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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 31st January 2016


Hockey Hall of fame focuses on Kingston with a RMCC connection


Click on photos for better viewing

  • Commando Challenge IV: A great success!

  • Hall of fame focuses on Kingston

  • 15435 Paul Raymond among three finalists for the prize of the year CEO of Investissement Québec in 2016

  • Edmonton-based soldiers fully prepared for deployment

  • Vance wants ‘sensitive solution’ to base restrictions for vet with service dog

  • 19894 Erin O’Toole: Find New Charges That Could Send Air India Bomb Maker Back To Prison

  • 10 Benefits of Hiring a Mature Worker

  • DND 404 Accreditation in British Columbia

  • F-16 Fighter Pilot Finds New Mission in Teaching

  • First Female Sandhurst Commander Wants To Inspire Future Leaders

  • Australian Defence Force Academy welcomes newest arrivals

  • 14 cadets disciplined at Citadel; some wore KKK-like garb



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Ex Cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 24th January 2016


West Point Weekend – a great reunion and social event for many Ex Cadets


The main event for ‘West Point Weekend’ was the 80th version of the hockey game. Once again, as like two years ago, the RMC Club under the leadership of Bryan Bailey and assisted by Mary Darlington organized and hosted a highly successful pregame social at the Officers Mess – Fort Frontenac – right across the street from the game venue, K-Rock Centre.

A light meal was served and the bar was open for a large group of mainly Ex Cadets – some of whom travelled in from Toronto, Ottawa and south of the border. A gret time was had by all – MORE photos here

In addition the Class of 1990 filled a ‘box’ at the K-Rock Centre to cheer and enjoy the game. Spotted in the group were: Ted Bennett; Rob Boetcher; Marc Brouillard; Derek Buxton (main organizer); Sharon Donnelly; Scott Guild; Carole Jenkins; Greg Losier; Marcel Losier; Kirby Mcburny; Gary McMullin; Dave Rudnicki; Todd Smart; Andrew Vignuzzi; and Kevin Webster.

There is talk that many of them will make the trek to West Point this time next year. MORE photos here


MORE photos here

Earlier in the afternoon there were two alumni games pitting ‘alumni from both institutions in a 40 & over game, followed by an under 40 age group. The RMCC ‘seniors’ won their affair by a count of 6-3 while our younger squad went down by a 4-1 score.

This was a first-time try in matching the two alumni groups in this type of completion(s). All signs indicate that it was a ‘winner’ all round and there will be a repeat off the Hudson River next year.

Included on the team rosters: (seniors) – Sebastien Bronsard; Mark Brouillard; Pat Dray; AJ Ellis; Sean Friday; Andre Labrie; Rory MacLeod; Don McLeod; Al Meinzinger; Steve Molaski; Gordie Plue; Lance Webb; Jamie Williams; George Wissler; and Shayne Wizniewski;

The under 40 squad: Paul Bradley; Colin Cook; Anthony Farrow; Andrew Flemming; Josh Fudge; Marc Granlund; Matthew Hartney; Andrew Hawkins; Scott McDonald; Jeff Oke; Ryan Thebault; David Thebault; James Thomson; Ryan Thompson; and David Wood.

The honorary coach for both RMCC teams was Andy Scott who was helped on the bench by Karl Michaud and Mike Jackson.  Rob Riley travelled in from Boston to do the honours for the West Point alumni.

We likely missed a few names. We certainly were pleased by the turnout of Ex Cadets and other Alumni.

A special mention and tip of the cap goes out to Jeff Oke. He led the charge and the organizing a committee to not only get it done but set the bar very high; and added a touch of class which will help to ensure this event has legs for years to come.

For reasons beyond his control our photographer Erik was unable to make it to the K-Rock in time for the 40 & over game.  Tks to Karl Michaud for this one team(s) photo.


  • 19874 Brian Macdonald launches Progressive Conservative leadership bid

  • The Royal Canadian Navy addresses quality assurance shortcomings identified in the West Coast fleet

  • HMCS Winnipeg’s Command Team: Leading the charge for physical fitness

  • A conversation with a former commander of Canada’s special forces

  • World’s most international universities 2016

  • RMC academics in the news



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Ex cadets in the news & more…

Posted by rmcclub on 17th January 2016

26549 2Lt Zhao: A turbulent career finally stabilizes


Some of our readers may remember 26549 2Lt Zhao from his article in December 2014 describing his challenge of possibly not having a military occupation to graduate RMC with. This is the same young man who had served as a legislative intern for former Senator Lt Gen (Ret’d) Roméo Dallaire shortly before his retirement. 2Lt Zhao could also be remembered from the parody music video Gangnam Style that had put RMCC on the map in social media.

He was also a major volunteer in support of e-Veritas during his time at the college. In addition to his articles from time to time he fed us high quality and relevant photos on a regular basis.

Following his graduation in May, Kai alternated between OJT in Bagotville and his career courses at the CFLTC (Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre) in CFB Borden. At CFLTC, he underwent Logisitics Officer Common Course (LOCC), Logistics Officer Course – Air (LOCA) to which he was awarded Top Candidate, and finally the Transport Course (Logistics sub-Specialty).

During his weekends off in Borden, Kai didn’t just hang around. He took time to volunteer with his old army cadet unit in Brampton, the 557 Lorne Scots. He worked as a coach to both the Orienteering Team and the Marksmanship Team, and he was invited to their annual mess dinner as a Guest of Honour.

He also kept busy with the RMC Club as well, attending the annual Beer & Oysters social revival hosted by the Toronto Branch.

Following the completion of his training courses, Kai is now back in CFB Bagotville where he’s busy moving into his very first PMQ. He reports that his career path has finally stabilized and the latest word is that he’s due to become an Admin O at Wing Ops. He’s extremely excited for his career ahead.


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Ex-Cadets & more in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 10th January 2016

Rugby coach, Sean McDonaugh recognized


The first and only head coach for the (M) varsity rugby team since it was resurrected about ten years ago was rightly recognized recently.

As part of the RMCC Honours and Awards Ceremony, held this past 16 Dec, Sean McDonaugh received a Commandant’s Commendation from 16855 BGen Sean Friday, for his leadership of the men’s rugby team.

Caption: Mr. Sean McDonaugh has led the RMCC men’s rugby program to a level of success rarely achieved by varsity teams, both on and off the pitch. Under his leadership, the team recently qualified for the OUA post-season for the second time in three seasons. More importantly, Sean works tirelessly to ensure his team is disciplined, shows respect for its opponent and for the officials, and never gives up when they are behind in a match. Sean has built the program from scratch over the past ten and has set the example for the rest of the league with the team’s professionalism and deportment. Sean and his staff have put together a program that the CAF, RMC, alumni and players can all be proud of.


Caption: 24347 Meghan McCready (left), a former e-Veritas volunteer (2010 &’11) while she was a cadet at RMCC,  now a Aerospace Controller with 12 Radar Squadron, watches the control radar screen while Master Corporal Patrick Flynn (right), Air Control Operator with 12 Radar Squadron, relays the information during Exercise AMALGAM DART 15-2 in Resolute Bay, Nunavut on May 31, 2015. Photo by: Corporal Patrick Drouin, 4 Wing Imaging

  • Signal Officers are the Canadian Army’s information masters

  • Military making progress to stamp out harassment, top general says

  • Note from 11721 Larry Stevenson

  • Imprudence, not malice, led to alleged military security breach: rear admiral

  • Supt.’s Call: Lt. Gen. Johnson USAFA chats with cadets

  • Taking care of cadets: A military trainer speaks out on his Air Force Academy experience

  • A Canadian’s View of Women in Combat


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War-experienced Canadian, 21554 Maj. Eleanor Taylor, advised U.S. brass on females in combat

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd January 2016

War-experienced Canadian, 21554 Maj. Eleanor Taylor, advised U.S. brass on females in combat

By: Matthew Fisher (Originally posted in

When the U.S. Marine Corps and army wanted advice about whether women should formally serve in combat units, one of those whose expertise they sought was 21554 Maj. Eleanor Taylor of the Royal Canadian Regiment.

The 37-year-old Nova Scotian was uniquely qualified to speak to the senior American brass about this issue, which made front-page news across the world last Thursday when U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta announced a lifting of the ban on female service members in combat roles. Taylor was the only woman to lead a NATO combat unit in Afghanistan. She commanded an infantry company and attached units that frequently engaged in combat in 2010 while operating from a remote forward operating base in the notorious Taliban heartland to the west of Kandahar City.

“I think that it is fantastic that the policy has changed to reflect the reality that they (women) have earned through their hard work and blood. It is a very positive step,” Taylor said in an email from Toronto, where she is taking a staff course that is the logical progression for a combat arms officer being considered for battalion command.


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Ex Cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd January 2016

  • Kingston council first to endorse guaranteed income

  • A soldier’s spiral from hero to accused: How PTSD lead to criminal charges and almost cost him his life

  • Military support unit not properly equipped to help soldiers: review

  • 13738 Chris Hadfield’s Alternative To ‘The Bucket List’

  • Matthew Fisher: Liberals face decision whether to involve Canadians as battle for Mosul looms


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EX cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 13th December 2015

Note from 4459 Commodore Ed Murray (ret) RMCC Commandant 1987 – 1991…

On 23 November I had, with pride, the privilege of attending the swearing in ceremony on Parliament Hill of 17789 Leona Alleslev, the newly elected member for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. Subsequently she has been appointed the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement. Attached is a photo from the post-ceremony get together where Leona was joined by her classmates 17872 Ken Love and 17795 Orest Babij, and myself, their Commandant.


Milner takes command

Dean Milner


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Ex Cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 6th December 2015



  • Sophos Expands Customer Support Center in Ottawa and Partners With Willis College to Create Talent Pipeline for Cyber-Security Jobs in Canada

  • 10 Tips for Dealing with Bullies at Work

  •  You must make room for detailed consideration and planning of future changes and operations

  • Warship cost could rise to $30B, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman confirms

  • Xmas War letters from ex-cadet  in Can War Museum collection

  • Tomorrow’s a special night at the Constantine Arena…..

  • Carter Opens All Military Jobs to Women in Historic Move


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Ex-Cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 1st December 2015

Caption: Tony O’Keeffe, 54 year old former RMCC Director of Cadets finished 4th at the Ultra Man – World Championships held this past weekend in Hawaii.

We congratulate Tony O on his results. For the record the three who finished a head of Tony were: 42, 29, and 35 respectively.

For more details on the 2015 Ultra Man go here & here


  • Veterans Affairs needs to show more respect to vets: deputy minister

  • Weightlifter hopes to keep watching records fall

  • Subaltern of the Year

  • 22008 Ihor Kozak: Don’t trade away Ukraine

  • Slowing refugees’ arrival ‘common sense’

  • West Point Bans Cadet Pillow Fight after 30 Injured



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Ex Cadets & more in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 22nd November 2015


  • H13738 Chris Hadfield among Order of Canada recipients honoured at Rideau Hall

  • Canada’s Training Mission In Iraq: Experts Ask How Far Trudeau Will Go?

  • Canada’s Iraq/Syria mission gets new commander, more airstrikes conducted

  • Canada’s Major-General 14378 Denis Thompson to lead Multinational Force and Observers another year

  • 5472 James Colbeck to hold book launch Nov. 22 at St.James’ Anglican Church

  • Harder, better, faster, stronger: The making of the future soldier

  • Andrew Leslie Named Chief Government Whip

  • Defence bus accident: Five ADFA cadets seriously injured after bus rolls near Goulburn

  • Troops clearing space at CFB Kingston for Syrian refugees


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Ex Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 15th November 2015


Toronto Branch: Nov 11 Beer & Oysters -

Caption: The Toronto Branch, Remembrance Day evening social – Beer & Oysters had 20-25 ex-cadets including three, 2015 Grads in from Borden and about 30 guests.

A great success as the photo above would attest..

Word has it that there will be a repeat next year.


Governor General Invest 10 Ex Cadet  Recipients into the Order of Military Merit –

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canadians needn’t fear ISIS

Canada’s forgotten Cold Warriors

Mental-health care key to preventing military suicides: top soldier

Billy Bishop airport expansion off the table, Garneau says

The Great Peanut Caper by James Colbeck (RMC No. 5472)



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Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

Posted by rmcclub on 15th November 2015

Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal


19330 Michael Della Fortuna (Class of 1994) with Ship For Less and e-Veritas have agreed on a sponsorship deal.

The essence of the deal is that Ex-cadets, cadets and family & friends (e-Veritas readers) that use Courier & Delivery Services (local, national & international, parcels & LTL) for their business operations can realise a substantial savings with respect to their shipping needs. represents FedEx, UPS, Purolator and DHL as well as a number of LTL and truck delivery services.  The service provider selected (FedEx, UPS, Purolator, etc) is the entity that will pick up and deliver the shipments – ShipForLess,ca is simply a web portal that executes the transaction. is able to offer deeper discounts simply because of the sheer volume of transactions processed through our portal.  In addition to deeper discounts maintains the discount regardless of the amount of product shipped, there are no minimums or tiers – something used by all carriers to increase pricing when minimums are not met.

It’s very simple to take advantage of this service, the website has two videos describing the process and how to ship.

Basic steps:

  1. Visit the website portal and login
  2. Enter from and to addresses, dimensions and weights – the same as with any other service
  3. Select ‘get rates’
  4. You will see a list of services and rates, cost and delivery times and carriers
  5. Select your carrier and select ‘print’
  6. The carriers paperwork will be printed, attach that to the package and await pick up consolidates all shipping details on your login page, a full history of all transactions is available.  Invoices are from – consolidated, regardless of which carrier used or how often.

For more information please visit or email

There’s more ……

As an e-Veritas subscriber, sign up for a account to start saving and will forward the commissions associated with your account to the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada – for e-Veritas operating & maintenance expenses.

This sponsorship will be ongoing and help to support e-Veritas on a permanent basis.

In addition to the sponsorship Michael has offered to personally match any commissions earned between now and March 1, 2016.

What a satisfied Ex Cadet customer has to say:

Testimony from 17324 Sharon Donnelly (Class of 1990) – Co-Founder at IFLOAT water devices

 “I highly recommend Ship For Less for any size business for your shipping needs. As a small business, discounted shipping was not possible due to lack of volume, but through Ship for Less, I have been able to drastically reduce shipping costs and I can do it from anywhere!

No need to comparison shop, as I had used other third party shipping companies for my Canadian based shipping and Ship For Less was the best user interface, simplest to use and the best priced!”

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 8th November 2015


Caption: 7000 David Haas, talks about the Loyal Edmonton Regiment’s Victoria Cross winner Cecil John Kinross as the regiment prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Continuity and connection as Loyal Edmonton Regiment marks its centennial

Fort Bragg Paratroopers Train with Canadians

Roméo Dallaire decries government’s ‘penny pinching’ care for vets


North American military personnel exercise to defend North

Carpay & Kennedy: On free speech, our universities get an ‘F’

5 Wing tempo: Buzzing like a beehive

Astronaut 8276 Marc Garneau is New Transport Minister

As ‘go-to guy’ in Kandahar, new defence minister won respect of senior officers

Mock disaster puts 9 Wing Gander to the test



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25281Dana Batho: “Warrior Rising”

Posted by rmcclub on 8th November 2015

Warrior Rising one-hour documentary that’s being aired on TV – Remembrance Day

By: WJO  (Photo credit – Matthew Wocks)

25281 Dana Batho is one of three featured bike riders in a one-hour documentary that’s being aired on Remembrance Day about the Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride Dana did with her service dog Coco in June.

We connected with Dana last week.

“I thought maybe some of the RMC Club members might be interested in watching this documentary, especially as so many of them made it possible for me to go by donating in response to my letter you posted in e-Veritas. I’m released now (medically) and relocated back to Victoria – it sure is nice not seeing snow flying here.”

Wounded Warriors Canada does an annual battlefield bike ride across Europe, not only as a fundraiser for soldiers and veterans with PTSD and other OSIs but also to help those who are suffering by providing an environment to bond with others going through the same challenges. The ride in June was very challenging for Dana (she was the only disabled rider and the only Canadian with a service dog with her), but she did it. The ride started at Vimy Ridge, France, went across Belgium, and ended in the Netherlands.


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The Best Little Army In The World

Posted by rmcclub on 1st November 2015

Author, 5105 J.L. (Jack) Granatstein at it again: Latest Book – THE BEST LITTLE ARMY IN THE WORLD


Click on cover for easier reading

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