a mountain bike, she felt this would be a good introduction to triathlon. After the completing her first sprint triathlon, she was hooked. However, continuous moving and military operations made it difficult to commit to a full year of uninterrupted training.

After being posted to RMC, the Mechanical Engineering (’03)  met  Trevor Davies who inspired the former Stone Frigate resident (I & II Year) to continue with triathlon. ” He informed me of the opportunities to train and race with the Canadian Forces CISM triathlon team.” In 2009, Megan competed in the Gatineau sprint triathlon and placed second overall in the military heat.

Last year Megan (“My favourite posting before arriving to RMC was when I was at 4 Wing Cold Lake in Alberta.”) left the Regular Force and transferred to the Reserves in order to obtain the pre-requisite courses to apply to a Pharmacy program. She is currently a student at RMC and taking courses focused around the life sciences program. Last year while at RMC, the former  9 Squadron Commander had the honour of training with the RMC Varsity running team. This experience allowed her to fully grasp the hectic schedules of the Cadets at RMC who are training at the Varsity level while completing their additional duties.

A big challenge this year is funding for races. Triathlon can be an expensive sport and although there are ways to minimize costs, there are a lot of races fees, traveling costs and maintenance costs associated with the sport.

Her goals this year are to continue to focus on improving her times in the Olympic distance triathlon and become a competitive member of the CISM triathlon core team with hopes of competing internationally within the next few years. ” Because triathlon provides balance to my life, I want to continue to promote the positive effects of sport on lifestyle.” She added,  ” I will be completing several Olympic distance triathlons with the CF challenge race in Gatineau and the Esprit in Montreal as my focus races. In addition I will be volunteering for several other races as I feel it’s important to contribute and give back to the community.”


MWO Doug Craft, CD was posted to the Central Band in Ottawa in July 2008 and is Leader and Drum Instructor for the Air Command Pipes & Drums.

Before that, he spent six years at The Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston as the Band Officer / Band Sergeant Major / Drum Instructor.

Previously, he has completed two postings with the Air Force, 14 Wing in Greenwood and 8 Wing in Trenton. Over the course of his career, Master Warrant Craft has performed for many dignitaries both at home and abroad including His Royal Highness Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.   Source


Canadian soldier receives international recognition

Chief Warrant Officer Giovanni Moretti – RMC Honourary Graduate

“It is a privilege and an honour,” he says, explaining that when he was a private, all he wanted was to become a section commander. As his confidence grew, he was given more and more responsibility. As a result, he always reminds soldiers, “We joined to serve, not to be served. And we have an obligation to the institution of the Canadian Forces.”   Read the entire article here.


Chief of Staff (Materiel) 10419 David (Jake) Jacobson (RMC 1975), 16179 LCol Pete Beland (CMR 1988) and Jennifer Pouliot, widow of 11301 BGen Marc Pouliot (CMR 1977). / Le chef d’état-major du Groupe des matériels 10573David (Jake) Jacobson (RMC 1975), 16179 le Lcol Pete Beland (CMR 1988) et Jennifer Pouliot, veuve du 11301Bgén Marc Pouliot (CMR 1977).

PMO MHP Employee Honoured with BGen Marc Pouliot Leadership and Well Being Award

16179 LCol Pierre-Paul (Pete) Beland (CMR 1988) was presented with the Pouliot Award, which is given annually to a Materiel Group employee who exhibits exceptional leadership and demonstrated concern for the well-being of subordinates. LCol Beland is senior Aerospace Engineer (AERE) officer with the Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP). The citation says that LCol Beland “has displayed endless enthusiasm to fostering team morale and caring for the well-being of all maintainers within MHP by personally being engaged in their career planning and professional development activities”. The honour is awarded in memory of 11301 BGen Marc Pouliot (CMR 1977) who passed away suddenly in 2005 while serving as Director General of Logistics/J4 Materiel.

Un employé du BP PHM se voit décerner le certificat de leadership et bien-être du Brigadier-général Marc Pouliot

16179 le Lcol Pierre-Paul (Pete) Beland (CMR 1988) s’est vu décerner le certificat Pouliot, qui est présenté chaque année à un employé du Groupe des matériels qui fait preuve d’un leadership exceptionnel et d’un souci du bien-être de son personnel. Le Lcol Beland est officier ingénieur principal en aérospatial qui travaille sur le projet d’hélicoptères maritimes (PHM). La citation mentionne que le Lcol Beland «a fait preuve d’un enthousiasme sans bornes pour encourager l’esprit d’équipe et d’un souci de bien –être pour tous les spécialistes de la maintenance du PHM en intervenant personnellement dans leur planification de carrière et leur perfectionnement professionnel.».Ce certificat est présenté à la mémoire du 11301 Bgén Marc Pouliot (CMR 1977), décédé en 2005 alors qu’il occupait le poste de J4 Mat/Directeur général de la logistique.

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Where Are They Now?

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Michelle Whitty Off To Med School in Sept

22807 Capt Adjutant Michelle Whitty (RMC 2004) is a civil engineer and Combat Engineer Officer currently at the Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) which provides Geospatial Information and Geomatics Support to the Canadian Forces. She recently returned from a six-month tour of duty to Kandahar Airfield (KAF) as the Battle Group Engineer Plans Officer. In battle, the primary role of Engineers is to help the army live, move and fight while denying the same to the enemy. Capt Whitty conducted the coordination for the Field Engineer Squadron within the Battle Group; she ensured the engineer troops had the resources needed, at the right place and at the right time to properly support the entire Battle Group. While in KAF she was presented her General Campaign Star by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General.

Since graduating from RMC, Capt Michelle Whitty has continued to be heavily involved with the military swimming and lifesaving program . She has participated in many Conseil International de Sport Militaire (CISM) events over the past several years and continues to swim in Ottawa. Immediately after graduating from RMC, Capt Michelle Whitty stayed at RMC in 2005/6 to earn a Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering. Her thesis involved the development of a physiological three dimensional finite element model of a human tibia. Her research applied traditional civil engineering methods to the human body. The biomedical theme was a precurser to her current occupational transfer from Combat Engineering to the medical field. In September 2010 she will be starting her studies at the University of Ottawa to become a military doctor.



Former RMC Rugby Player Promoted

Wife has the honours

It has been a longtime Canadian Forces truism that the spouse (in the old days – the wife) in the family always holds one rank higher than the serving member. This was confirmed last week at CFB Edmonton.

If there was any doubt, 22336 Mark Beare (RMC 2002) experienced it first hand.  He was promoted to Major and it was his wife Melissa who actually had the honour of placing his new rank badge on her husband in a quiet presentation at CFB Edmonton.

Mark was a top rugby player while at the college and took part in many squadron and college events with enthusiasm – always displaying great spirit that was infectious!




Sohaila El Sagheir (RMC 2013) is currently a Research and Teaching assistant at the Royal Military College in Finite Element Modeling and Analysis. She is a doctoral candidate at RMC in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2009 – 2013 (expected).

Her research at RMC is in knee biomechanics and bone remodeling using finite element analysis. She has published two articles and one journal based on her Master thesis from

Queen’s U. Her undergraduate degree was from Alexandria University`s Faculty Of Engineering in 2000.

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