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Ex Cadets in the news…

Posted by rmcclub on 8th December 2013

Unexpected MEDEVAC in the Philippines displays CAF flexibility and teamwork

“When we indicated that our eventual destination was Manila, they asked us if we could evacuate a seriously ill child to Manila,” said 20725 Maj Costelloe.




Operation Hamlet: Canadian platoon returns from Haiti

“”Our soldiers enjoy an excellent reputation on the world stage, and I could not be more proud of the work that they have accomplished in Haiti,”” says Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army. “”They helped establish a more secure and stable environment, and with their expertise, professionalism and commitment, made a successful contribution to building institutional capacity in Haiti.””



Chris Hadfield, newly minted prof, answers 4 questions



John Morris off to Roar of the Rings final after edging Kevin Martin

“I’m a Los Angeles Dodger fan,” he said. “And I remember what Tommy Lasorda said in 1988. “’In a season that is improbable, we have accomplished the impossible.’” he quoteth the Dodger manager of the day.

“Hopefully that will be applicable Sunday.”

7301 Earle Morris  Article

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 24th November 2013

A lighter side to Chris Hadfield – An Astronaut’s Guide to Movember

Sense of humour – 1:08 video

Former army boss 12320 Walt Natynczyk working on 10-year plan for Canadian Space Agency

Read more:

Australian 60 Minutes 17 November 2013 – Chris Hadfield Segment


Canadian Armed Forces deploy additional resources to Philippines

“Canadians can be proud of the speed with which their Canadian Armed Forces have responded to this tragic situation,” said 12192 General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff. “The people of the Philippines need help, and on behalf of Canada, we’re providing it.”  More

Military names new Chaplain General – 14429 Brigadier-General John Fletcher -


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd November 2013


An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth: Chris Hadfield has big plans for life after the final frontier

The Government of Canada Commemorates the Battle of Châteauguay

“The Battle of Châteauguay is a prime example of the illustrious history of Canada’s Army,” said Lieutenant-General 12966 Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army. “This event serves as a reminder that, be they historical battles or more recent engagements, Canadian soldiers have proven time and again to be a capable and formidable force. We are indeed ‘Strong. Proud. Ready.’”

The CT-114 Tutor: A half century of excellence

Cold War memento returned to family of fallen RCAF navigator

“So many things we do in our careers, and in or lives are important, but lack human impact,” says Lieutenant-Colonel 12883 Art Agnew. “The return of this painting was like being a part of history. It linked the United Kingdom with Canada and spanned decades. It linked families, friends and strangers over so many years.

“When Mrs. Fillion commissioned this painting it was with the idea of remembering her husband – it has done so much more! It has been a privilege to be a small part of this story, and terribly satisfying to reunite it with the Fillion family.”

Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton under fire as 8287 Marc Garneau accuses him of being ‘well known for mopping up ethical problems’

Op-Ed: National interests collide in shipbuilding strategy

5105 J.L. Granatstein

The 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Sports Awards Ceremony was held on Friday Oct. 25 and honoured the outstanding athletes, teams and contributors to CAF National Sports. Among the winners were the following ex-Cadets. If we missed anyone, please let us know. (The following are excerpts from the Canadian Forces National Sports Facebook Page)


The 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Sports Awards Ceremony

The annual ceremony was held on Friday Oct. 25 and honoured the outstanding athletes, teams and contributors to CAF National Sports.

Among the winners were the following ex-Cadets.  If we missed anyone, please let us know. (The following are excerpts from the Canadian Forces National Sports Facebook Page)

Honour Roll Inductee



Builder / Bâtisseur

LCdr Lawton has played a critical role in the growth of civilian and military triathlon. As the senior member of the CAF Triathlon Committee and as CISM Team Manager, he consistently supports his athletes’ success. In the civilian triathlon community, LCdr Lawton founded the Shearwater Navy Triathlon and was its Race Director from 2003-2009, was also the Race Director and Developer of the Bridgetown Triathlon. / Le Capc Lawton a joué un rôle crucial dans l’évolution du triathlon au sein des ligues civiles et militaires. En qualité de membre dirigeant du comité de triathlon des FAC et de gérant d’équipe au CISM, il a toujours épaulé les athlètes dans leurs réussites. Dans la communauté civile du triathlon, le Capc Lawton a été le fondateur du triathlon de la Marine de Shearwater et directeur de la course de 2003 à 2009. Il a également exercé les fonctions de directeur de la course et de promoteur du triathlon de Bridgetown.


CAF Female Athlete of the Year


Multi-sports / Multisports


Royal Canadian Air Force / Aviation royale canadienne

On the ice, Capt Smith led her hockey team to win CAF Nationals, won gold at the World Pond Hockey Championships, and won the women’s division of RedBull Crashed Ice Halifax. In summer sports, she was captain of her Slo-Pitch Team, and had the top women’s time at Triathlon Regionals. / Sur la patinoire, le Capt Smith a mené son équipe à la victoire aux Championnats nationaux de hockey des FAC. Membre de l’équipe qui a gagné la médaille d’or aux Championnats mondiaux de hockey sur glace naturelle, elle a aussi remporté la compétition RedBull Crashed Ice de Halifax dans la division féminine. Pour ce qui est des sports d’été, le Capt Smith a été capitaine de l’équipe féminine de balle lente et a enregistré le meilleur chrono chez les femmes aux Championnats régionaux de triathlon.


CAF Male Athlete of the Year


Taekwondo (Lightweight Division) / Taekwondo (division des poids léger)


Military Personnel Command / Commandement du personnel militaire

Competing against Canada’s best, OCdt Song finished 8th at Olympic Trials, and ended 2012 ranked 5th nationally. He also finished 5th at the World University Championships, representing the CAF with distinction. In CAF competition, he won the gold medal at the National Championships and was named Tournament MVP. / L’Élof Song s’est mesuré aux meilleurs athlètes de taekwondo au Canada et a réussi à se hisser au 8e rang lors des essais olympiques et a terminé l’année en 5e place à l’échelle nationale. Il a également récolté une 5e place aux Universiades où il a représenté les FAC avec distinction. Dans les compétitions militaires, l’Élof Song a remporté la médaille d’or aux Championnats nationaux des FAC et a été nommé le meilleur athlète du tournoi.


The complete results may be found here at the Canadian Forces National Sports Facebook Page

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 27th October 2013

23578 Capt Ashley Collette was the only woman in her platoon of soldiers on the Afghan front line – and she was in charge. In the Canadian armed forces, unusually, every job is open to women – and both sexes live together and fight together.

23578 Captain Collette: The life of a woman on the front line

“I don’t think that the enemy liked our presence,” she says with a soldier’s understatement. “It’s kind of in the middle of where they want to be.”

Moose Jaw celebrates 200,000 flying hours on the Harvard trainer

“To reach this 200,000 hour milestone in 13 years with 24 aircraft is simply incredible,” said 14561 Colonel Paul Goddard, the commander of 15 Wing. “We don’t stop for much around here because our focus is to create the foundation air power for the Air Force.”

Canadian ships to stay on Arabian Sea patrol

“During the four rotations that have been part of Operation Artemis, our crews have done outstanding work, including flag-verification boardings and interdiction operations, which greatly support security in this important region,” said 13337 Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare, commander of joint operations command.

Branch to be renamed to honour fallen soldier

With his executive’s blessing, Rittwage contacted Peter Dawe, Capt. Dawe’s father, and told him the legion wanted to honour his son – 22596 Matthew Dawe.

Chris Hadfield’s three tips for succeeding in a competitive field

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 14th October 2013

Spy agency CSEC needs MPs’ oversight, ex-director says

In a rare interview, 6508 John Adams told CBC’s Greg Weston he thinks the government must do more “to make Canadians more knowledgeable about what the intelligence agencies are trying to do on their behalf.”

H7860 Romeo Dallaire, former UN commander who witnessed Rwanda genocide, pleads for action on PTSD

“I had nothing left. I was actually attempting to be suicidal and I was putting the mission at risk,”

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield lands professor post at Ontario university

The University of Waterloo says H13738 Chris Hadfield’s first task on campus will be assisting research into why some astronauts get fainting spells when they return to Earth — knowledge it says will also be useful for elderly people prone to falling.

RCAF “Rescue 912” crew wins 2013 Cormorant Trophy and Prince Philip Helicopter Rescue Award

Captain 24013 Jonathon Groten (first officer) of Kingston, Ontario.

Army Commander issues statement addressing troops returning from Afghanistan

The Commander of the Canadian Army, 12966 Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, issued the following statement: HERE

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Ex Cadets & More in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 6th October 2013

The Board of Directors of the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) today announced the appointment of 13605 Greg Caws as the organization’s new President and CEO

“I am excited to be joining both the BCIC team and our stakeholders to continue making British Columbia a great place to do technology business,”



A successful 18 months – Task Force Northwood concludes its contribution to Operation ARTEMIS

“”The most important function of the NATO Shipping Centre is to facilitate and ensure the lines of communication are open between the military and the shipping community,”” says Lieutenant Commander xxxxx Greg Walker, TFN’s Task Force Commander “”this function is critical and provides industry with a direct link to MARCOM.””  (Check for college number – Otter – I believe)

Army commanders meet in Germany to discuss security concerns

Lieutenant-General 12966 Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army, attended the conference to participate in the multilateral sessions and engage with his European counterparts.

Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff visits North American Aerospace Defense Command

“”It is always a great pleasure for me to visit NORAD, and to see our Canadian Armed Forces members and their American colleagues, working together for our mutual defence,”” said General 12192 Tom Lawson. “”NORAD really is the cornerstone of our continental defence; and this trip provided an important opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen this great institution as we prepare for the future.””

Effective Project management article on page 16

“Never tell a man what to do. Tell him what has to be done and he will surprise you with his ingenuity”

10143 Mike McCartney (quoting from George Patton)

New Military Judge appointment

Government of Canada announced the appointment of  14435 Colonel Michael Gibson, M.S.M., C.D., as a military judge.

U.S. Government shutdown mission impacts on U.S. Air Force Academy

Superintendent’s Notes – West Point

HIGH PRIORITY: Due to Government shutdown, this USNA website is not being updated.

Mission Accomplished – 20 Years later

Over two decades ago, Kingston’s own Lubomyr Luciuk (photo left), now a professor at the Royal Military College, initiated a campaign aimed at recalling an unhappy episode in Canadian history. Between 1914-1920 thousands of Ukrainians and other Europeans were branded as “enemy aliens,” forced to do heavy labour for the profit of their jailers, disenfranchized, and subjected to other state-sanctioned censures, not because of any wrong they had done, but only because of who they were, where they had come from. Once described as “Germans, Austrians and Turks,” most of the internees were actually civilians, including women and children, some of them Canadian born or naturalized British subjects. Most were Ukrainian by ethnicity, with Croats, Serbians, Hungarians, and other nationalities also represented. The majority had been lured to the Dominion with promises of freedom and free land, only to find their civil liberties undone with the outbreak of the Great War because they came bearing the passports of the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman Turkish or German empires. Twenty-four internment camps held over 8,500 men and some members of their families during the war years and to the late spring of 1920. Thousands of others were branded as “enemy aliens” and forced to report regularly to the police. Fort Henry, where Luciuk unveiled a commemorative plaque in 1994, was the first permanent internment camp established during the First World War, following passage of the now-notorious War Measures Act.

On Friday, 13 September, Dr Luciuk participated in the opening ceremony of a permanent exhibit at Cave & Basin National Historic Site, in Banff National Park. Commenting he said:

” The building that houses this new museum is very evocative, resembling one of the barracks in which the internees were held. And, of course, the site itself is remarkable, set beside the actual place where the internee barracks once stood. While the exhibits need to be revised, since they do not well convey the indignities and injustices suffered by the so-called enemy aliens, this place hallows the memory of all who were subjected to a national humiliation. A time for atonement has finally come.”

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Ex-Cadets in the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 29th September 2013

Long Walk to Sanity – Medric Cousineau

By: 25751 (IV) OCdt Kettenacker

“At the edge of destiny you must test your strength – Avery Bishop”. This quote was how 13855  Captain (ret) Medric Cousineau – Class of 1983, recipient of the Star of Courage, began his presentation to the 4th year class of 2014. An RMC graduate of Honors English and Philosophy in 1983, Cousineau embarked upon a poignant retelling of his experiences in the Forces, during which the details of his 1986 rescue operation in the North Atlantic were shared, and how it set the stage for PTSD. Now more than 26 years later, Cousineau details his ongoing personal struggle with the mental health condition, to the extent where he was paired with his PTSD Service Dog, Thai. This move, he says, has made the single largest improvement in his physical and mental health, and goes on to extol the benefits of having a Service Dog uniquely trained to prevent his symptoms of the “designer injury.”

As the accounts of his experiences grow to a close, Cousineau stresses that we will be dealing with troops with experiences beyond the scope of what we’ve ever dealt with, which will pose the greatest challenge we face as prospective graduates. He goes on to explore themes about bravery, fear, leadership and spirituality, and concludes with another quote: “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. All that matters is that courage continues”.

Medric Cousineau has recently completed a 50 day “Long Walk to Sanity” marathon, a cause he initiated with his wife to raise awareness of PTSD Service Dogs and their benefits, and to fundraise enough money to help another 50 veterans with PTSD themselves. His target is to reach $350 000; currently he has raised $50 000.


Minister of National Defence and Chief of the Defence Staff visit deployed Canadian Armed Forces personnel

“”It was an absolute pleasure for me to meet with the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who are doing such an outstanding job representing our country abroad,””

12192 General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS)

Canada hosts Annual International Sniper Concentration

“”This sniper concentration has enhanced our soldiers’ specialized skills required to maintain the high readiness levels expected of the Canadian Army,”” said Lieutenant-General 12966 Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army. “”In turn, this will ensure that our Army is ready to defend Canada at home and abroad.””

Pictured is 6604 Dr James Carruthers (Class of ’65) with 1st Year 26970  Zachary Thomson and family from Drumheller, Alberta.  Zach just received the 2013 Carruthers RETP Scholarship.

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News – Danny McLeod Book- Now Available

Posted by rmcclub on 22nd September 2013

“Always a Leader. The lives of Danny McLeod”. Now Available

The book is close to 400 pages. – Contact the author – Ted Nurse [] for purchasing and delivery details.


National Defence Marks the Establishment of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group

“”Placing our five intelligence collection units under a single commander will allow us to better integrate our activities,”” said 11603 Major-General Rousseau. “”The new group will help synchronize and prioritize intelligence collection to the benefit of the whole defence community; a transformative and exciting change indeed.””

Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff attends NATO Military Committee Meetings

“”The discussions made possible by these meetings are of enormous value for exchanging information on current operations, and addressing issues of security concern, such as the situation in Syria, with our defence counterparts,”” said 12192 General Lawson.

Wounded vets asked to sign form saying they won’t criticize the military on social media

“This is right out of something you would see during the Soviet era,” 15488 Sean Bruyea


Governor General Presents 38 Military Decorations at Rideau Hall

(At least ten with a Military College Connection)


Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division)

13337 Major-General Stuart A. Beare, C.M.M., M.S.C., M.S.M., C.D.

As the deputy commander of the military police within the NATO Training Mission–Afghanistan from June 2010 to July 2011, Major-General Beare led the largest build-up of police forces in the mission’s history. Working tirelessly with his Afghan counterparts and commanding a diverse, multinational organization, he built a solid foundation for the Afghan National Police and positioned the organization for ongoing success. Major-General Beare’s leadership and strategic vision had a profound and lasting impact on the success of the mission.

13551 Lieutenant-General Guy Robert Thibault, C.M.M., M.S.C., C.D.

As chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) since June 2010, Lieutenant-General Thibault has demonstrated energy, enthusiasm and diplomatic skill in leading this complex and diverse multilateral group. He is lauded for his interpersonal skills, his sensitivity to national differences of opinion, and his intellectual ability to astutely frame and convincingly articulate a vision for the reform and evolution of the IADB. His efforts have significantly added to Canada’s esteem within the board and to the advancement of Canada’s engagement toward the Americas.

Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

17290 Lieutenant-Colonel Suzanne Marie Bailey, M.S.M., C.D.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bailey’s leadership and creative initiative were instrumental in developing and implementing the Road to Mental Readiness program. As the chair of the Mental Health Education Advisory Committee, she also sits on the NATO Working Group on mental health education. She has built strong relationships with such organizations as the Mental Health Commission of Canada to share her knowledge and to help personnel improve their mental resiliency. Lieutenant-Colonel Bailey’s dedication and passion brought great honour to the Canadian Armed Forces.

21616 Major Joseph Éric Stéphane Briand, M.S.M., C.D.

Major Briand commanded a team of mentors deployed to Afghanistan from November 2010 to June 2011, where he distinguished himself by his exceptional strategic acumen. With extraordinary initiative, he professionalized the efforts of the Afghan National Army on several occasions, both while stationed in garrison and in the field. Major Briand’s keen planning sense, resilience and composure contributed greatly to the operational success of the coalition forces.

21136 Major Derek John Chenette, M.S.M., C.D.

While deployed to Afghanistan from August 2011 to February 2012, Major Chenette excelled as commanding officer of the Regional Military Training Centre–North. He overcame the challenges of being stationed 400 kilometres from NATO headquarters, at the end of complex lines of communications, and delivered an exceptional mentoring program focused on empowering non-commissioned officers and encouraging individual accountability. Drawing praise from NATO leadership, Major Chenette’s unit was considered one of the most effective in the country, bringing great credit to the Canadian Armed Forces.

21094 Major Jay Lyman Indewey, M.S.M., C.D.

Major Indewey demonstrated leadership and professionalism as operations officer of the Joint Task Force National Support Element from October 2009 to May 2010. He ensured the provision of exceptional combat service support to Canadian and coalition forces in Afghanistan. In addition, he enabled the mentoring of and partnering with the combat service support kandak of the Afghan National Army. Major Indewey’s remarkable efforts improved the capabilities of the Afghan National Army and contributed directly to operational success in Afghanistan.

20634 Major Yannick Lemieux, M.S.M., C.D.

Major Lemieux was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Mission Transition Task Force from July to December 2011. As senior communications advisor and commander of Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron, he coordinated the delivery of impeccable communications support and developed an exemplary reduction plan. His leadership, determination and knowledge ensured that the closure of the Canadian communications infrastructure went smoothly while maintaining operational effectiveness during the process.

18880 Commander Bradley Alan Peats, M.S.M., C.D.

As commanding officer of HMCS Vancouver from August to December 2011, Commander Peats ensured his ship’s maximum effectiveness during NATO operations in the Mediterranean. Initially supporting international efforts in Libya before moving east to conduct counter-terrorism operations, he established HMCS Vancouver as a leading ship within the NATO contingent. Commander Peats’ leadership and diplomatic command ensured the ship’s operational success, bringing credit to Canada and supporting our NATO allies.

16340 Colonel Joseph Paul Alain Pelletier, M.S.M., C.D.

From March to September 2011, Colonel Pelletier served as air component commander of Operation MOBILE, Canada’s contribution to NATO’s military operation in Libya. An experienced officer, he took initiative from the outset of the mission and reviewed the rules of engagement, the Chief of the Defence Staff’s targeting directives and other instructions to optimize the use of force throughout the mission. Colonel Pelletier’s leadership and the specific guidelines that he introduced helped to ensure the operational and tactical success of the mission.

Chief Warrant Officer Anthony James Slack, M.M.M., M.S.M., C.D. – Former RMCC – College Chief Warrant Officer

As regimental sergeant-major of the Consolidated Fielding Centre from July 2011 to July 2012, Chief Warrant Officer Slack successfully trained and equipped over 21 000 Afghan soldiers. Most notably, he created a mentoring program that was vital to the empowerment and educational growth of senior non-commissioned officers. Chief Warrant Officer Slack’s efforts supported the fielding of 70 newly formed Afghan National Army units, bringing great credit to the Canadian Armed Forces.


The Meritorious Service Decorations include a military division and a civil division, with two levels each: a medal and a cross. The military division recognizes individuals for their outstanding professionalism and for bringing honour to the Canadian Forces and to Canada. The civil division recognizes individuals who have performed an exceptional deed or an activity that brought honour to the community or to Canada.

The Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division) recognizes a military deed or activity that has been performed in an outstandingly professional manner, according to a rare high standard that brings considerable benefit or great honour to the Canadian Forces.

The Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division) recognizes a military deed or activity performed in a highly professional manner, according to a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Forces.

These decorations are an important part of the Canadian Honours System, which recognizes excellence. Meritorious Service Decorations honour either a single achievement or an activity over a specified period. The Meritorious Service Decorations are open to both Canadians and non-Canadians.

Anyone may nominate an individual for the civil division of the Meritorious Service Decorations, while military candidates are recommended by the chief of the Defence Staff. Nominations and awards may be made posthumously, but nominations for activities that occurred prior to June 1984, the year in which the honour was first created, are not accepted.

Source – If we missed someone with the Military Colleges connection, please accept our apology and let us know with a comment below.

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 15th September 2013

Article – Op ATTENTION Pushes Forward

By 14596 MGen Dean Milner

News Article – Colombian Military visits 8 Wing

“We’re delighted to be a host for the Colombian military’s visit to Canada,” said acting 8 wing commander 20503 LCol Ryan Eyre. “Their visit fosters a spirit of cooperation, understanding and mutual respect between our forces.”

Canada’s new military chaplain knows all about acceptance

“ I will expect there will be people who might be challenged by the appointment of an openly gay chaplain general. I also know there will be people who will be encouraged by that,” 14429 Chaplain General John Fletcher

New star of Canadian space agency follows in the footsteps of Hadfield

“The one thing about Chris Hadfield is he’s very real. If you spend a lot of time with him, that’s just Chris, everything he does is real. I think that’s important, so I just try to be me.” Canadian astronaut 21364 Major Jeremy Hansen

13738 Chris Hadfield’s $5 polymer note reveal highly scripted

Lieutenant-General 13551 Guy Thibault assumes role as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

There and back again – War veterans travel to Korea for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

13337 Lieutenant-General Stu Beare


RMC Club Chaplain Off to the Holy Land – Looking for Company


As they have done several times before, next March our Club Chaplain, #8457 Rev. Paul Robinson (RMC ’71) and his wife Carol will be leading another exciting pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

They will be flying from Toronto to Tel Aviv on Saturday, March 22nd, returning on Monday, March 31st.

Highlights include:

  • Nazareth, Cana of Galilee, Tiberias & the Mount of Beatitudes,
  • Capernaum, Golan Heights & Jordan River baptismal site,
  • “Jesus” Boat Museum, sailing on the Sea of Galilee,
  • Belvoir crusaders’ castle & Beit Shean,
  • Qumran, Masada, Dead Sea floating,
  • Jerusalem inc Yad Vashem, the Israel Museum & Dead Sea scrolls, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa & the Pool Of Bethesda where Jesus healed a crippled man,
  • Mount of Olives, Palm Sunday Road & the dungeon in the house of Caiaphas the High Priest, where Jesus likely spent his last night,
  • Gethsemane, Golgotha & communion at the Garden Tomb.

Paul and Carol maintain that their guide, Micha, who has guided on previous tours, is the very best in Israel, having been named “Guide of the Year” out of 3,600 guides! Micha has conducted a tour for the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and his wife. A PhD archaeologist, Micha is credited with finding the first extra-biblical evidence for the existence of Pontius Pilate.

Cost for the trip including flights, meals and accommodations, as well as all taxes AND tips is $3,350 (CAD). If you would like to know more about this trip, you can email Paul at Or you can catch him at Reunion Weekend!

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 8th September 2013

New Chaplain General for the Canadian Armed Forces

“Our Canadian Forces Chaplaincy has a unique spiritual mandate that provides services for families as well as for our military personnel,” said 14429 Brigadier-General Fletcher.

A new look at the ‘shipbuilders’ war’

3572 Frank Norman

Afghan military, police training cost Canadians $500M

The commander of Operation Attention, 14596 Maj.-Gen. Dean Milner, announced the estimated cost Wednesday.

Greece enlightening: Queen’s Geology Engineering goes to Greece

19930 Dr. Nicholas Vlachopoulos of the GeoEngineering Centre in Kingston; 24662 Jeff Oke.

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 2nd September 2013

Soldiers ready for Syrian intervention, commander says

16247 Brig.-Gen. Nicholas Eldaoud says soldiers are prepared to deploy, if ordered

World should have intervened in Syria a year ago: Dallaire

“Military intervention under the Responsibility to Protect… was the answer a year plus ago,” he said, “When the fighting in this horrific civil war wasn’t all so inter-meshed in urban areas, that would require hundreds of thousands of troops to do the job that R2P is asking, which is protecting civilians.”   H7860 Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire

Soldiers blocked from applying to special forces by commanding officers: documents

Special forces officers raised their concerns in October with then-Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. 12320 Walt Natynczyk, asking him to deal with the problem,

Canadian Armed Forces end annual Northern operation

“Operation Nanook reflects the Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment to a team approach in the North. Exercising alongside our federal, territorial and local partners ensures that we are ready to respond to the security needs of Canadians,” said 12192 General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff.

 The Future of Drones in Canada

Perspectives from a former RCAF fighter pilot – 6541 Major-General D.F. Holman, CD (Ret’d)

Two Canadian warships collide during exercise manoeuvres en route to Hawaii

17793 Commodore Bob Auchterlonie, Commander of Canadian Fleet Pacific, said a Royal Canadian Navy Board of Inquiry would be convened to fully investigate the incident.

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 25th August 2013

Caption: 20618 Maj Pascal Laforest (right) works with a member of the Netherlands Army while mentoring participating African militaries in communications interoperability during Exercise AFRICA ENDEAVOR 2013, 5-16 August, in Lusaka, Zambia. Article

Changing Command in the high Arctic

Two Ex Cadets : 19786  Maj. Warren Baccardax completed his tour and passed responsibility of the station over to 18533 Maj. Dan Zegarac

Two birds, one platoon – Canada’s military cooperation with Brazil helps strengthen Haiti

“”In short, they fulfil the same roles as a Brazilian platoon in supporting the MINUSTAH military component mandate to ensure safety and security in Haiti, allowing other UN agencies to foster the rule of law and support the country’s people,”” said Task Force Port-au-Prince Commander, 16642  Colonel Stephen Cadden.


Dogs change veterans’ lives

“I knew if I was going to do something, I was going to go big,” Capt. (Ret.) 13855 Medric Cousineau

Air cadets slip the surly bonds of earth

“For any of you that want to pursue that path, I can tell you I have no regrets. I have over 5,000 hours of flying experience, in the CC-130 [Hercules] and the CC-177 [Globemaster III], I’ve been to the Arctic, the Antarctic, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Pacific and pretty much everywhere I ever dreamed I would want to go. All of that I’m able to do because of the wings I have on my chest,” 20059 Lieutenant-Colonel Jason Stark

New Canadian Forces Provost Marshal and Commander Canadian Forces Military Police Group

“”Canadian Military Police personnel are known throughout the world for their dedication, technical policing skills and professionalism. It is a great honour for me to be appointed to the role of Provost Marshall and I thank Colonel Grubb for his tremendous work over the past four years.””   18780 Colonel Rob Delaney

The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of National Defence and 12192 General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff observe more than 1 000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel participating in Operation NANOOK 13, the premier annual CAF operation held in Canada’s North, from August 2 to 23. Operation NANOOK showcases CAF personnel working in close partnership with many federal, territorial, and municipal agencies in a collaborative whole-of-government approach.


Mother daughter team takes TT beauty line to Toronto

In 2010, Trinidadian Aba Bowles-Mortley graduated with a PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), in Kingston, Ontario.

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 18th August 2013


Search and rescue crews take unusual passenger on board

“We had already finished the message drop at 150 feet above ground level and had dropped a bundle of survival supplies from 300 feet,” explained co-pilot 24615 Captain Henry Graham.

Operation Nanook 2013

“Operation Nanook is the largest annual training opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada’s Arctic region. This operation, and its various safety and security scenarios, provides us an outstanding opportunity to work and train with our Northern Canadian partners, while also demonstrating our operational capacity in the region,” said 12192 General Tom Lawson

Saying goodbye to Honorary Colonel Bob Middlemiss

14245 Major-General Richard Foster, deputy commander of the RCAF, offered the family condolences on behalf of all the men and women of the RCAF and the Canadian Armed Forces. He remembered HCol Middlemiss as a man “with a positive outlook on life, full of determination and joie de vivre, and living life to the fullest.

“And although we quickly focus on Wing Commander Middlemiss, DFC – the Spitfire pilot and combat pilot – in fact, he continued to be an outstanding leader, and made an outstanding contribution to the RCAF in the postwar years.”

The Conference of Defence Associations Institute

L’Institut de la Conférence des associations de la défense

DND says no approval needed for drones in domestic air

STREETS OF KINGSTON: History etched in the Memorial Arch

Cadets celebrate job ‘well done’

Serious about juggling

“It was started by a couple students, but then there’s always people in the community that want to juggle, so it flows out into the community,” 16025 Greg Phillips said.

Military recruits struggling to win the battle of the bulge, audit says

Op-Ed: Canada needs a navy for the 21st century

SkyHawks Performances  More

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Career Opportunity for Ex Cadet

Posted by rmcclub on 12th August 2013

Career Opportunity:

Business Development Manager

This position is responsible for developing business with OEMs within the construction, agriculture, rail, marine and recreation vehicle markets within North America.

Prospective candidates must have the skills and/or experience to converse with OEMs in a competent manner. Therefore, preference will be given to individuals that have experience with quality and process-focused manufacturing environments and/or structured engineering programs. At least three (3) years of experience presenting and interacting with customers or external stakeholders is a must. Domestic and international travel can be up to 50% of the time.

This position may be ideal for someone with a programme management (PM), engineering, or technical sales background.

Marquardt ( is a privately owned international company headquartered in Germany, with 6500 employees worldwide and revenues reaching $1B. It develops, manufactures and delivers on-time innovative and reliable mechatronic switches, sensors and electronic controls for the automotive, off-road, household appliance and industrial markets. Marquardt’s North American operations are centered in Cazenovia, upstate New York.

Interested candidates should send their resumes to, with a letter of introduction which includes their salary expectations and a brief explanation as to how their experience matches this position.

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 14th July 2013

Caption: Royal Canadian Air Force 24412 Capt. Alexandre Brault poses for a photo at the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia, July 8, 2013. Brault is the RCAF 71st Expeditionary Air Control Squadron weapons director deployed from Bagotville, Quebec, Canada. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Senior Airman Benjamin Stratton)

Canadian controller works alongside American air battle managers


Astronaut 13738 Chris Hadfield becomes star in space


Canadarm: 8276 Marc Garneau a été exclu des cérémonies


Shearwater officer, 16249 Lt.-Col. Christopher England to lead Snowbirds


Canadian military’s return to pips sparks war of words

“I don’t know who is advising who in this regard and what gave rise to this change, but from my point of view, it’s cosmetic, and that’s about the best I can say,” 2897 Herb Pitts said.

Unification was “traumatic for most of us but … we lived through it and we’ve had a good army since.”


Ombudsman, 9485 Pierre Daigle slams cost-of-living in Cold Lake


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