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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 13th January 2013

5300 Bob (Tex) Thomas has made us aware of The Canadian Naval Heritage Centre Project. Current & former members of the Canadian Navy may find this project of interest.


What do a fighter pilot and a doctor have in common? Safety!

The second step was even more remarkable as each member evaluated his own performance, identifying even slight miscalculations for others to watch, consider and comment on. I sat in amazement as pilots, with rather large egos by nature, openly revealed the inner workings of their personal show with the goal of indicating to their team members that they could see the strengths and, more importantly, the weaknesses in their performance.

Dr. Catherine Hansen – wife of 21364  Major Jeremy Hansen, CF fighter pilot and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Source


 Canada extends its presence in the Arabian Sea Region

“HMCS Toronto will carry-on the excellent work that has already been done by the Canadian Armed Forces’ during earlier contributions to CTF 150′s maritime security mission in South West Asia. The deployment of HMCS Toronto will allow us to continue working alongside our allies and partners to help contribute to international security in the region,”

12192 General Tom Lawson, the Chief of the Defence Staff

“The deployment of HMCS Toronto demonstrates the Canadian Armed Forces’ capability to support our allies and gives Canada an opportunity to operate within a responsive international force,”

13337 Lieutenant-General Stuart Beare, Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command  Source


 U.S., Canada Expand Arctic Cooperation, Military Training

“We hope to work through this in an exercise format to find out where the seams and capabilities are,”

Royal Canadian Navy Cmdr. Darren Rich, Canadian Joint Operations Command’s representative to NORAD and Northcom  Source


Pranksters bear responsibility for consequences

“I have personal experience of pranks taking an unexpected course. In my final year at the old Royal Roads Military College another cadet and I fashioned a hoax. Cadets were appointed to an internal pyramid of command ranks to maintain discipline and attend to minor administrative chores. For the final month of the college year what was called the “honour slate” was appointed – the ranks went to the cadets deemed by the authorities to have performed best in the preceding eight months. The announcements of new slates were pinned up on a notice board outside the cadet dining hall.”

7000 David Haas   Source



Location:599 Whitetail Dr, Tracy New Brunswick (Near Gagetown)

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 6th January 2013

e-Veritas recently received the following  from 8057 Ross McKenzie Curator, RMC Museum- :

New On-Line Resource

Although the College has been around since 1876, it did not become a degree granting university until 1959. Prior to that date it was common for RMC grads to transfer their credits to a university and then complete a degree programme. There weren’t that many universities to choose from, so, in the majority of cases, ex-cadets would attend Queen’s University, University of Toronto or McGill University.

The McGill University Achieves has recently launched what it calls the, “McGill Remembers Project,” which is described as follows:

On 11 November 2012 the latest phase of the McGill Remembers project was launched on the web. This new site offers, in a searchable, digital format, access to the documents collected by the University War Records Office between1940-1946 related to McGill students, staff and faculty participation in the Second World War. These records are fully searchable by name.

To anyone researching the war service of ex-cadets (or anyone else for that matter) this could be a valuable tool.

For example of what’s available search for: “John Meredith Cape.

[#2026 John Meredith Cape – joined RMC in1928, graduated in 1932, and subsequently attended McGill University.]

The link:



New association to help commandos’ families in emergencies and in civilian life

Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson says the charitable group is still under development and will register with the Canada Revenue Agency within the next few weeks.  Article

Canada’s lean military must choose its next battle carefully

“It doesn’t take much of an imagination to come up with an emergency situation where Canada’s interests might be involved,”  Article

14378 Denis Thompson


Injured crewmember airlifted from freighter by RCAF helicopter

“We communicated a lot as a crew to determine the best place to hoist the Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR Techs) on board,” said Captain Luc Coates, aircraft commander. “We decided to hover over the centre of the ship, taking care to avoid the cranes and guide wires, as we hoisted them to the deck.”

23031 Luc Coates  Article



Mr. NGG has no intention of finishing last

“Ultimately, what I think they look for in a leader is somebody who is strong, somebody who is reassuring when there’s a crisis and somebody who puts forward good policy … and I think I have those things,”

8276 Marc Garneau Article



Councillor call for integrity commissioner

“It’s become very clear over the past year and a half or two years that there’s a difference of opinion in terms of behaviour and roles and responsibilities of councillors,”

14444 Dorothy Hector Article



Governor General invests 39 recipients into the Order of Military Merit –

Among the recipients:

14358 Major-General Christian Rousseau, C.M.M., C.D., Chief of Defence Intelligence, Ottawa, Ont.; and

17595 Lieutenant-Colonel Telah Morrison, O.M.M., C.D., 35 Quebec Service Battalion, Québec, Que.


Featured 212 partners

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 9th December 2012

Ex-cadets in attendance Dec 8th. – Back row: (from LT to RT) Dick Girling / Lee Smith / Christopher J Robinson / Ed deCaux / Mark Shaddock / Claude Michon. Seated: (from LT to RT) Bruce Rutherford / Allen Kear / Bob Simpson / Jacques Gagné / Peter Flynn

Manitoba Branch Christmas Meet & Greet

By: 12059 Jacques Gagné – Branch President

The 2012 Manitoba Branch, Christmas “Meet & Greet” held Saturday evening December 8th, 2012 at the University Women’s Club, Winnipeg was a resounding success. To my knowledge and recollection this was the most attended event in recent history.

The Branch Executive – Jacques Gagné (President); Claude Michon (VP) and Ed deCaux (secretary & Webmaster) hosted some (30+) ex-Cadets, their wives and special guests. This year for the first time in Branch history, we reached out to the parents of Officer-Cadets currently attending RMC Kingston. We had a positive response with the following parents attending: Marcel & Sylvia Labelle (Taryn Labelle – I year), Peter & Heather Clark (Brendan Clark – CWC), Elaine & Wayne McNaughton (Andrew McNaughton – II year), Rebecca & Ken Savage (Shane Savage – II year), Kathy Macrae (Aaron Cappellani – III year), Jacky & Steve Broda-Milian (Kiernan Broda-Milian – I year). NB: If we inadvertently missed anyone please accept our apologies.

Amongst our regulars, we counted the following ex-Cadets / spouses or guests: Ed Burgerner, Lee Smith and his wife Pat, Peter & Judith Flynn, Allen & Celine Kear, Christopher J. Robinson, Dick & Doreen Girling, Bruce & Patti Rutherford, Claude Michon (and friend Marilyn), Ed deCaux, Mark Shaddock, Bob Simpson, Jacques & Gisèle Gagné.

We make note that the parents of those cadets currently attending RMC Kingston were appreciative of the opportunity to meet other parents in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere. Many exchanged contact information and were able to reach out for additional information about the Club, the Branch, activities and programs at the College. It was felt they had a better understanding of the Colleges, their support network and traditions.

The Branch President addressed the guests at the midway mark and provided the guests (parents) with some background on the history of the Branch and Club, and highlighted some of the benefits of belonging to an Alumni such as the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada. As is tradition following many of our gatherings, we “sounded off” by College Number in succession with the lowest number first; each Ex-Cadet providing a brief background as to their year & college of entry, element (occupation) and their current status.

Following discussion with Branch members, it has been decided that the Branch will reach out again to parents and specially at the yearly attestation ceremonies, where we can invite the parents of those cadets currently attending RMC to mingle with new families.

Members of the Branch Executive (seated) along with some of the parents in attendance : Peter & Heather Clarks, Sylvia & Marcel Labelle, Jacky & Steve Broda-Milian, Ken & Rebecca Savage.


Rushoon resident promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Chris Hadfield ready for ‘surreal’ space station odyssey

Op-Ed: Delays, deficit-fighting and no direction

Communicating Across the North: An Alaskan NORAD Region perspective

“Time and again, Canadian Forces members have shown the world that Canada is a dependable and highly capable ally ready and able to assist when called upon,” said General Lawson. “We can all be very proud of the accomplishments of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen, and the work they did to protect the people of Libya.”

Not yet time for women to serve in infantry

Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point

Canadian Whole of Government Operations in Afghanistan

The Conference of Defense Associations Institute recently published a report from Dr. Howard Coombs, Assistant Professor in RMCC’s War Studies Department, entitled CANADIAN WHOLE-OF-GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS KANDAHAR – SEPTEMBER 2010 TO JULY 2011.

A copy of the report can be found at


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd December 2012

Durham’s new MP 19894 Erin O’Toole pledges to stay connected to constituents

8276 Marc Garneau enters Liberal leadership race

Editorial: 8276 Marc Garneau, the science candidate

PTSD tearing military families apart: H7860 Romeo Dallaire

Opposition sides with 9485 Pierre Daigle, military ombudsman on access to cabinet secrets

L’ombudsman du MDN soutient qu’il doit avoir accès des documents secrets (9485 Pierre Daigle)

Top military officer: Use language of leadership, not war ( 12320 Walter Natynczyk) 


Tony O’Keeffe Impressive @ 2012 Ultraman World Championships

51-year-old, LCol Tony O’Keeffe completed his first triathlon since 2008, and his first endurance race since his major bike / truck accident one year ago. The former RMCC Director of Cadets crossed the finish line 3rd in the Men’s division (4th overall) at the Ultraman World Championships held in Hawaii.

The Chateauguay, Quebec, native finished a miracle comeback from severe 2011 injuries with an 8:25:17 double marathon. He holds a BMASc from RMC, and a Masters Degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Tony was riding his bike near Colorado Springs in Fall of 2011 when a truck hit him head on and he was launched through the truck’s windshield. After he was extracted, carbon fiber pieces of his brake lever were embedded in his femur, and he required reconstructive surgery on his face and multiple ligament damage in his leg which had to be replaced by cadaver parts. O’Keeffe, the 2008 Ultraman runner-up in a personal record time of 22:31:54, resumed swimming and biking much earlier, but could not resume running until two months ago. Many thought his participation would be honorary after the swim and the bike as the stress of a 52-4 mile double marathon would be too much to bear.

“When I arrived back on the Big Island I looked around and thought: I didn’t come all this way to DNF,” said O’Keeffe. “I knew I wanted to compete, so I went as hard as I could and I told myself if I have to walk, I’m going to walk. I’m OK with it.”

O’Keeffe did far, far better than that, and he takes pains to explain that he has nothing to complain about. “I serve with the best men in the military and many of them come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with truly devastating injuries. Whatever pain is out there in Ultraman is just a reminder that I am one of the luckiest guys in the world because I can still do challenging things.”

The 31 year Canadian Forces veteran started Day 1 with the 2nd-fastest 3:10:42 swim against tough currents, then biked 6:15:03 to stand 8th in 9:25:45 on total time. On Day 2 he rode the 4th fastest 8:05:47 split to stand 3rd male and 4th overall in 17:31:12. On Day 3 his 8th-fastest 8:25:17 run brought him home 4th overall and 3rd male in 25:56:29.

Alexandre Ribeiro of Brazil – the overall winner, had this to say :

“What Tony did today was fantastic,” said Ribeiro. “To survive that accident and then come race with the best in the world at age 51 makes him a very special guy.”

All his friends from RMCC and Ex Cadet acquaintances – salute LCol Tony O’Keeffe!


Overall results


Executive Director Moves On…


14356 Mike Rostek has cleaned out his desk; turned over his Panet House keys and has moved on from his RMC Club, Executive Director position.

He was in the chair for slightly over a year.

Michael joined the Canadian Forces in 1979 starting at Le College militaire royal de Saint-Jean. In 1984, he graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada with a Bachelor of Arts (Commerce) and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps.

He earned a PhD, (International Relations, Canadian Foreign Policy, Defence Economics), Defence Management and Policy) also from RMCC in 2010.

Besides his Doctorate, he holds two Master’s degrees including a Master’s of Arts (Defence Management and Policy), from his Alma mater and a Master’s of Management in Defence Studies, University of Canberra, Australia.

The retired Lieutenant Colonel has wasted little time in re-establishing himself around the college. Dr. Rostek has signed on as a contract professor with Department of Political and Economic Science. He also has at least two other part-time professor positions elsewhere. In short, he is fully engaged in his new positions.

All of us connected with the RMC Club including executive members and the Panet House staff, thank him for his contributions to the success of the operation over the past year and wish him continued success in the future.

The search for his successor is now in the home stretch and he / she is expected to be named in a week or so.

In the meantime, S125 Bill Oliver has been asked and has accepted to fill the role on an  Interim basis until the new Executive Director is in place which could be as early as February.


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Ex Cadets & More in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 25th November 2012

New model army: Sandhurst’s officers of the future

As Sandhurst marks its 200th anniversary, the prospect of active service has boosted numbers of officer cadets, but how will the military academy fare in the future?



Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business…

14797 Richard Martin, Class of ’85, is founder and president of Alcera Consulting Inc. Prior to launching his consulting business, Richard attended the prestigious Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean as an officer cadet and then served for 21 years as an infantry officer in the Canadian Army.

His proudest moment in the military was successfully commanding a peacekeeping force in one of the worst flashpoints of Bosnia: the town of Drvar. At the time, this led historian David Bercuson to write in the National Post that Richard Martin and his company “can do no wrong”.

Richard is the only member of Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting Mentoring Hall of Fame with extensive military experience. He brings his business and military leadership experience to bear for organizations and executives in both the private and public sectors seeking to exploit change, maximize opportunity, and minimize risk.


Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd.: Director Appointment -

Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd. (TSX:WZL) (the “Company”) is honoured to announce that 5868 Mr. Scott Clements has been re-appointed as a director of the Company.



Ex-Cadet Recognized for Legal Accomplishments

14648 Jean Caron was recently awarded a prize by the Quebec Young Bar association for his accomplishments during his first 10 years as a lawyer.

Article in the recent edition of Proforma (Quebec City Bar Association Newspaper) Click here.



The University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs invites you to apply for one of 15 Fellowships in Global Journalism. This pioneering program is designed for outstanding individuals with advanced knowledge of engineering, who wish to cover their own specialty as full-time or part-time reporters for media around the world.

As a Fellow, from September 2013 to April 2014, you would actually break news on your specialty for major media around the world, while being mentored by leading journalists. Upon completing the programs you can return to your professional or academic work while covering it part-time as a freelancer; or become a full time specialty reporter with contacts around the world; or launch a new media enterprise to improve the coverage of your own discipline.


In 2012-13, Fellows included two young professors, three PhDs, a lawyer, a former advertising executive, a former development aid professional, an architectural designer, and a Middle East specialist. They are spending the year reporting for major media on disciplines ranging from environmental law and science, to urban development, policing and corporate social responsibility.


Upon admission, you will be matched with a member of our media network. In 2012-13 these included: The Globe and Mail, CBC News, The Toronto Star, Postmedia Network, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and The Dallas Morning News. You would then cover your discipline as a freelancer to that news organization throughout the program, under our mentorship. This work will take precedence over course-work and over other freelance work.

Through arrangements organized by the program, you would also have the opportunity to freelance in your discipline to news organizations around the world, including: The Financial Times, BBC Global News and The Washington Post and other niche media services covering your specialty.


Top journalists will teach you a curriculum that includes:

- A one-month bootcamp that prepares each Fellow to work for major media by October.

- Core Writing, which focuses on essential journalism skills and values

- Investigative Journalism, which will teach you how to uncover hidden stories in your discipline.

- Broadcast and Mobile Journalism, which will teach you the core skills you need to report as a freelancer for TV and radio.

- New Media Platforms, which will teach you how to optimize the web visibility of your work, how to conceive packages for web coverage, and how to engage on-line audiences.

- Global Dynamics¸ which will help you maintain an aggressively global perspective on your stories you shift into journalism.

- Advanced Interviewing Skills, which will teach you how to undertake emotionally charged and complex interviews confidently.

- Freelance Tradecraft, which will teach you how to cover global news as an independent journalist.

On a daily basis, two bureau chiefs – both experienced foreign correspondents– will also mentor you on your freelance work and work as your own editors as you file stories to major media.

To learn more about the program, please visit us here:


We’d be very excited to receive your application. Please find more information about the application here:

If you are interested in this Fellowship, please e-mail us directly, before you begin the application, at Applications for these Fellowship spots are due on February 11.


Robert Steiner

Director, Fellowships in Global Journalism

Munk School of Global Affairs

University of Toronto

416 946 3909




Elizabeth Summers, CFP FMA FCSI.






12833 Pierre Lafond – President at Holonics, Data Specialists

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 18th November 2012

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, recently announced the presentation of Military Valour Decorations and Meritorious Service Decorations (Military Division) to members of the Canadian and allied forces.

The presentation ceremony took place on Thursday, November 15, 2012, at 10:30 a.m., at Rideau Hall.

A quick review of the list found a number of Ex cadets from all three military colleges. If we missed anyone, please let us know. Reference



Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division)

12966 LGen Joseph Marcel Marquis Hainse M.S.C., C.D. served as deputy commander, Regional Command South, in Southern Afghanistan from April 2007 to January 2008. He demonstrated leadership and drew upon his experience to assist international efforts in Afghanistan. An inspiration to everyone under his command and a first-rate ambassador for Canada, he quickly earned the trust of Afghan partners and of the coalition. His generous contributions proved indispensable to the success of the mission, earning international praise for Canada. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1977 and studied at the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean.

14596 BGen Dean James Milner O.M.M., M.S.C., C.D.  deployed as commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan from September 2010 to July 2011. He demonstrated exceptional leadership that was critical to the success of Task Force Kandahar. Working in close partnership with Afghan National Security Forces and allies, he enabled the disruption of insurgent networks, the successful completion of infrastructure improvements and enhanced the overall level of security for the Afghan population. His performance and leadership secured Canada’s legacy in Afghanistan and positioned the Canadian Forces for a successful transition to its training mission. He entered Royal Roads Military College in 1980 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Commerce from the Royal Military College. Brigadier-General Milner also has a Masters in War Studies from the Royal Military College, which he completed in May of 2010.

14890 MGen David Gordon Neasmith, O.M.M., M.S.C., C.D. (CMR 1985) was deployed as assistant commanding general for Afghan National Army development, within the NATO Training Mission in Kabul, Afghanistan, from March 2010 to March 2011. His work yielded a significant contribution to the ongoing expansion and professionalization of the Afghan National Army, which was critical to revamping the country’s governmental systems and set the conditions for the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan people. His leadership and performance brought great honour to Canada.joined the Canadian Forces in 1980. He began his education at Collège Militaire Royal de St-Jean and graduated from the Royal Military College, Kingston in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science (Math and Physics).

Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

BGen Richard Giguère M.S.M., C.D. (CMR 1993) served as deputy commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan from September 2010 to July 2011. He distinguished himself by his loyalty and dedication. With extraordinary strategic and analytical acumen, he developed a superior operational approach that allowed soldiers and their equipment to be efficiently deployed in the field and redeployed to Kandahar Airfield to consolidate the task force’s combat element. His dynamic leadership and sound advice contributed greatly to the success of the mission. He holds a bachelor’s degree in military and strategic studies from Royal Military College Saint-Jean 1991-3. He taught in the political science and economics department at the Royal Military College of Canada in 2001-2.

16271 Colonel Hercule Gosselin M.S.M., C.D.  served as commander of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team from November 2010 to July 2011. He increased the confidence and effectiveness of the Afghan National Army by personally supporting the commander of 1 Brigade, 205 Corps. He distinguished himself by his honesty in conveying the reality of the terrain to the Afghan commanders and in conceptualizing the principles of training with Afghan National Security Forces. A seasoned mentor and experienced leader, he enhanced the reputation of the Canadian Forces. He graduated in 1988 with an Honour Arts degree in Military and Strategic Studies from Collège militaire royal in Saint-Jean.

13275 Captain (N) Alexander Franz Georg Rueben, M.S.M., C.D. served as commander of the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton from 2004 to 2009, He made invaluable contributions to the future of the Royal Canadian Navy, and that of the Canadian shipbuilding and repair industry. His visionary efforts to forge strategic partnerships connecting the Canadian Forces, government and industry enabled the success of the National Shipbuilding and Procurement Strategy and the establishment of the Marine Training and Applied Research Centre. His personal engagement and perseverance in achieving broad co-operation brought strategic benefits to Canada. He attended studies at both Royal Roads and Royal Military Colleges, graduating in 1981 with a degree in Engineering and Management.

20979 LCol Mason James Stalker, M.S.M., C.D. displayed leadership and tactical acumen as the commanding officer of the Canadian contingent at Regional Command (South) Headquarters and as executive officer to the deputy commanding general from September 2010 to October 2011. Responsible for operations in the most volatile and violent region of Afghanistan, he was instrumental to operational success and significantly contributed to defeating the insurgents. His performance was of a high standard and brought honour to the Canadian Forces and to Canada.

18254 Col Michel-Henri St-Louis  served as Commanding officer of the battle group deployed to Afghanistan from November 2010 to July 2011. He distinguished himself by his leadership and tactical acumen. A confident and innovative leader, he orchestrated and led numerous focused and aggressive operations in partnership with Afghan kandaks and, in so doing, halted the annual spring surge of insurgents in the Horn of Panjwayi. His dedication and infectious enthusiasm enabled the battle group to make tremendous progress in security and governance in this vast and complex battlespace. He started his military career at the Collège Militaire Royal du Canada de St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu in August 1987. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Military and Strategic Studies, a Masters in War Studies and a second Masters in Defence Studies.

19561 LCol Chris John Zimmer, M.S.M., C.D.  served as headquarters commanding officer and wing chief of staff of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing at Kandahar Airfield from March to September 2011. He demonstrated the highest calibre of initiative, leadership and support. Whether streamlining processes, instituting morale and welfare programs, or establishing relationships with other headquarters, he ensured that all staff executed their tasks to a consistently high standard. In addition, his planning effectively positioned the unit for successful mission transition as the Canadian Forces left Kandahar. His efforts contributed directly to the success of the air wing and brought great credit to the Candian Forces.


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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 12th November 2012

Gen. Tom Lawson: From air base commander to Canada’s top soldier

“Some people appear to be good, while Tom is one of those guys who is simply good. He never takes an extra step to appear to be good,”

Ken Pennie, a former Chief of the Air Staff and superior officer  Article


Ottawa airport names 13131 Mark Laroche new CEO

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great team that has made the Ottawa Airport the success that it is today and to be back in the National Capital Region. It’s such an honour for me to be a part of the best airport in North America. I am excited to join such an exceptional team that is well-known for consistently delivering excellence in customer service.”

13131 Mark Laroche  Article


At home, families face unique struggle

“You try to spend as much time with your wife and kids to try and take your mind off what’s coming up,”

23648 Captain Greg Millican  Article


New Perspectives: Captain Stephen Keeble, One of Canada’s Young Veterans

After graduating from RMC in 2008, Keeble asked to join the First Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment headquartered in Petawawa, Ontario. He wanted to join the Royal Canadian Regiment because Canada’s time in Kandahar was coming to an end and the First Battalion was the next to leave for Afghanistan.

24023 Captain Stephen Keeble  Article


Lost Grad Ring…

Bill, I keep forgetting to advise you but the e-Veritas delivery makes a good reminder. I don’t know whether I will ever see my grad ring again but it was one of many jewellery items stolen recently in conjunction with a break in @ our home in Orleans. I wonder if there is a subtle way of advising folks that if they see an RMC grad ring in pawn shop or on Kijiji, etc that they could advise. It’s one of the years with the larger, heavier versions. It has light brown background with 1978 as grad year, mailed fist on top with RMC coat of arms on one side and army (crossed swords) with 78 on the other. While that narrows it down some, I had my name &/or college # engraved inside. I think it was B.B. Barteaux & perhaps 11338.

Thanks for your help!


11338 Maj BB Barteaux

CJOC J33 Regional Msns 5

613-998-3716 –


3646 Fred Simpkin Donates Sailboat to RMC Sailing Club

Article by Graeme Duke-Gibbs, Royal Military College Yacht Club Supervisor 

On a recent gorgeous day in November the RMC Sailing Club formally thanked 3646 Mr. Fred Simpkin for his very generous donation of his beloved Abbott 22 sailboat. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing across the RMC pier just as it would on any perfect sailing day. Mr. Simpkin arrived to find several people in attendance including Col Saulnier, on behalf of the Commandant; Cdr Mooz; LCdr Antoniewicz; Maj Zimmerman; Christine Powers-Thompson, RMC Athletics; and several members of the Sailing Club. Mr. Simpkin reiterated that he was happy to give back to the College as he very much enjoyed sailing here on, among others, the Akyroyd schooners. This donation by Fred Simpkin was made possible through the RMC Foundation and the Sailing Club extends its thanks to the Foundation for their work on this gift. The Sailing Club is building on this new opportunity and is looking forward to bringing keelboat racing back to campus. Thank you again Mr. Simpkin for your generosity.

Reverend Al Ritchie, father of Alum Greg Ritchie, also offered to donate his sailboat, an Alacrity 19, to the Club. The Club determined that it was not able to accept the generous offer based on the current focus of the fleet. We thank Reverend Ritchie for his generous offer.


E4613 LCol (ret) Arthur Neadow Takes Members Back to Vimy & Dieppe

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt

The Kingston Branch of the RMC Club commorated a month of rememberance with a special presentation by E4613 LCol (ret’d) Arthur Neadow (photo left). After a reading of “In Flanders’ Fields” and A118 Ray Dignum, Branch President, called for two minutes of silence, LCol (ret’d) Neadow used a powerpoint presentation and recollections of his own visits to the battlefields of Vimy Ridge and Dieppe to take the members of the Kingston Branch back to that hallowed ground.

In discussing Vimy Ridge in particular, LCol (ret’d) Neadow touched on the local connection with the Vimy Memorial. “When the models they used for carving the statues were taken down, they were simply marked “Vimy.” The postal service didn’t know where to send them, so they came here. Of the 20 original models, 3 are still here at the Signals Museum.” He also underscored the difficulties the Canadian soldiers faced at Vimy by drawing on his visit there as part of the 95th Anniversary ceremony. “As an old Infantryman, we were always taught to look at the ground,” he said. “The ground at Vimy was definitely not infantry ground.”

LCol (ret’d) Neadow’s presentation also touched on the myths of Dieppe, the “Mulberries” of Operation Overlord, and the Kurt Meyer story. He is, in all likelihood, the only Canadian still alive who had the story of Kurt Meyer from primary sources, and his connections to the story came out as he briefly described it.

25743 OCdt (IV) Stacey Cusan and 25840 OCdt (IV) Tucker Densmore were guests of the Kingston Branch at the Luncheon, as were seven members of the Class of 1960 (see photo below).


EX Cadets & Cadets at CISM Triathalon Championships

On 25 August 2012 the CF National Triathlon Team competed in the 17th Annual Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) Triathlon Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Canadian Team, consisting of 9 male and 8 female athletes, also included six CMC Ex-Cadets who competed in both the Elite and Masters categories. The Ex-Cadets representing Canada in the Elite category were Capt David Lacombe (23626) and LCdr Trevor Davies (20733), with Maj Eric Travis (19497), Maj John Timmermans (19923), LCdr Douglas Poucher (11947), and Cdr Lucie Tremblay (18417) rounding out the Masters team. This was all made possible by the great efforts of the Team Manager, LCdr Jason Lawton (19870). (Note: Ex-Cadets SLt Aaron Bradley (25005) and 2Lt Andreas Schabetsburger (25509) began the 2012 season as members of the CISM team, but unfortunately were unable to attend the championships due to summer training and recent postings).

Read more…

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 4th November 2012


Photo (L) – 4873 Col (Rtd) Bob Brett and 4804 LCol(Rdt) Neil Johnstone, both of the Class of ‘60 visited Russia during September of this year. While in Moscow they visited the Kremlin and had their photo taken in front of the Tsar’s Cannon, purported to be the largest in the world.

Photo (R) -4804 LCol (Rtd) Neil Johnstone, Class of ‘60, and 6171 Maj (Rtd) Brian Earl, Class of ‘64, recipients of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for their volunteer work at the Canadian War Museum. They were presented their medal by 2951 General (Rtd) Ramsey Withers at a ceremony held at the War Museum 02 November 2012.


Minister MacKay Officially Marks Departure of the Canadian Sapphire Satellite

“This system underscores Canada’s commitment to making a meaningful and functional contribution to space situational awareness,”

Rear-Admiral 15141 Ron Lloyd, Chief of Force Development  Article

Unexpected guests at 5 Wing Goose Bay

“It made me proud to watch the 5 Wing team, military, civilians and our contractor partners work together to help these people when they were in a bind,”

Commander 5 Wing Goose Bay, Lieutenant-Colonel 17033 Michael Ward  Article

Air Force Association honours RCAF members

“Either way, nominations are pushed up the chain of command within AFAC or the RCAF to eventually find their way to the awards and honours committee at the national level.”

13077 Dean Black, AFAC’s national executive director  Article

Fit to fight…and then some

CF Sports Awards – Mixture of Ex cadets and former colleges staff in the lime-light


Outgoing CDS

“I’ve been so proud to lead all the men and women of the Canadian Forces”

Outgoing Chief of the Defence Staff, General 12320 Walt Natynczyk  Short video

Military continues humanitarian work

Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada executive director Michael Rostek spoke at the former Port Author Collegiate Institute Saturday during a symposium on humanitarian goals of the Canadian Forces.

14356 Michael Rostek  Article

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 29th October 2012

2012 Birchall Leadership Award Dinner

November 8, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Canadian Forces Base Halifax – Juno Tower


The RMIM Patriot Award

The Patriot Award is presented for exceptional and patriotic action on the part of an individual, group, or corporation and is to recognize their outstanding support to Canada’s defense or to our allies. The award is the Royal Military Institute Medallion mounted on a plaque accompanied by or embedded in a scroll depicting the action. The award can be presented for a singular act or for a long time commitment to our Allies and to the men and women who serve in Canada’s Armed and security forces. The award was established in 2001.

Outgoing CDS, General Walt Natynczyk, Mrs Gisele Gagne and RMCC Club / Branch President, Jacques Gagne.

Branch President, Jacques Gagne and Mrs Gisele Gagne, representing the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada were in attendance, Saturday October 27th for the 2012 annual Royal Military Institute of Manitoba (RMIM) Awards Dinner held at the Fort Garry Hotel. A recipient of the 2012 “Patriot Award” was one of Winnipeg’s favorite sons; Chief of Defense Staff, General Walter J. Natynczyk.

General Natynczyk enrolled in the CF – ROTP program in 1975 and attended Royal Roads Military College until 1977; when he transferred to Royal Military College St-Jean to complete his studies in Business Administration.  General Natynczyk is a member of the Class of 1979.   The incoming CDS, newly appointed Lieutenant-General Tom Lawson is also a member of the Class of 1979.


Canadian golfer Brad Fritsch earns PGA Tour card

Brad Fritsch, son of 8033 Brian and Carrie Fritsch class of 1969, earned his 2013 PGA Tour Card after finishing 18th overall on the Tour Moneylist. Article

Time to confer citizenship on ‘Lost Canadians’

Back in 1966, I took a step that had a significant beneficial impact on my future – I applied for a Canadian passport. I was planning international travel and because I had been born abroad I could see a potential problem getting back into Canada, even though I was a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and was serving as a regular officer in the Canadian army.

7000 David Haas is a retired lawyer  Article

Canadian Forces stand tall in Kabul: Kent

“In their own self deprecating Canadian way, our men and women are reaching out and helping to build society with their Afghan comrades,”

18753 Colonel Greg Smith  Article

Terry Metcalfe: a lifetime of service to his home community

“I decided it was not for me and on my release in 1970 I went to SFU for my teaching certificate. In January 1972 I started teaching at H.D. Stafford Secondary.”

7406 Terry Metcalfe  Article


24974 Richard Lim Joins CISM Golf Team

“After a rather successful summer of golf, I was honored to be selected to the CISM golf team that competed at the 7th World Military Golf Championships in Jacksonville FL. The remainder of the 6 male and 2 female team was comprised of CWO Stuckless, Maj Lowdon, Maj Ridyard, Capt O’Donnell, Sgt Cameron, Capt Gelinas and MCpl Escabar.

After arriving in Jacksonville, we had the great opportunity to play a practice round at TPC Sawgrass. The course is the host of The Players Championships, and is on many a golf enthusiast’s bucket list, including each member of our team. The course was in immaculate shape. The highlight of my round was a par on the famous island green of the 17th hole.

The following day we began our tournament with the official practice round. It was our first day to meet the participants from the other nations represented which included Bahrain, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Namibia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Spain, USA and Zambia. It was quite an experience to rub shoulders with players from these countries and to learn what occupations they fill in their militaries.

The tournament format for the male division was four days with four of the team’s six scores counting each day. After day one, we were in a distant second place behind the Americans. The Americans increased their lead each following day with multiple sub-par rounds. Meanwhile, we became involved in a heated battle for second place with Bahrain and Spain. The course on NAS Jacksonville was playing wet and very difficult for the entirety of the tournament and on the third day it got the best of our team when Bahrain was able gain an eleven stroke lead for second place going into the last day. Unfortunately, we were not able to make up the difference and finished in third place, six strokes behind the second place Bahrain team.

In addition to winning a team bronze medal in the men’s division, we also captured a silver medal in the women’s team division, a gold medal in the men’s senior division (Tony Stuckless), and a men’s senior division bronze medal (Tom Cameron). It was quite an honor to hear the Canadian National Anthem because of CWO Stuckless’ gold medal win. Along with our tournament medals we won the Fair Play award, awarded to the team that best exemplifies the motto “friendship through sport.” This award was a great honor for our team as all the participating countries voted on it. It was great way to end a fantastic week and experience.

I’d like to thank Jason Price, our team manager and MGen Forgues, our Chef de Mission and Patron of Golf, for all their hard work behind the scenes to make the tournament an experience I will never forget.”

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 21st October 2012

2012 Birchall Leadership Award Dinner

November 8, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Canadian Forces Base Halifax – Juno Tower


19 Wing Members Lend Skills to Habitat for Humanity Build

“It was exciting and rewarding to lend our skills and expertise to this worthwhile project and we hope our efforts will build even stronger relationships with our neighbors in the community,”

24431 Captain Laura Locklin, Construction Engineering Officer at 19 Wing


Air Division appoints first Honorary Colonel

“Mr. Rempel and I have several things in common, not the least of which is controlling air power. We share runways and infrastructure here in Winnipeg, but also share a sense of purpose: keeping Canadians safe on the ground and in the air.”

1545 Major-General Pierre St-Amand, commander of 1 Canadian Air Division Article

NORAD and USNORTHCOM honour 9/11 heroes

“It’s really heartwarming to see two leaders recognized ten years later for their brilliance in starting us on the journey of post 9/11 world, now immortalized in bronze on a building that represents the finest of our two countries defending our homes.”

13337 LGen Stuart Beare, commander of the new Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC)


Rodney Weston Announces Name Change of 3rd Field Artillery Regiment

“This is a proud day for all gunners and officers who’ve ever worn the badge of the Artillery in New Brunswick,”

E1907 LCol Steven Strachan, Commanding Officer of 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, The Loyal Company. Article


Adrian Burns joins the Royal Canadian Navy as Honorary Captain (Navy)

“She truly embodies the values of an Honorary Naval Captain, such as personal commitment and sense of duty, and I couldn’t be happier welcoming her to our naval family.”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy  Article

Coach K takes Duke to Fort Bragg for workout

Before he became “Coach K,” he was Bob Knight’s point guard at West Point in the 1960s and rose to the rank of captain before resigning in 1974 and getting his record-setting college coaching career off the ground. Before he arrived at Duke in 1980, he coached the Black Knights for five years.

Mike Krzyzewski, former West Point cadet, player and coach Article


Military and civilian police train together to answer the call of duty

Article – short video

Women In The Canadian Forces (CF)


Annapolis, West Point among top public colleges


Snowbirds soar over 15 Wing


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

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2012 Birchall Leadership Award Dinner

November 8, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Canadian Forces Base Halifax – Juno Tower


“You’re out of breath, you’ve hit the wall, but you have to keep going”  Short video

“Ironman: “Look for a challenge, accept that challenge and move through it” Short video

Aim and fire: top marksmen show their skills at CFSAC 2012  Short video



George L. Parker is Professor Emeritus of the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, where he taught from 1967 to 1997. He attended Mount Allison University and Pennsylvania State University, and received his Ph. D. from the University of Toronto. He lives in Halifax.

Professor Parker has contributed articles on Canadian authors and publishers to Canadian Literature, the Dalhousie Review, the Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature, the Oxford Companion to Canadian History, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. He edited one volume and co-edited another in the four-volume anthology, THE EVOLUTION OF CANADIAN LITERATURE (1973) He is the author of THE BEGINNINGS OF THE BOOK TRADE IN CANADA (1985) and the editor of Thomas Chandler Haliburton’s THE CLOCKMAKER, SERIES ONE, TWO, AND THREE (1995).

He contributed to all three volumes of the History of the Book in Canada (2004-2007), and has published several chapters of his history of Toronto publishing, 1900-1970, in English Studies in Canada and in the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada.

Source & Audio Interview


International Exercises: Canadian Forces and U.S. Navy participate in joint exercise

“Task Group Exercises strengthen Canada’s ability to work in a multinational and joint environment on a wide range of potential operations and missions,”

12444  Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy Article


Heading into auction

“I hope it gives them a glimpse into what we do,’’

22973 Capt. Jaime Phillips  Article



Punching above its weight

23106 Daniel Arsenault  Article


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

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CDS Transition Intent

It is with great pleasure that I welcome LGen Tom Lawson, the CDS-designate, back to Ottawa. This signals the beginning of the Chief of the Defence Staff transition period and my impending retirement. While planning is underway with 29 October 2012 as my date of departure, I wish to take this opportunity to provide my intent for the period leading up to and including the change of command ceremony.

The overriding priority during transition shall remain the operational success of the CF. Existing command and control relationships remain unaffected. The changeover process will be executed to ensure seamless continuity between my command and that of my successor. Similarly, there will be no change in direct reports to the CDS.

The interval leading up to the change of command ceremony will be a busy one, and it will involve a range of briefings and meetings intended to prepare LGen Lawson for his new role. The primary purpose of this effort, which is detailed in a separate transition directive, is to ensure he has the situational awareness and background information necessary to assume and exercise full command of the CF. While this may temporarily impact LGen Lawson’s ability to personally visit CF Formations, Bases and Wings, this will remain a valued and critical part of the CDS’ job, and, will doubtless be a significant aspect of his command as he settles in.

Regarding the change of command ceremony itself, my office has received many requests from inside and outside the CF regarding attendance and participation. I am personally humbled by the interest that has been shown and by the expression of support this implies. In the interest of managing our financial resources responsibly, I have issued specific direction to ensure that the change of command ceremony is a modest event that will pay the appropriate respect due the appointment of a Chief of Defence.

Accordingly, the selection of the National War Museum as the venue for the ceremony will serve to limit the number of guests we can accommodate. I would ask for your understanding in helping me achieve my objective of limiting unnecessary costs. In particular, for those CF members from outside the National Capital Region who have been invited to attend the ceremony, it is my intent that you not come to Ottawa on temporary duty solely for the change of command event.

In the same vein, my office has been approached with inquiries about departure gifts and tokens of appreciation. While I greatly appreciate these kind gestures and this generosity, it is my personal wish that any such expressions of support take the form of a donation to the Military Families Fund , the Soldier-On Fund, or any similarly worthy charity.

I would encourage all members of the CF to remain focussed on our need to conserve our available resources, to maintain a focus on current operations, to continue investing in future capabilities, and on sustaining the well-being of the men and women of the CF and their families.

In closing, I wish to thank all the men and women of the CF for their service to Canada as well as their families for their unwavering support. It is, and has been, an honour to serve as your Chief of the Defence Staff.


Intention du CEMD quant à la transition

C’est avec immense plaisir que j’accueille le Lgén Tom Lawson, CEMD désigné, maintenant de retour à Ottawa. Ceci signale le début de la transition entre chefs d’état major de la Défense ainsi que ma retraite imminente. Maintenant que la planification de mon départ a été lancée, je souhaite partager mes intentions pour la période menant à la cérémonie de passation de commandement prévue le 29 octobre 2012.

La priorité absolue, durant la transition, demeurera la réussite opérationnelle des FC. Les relations existantes de commandement et de contrôle ne seront pas touchées. Le processus de changement sera exécuté de façon à garantir une continuité harmonieuse entre mon commandement et celui de mon successeur. De même, il n’y aura aucun changement aux rapports directs avec le CEMD.

L’intervalle menant à la cérémonie de passation de commandement sera chargée. Elle comprendra notamment une gamme de briefings et de réunions visant à préparer le général Lawson à ses nouvelles fonctions. L’objectif principal de ces démarches, décrites en détail dans une directive de transition distincte, est de faire en sorte qu’il ait la connaissance de la situation et l’information contextuelle nécessaires pour assumer et exercer le plein commandement des FC. Bien que cela puisse temporairement avoir une incidence sur la capacité du Lgén Lawson à visiter personnellement les formations, bases et escadres des FC, cela demeurera une partie cruciale et précieuse du travail du CEMD, et, il ne fait nul doute que cela sera un aspect de son commandement lorsqu’il sera en fonction.

En ce qui concerne la cérémonie de passation du commandement proprement dite, mon cabinet a reçu nombre de demandes provenant de gens de l’intérieur et de l’extérieur des FC souhaitant être présents ou y participer. Je suis humblement touché par l’intérêt que l’on manifeste et par l’expression du soutien que cela présuppose. Dans le but de gérer nos ressources financières de façon responsable, j’ai publié des directives précises pour faire en sorte que la cérémonie de passation du commandement soit modeste, tout en témoignant d’un respect convenant à la nomination du Chef de la Défense.

Par conséquent, le choix du Musée canadien de la guerre comme lieu pour tenir la cérémonie permettra de restreindre le nombre d’invité que l’on peut accueillir. Je vous demande de faire preuve de compréhension afin de m’aider à atteindre mon objectif de limiter les coûts. Plus particulièrement, en ce qui concerne les membres des FC de l’extérieur de la région de la capitale nationale invités à assister à la cérémonie, mon intention est de m’assurer qu’un déplacement à Ottawa ne se fasse en service temporaire uniquement pour l’événement de la passation du commandement.

Dans le même ordre d’idées, mon cabinet a reçu des demandes d’information au sujet de cadeaux de départ et de marques d’appréciation. Bien que je sois très reconnaissant de cette générosité, je souhaite personnellement que de telles expressions de soutien se manifestent sous la forme d’un don au Fonds pour la famille des militaires, au programme Sans limites ou à une autre œuvre de charité tout aussi digne.

J’encourage tous les membres des FC à garder à l’esprit notre besoin de conserver nos ressources disponibles, de se concentrer sur les opérations en cours, de continuer à investir dans nos capacités futures et de préserver le bien-être des militaires, hommes et femmes, ainsi que de leurs familles.

En terminant, je désire remercier tous les militaires pour leur service à l’égard du Canada, ainsi que leurs familles pour leur soutien indéfectible. Ce fut, et c’est encore un honneur de vous servir en tant que Chef d’état major de la Défense.


“Digger” MacDougall Receives Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

In a private presentation in Rockland, Ontario, 5276 J. R. “Digger” MacDougall, Class of ’61, was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal as a Royal thank you “for your dedicated service to your peers, to your community and to Canada. The contributions you have made to our nation are most commendable and deserve our praise and admiration”, said the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.

Digger was recommended for the honour by a committee of volunteers who were tasked to select deserving recipients for the award. At the time of the nomination Digger was serving, or had served (since a teenager), on the leadership teams of numerous community, provincial, national and international volunteer organizations. His Chairmanship of the Sing Canada Harmony Scholarship Fund was a key element in the recognition he received. Governor General David Johnston added his own congratulations to the “…heartfelt congratulations of your fellow Canadians”.

Along with the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) “For Meritorious Service to Canada” awarded three times during his 33 year military career, Digger will wear the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal with the other three medals (including two for international peacekeeping). As President of the 2400+ member Ottawa Branch of the Royal Military College Club of Canada and as a 12 year Volunteer Interpreter and Living History Interviewer at the Canadian War Museum, Digger wears these medals two or more times per week in official volunteer duties and at formal functions.

The Board of Directors of Sing Canada Harmony joined other Canadians and American colleagues in congratulating Digger on having been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition for his admirable contributions to Canada.


Chris Hadfield ponders mundane and serious challenges of six months in space

“It’s the difference between a quick visit somewhere — a drive past — and moving somewhere,”

13738 Astronaut Chris Hadfield  Article


Khadr’s rehabilitation undermined by Tories, Dallaire says

“I think they are creating a scenario for him so it’s almost impossible for him to reintegrate in society in Canada, in at least a fair chance of having that opportunity,”

H7860 Liberal Senator Roméo Dallaire  Article


Veterans offered new online system  Article


Boeing Chief Test Pilot speaks with Qatar Leadership Academy Cadets

“We have an obligation to encourage the next generation of aerospace leaders to pursue their higher-education goals and to follow their career dreams,”

Boeing Test and Evaluation Chief Pilot for F/A-18 Programmes 15463Ricardo Traven  Article


Military folds three commands into one

The new joint commander, 13337 Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare, says the old organizations required about 580 staff, but his new command will operate with roughly 450 members, making it about 25 per cent “leaner.”



Photo: Pat Kinsella for The Chronicle Review

The Few, the Proud, the Infantilized

The military academy that is the closest to the American model—four-year undergraduate institutions—is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Royal Military College of Canada. The college has solved many of the problems of the U.S. academies by loosening …


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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 23rd September 2012

Former NORAD deputy commander, wife receive U.S. military awards Article

Reconnaissance, par les forces armées américaines, de l’ancien commandant adjoint du NORAD et de son épouse  Français


Hornet triumphs in the ultimate performance showdown

“The weather changed in our favour and the CF-18s crushed the cars, yet again … All the drivers were super excited [and the event] exceeded their expectations. I know that the military folks who volunteered enjoyed the events as well.”

M610 Lieutenant-Colonel Kirk Soroka   Article  Français


‘Give those kids a chance’

“And we’re looking around for other schools to help the other schools in the area,”

15769 Mark Dull – Article


Family visits CF pilot’s crash site 45 years later  Une visite émouvante 45 ans plus tard

“I was flying the same mission that morning. About 10 of us, including Group Captain Cole, were assigned to fly the same low-level cross-country navigation training mission, spaced at 10 minute intervals. I was next in line behind him.”

« J’étais stagiaire à l’Unité de transition Sabre à l’époque, se rappelle 3528 le général (à la retraite) Paul Manson, ancien chef d’état-major de la Défense. J’ai effectué cette mission le matin même. Nous étions une dizaine, dont le Col avn Cole, à participer à cet entraînement à la navigation à basse altitude. Nous nous suivions à intervalles de dix minutes; j’étais le prochain. »

3528 General (Ret) Paul Manson, former Chief of the Defence Staff  Article  Français


Defence Leadership Recognizes Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) Aboriginal Team

Les dirigeants de la Défense saluent l’équipe autochtone de l’Académie canadienne de la Défense

“We don’t do the work for the recognition; we do the work because it’s what we love to do.”

« Nous ne faisons pas ce travail pour obtenir des prix; nous le faisons parce que ça nous passionne. »

16540 Lieutenanat-Colonel Chantal Fraser Article  Français


Soldiers’ support organization mistreated its own employees, says ombudsman

“Our investigation shows that, despite knowing Mr. Clark’s mental health had deteriorated, OSISS management made no real attempt to explore how he might be assisted in maintaining his employment once it became clear he intended to resign,”

9485 Canadian Forces Ombudsman Pierre Daigle  Article


Ministers launch veteran careers site in Hamilton

“… said the program originated in the United States in 2003 and was developed by a Canadian.”

15148 Greg Matte, executive director of Helmets for Hardhats Canada  Article




16010 Charlene Fawcett

Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning

Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

Phone (613) 539-2839


Languages Spoken: ENGLISH¸FRENCH

Contact Charlene

14019 Edward Gallagher -Founder and Partner, Patriot Law Group – Canada Law Practice


15737 Bryan Brulotte – President: MaxSys Group of Companies Ottawa, Canada Area Staffing and Recruiting





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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 16th September 2012

Michael Den Tandt: Marc Garneau could be the adult in Liberal leadership race

“I have sailed across the ocean in a sailboat in both directions with 12 other people; I have gone into space, I have skydived. I’ve done all sorts of things in my life. I’m certainly not a dull person, even though I don’t necessarily bring that out when I’m acting as a politician. People who know me know I’m a passionate person.”

8276 Marc Garneau  Article


New top general, PM had no lengthy F-35 talks

“What I can say is that neither the prime minister nor the minister have spoken at length about the F-35 program with me,”

12191 Lt.-Gen. Tom Lawson, the next chief of the defence staff  Article

The Measure of a CDS -

First published on the Canadian International Council website


Natynczyk on war, leadership and being ‘Walt from Winnipeg’

“I was working at National Defence Headquarters and people were dumping these big problems on my desk, and I said, ‘Well, you know what? This is easy, because unlike Sarajevo, no one is shooting at me!”

12320 Gen. Walt Natynczyk – Article


Navy boss foresees maritime century

“The system of the world, the globalized economy, is one that absolutely depends on a rules-based freedom of the seas,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison  -Article


Making music in outer space

“I’m really looking forward to the wealth and privilege of time six months will offer to see the world in a new way, to see it as an artistic and human place, not just through geography and science. … I want to see the Earth through the chance artistry that looking at the Earth brings.”

13738 Chris Hadfield  Article




The Law Offices of 4803 Thomas H. Marshall, Q.C

10950 David Hall

MARCON, a specialized market research, strategy and management consulting firm

Président – 12046 Pierre Ducharme




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Ex-Cadets in the News

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New Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division

MGen Pierre St-Amand today assumed command of 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters at a change of command ceremony. – (left to right) 14330 LGen Alain Parent, LGen André Deschamps and 15456 MGen Pierre St-Amand. Credit: Cpl Jean Archambault.

Nouveau commandant de la 1re Division aérienne du Canada

Le Mgén Pierre St-Amand a pris le commandement de la 1re Division aérienne du Canada, aujourd’hui, lors d’une cérémonie officielle – (de gauche à droite) 14330 Lgén Alain Parent, Lgén André Deschamps et 15456 Mgén Pierre St-Amand. Photo: Cpl Jean Archambault.


CAUT announces independent commission on governance of Canada’s Royal Military College

3 Ex Cadets Make Up Commission

OTTAWA, Sept. 5, 2012 /CNW/ – Today, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) is announcing the creation of an independent commission on the governance of Canada’s Royal Military College (RMC).

The distinguished members of the Commission are:

6219 Robin Boadway, the David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics at Queen’s University;

16990 Steve Nash, Lt-Colonel (Ret), Canadian Forces; formerly Commander, Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit; Operations Officer and Deputy Commander JTF2; and

16392 Elinor Sloan, Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University and a former defence analyst in the Department of National Defence.

All three of the commissioners are graduates of the Royal Military College.

The terms of reference for the Commission are to examine the governance structure of the Royal Military College, consider alternative models of military college governance, and make recommendations with respect to the preferred governance structure for RMC.

“At the best of times, it is a challenge to have a governance structure for a military college that allows it, as RMC has been historically, to be both an excellent university and a first-class institution for training military officers,” said James L. Turk, Executive Director of CAUT. “The significant cuts being made by the federal government to the budget of RMC are bringing to the surface questions about how RMC is governed.”

Turk said he is confident that the blue-ribbon commission can provide useful advice to the parties that are involved in the governance of RMC – the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Forces, and the RMC Board of Governors.

While CAUT is creating the Commission and covering the costs of its operation, the Commission will operate independently and will have sole control of the content of its report, which CAUT will publish as submitted. Members of the Commission are serving without remuneration except expenses. Article


Defence Minister Peter MacKay visits Orono Fair

Conservative politician comes to Clarington to support local Conservative candidate Erin O’Toole

“It’s important for them to understand where their food comes from,”

19894 Erin O’Toole - Article

Previous article on Erin O’Toole to be Conservative candidate in Durham


Defence attachés get a peek inside Canada’s military with DND tours

Capt. Doucet said the purpose of the tour “is to showcase our military and industry associated with the CF.”

21759 Captain Jenny Doucet, who works in DND’s Directorate of Foreign Liaison  Article


New NORAD Canadian Deputy Commander

“I am honored and humbled to become the Deputy Commander of NORAD and continue the outstanding work that LGen Lawson and his team have accomplished. NORAD is an extremely strategic and important bi-national agreement for Canada and plays an integral part in the security of our nation,”

14330 Lieutenant-General Alain Parent, new Deputy Commander of NORAD    Article


How a separate Quebec would transform our defence policy

5105 J.L. Granatstein Article




Edmonton: 17138 Steve Godreau – President at Acme Concord Corp

London, ON – Acme Concord Corp – 21832 Derek Niles – Director – Sales & Operations – Ontario Sales

Acme Concord Corp – Southern Alberta (Calgary) Sales

Acme Concord Corp – British Columbia Sales

11756 Les Chapman – Chief Operating Officer for global accident investigation and forensic engineering company – United Kingdom – Maritime


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