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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 6th August 2012

Wanted: New general able to lead troops and cut costs  Article


Gotcha! HMCS Victoria torpedoes US navy ship

“This is a clear demonstration of the full weapons capability of the Victoria-class and marks a significant achievement in HMCS Victoria’s return to operations,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander RCN  Article


Forces at work in Africa

“I am proud of the visibility Canada enjoyed while attending Africa Endeavor for the second time,”

15355 Colonel Pierre Lamontagne, CF liaison officer at US AFRICOM  Article


Worth a Listen

“Akoostix was founded to demonstrate a better way to develop reusable, flexible sonar systems and to find a better way to create value in sonar-system development,”

17855 Joe Hood – president Akoostix Inc.  Article


Summary of an internal e-mail at RMCC 2 Aug.

The Principal, upon the recommendation of the Dean of Arts is pleased to announce the appointment of 13240 Dr. David Last as Coordinator for Security Operations Education Program. This assignment has been made in response to a request from the Privy Council Office to initiate a federal security education program.

In order to proceed with the assignment, Dr. Last will step down from the Headship of Politics and Economics for the academic year 2012-2013.


CMA Awards Medal of Honour to Senator Roméo Dallaire

“Some of us who have been injured in mind and physically have, through that experience, been given opportunities to influence the system, to attempt to eliminate stigmas and to focus the attention of the authorities on the priority of a healthy nation, said Senator Dallaire. “I hope that I have served these causes reasonably well and I am especially honoured to be recognized by the Canadian Medical Association for really doing what I believe to be my duty.”

 H7860 Senator Roméo A. Dallaire  Article


We are still looking for Realtor partners in 4 areas in Canada: Edmonton; Cold Lake; Winnipeg; & Greenwood. If you or someone you know have done business with a realtor from any of these 4 locations…and you would recommend them as a partner, please advise Bill Oliver –

Better still have the realtor contact Bill.



16010 Charlene Fawcett

Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning

Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

Phone (613) 539-2839


Languages Spoken: ENGLISH¸FRENCH

Contact Charlene

14019 Edward Gallagher -Founder and Partner, Patriot Law Group – Canada Law Practice


15737 Bryan Brulotte – President: MaxSys Group of Companies Ottawa, Canada Area Staffing and Recruiting




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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 29th July 2012

“You Will Always Be Ex-Cadets” Two Cadets Move to the Ranks

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt

In a ceremony held at the base of Mackenzie Building’s Memorial Staircase, 26042 Eric Scott and 25988 Simon Parent formally relinquished their status as Officer Cadets and moved to the ranks of the Non-Commisioned members.

College Commandant 14835 BGen Eric Tremblay, who conducted the ceremony, told them “we’re not really saying goodbye, as you’ll always be ex-Cadets. So good luck, always remember where you came from, and ask plenty of questions. The tools you have learned here will serve you well.”

Pte Scott is off to Gagetown in August for training as a Combat Engineer, while Pte Parent is awaiting a posting for training as an Avionics Technician.


22131 LCdr Sean Williams Primary Group Coordinator with the Directorate of Maritime Management and Support (DMMS) was honoured with an ADM(Mat) Merit Award for his outstanding contributions to the achievement of DGMEPM and ADM(Mat) goals and objectives. He has demonstrated commitment, resolve and perseverance in the mission of delivering exceptional materiel support year over year. This includes working on the improvement of the internal delegation of National Procurement allocation. He has written the Navy’s Readiness Direction, developed mission analysis options such as MOBILE and METRIC, and created a model used to help identify out year ADM(Mat) funding to the Fleet Maintenance Facilities (FMFs). In addition, he drafted several critical papers including the strategic importance of the FMFs, completed routine department reports, participated in numerous Materiel Sustainment and Management boards, and helped initiate new management boards such as the National Configuration Steering Group. His outstanding efforts all lead to the overall improvement in planning, executing, supporting, and reporting on materiel maintenance and accountability.


21866 Mr Pierre Tessier  was awarded the Commander Royal Canadian Navy Commendation. From September 2009 to June 2010, Pierre Tessier distinguished himself through his superlative performance as the lead MEPM representative for the Strategic Review (SR). In this very demanding task with exceptionally challenging deadlines, considerable senior scrutiny and relentless demand for more data and additional analysis, Mr. Tessier excelled, delivering work of exceptional quality.


20405 LCdr Steve Whitehurst was awarded the Commander Royal Canadian Navy Commendation. Throughout fiscal year 09/10, a year of unprecedented challenge for the naval sustainment program, LCdr Steve Whitehurst distinguished himself through his superlative efforts as a member of MEPM’s strategic planning team. His impressive work articulating the critical challenges facing the program in the future was pivotal and fundamentally helped to shape the future of the naval sustainment program.


Business boot camp: There’s no life like it

“If there’s ever a picture of a royal corgi on that leash, I’ll be swamped,”

20602 Scott Harrigan   Article


NORAD in 2012 – Ever Evolving, Forever Relevant

12192 Lieutenant-General Tom Lawson with Captain Michael Sawler  Article


Column: Legal Traps of the Zero Moment of Truth

19894 Erin O’Toole  Article


The Law Offices of 4803 Thomas H. Marshall, Q.C

10950 David Hall

MARCON, a specialized market research, strategy and management consulting firm

Président – 12046 Pierre Ducharme




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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 22nd July 2012

Canada’s former top soldier in Haiti sues for $6.2M

“He has suffered emotionally, physically and his reputation has been tarnished, considerably, for something that he hasn’t done,”

retired colonel Michel Drapeau speaking about – 13511 Bernard Ouellette  Article   Past e-V article on Col Ouellette


Rim of the Pacific Exercise 2012 (RIMPAC).

“RIMPAC provides the Royal Canadian Navy with ample opportunities to enhance our war-fighting skills and increase our interoperability with our coalition partners,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy  Article

Big Guns Visit With Canadian Sailors In The Gulf Of Oman

“The officers and crew of HMCS Charlottetown have sailed half-way around the world, demonstrating great flexibility, tenacity and resolve, and contributing to maritime peace and security,” said Major-General Vance. “I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend time with this group, and to thank them for the great work that they are doing on behalf of Canada.”

15696 Major-General Jonathan Vance, Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff  Article


Air Force takes to the skies in Northern Canada

“Operation Northern Reach is a tremendous opportunity to bring many elements of the Air Force together, ‘flying in formation’ in the North,”

15456 Brigadier-General Pierre St-Amand, acting commander of 1 Canadian Air Division Article


Maiden flight for Canada’s CH-147F Chinook helicopter

“This is an exceptionally proud moment for our program and brings us one step closer to fielding this outstanding operational capability to meet the needs of Canadians at home and abroad,”

15299 Colonel Carl Doyon, the medium- to heavy-lift helicopter project manager Article


Injured hiker medevaced from Nootka Trail

“We had communication with the Coast Guard members on the ground before we landed and they were able to direct us to the right spot and then assist the SAR techs in carrying the patient to the helicopter,”

23031 Luc Coates aircraft commander  article


Interesting Short videos

Project FORCE raises bar for Canadian Forces fitness

2 PPCLI trains for world’s largest multinational maritime exercise

Military police tackle training in one fell swoop

Operation ROTHENBERG tests adaptability, toughness




Edmonton: 17138 Steve Godreau – President at Acme Concord Corp

London, ON – Acme Concord Corp – 21832 Derek Niles – Director – Sales & Operations – Ontario Sales

Acme Concord Corp – Southern Alberta (Calgary) Sales

Acme Concord Corp – British Columbia Sales

11756 Les Chapman – Chief Operating Officer for global accident investigation and forensic engineering company – United Kingdom – Maritime


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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 8th July 2012

Canada Day – A time to help

“This city is our home and we share in its triumphs and tragedies,”

12192 LGen Tom Lawson, deputy commander of NORAD Article


HMCS Regina departs for the Arabian Sea region

“The men and women of HMCS Regina are highly-trained professionals and are more than capable to take on the challenges that await them on their deployment,”

Rear-Admiral Truelove, who became Commander MARPAC on 4 June 2012.  Article


Arlene Dickinson joins the rank as the newest Honorary Naval Captain

“I couldn’t be happier to have Arlene become an Honorary Captain,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy Article


Stephenville native assumes commanding officer position

“It is a rather humbling experience that army leadership has seen fit to provide me the opportunity to command soldiers and troops in support of training and education of army junior leaders,”

17601 Lt.-Col. Dwayne Parsons Article


Troops ready, eager for new overseas missions: Natynczyk

 “I’ve told them all to catch up on that training that lapsed while we had this high operational tempo between Afghanistan and the Olympics and Haiti and Libya, and let’s make sure we have all qualifications and training up to date so when we’re called upon we’re ready to go.”

12320 Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk Article

Some veterans still seeing payments clawed back after court ruling

“This is a perfect example as to how bureaucratic red tape results in needless suffering,” he said in an email.

“This bureaucratic inability to see people through the process, especially highly marginalized and vulnerable disabled Canadian Forces veterans and their families, is unnecessary and illegal.”

15488 Sean Bruyea  Article



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Ex Cadets & Much More in the news… See Our Latest 212 partners

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd July 2012

7855 Paul Hession Wins Pierre de Blois Award

Excerpt from the Ottawa Citizen: “The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada honours Paul Hession with the Pierre de Blois Award. This award recognizes individuals, like this year’s winner, who make exceptional contributions to the Public Service and their community. Paul Hession’s career includes his current role as Director General, Client Engagement at Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). His outstanding contribution is not limited to his time in the Public Service, but also extends to his dedication in supporting the community through his many acts of volunteerism in support of good causes like th Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, the Red Pine Camp, the Tanzania Education and Micro-business Opportunity (TEMBO) project, the Ottawa Little Theatre, the Ottawa Hospital Foundation and many more.”



Vancouver area Ex-Cadets ride in the Vancouver edition of the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Photo shows: 9047 Don Chipman, 12186 Tom Keogh, and 13766 Konrad Mech during Saturday’s wet stage of the ride. 7059 Terry Senft also rode the event.

Over 3,000 registered riders had to raise a minimum of $2,500 per rider to participate in a 240 km ride over 2 days from Cloverdale BC to Redmond Washington, with an overnight stay in an incredibly muddy and waterlogged tent city that made memories of the training area in CFB Gagetown seem perfectly welcoming by comparison.

Konrad was joined by his wife Kim on the ride (second photo). Spirits were high despite riding into a strong headwind and driving rain on Saturday. Kim had 3 flat tires in under 10 km on day 1, eventually having to buy a new tire en route in order to continue.

The event raised over $11.2 million dollars dedicated to cancer research in BC. Tom, Terry, Don, Konrad and Kim raised a total of $15,759 for this event.

Class of ’69 – Don Gates Tribute Dinner & Golf Event.

On 19/20 June seventeen members of the Class of ’69 gathered at Mary Lake near Huntsville, ON, to pay tribute to fellow ’69er Don Gates who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.

The event kicked off with a self catered dinner organized by Chef de cuisine Doug Smith, Don’s close friend over the years. Doug was ably assisted by co-Chef Dennis Dart, sommelier Michael Gainer and kitchen scullions Ken Benoit and Harry Mohr. The dinner featured Don’s favourite “Smitty’s Famous Spaghetti” and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The evening was then spent reminiscing and featured many stories and anecdotes about Don, serious and humorous, punctuated often by the proposal of yet another toast to his memory. All in all it was a very memorable evening of comradeship and celebration of Don’s life.

On Wednesday morning the group did battle with the Huntsville Downs golf course and proved once again that, with a couple of notable exceptions (Fritsch & Benoit), we were all better off sticking with our day jobs. The course management and other patrons were suitably impressed by our coordinated turn-out, if not by our golf prowess.

Golfers, per the photo, were as follows:

Back Row: Paul Hession, John McCormick, Michael Gainer, Brian Fritsch, John Carlson, Ken Benoit, Tom Epp, Rick Wright, Vaughn Guy, Bob Morton (Mary Lake host) and Mike Johnson.

Front Row: Harry Mohr, Derrick Sloan, Doug Ferris, Jack Reid, Doug Smith and Dennis Dart.

The group wishes to thank Mark & Debbie Pacinda for the use of their beautiful Mary Lake property.


Catching Up With the News

Queen to Unveil Bomber Command Memorial

On 28 June 2012, Her Majesty the Queen unveiled a memorial sculpture in Green Park, London, to commemorate those who died serving with Bomber Command in the Second World War. Over 55 000 aircrew were killed while serving with Bomber Command, including some 10 000 Canadians.

Bomber Command Memorial

Canadians in Bomber Command

Wildfire Destroys 346 Homes, Forces Evacuation of U.S. Air Force Academy

Pike’s Peak Courier News Article

Denver TV News Article

An Old Soldier’s Advice on Leadership and How to Conquer Your Challenges


Thousands applaud cadets at Sandhurst Freedom March


The Alpaca Farmer

“Alpacas are 60 per cent warmer than wool, and it’s much finer, much softer than sheep’s wool.”

20730 Aaron DaleyArticle






16010 Charlene Fawcett

Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning

Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

Phone (613) 539-2839


Languages Spoken: ENGLISH¸FRENCH

Contact Charlene


14019 Edward Gallagher -Founder and Partner, Patriot Law Group – Canada Law Practice


15737 Bryan Brulotte – President: MaxSys Group of Companies Ottawa, Canada Area Staffing and Recruiting




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Ex-Cadets in the News & 4 FEATURED EX CADET 212 PARTNERS

Posted by rmcclub on 24th June 2012

Courtice resident does Clarington proud

Mr. O’Toole, a lawyer, set off at the beginning of the month to join Canadians from across the nation to explore differences, broaden perspectives and absorb lessons from business leaders, organized labour, non-profits and Aboriginal leaders.

19894 Erin O’Toole Article

U.S. Legion of Merit presented to RCAF officer

Colonel Balfe was commended for his exceptional devotion to duty, and his significant contributions both to the maintenance of North American air security as well as to the close relationship between United States and Canadian Forces in NORAD.

Colonel Todd Balfe Article

Operation Southern Reach extends into Chile

“Our Chilean hosts have demonstrated an openness and eagerness to learn with us, while extending tremendously warm hospitality. It gives me a great sense of pride to be a part of this exchange, and we hope to see similar exchanges continue between our fighter squadrons in the future, whether in Canada, in Chile or during multinational exercises or operations.”

19747 Lieutenant-Colonel Louis-Henri Remillard Article

40th anniversary of the Order of Military Merit celebrated

“I was very pleased that we were able to mark the 40th Anniversary of the ORMM not only with the investiture ceremony, but also with the launch of a new book [by Canadian honours historian Christopher McCreery] about the history of the Order, as well as by the unveiling of a special commemorative sculpture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

12320 General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff Article

Lieutenant-Colonel Nick Grimshaw New Commander of 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

“I realise what an honour and privilege it is to be chosen to command one of our PPCLI Battalions. I am quite humbled by this opportunity and I look forward to soldiering with the men and women of 1 PPCLI. The next two years will include many challenges and opportunities as we enter another busy training period and set the conditions for the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the PPCLI in August, 2014.”

19033 Lieutenant-Colonel Nick Grimshaw Article

Change at top for 1st Canadian Division

Collin’s military career began in 1982 with his graduation from the Royal Roads Military College.

13718 Maj.-Gen. John Collin Article


University of Guelph Kemptville Campus celebrates another crop of graduates

The guest speaker for the commencement exercise was Leonard G. Lee. Lee is the founder of Lee Valley Tools and had much to say about the need for students to consider trade and technical careers.

5576 Leonard G. Lee Article

 Nanaimo man building security 11 time zones away

“I’m one of the select people who is specifically attached to an Afghan National Army general officer,” Goodman said. “What we’re basically helping them do is develop their capabilities to reflect a modern Afghan fighting force that’s able to effectively live, move and fight on their own without NATO support.”

19993 Col. Jim Goodman Article

Yarmouth native receives military honour

“Despite suffering casualties within the group, she kept her soldiers focused and battle-ready. Her fortitude under fire and performance in combat were critical to defeating the enemy and disrupting all insurgent attempts to reoccupy this key village.”

23578 Ashley Collette Article

CDS recognizes soldiers for achieving “the extraordinary”

Short video

Officers experience combat team attack training with tanks

Short video




The Law Offices of 4803 Thomas H. Marshall, Q.C

10950 David Hall

MARCON, a specialized market research, strategy and management consulting firm

Président – 12046 Pierre Ducharme




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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 17th June 2012

76 Communication Group – Change of Command – June, 2012

By WJO – Photos by: Cpl HJL MacRae

16039 LCol AHJ Schwab assumed command of 76 Communication Group in a change of command ceremony at the Cartier Square Drill Hall, Ottawa June 12th.

Schwab relieved 13846 LCol KF Bryski, who has served as commander since June 2010.

In his farewell remarks Bryski, whose next assignment is a two month intense French course acknowledged the many accomplishments, hard work and dedication of those under his command.

“To the men and women of 76 Communication Group – 764 Communications Squadron, CF Crypto Support Unit, CF Crypto Maintenance Unit, and our Headquarters, you are the best” Bryski said. “ I am awed at what you accomplished – military and civilian. Over the past two years, 76 Communications Group has provided support to every CF operation including OP CADENCE, OP MOBILE, OP DIAMOND, OP NANOOK, OP ATTENTION.” The 1983 RMC Class Secretary also added. “Approximately 66% of 76 Comm Gp military and civilian personnel have deployed on a Technical Assistance Visit in direct support of an Operation or as an individual augmentee.”

Schwab takes command of 76 Comm Gp following a year with the IM Capability Development Directorate where he has been overseeing the development of a national service management framework.

Reviewing Officer for the impressive Change of Command parade was 13551 LGen GR Thibault who was in Ottawa  from his regular duties in Washington, DC where he is Chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB). Parade Commander was another Ex Cadet 19136 Major JPB Falardeau.

The motto of of 76 Commincation Group is “Omni Modo Communicare” which means “communicating by any means”. The working definition is “ where there”s an operation, we’re operating!”

Order of Military Merit Ceremony

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, presided over an Order of Military Merit investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, on Friday, June 8, 2012. The Governor General bestowed the honour on 4 Commanders, 9 Officers and 31 Members.

This ceremony marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Order of Military Merit. “It is an honour to pay tribute to the dedication and excellence of Canadian Forces members,” said His Excellency, who is chancellor of the Order. “For 40 years, the Order has served as a showcase of remarkable achievements and contributions from within our military, highlighting exemplary conduct for all to see.”

Created in 1972, the Order of Military Merit recognizes meritorious service and devotion to duty by members of the Canadian Forces. The Order honours them for their commitment to Canada, according to the following three levels of membership: Commander (C.M.M.), Officer (O.M.M.) and Member (M.M.M.).

A quick peek at the list confirmed the following Ex Cadets. If we missed anyone, please accept our apology.


14274 Major-General Alan John Howard, C.M.M., Canadian Army Command

M.S.M., C.D. Ottawa, Ont.

12708 Major-General Ian Poulter, C.M.M., C.D. Chief of Programme

This is a promotion within the Order. Ottawa, Ont.






15939 Lieutenant-Colonel Darlene Quinn


Management of Human Resources Award – 2012

16685 (G1950) LCol Chantal Fraser and 13704 Major Chris Willis, are recipients of the Management of Human Resources Award – 2012. They were recommended by Col Bernd HORN , OMM, MSM, CD, who graduated with a Masters and PhD in War Studies from RMC.

The award recognized members of the CDA Aboriginal Team/CMP who have demonstrated effective HR management and/or have contributed to the achievement of employment equity in the workplace. Demonstrating exemplary collaboration between DND civilian employees and members of the CF, the Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) Aboriginal Team furthered DND’s Employment Equity goals through research, the development of new Special Measures Aboriginal Programs, and formalizing funding and standards for these programs.

The CDA Aboriginal Team conducted the Aboriginal Awareness Course for DND, and then expanded its role to include strategic oversight for all Employment Equity Special Measures Aboriginal Programs. They are strongly engaged in Aboriginal awareness and youth development programs, research, advisory services, and community outreach, actively seeking input from national Aboriginal organizations and forums. This team of dedicated professionals works together to ensure the continued success and growth of these evolving programs, which include the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year, the Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program and the Aboriginal Summer Programs.

These initiatives produce a significant percentage of successful, dedicated program graduates who join either the CF Regular or Reserve Force.


Brighton resident heading to Africa

“I will be helping the UN prepare standard operating procedures for the disarmament and repatriation of foreign armed fighters in the eastern Congo,”

5944 Clayton Samis  Article

Brian Stewart: Cutting words from Canada’s top soldier

“But we need to start cutting steel.”

12320 Chief of the Defence Staff Walter Natynczyk Article

Who will preserve the past for future generations?

5105 J.L. Granatstein  Article



Two Ex Cadets Making a Difference

The Board of Directors of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum is graced with two ex-cadets, 5993 Maj (ret) John Matthews, and and 7000 Maj (ret) David Haas. It is a working board and both have made significant contributions to the museum. Located in Edmonton’s Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre, the museum has two display galleries and a modern basement storage area housed in the original indoor range and armourer’s shop.

David served many years in both Regular and Reserve Forces. His main work was in infantry and military intelligence. In addition to our permanent displays telling the story of the Regiment he has created three major special exhibits: “War Brides”, “Horse Warriors”, and “The Battle of Ortona” and is currently finishing, “C100 : Canada’s Hundred Days” telling of the final campaign in World War One. In recent years he has been involved in storytelling, singing and songwriting, and the theatre.

His main involvement is as a playwright. One recent play, The Visitor, with a Remembrance Day motif, was selected for production but did not go ahead due to casting difficulties. Another, A Health Unto Her Majesty, set in 1952 and showing a small Franco–Albertan town celebrating the Queen’s accession, is to run in Morinville, Alberta, during the coming St. Jean Baptiste festival there.

John retired from the Regular Force (infantry, R22eR) in 1986 with 27 years service and then spent another 9 years with The Loyal Edmonton Regiment. He has put his RMC BA in history to good use vetting and writing material for the military history modules of the museum website He is in the process of helping create new material to update the original website, completed weeks after 9/11, to reflect the last decade’s momentous events which saw three soldiers of the ‘Eddies’ die in Afghanistan.

In the last few years John has also put his history degree, and many other skills learned in his 36 years military service, to good work in a project involving the ‘resurrection’ of a neglected pioneer cemetery – go to


***** Artefacts *****

Did you know?

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum has a number of artifacts related to the Canadian Military Colleges:

  • Red horse–hide jacket, CMR
  • Cadet’s cane, pre–World War II
  • Two pillbox caps
  • One wedge cap with badge
  • RMC Arts ’66 class badge for P–jacket (designed by then Officer Cadet 7000 Major (Ret’d) David Haas (RMC 1966)
  • Cloth cap badges and miscellaneous badges including rank bar pins

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 10th June 2012

On June 4th Command of Maritime Forces Pacific and Joint Task Force Pacific passed from Rear Admiral Nigel Greenwood to Rear Admiral William Truelove during a ceremony at Duntze Head in HMC Dockyard.  YouTube

La passation de commandement des Forces maritimes du pacifique et de la force operationnelle interarmees pacifique entre le contre-amiral Greenwood et le contre-amiral Truelove a eu lieu le 4 juin a Duntze Head a l’arsenal CSM YouTube

Summiting the stage

“It’s interesting to see if we set our mind to something, how much we can accomplish, and if we dedicate ourselves to learning everything we need to know about that topic, how we can progress.”

21678 Major Meagan McGrath Article

Guest speaker: Former Grafton resident addresses Cobourg club

… has served over many of the world’s oceans and proudly told of taking part in a $75-million drug bust in the gulf of Oman, as well as his experience in operations controlling human trafficking…

20447 Major Mark Nasmith Article

Nanaimo still home to longtime soldier

“I also think when you’re in a military for a while, your kids get used to you being away.”

19993  Col. Jim Goodman Article

Change of command takes place

 “small but mighty comes to mind,” he added. “Strength is not in the numbers but in the spirit and we’ve seen plenty of spirit here this afternoon.”

12286 Rear-Admiral Nigel Greenwood Article

Kingston Branch Kicks off Summer with Presentation from Commandant

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt

See More Ex Cadets In the News

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Ex-Cadets in the News & More

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd June 2012

MND presents Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal To 7076 John Van Haastrecht


A surprise Jubilee Medal ceremony was held at the Royal Military College of Canada, Senior Staff Mess just prior to the Convocation, May 17th.

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence awarded 7076 John Van Haastrecht  the Diamond Jubilee medal to recognize John as a distinguished RMC graduate and former naval aviator who has been a leading donor and booster of the RMC.

19894 Erin O’Toole a member of the Board of Governors of the Royal Military College of Canada since 2009 was in attendance during the low-key but impressive presentation.  “ John Van Haastrecht has shown tremendous leadership in both business and philanthropy and is a true example of the best that the RMC has to offer.” The 1995 RMC graduate added: “A proud Canadian who continues to serve his college and country.”

A humbled, John Van Haastrecht: “Maybe the benefit from this could be to have more of our alumni pick up the torch and actively and meaningfully provide support for an educational institution that represents all the best attributes of our country, commitment, integrity, Honour , ie Truth , Duty, Valour.”

Well deserved, John.


Former RMCC Commandant New Commander of MARPAC

After two years as the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC), 12286 Rear-Admiral Nigel Greenwood will relinquish command to 15185 Rear-Admiral William Truelove. The change of command ceremony will be held at Duntze Head in Her Majesty’s Canadian (HMC) Dockyard on Monday, June 4th at 10:30 a.m.

The change of command ceremony will be officiated by the Commander Royal Canadian Navy, 12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, and the Commander of Canada Command, Lt.-Gen. Walter Semianiw.

Prior to this appointment, Rear-Admiral Truelove served as the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Strategic Communications Directorate at International Security Assistance Force Headquarters, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Rear-Admiral Greenwood will be retiring after a 37 year career in the Canadian Forces.

The Commander Maritime Forces Pacific is also Commander of Joint Task Force Pacific. As MARPAC Commander, he has control of Canadian maritime forces in all of the Pacific Ocean. In his role as Commander Joint Task Force Pacific, he may deploy forces to respond to any domestic emergency anywhere in British Columbia (B.C) and is responsible for the national Search and Rescue response throughout B.C. and the Yukon, and the Canadian Cadet Organization in B.C.



“The Canadian Forces, in my mind, is one of the most professional, disciplined, well-trained forces in the world,”

12320 Gen. Walt Natynczyk Article

Liberals team up with Green chief in bid to stall Tory budget bill

“We very clearly indicated that we are the real opposition here because we found that the best way to deal with this is to work with other parties, in this particular case with the Green Party,”

8276 Marc Garneau, Liberal House Leader Article

How military skills relate to construction

“The skills, qualifications and experience that are earned in the military are not easily understood or ‘translated’ into civilian terms, and as such, it’s not uncommon for ex-military people to experience challenges and frustration in successfully finding a fit in the civilian workforce,”

15148 Retired Brigadier-General Gregory Matte  Article


Steve Leknois Preparing National Players for PAN AM Cup of Volleyball in Dominican Republic

For the third year in a row Steve Leknois coach of the RMC Men’s volleyball program has been selected as an assistant coach with the Canadian National B men’s volleyball team .The team will be training in Gatineau from the 15 May till the 5th July, After completion of the two month training phase the team will be participating in the PAN AM Cup of volleyball which is being held from July 6th to the 15 in the Dominican Republic.


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Ex-Cadets Recognized by Hall of Fame and NASA

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd June 2012

Three ex-cadets from the class of ’73, Shawn Coyle 9758, Maj (Ret’d) Ron Davidson 9657, and Maj (Ret’d ) Kent Smerdon 9719, have been recognized by The Space Technology Hall of Fame and recently been included in the various Nasa Space Shuttle “Spin-Off” Technology Museums throughout the United States for their new, revolutionary product. The three got together a few years back and formed Aeroserve Technologies Ltd., and developed the award-winning product known as Airtab®.

The Airtab® is a small individually manufactured plastic 3×5 inch, wishbone-shaped aerodynamic device. Airtabs™ alter the airflow in the vehicle’s wake when mounted on the sides and across the roof of any square-backed highway vehicle. This airflow modification stabilizes the vehicle and reduces the partial vacuum that forms there. This vacuum is precisely why the backs of vehicles become dirty; more importantly, it is also what causes the drag which induces heightened fuel costs.

In a world where gas prices are constantly increasing, the threat of global warming looms overhead each day, and fossil fuels are a concern on numerous nations’ minds, a simple product that aims to conserve fuel is a necessity. The product is proven to save between two to four percent of overall fuel consumption; this may not seem to be an overly impressive figure initially, but the savings truly show its potential when one considers the daily world consumption of highway transportation – which amounts to several million gallons a day.

“Our first target market was the Owner/Operators in North America. They buy their own fuel, so we believed Airtabs were a logical fit,” explain Maj (Ret’d) Ron Davidson, the current CEO of Aeroserve, “The drivers tried them out, liked the performance, and told others that Airtabs deliver. Word of mouth is doing the rest.”

The future of the ex-cadets’ product looks very promising. The Airtab has an almost limitless amount of application possibilities; regardless of the vehicle’s size or type, the Airtab can be utilized on any square-backed vehicle or trailer, and the physic and aerodynamic remain the same. While world-wide trucking remains Aeroserve’s primary target, the concept of the Airtab is catching on quickly because of fuel prices and environmental concerns. It is very possible to see these products on buses, trains, subway cars, tankers, mini-vans, RVs, SUVs, utility trailers, and many other public vehicles in the near future.

“It is a feather in our caps for sure,” remarks Maj (Ret’d) Kent Smerdon.


For more information concerning the brainchild of these three ex-cadets, Airtab®, check out their company’s website.

By OCdt 26069 C. W. Kunkel

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 27th May 2012

You know it’s air show season when …

“The teams are well prepared for their respective tasks, putting on an impressive performance while keeping safety in mind,” said MGen Parent after granting his acceptance of the demo program. “These aircraft are operated by professionals who take their jobs very seriously while demonstrating their passion for aviation. I have full confidence they will have a great season.”

Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division, 14330 Major-General Alain Parent Article

Special Gun Salute Honours Queen

“It was a distinct honour for the Royal Regiment to pay this tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with this special gun salute”

12616 Colonel Christopher Simonds  Article

President and CEO of Regina Airport becomes RCAF’s newest honorary colonel

“We are pleased to have Brigadier-General (retired) Hunter return to 15 Wing as honorary colonel … He brings much corporate knowledge about the Wing with him as well as strong ties to the community. He will be a superb addition to the 15 Wing family.”

14681 Colonel Marc Bigaouette – Article

New Petawawa squadron gets a name and its first commander

“I know that Lt.-Col. Townsend will lead this historic unit with the pride and professionalism that he has clearly shown throughout his extensive experience as a tactical helicopter pilot and staff officer,”

17030 Lieutenant-Colonel Duart Townsend  Article

19 wing host to ‘crucial’ training

“It’s important, it gives them that realism to know what it’s really going to feel like and sound like to shoot a missile,”

22561 Capt. Larry Golja, commanding officer of the flight instruction course  Article

Six months of planning goes into 24-hour royal visit

“That’s exactly the kind of information someone wanting to do harm to the royal couple would be looking for,”

22181 Jason Quilliam, chief of protocol for the Saskatchewan government Article

Canadian women in combat roles bring their experiences to Australia

“This was the choice that was put in front of you: You either remain single and have a good career or you get married and don’t have a career,”

17312 Colonel Jennie Carignan a mother of four who is currently the chief of staff of the land forces central area headquarters in Toronto. Article   Bio

Femmes au combat: Des soldates canadiennes racontent leur expérience

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 13th May 2012

Acclaimed sculptor to open Avondale area art show

Her father learned of her exceptional talents when she was commissioned to create busts of Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie and General H.D.G. Crerar for the Royal Military College of Canada in 1968.

Alison MacNeil – wife of 3776 VAdm (Ret) Hugh McNeil


Footnote: Alison was commissioned to create busts of Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie and General Harry D.G. Crerar for the Royal Military College of Canada in 1968. Hugh was serving at the time as naval staff officer at RMC. The sculptures, which were modeled, dried and fired in clay and painted to imitate bronze, were unveiled and put on display in Currie Hall during ex-cadet weekend in 1969. After one was `liberated` during a skylark, the delicate sculptures were placed under glass.  Source: `RMC Review 1970` pages 184-5


Don’t overlook Canada’s contributions

“…Canadian peacekeeping contributions were marginal until the end of the Cold War. Sensing an opportunity to do defence on the cheap, the Mulroney government pulled all Canadian troops out of Germany and deployed two infantry battalions as peacekeepers to the nasty wars emerging in the Balkans. It quickly became apparent that classical peacekeeping was dead. Here and in a number other places such as Somalia and Rwanda, disasters ensued under the UN flag…”

4270 Sean Henry  Article


Old Soldiers Fade Away – Goodbye to Gen. Natynczyk But Who Comes Next?

But there has already been much talk about the candidates to replace him. They include:

Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, the low-profile VCDS.

Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, the RCN’s commander.

Lt.-Gen. André Deschamps, the RCAF commander admired in the Harper government for faithfully defending the F-35 purchase.

Air Force officers also tell Defence Watch that Lt.-Gen. Tom Lawson at NORAD is a person to watch.



New chief of defence staff could be named by end of summer

…Whoever takes over is widely expected to be of a different breed from Gen. Natynczyk — and his predecessor, Gen. Rick Hillier…


2012 world university rugby sevens championships: Canadian rosters announced

The women’s contingent will be led in France by head coach Lesley McKenzie from the University of British Columbia, assistant coach Sean McDonaugh from Royal Military College and team leader Rick Farrally from the University of Victoria.




West Point cadets greet Liang in Mandarin


West Point United States Military Academy Hosts Pow Wow, Thanks Natives for Service


Soldiers Give Up Their Rights So They Can Risk Their Lives

In particular, they do not have freedom of opinion and expression. Both the National Defence Act (S. 129) and the Queen’s Regulations and Orders (103.60)prohibit members from criticizing the Department of National Defence or the Government of Canada. It is considered Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline.


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 6th May 2012

At the United Nations, updating a modernist icon

“Some days,” he says, leading me into the concrete shell of a dimly lit space that once held the Security Council, relocated to a temporary space in the General Assembly, “this is a normal job with massive technical challenges, but there are other times when the Security Council had to try to resolve some very serious issues in Egypt and Libya, and we had to stop the jackhammers so they could finish their business.”

13659 Marian Miszkiel Article


Toy space shuttles for charity stolen, Marc Garneau says

“Though an offence against the dignity of the House regardless of the contents, the theft of these contents in my view is also an offence against common decency,”

8276 Marc Garneau  Article


Scouts Canada Names Michael McKay Executive Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer

“I am honored to join Scouts Canada and to have the opportunity to build upon the respected heritage and unique accomplishments of the Movement. I am also excited to have the opportunity to pursue the great work that has led to a resurgence of interest and participation in Scouts Canada,”

15003 Michael McKay  Article   Bio


RCAF delivers fuel to Canada’s most northerly post

“Op Boxtop provides a critical lifeline to CFS Alert,” said Major Todd Murphy, commanding officer of CFS Alert. “During this current Boxtop, we are receiving the majority of our annual fuel supply which is essential for the generation of our power and heating requirements.”

21140 Todd Murphy Article


 A soldier’s best weapon is a well-trained mind

Take the case of Lieutenant Tyler Wentzell. Not two years out of RMC, he found himself attached to an Afghan National Army company in the middle of nowhere. His driver and radio operator were practically the only Canadians he saw for months. Nothing was familiar. And yet he still managed to move into the Afghan camp, gain the acceptance of his hosts, help them train their troops and take them into battle against the Taliban.

5105 Jack Granatstein Article

23551 Tyler Wentzell


 Soldier says military muzzled him for speaking out

“It’s more an advisement there may be changes. It’s not a hard determination of changes. It remains under reviews, and we’re going to continue to study it going forward,”

14369 Rear Admiral Andrew Smith, chief of military personnel Article


  Training soldiers in realistic Afghan scenarios saves lives   – Short video

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Ex-Cadets & more in the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 30th April 2012

F-35 wrong choice for Arctic, retired colonel argues

“How do you get a single-engine, low-range, low-payload, low-manoeuvrability aircraft that is being optimized for close air support . . . to operate effectively in the North?”

8944 Paul JM Maillet Article


My Role in the CFDS: Pumping up the Defence Team

Mr. Cirka contributed to the operational readiness and effectiveness of CF personnel by coordinating physical fitness, sports and recreation programs during the mission closure of Operation ATHENA in Afghanistan, demonstrating “exceptional initiative and dedication to the health and fitness of CF members deployed with the MTTF,”



2529 LGen Chester Hull – A life focussed on “we”

LGen Hull’s military career began in Kingston, Ont., at the Royal Military College, where he rose to become “top” cadet as Battalion Sergeant Major. He and his classmates graduated early in October 1939 to serve in the Second World War. He elected to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).  Article

Life Story: A natural born leader; pilot flew more than 50 types of aircraft during 41-year Air Force career

Chester Hull Funeral, 13Apr12

During the long and distinguished career of 2529 L Gen Chester Hull one of his postings was as Commander of the RCAF’s Air Transport Command in Trenton. Following his retirement he resided in Belleville and was a member of the Trenton Officers’ Mess. At his funeral from the Trenton Base Chapel on 13 April his cremated remains were borne by one pilot from each of the base’s four aviation squadrons. These bearers were: 17156 Capt Danny Jean of 436 (T) Sqn, 20971 Capt Jarrett Feist of 424 (T&R) Sqn, 22847 Capt Sophie (Furnivall) Polwin of 437 (T) Sqn and 24204 Capt Elizabeth Crosier of 429 (T) Sqn.


 19 Air Maintenance Squadron welcomes new honorary colonel

“HCol Marinus is an outstanding, active volunteer, dedicated to service with the local fire department and the community at large,”

22100 Chris Shapka  Article


Warriors add fuel to Torch of Life Relay

19888 Chris Moyle  Article - short video


Troops swoop in to rescue air disaster “casualties”

Short video


Romeo Dallaire says Canada lacks tools and commitment to prevent genocide

“We must not undermine Canada’s heritage by failing to uphold the humanitarian values that we have worked so hard to establish. We need a mass atrocities focal point in the government, an international security minister in the cabinet, or an analogous position with a clear mandate,”

H7860 Romeo Dallaire Article


Sudbury’s Galbraith an athlete for and at all ages

“For me, it’s like eating. It’s in my blood. You know, it’s makes me feel like a whole person. Without it, I’m not well in myself,”

21430 Heather-Rae Beynon Galbraith


General: USMC not giving women infantry jobs

Culture shock a matter of course at West Point



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Ex-Cadets & more in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 18th March 2012

New security concerns for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan

“I think for a time they’re not going to be as effective because they’ll be extra careful,” 

5105 Jack Granatstein, a historian with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.


Experts float idea of Canadian naval support for Israel

“Do we send a frigate to help the Israeli navy enforce its blockade against the Gaza Strip, for instance, so that the Israeli navy can focus on other problems?”

Christian Leuprecht, a professor with Royal Military College and Queen’s University.


War of 1812 Two Hundred Years Old This June

“Whenever I talk about the burning of the White House, there’s always cheering in the class.”

John Grodzinski, professor of history at Royal Military College


Attack on Iran could trigger bloodbath for Bahá’ís

“History has shown us, and I’ve learned firsthand, that propaganda campaigns designed to incite hatred are a key ingredient in the slaughter of innocents. We must not forget the propaganda used against the Jews in Nazi Germany, Muslims in Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, or the Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda. In each case, ethnic or religious minorities were targeted, and referred to as rats and cockroaches, all in an effort to dehumanize them.”

H7860 Roméo Dallaire


Custer and His Roommate Part Ways

How two second-rate West Pointers found themselves on opposite sides of the Civil War.


AFCEA Personality Profile: M0488 Dawn Ottman

“Today, I combine my work experience with the military on R&D projects and my understanding of advanced electronics to develop some of my ideas into inventions of green technology.”




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