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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 24th June 2013

Thirst quenchers!

20591 Lieutenant-Colonel Luc Girouard


Ministers MacKay and Ablonczy and General Lawson announce increased support to UN Mission in Haiti

12192 General Tom Lawson


Class act celebrates Aboriginal Day at CFB Esquimalt

 Acting sub-lieutenant Nicole Shingoose


Canadian Forces personnel bring muscle and expertise to flood-ravaged High River

19033 Lieut.-Col. Nick Grimshaw, the Commanding Officer, PPCLI 1st Battalion







18486 John Kalhous

Cell #: 250-334-SOLD (7653) – Office: 250-897-3999 (24/7) – Toll Free: 1-800-715-3999

Fax: 250-897-3933 – E-Mail: -Website:



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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 16th June 2013

LCol Carla Harding, new CO for 2 Service Battalion

19350 Carla Hruska Harding


General (Ret) Walter John Natynczyk, former C.D.S. new President of the C. S. A.



First Military Member Recognized with the “Prix Hermes”

17312 Jennie Carignan


Canadian army turns to British composer for new official march

10763 Randall Wakelam


Cornwall Ontario Sea Cadets Sail through Annual Review

14240 Rear Admiral P.T. Finn


Astronaut Chris Hadfield retires from Canadian Space Agency

13738 Chris Hadfield


Saliken to represent Canada in rugby sevens

26178 Riley Saliken


INNOVATION Magazine – page 20 – “How Hard Wall Expandable Containers helped Brazil Recover From an Antarctic Disaster”.

Article by 13766 Konrad Mech Source

High-flying Reith, new airshow president

9835 Jim Reith


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Ex cadets in the news

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd June 2013

1 CFFTS Graduates ACSO Course 1201

12192 Tom Lawson & 24890 Jack Lawson


Delays relocating military families take too big a toll, ombudsman says

9485 Pierre Daigle


Two Afghanistan tours haven’t tarnished soldier’s view

20294 Major Fraser Auld


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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 28th May 2013

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, accompanied by 15112 Lieutenant-Commander Gene Fedderly, speaks with a member of the Royal Guard at the opening ceremonies of the 150th Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival at Topaz Park, in Victoria, British Columbia on May 18, 2013.

12192 CDS, Gen Tom Lawson  attends NATO Military Committee meetings


Images and words: together at last!


12444 Paul Maddison awarded the Legion of Merit


HMCS Victoria is much more than torpedoes – 17972 Chris Ellis


14596 Major-General Milner takes command of Canada’s Training Mission in Afghanistan


HMCS Iroquois to participate in United Kingdom’s Battle of the Atlantic commemoration ceremonies (21214 Matthew Coates)


Royal Canadian Air Force begins TigerEx 2013 (16855 Sean Friday)


RCAF’s Air Expeditionary Wing deploys for Exercise Maple Resolve (20591 Luc Girouard)


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Governor General presents 34 Military Decorations – Incoming Commandant Among Recipients

Posted by rmcclub on 24th March 2013


H26223 His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, presented 34 Meritorious Service Decorations (Military Division) to members of Canadian and allied forces. The presentation ceremony took place last Friday.

The Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division) recognizes a military deed or activity that has been performed in an outstandingly professional manner, according to a rare high standard that brings considerable benefit or great honour to the Canadian Forces.

Victoria Edwards was able to identify a number of ex Cadets and other former military college students from the group. If she missed anyone let us know.

• 12902 Lieutenant-Colonel Barry Marshall Southern, M.S.C., M.S.M., C.D. – As Canadian defence attaché at the Canadian Embassy in Libya during 2011, Lieutenant-Colonel Southern played a pivotal role in the successful and safe evacuation of Canadian citizens from that country. In difficult and dangerous situations, he showed an innate cultural awareness and intrinsic leadership ability. Lieutenant-Colonel Southern also provided vital support to the Ambassador in the re-establishment of the embassy, while taking on the responsibility of chargé d’affaires-an opportunity rarely accorded to a defence attaché.

The Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division) recognizes a military deed or activity performed in a highly professional manner, according to a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Forces.

• 22378 Major Pascal Blanchette, M.S.M., C.D. – As officer commanding Engineer Support Squadron in Afghanistan from November 2010 to July 2011, Major Blanchette ensured the provision of first-rate engineering support to Task Force Kandahar. Operating during a period of unprecedented expansion and transition, he contributed to the construction of over 30 tactical infrastructure installations, including Route Hyena, a critical road in the Horn of Panjwayi. Major Blanchette’s acute resource management and outstanding performance contributed directly to operational success and ensured an efficient handover to our allies.

• 21214 Lieutenant-Commander Matthew David Coates, M.S.M., C.D. – As executive officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Charlottetown from March to August 2011, Lieutenant-Commander Coates was vital to Canada’s notable contribution to NATO operations in Libya. His leadership and in-depth knowledge of their capabilities significantly expedited deployment preparations and kept the crew focused as the mission evolved. During several engagements involving shore weapons and attack boats, his composure instilled confidence throughout the ship’s company. Lieutenant-Commander Coates’ efforts were critical to operational success.

• 15492 Lieutenant-Colonel David Bruce Cochrane, M.S.M., C.D. – Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane served as commanding officer of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing Theatre Support Element at Camp Mirage, from June to December 2009. His leadership was critical to maintaining airlift support for operations in Afghanistan and his diplomatic skills enabled him to establish relationships with the host nation that benefitted Canadian and coalition operations, both at Camp Mirage and in Afghanistan. Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane’s exemplary dedication, tact and operational focus contributed to the success of the Afghan mission, and enhanced Canada’s international reputation.

• 15492 Colonel David Bruce Cochrane, M.S.M., C.D. Colonel Cochrane demonstrated exceptional leadership and service as the 8 Wing commander between February 2010 and November 2011. He assumed command during a period of unprecedented intensity in the operations and his leadership ensured that 8 Wing was able to succeed in its critical role to support the Canadian Forces. Colonel Cochrane inspired those around him with his exemplary dedication and professionalism, and brought great credit to the Royal Canadian Air Force and to the Canadian Forces as a whole. This is the second Meritorious Service Medal for Colonel Cochrane. Colonel Cochrane will be recognized with the Meritorious Service Medal for two separate events.

• E1453 Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Andreas Frank, M.S.M., C.D – As deputy commanding officer of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team from April to November 2010, Lieutenant-Colonel Frank was critical to the growth of Afghan National Security Forces. He established important contacts and brought together many diverse organizations during planning sessions. His leadership and diplomacy shaped the development plan for all of Kandahar Province and the Canadian area of operations. Lieutenant-Colonel Frank’s efforts strengthened the capabilities of the Afghan forces.

• 11266 Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Harrison, M.S.M., C.D – Lieutenant-Colonel Harrison’s dedication and leadership as acting 1 Wing commander, from September 2008 to May 2009, was critical to the rapid, effective and successful deployment of Tactical Aviation personnel and equipment to Afghanistan. He was the galvanizing force behind the Wing’s swift and effective introduction of Chinook and new Griffon helicopters in theatre. Lieutenant-Colonel Harrison’s initiative and planning directly enhanced the capability of Canada’s deployed aviation forces and contributed to their success, bringing credit to the Canadian Forces.

• M0092 Major Guy Charles Ingram, M.S.M., C.D. – Major Ingram demonstrated foresight, dedication and leadership with the 3 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. He successfully expanded Ranger operational capabilities beyond their traditional surveillance and sovereignty roles, thereby enabling the Canadian Forces to provide a more immediate and effective response in Northern Ontario. As commanding officer since 2007, he has played a key role in the development, introduction and expansion of the Junior Canadian Ranger Program. Major Ingram’s vision and innovation greatly enhanced the quality and reach of this program to thousands of Aboriginal youth.

• 19171 Colonel Eric Jean Kenny, M.S.M., C.D. – While deployed on multiple NATO missions throughout 2011, Colonel Kenny was critical to the success of the Canadian Forces’ air operations. Initially deployed to Iceland, he excelled as task force commander and effectively led the mission to protect that country’s airspace. Subsequently deploying to Italy twice in support of operations in Libya, he provided leadership as CF-18 detachment commander and represented Canada as commander of the Multinational Air Coordination Element. Colonel Kenny’s efforts significantly raised the international profile of Canadian aviation.

• 16730 Commander Stéphane Joseph Dominique Lafond, M.S.M., C.D. – Commander Lafond demonstrated extraordinary strategic planning talents and distinguished leadership while serving as director of Marine Training and Education from February to July 2011. With strong problem-solving skills, he oversaw the design, analysis and implementation of the marine training system during the transformation of the Royal Canadian Navy. Commander Lafond’s accomplishments were vital in redefining the Royal Canadian Navy and renewing its fleet.

• 16888 Colonel Alexander Donald Meinzinger, M.S.M., C.D. – As commanding officer of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing from March to August 2011, Colonel Meinzinger ensured the provision of aviation support to Canadian, coalition and Afghan forces. He forged a highly effective team focused on counter-insurgency operations, and his air crews flew maximum hours in support of the mission. Commanding a diverse array of personnel and assets, Colonel Meinzinger was critical to the ongoing development of air capabilities and contributed directly to operational success.

• 18015 Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Misener, M.S.M., C.D. – As commanding officer of the Task Force Kandahar Engineer Regiment, and as task force chief engineer from August 2010 to July 2011, Lieutenant-Colonel Misener was critical to the optimal employment of engineers. His acute understanding of Kandahar’s complex counter-insurgency environment allowed him to lead from the front, providing exceptional guidance to his widely dispersed sub-units and ensuring the allocation of assets was in line with command intent. Thanks to Lieutenant-Colonel Misener’s remarkable performance, Canadian and coalition forces received exceptional and unwavering engineer support during operations.

• E1596 Colonel Steven Joseph Russell Whelan, M.S.M., C.D. – From July 2010 to September 2011, Colonel Whelan served as commander of Task Force Jerusalem, in support of Palestinian security reform. He set conditions for major changes within the Palestinian Security Forces’ institutional and operational components, and forged a superb military-civilian team that built needed infrastructure and provided advanced training. Colonel Whelan’s performance facilitated the ongoing professionalization of Palestinian Security Forces, highlighting Canada’s role as an important contributor to the Middle East peace process.

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Ex-Cadets Help Canadians Walk in Footsteps of their Forefathers

Posted by rmcclub on 17th March 2013

Ex-Cadets Help Canadians Walk in Footsteps of their Forefathers

The dynamic duo of Ex-Cadets, #8249 Don Cooper and #8469 Jim Simpson from the Class of 1970 are back at it again having initiated a life-long relationship during their 4 year Mechanical Engineering program at RMC and by working together on a successful “lifting line theory” thesis project in 1969-1970.

Don and Jim purchased Simpson Environmental Corp. from Jim’s family in 1999 with Don running the company for the past 13 years. Jim recently shut down his 30 year-old executive search practice and is now working with Don to assist in expanding this leading-edge, systems integration company in the potable water and wastewater treatment sector.

The relationship of these two Class of 1970 “brothers-in-arms” does not stop there. Don Cooper was a founding Director and Officer of the Juno Beach Centre Association (JBCA) and personally project managed the construction of the Juno Beach Centre (JBC) which is located at Courseulles-sur-Mer in Normandy, France where Canada’s liberation forces landed on D-Day in 1944. The Centre was formally opened by the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the President of France on June 6th, 2003. The Juno Beach Centre has flourished during its first decade of existence and now hosts close to 60,000 visitors every year including numerous educational group visits from both Canada and the European continent. In the past year, Don recruited Jim to join him on the JBCA Board to assist in growing this not-for-profit association to the next level.

One new JBCA initiative driven by Jim Simpson is the Maple Leaf Route Cycling Tour. The Juno Beach Centre, as part of its 10th anniversary ceremonies on June 6th of this year will be supporting an inaugural Maple Leaf Route Cycling Tour event departing the JBC for a four-day, 220 km cycling tour of Canadian battlefield sites in Normandy. The tour will follow the Maple Leaf Route chronicled by Mr. Ian McLean, a current board member of the JBCA and author of a very captivating 138 page cycling tour guidebook. You can learn all about the MLR via the website at

The MLR cycling guidebook covers the route taken by Canada’s forces during the Allied Normandy campaign in the late spring and summer of 1944. Ian created this unique guidebook to bring brand awareness and attention to the JBC Museum and to enable Canadians and European cycling enthusiasts to follow a prescribed route “in the footsteps of our Canadian forefathers” as they liberated France from German occupation during WWII. The inaugural ride will be kicked-off by General (Retired) Rick Hillier who is a Patron of the JBCA and who will be at the Centre participating in the 10th anniversary ceremonies. The 10th anniversary event is chaired by #S150 Peter Dawe who is an Associate Director of the JBCA.

The inaugural MLR cycle tour ride is open to all interested parties and will cover a modest route laid out by Ian in his guidebook. Jim and Don are hoping to attract a number of Ex-Cadets alone or with family members/friends to participate in this fun event. The riding will not be too challenging as the tour will cover the 220 kms over a four day period with stops at numerous WWII sites along the way each day and stopping for overnight accommodation and “libation” at very interesting Normandy pubs and hospitality locations.

For those interested in joining the JBC team on this historical event, please contact Jim Simpson directly at 905-939-9229 or via email at He will be able to further brief you on the tour itinerary, costs and logistical issues. Copies of the Maple Leaf Route Cycling Tour guidebook can be purchased via the MLF website via .

To learn more about the Juno Beach Centre Association, go to their website at Give a thought to assisting the JBCA in its on-going fundraising efforts by buying a commemorative brick in the name of a family member or friend who was a veteran of WWII.


Leadership Role in the Juno Beach Centre Association

Job Opportunity -

Executive Manager – Burlington, Ontario Head Office 

The Juno Beach Centre Association (“JBCA”) is a not-for-profit (NFP) charitable organization established in Canada in the mid 1990’s to build and manage a commemorative museum in France to herald Canada’s contribution to the Allied efforts during WWII. The Juno Beach Centre (“Centre”), located in Courseulles-sur-Mer in the NW region of Normandy, was financed with private and public money, built on the site where Canada’s soldiers landed on D-Day in 1944 and opened on June 6th, 2003. The JBCA is dedicated to the preservation of the memory of Canada’s veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and to educating adults and children of today and future generations about the role Canadians played in preserving the freedoms we are privileged to enjoy. As the Association moves forward to fulfill the above mission, there is an immediate need to attract a strong, hands-on manager to lead the administrative, marketing and financial management aspects of JBCA’s business in Canada as the Centre enters its second decade.

Working with the President and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, the Executive Manager will have overall responsibility for operational management of the JBCA and its office in Canada and work closely with committees of the Board, staff at the museum in France and other key stakeholders to ensure that Executive and Board decisions are properly executed and operationalized. In addition, he/she will be very much involved in the development of the JBCA brand, creating awareness across Canada in a variety of business/educational /historical constituencies, fund and friend-raising, and the development of requisite communications strategies and programs to carry the JBCA’s messages domestically and abroad.

The ideal candidate will possess sound leadership, management and administrative skills earned in a highly entrepreneurial business or NFP setting, have a good working knowledge of general accounting practices as it relates to a NFP organization, familiarity with software-based financial management tools, and a flair and background in marketing communications and event management. An ability to communicate in both of Canada’s official languages and a prior military career would be deemed to be real assets in this recruitment project.

If you have a passion and respect for Canada’s veterans and their contribution to our society, possess all of the hard and soft skills detailed above and would like to make your mark in the growth of a well-financed, nationally focused NFP organization, then please communicate your interest in writing to: JML Associates International via email at or via fax at 905-939-9449. Only those deemed to be qualified will be contacted by JML for further discussions relative to this role.

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Nominate a Royal Roads Ex-Cadet for the Alumni Leadership Award & Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 10th March 2013

Nominate a Royal Roads Ex-Cadet for the Alumni Leadership Award

Do you know an inspiring leader who is a graduate of one of the military colleges at Royal Roads that pre-dated the creation of Royal Roads University in 1995? Consider nominating him or her for the Royal Roads University Alumni Leadership Award.

The Alumni Leadership Award recognizes an alumnus who is a significant and successful leader. Ex-cadets and RRU alumni are eligible for the award. The winner of the award will be honoured at events from June 17-19 as part of the university’s convocation.

Nominations are now open and close April 15.

More details on the Alumni Leadership Award can be found here:


Ex-veterans’ ombudsman, 12723 Pat Stogran, treated for post-traumatic stress



Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Chief of Defence Staff General Tom Lawson face off against each other, trying out the new Canadian Forces fitness test.

New fitness tests for Canadian Forces Video


War observer, Sean Maloney, defends Canada’s role



WOMEN’S DAY: 22847 Sophie Furnivall Polwin. The Armed Forces



Bruce Power executive assuming managing director’s role at WANO

11484 Ken Ellis Article


International Wheelchair Rugby Federation appoints, 16113 Eron Main first full-time secretary general



A top Canadian soldier talks running

12320 Walt Natynczyk Article


Governor General Invests 50 Recipients into the Order of Military Merit – Ex Cadets and family member of an Ex Cadet among those recognized.

Follow the line for the entire list. We regret if we missed anyone. If we did let us know with a comment below. Article & full list





12995 Major-General Nicolas Matern, C.M.M., C.D. Canadian Defence Liaison Staff Washington

Rear-Admiral Mark Norman, C.M.M., C.D. Office of the Chief of the Naval Staff (son of 3572 MGen (Ret) Frank Norman – former RMC commandant 1982-85 Class of ’56)

14330 Lieutenant-General Alain Parent, C.M.M., C.D. This is a promotion within the Order.

Deputy Commander, North American Aerospace Defence Command


20941 Major Patrick Heebner, O.M.M., C.D. 2 Service Battalion

21526 Lieutenant-Commander Lorinda Semeniuk, O.M.M., C.D. Canadian Fleet Pacific Headquarters


20511 Major Elizabeth van Oostrum, M.M.M., C.D. Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering

Le gouverneur général a remis l’Ordre du mérite militaire lors d’une cérémonie à Ottawa

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd March 2013

Ex-Cadets & More in the News:

9143 Bruce McAlpine; 8276 Marc Garneau; 16854 Colonel Sean Friday; 15463 Ricardo Traven; 16642 Col. Stephen Cadden; 21797 Major Trevor Juby & Much more…

Read the rest of this entry »

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Ex-Cadets & Much More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 24th February 2013

Classmates Hand Over Position as Chief of Military Personnel

14474 MGen David Millar  takes over as CMP from 14369 Rear Admiral Andrew Smith


Lt Samantha Wall, ex-Cadet guest speaker as Air Cadets remember fallen soldiers from wars past

“Leadership is not something that you’re given. It’s something that you take and you own.” 24852 Lt Samantha Wall  Source

Bringing great ideas to the world

“Universities are in the business of research and education,” he says. “Our job is to identify university research with market potential and to work with researchers in pursuing patents and arranging for commercial development. Essentially we act as the technology transfer agent for the researchers and for Queen’s, helping to convert important research innovations into useful applications.”

10864 John Molloy Source

Top soldier warns spending cuts coming soon

“There’s a budget to balance and Defence must do its part,”

Chief of Defence Staff 12192 Gen. Tom Lawson Source

Air force chief stands by aging Sea King helicopters


Feds pledge $5.9M for Alberta military infrastructure


Canada’s university systems must balance supply, demand


Windsor Canadian Forces recruitment office closes


Programme Helps Ex-Soldiers Become Entrepreneurs


USA Military families cooling to home ownership


USAFA cadets work to decrease bird strikes


Featured 212 Partner: Ottawa – See our other 212 partners…

12833 Pierre Lafond – President at Holonics, Data Specialists

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Former Redmen Hockey Player, Leads Tour for CDS (HMCS) Regina & Catching Up With the News

Posted by rmcclub on 18th February 2013

Chief of the Defence Staff, 12192 General Thomas J. Lawson is given a tour of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship F by her Commanding Officer, Commander 21206 Jason Boyd (left), during Operation ARTEMIS in the Arabian Sea on December 10, 2012. Operation ARTEMIS is the Canadian Forces (CF) participation in maritime security and counter-terrorism operations in the Arabian Sea region as part of multinational Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, one of the three task forces operated by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). CMF is a 27 nation naval partnership, which exists to promote security, stability and prosperity across approximately 2.5 million square miles of international waters in the Middle East, which encompass some of the world’s most important shipping lanes. The presence of HMCS REGINA in the Arabian Sea region also gives Canada the flexibility and capability to respond quickly to emerging crises in the region. Credit: Corporal Rick Ayer, Formation Imaging Services, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CDS discusses the way forward for the Canadian Armed Forces

Just a little more than 11 weeks in his new position, 12192 General Tom Lawson was getting accustomed to the hectic pace. Trying to divide your time as needed and follow the tight schedule isn’t always easy when you’re Chief of the Defence Staff.

Gen Lawson looked well established in his new office, surrounded by personal military memorabilia spanning a 37-year career, as he chatted about himself and the way forward for the Canadian Armed Forces. He sees a positive future ahead for current serving members and future recruits.

Memorable Posts

When asked what his most rewarding job to date has been, Gen Lawson said he could pick any of seven or eight tours. Like many CF members, he has had operational and leadership positions which have been interspersed with traditional staff jobs. While he is able to claim a pretty good initial feel for his present position, Gen Lawson knows there will be some challenges to be tackled and rewards to be savoured in the years to come.

“But it’s starting out extremely well, very interesting and challenging,” he said.

He recalled with a smile his early days of flying a CF-104 over the German countryside and the excellent opportunities he’s had in his leadership roles, but there are two roles that stand out.

“I would say either my job commanding 8 Wing, where I had one wonderful year, or my two years commanding the Royal Military College, which was pure leadership at a place with 1,000 of our finest Canadian youth and hundreds of highly motivated Canadian officers, are the highlights.”

First trip overseas as CDS

Gen Lawson and the CF Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class Robert Cléroux, recently returned from Gen Lawson’s first trip overseas as CDS visiting the troops and both are proud to see CF members carrying out their roles with such vigour and drive. Gen Lawson drew energy from seeing the great work being done by the deployed men and women of the CF.

“They [CF members] are standing up the Afghan troops at such a great rate; they are able to move them [Afghans] from basic training into more advanced training, professionally and quickly. They’re so well positioned to do what they do, they are literally working themselves out of jobs,” he said.

The CDS also visited HMCS Regina in the Arabian Sea, his first time on ship since he was an RMC recruit. He got there by flying the ship’s CH-124 Sea King helicopter, although there was some banter about him not coming too close to the ship for his fly by. “And I think that was probably advisable,” he said with a chuckle.

“Spending a day onboard the ship was tremendous,” he said proudly. “Seeing our men and women taking Regina through her paces was an enormously heartening thing.”

Evolving Role of the CF

Gen Lawson explained how he sees the role of the CF protecting Canadians at home evolving.

“I think it is less about evolution in terms of readiness and more about evolution in terms of how we link with like-minded groups in other areas of government and outside of government.”

Canadians can rest assured that the CF will always be there in times of need, and Gen Lawson says that will always remain true. And just as the CF has proven itself in combat aboard, it has also fought fires, floods, and hurricanes here at home, and has assisted with security at the Olympics, G-8 and G20, working closely with the RCMP, Public Safety, other government departments, and non-government departments. “This tie together has developed an interdependence that’s helped us to not only get to know each other — the person at the other end of the phone — before the challenging things happen, but also in a way that has shown how we can help each to the greatest effect – that’s where I think the evolution will continue, our linkage to other like-minded groups.”

Budget cuts at Defence

In this time of budget cuts and belt tightening to help identify efficiencies and find new ways of doing business, the Defence Renewal Team has been hard at work studying the subjects in-depth.

“This team was started before I came in, and I think it’s brilliant,” he said. “We’ve had budget challenges in the past, but now we have to refine how we do things … there is very little fat, and while this is true, the Defence Renewal Team is not looking at whether there is fat, but how we can better refine the ways we do things across the Army, Navy and Air Force.”

Staying on the topic of cuts and reallocating resources to the front line, the term “more tooth, less tail” is being used, but Gen Lawson doesn’t feel this is a good descriptor.

“Having been a fighter pilot … together with my sailor friends, tank drivers, and artillery officers, we are the ‘tooth’ out there, protecting Canadian interests, and it was fun to talk like that before,” he said. “And when you become part of the very support fabric that allows the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces to do the things they do, you see it from the other side, you see the linkages, and it becomes less like an animal with teeth and a tail wagging and more like a team with many players working to the same end.”

Gen Lawson explained how the CF finds the funds to reinvest in a place that puts more capabilities on the ramp and in the field.

“I think the way you do that in the months ahead is by looking at those processes that have worked well to shelter us from risk, and then find ways to accept a bit more risk and do things more efficiently. And that, I think, is going to be the way we meet the mandate of maintaining and delivering on those capabilities required to give the government options when a need arises.”

Defence Priorities and the Canada First Defence Strategy

Defence Priorities and the Canada First Defence Strategy give DND/CF some clear direction and a way ahead as Canadians expect that capacities, capabilities and readiness will be at their highest levels. And even with many budget restrictions, the CF will continue to invest more dollars in these priorities.

“Even through tough budget restraints, we will continue to invest in readiness and training,” General Lawson reaffirmed.

The CFDS was put in place in 2008 and largely gave the CF clear path forward, with a focus on domestic capabilities and the Arctic. While those core missions were never forgotten, they did receive les public attention while the CF was involved in combat operations in Afghanistan.

“So, I don’t think the Defence priorities have changed, but with the end of the combat mission, this will give us more time to focus more clearly on what we were told in 2008.”

New Year’s resolutions

Gen Lawson knew how busy the CDS office would be, but said he is invigorated by the pace.

“I knew my schedule would be packed, and this has taken some getting use to.”

This busy pace has led him to his New Year’s resolution.

“I will continue to enhance my personal fitness so I can lengthen my days,” he said with a laugh.



Catching Up With the News:

Military officials from Germany, Canada in Manila for talks with DND, AFP

15185 Rear Admiral William Truelove, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific, to meet with Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Emmanuel Bautista “to discuss issues of mutual interest”. Source

Canada to extend Mali mission by a month


Mental acrobatics over drones

Despite obfuscations, RCAF says Canada still hot on armed drones. Source

Harper government mulling new procurement agency


Scandals the Norm in Military Buys


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 3rd February 2013

Homan rink provincial champs – Coached by 7301 Earle Morris

Ottawa Curling Club foursome headed to national showdown in Kingston – 16-24 Feb in Kingston… Source


Col (Retd) John Gardam, OC, OMM, MSM, CD, (Director of Cadets at RMC in the mid-1970s) has been appointed to the Order of Canada, in the rank of Officer (OC). The date of the official investiture ceremony has yet to be set by Rideau Hall.

After his sterling service to Queen and Country in the CF, he turned his talents to authoring several significant books on Canadian military history, drove the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the National War Memorial, and was Project Director for “Reconciliation”, the Peacekeeping Monument in the National Capital. He remains active in Veterans’ issues, in addition to continuing to guide us younger folk…..


Fritsch drops in final day but still manages a top 10 finish

Source – Son of Ex Cadet 8033 Brian Fritsch

Military ombudsman says DND must rethink relocation policies for thousands of military personnel

“Why do we move people so much and how many times do we have to move?”

9485 Pierre Daigle Source

Combat uniforms undergo most radical change since 1970s

“The uniforms are better integrated with the rest of the combat equipment while increasing comfort and providing greater wearing options adaptable to the environment a soldier is deployed in,”

 18624 Stéphane Dufour  Source

 Brandon College Partners with Canadian Forces

“This agreement will improve education access for our soldiers and their dependants. In particular, it improves soldiers’ professional development and can help prepare them for higher ranks and more complex responsibilities,”

20156 Richard Goodyear, CFB Shilo Base commander  Source

Forces and Families Campaign is launched as new source of support for the Military Families Fund and Canadian Forces Community

“The Canadian Forces wishes John and his team continued success. We will support these innovative efforts fully within our mandate and look forward to the continued strong support of the Canadian public.”

16158 Commodore Mark Watson, the Director General Personnel and Family Support Services Source

Cutting Costs in the Canadian Army – Lower Ranks Face The Brunt While Confusion Continues Over Civilian Cuts

“In essence, we have to lay-off people only to hire them back for other initiatives. Our credibility as an employer of choice is therefore impacted.”

16975 Brigadier General Omer Lavoie Source

Super Midsize Winner

Canadian Skies test pilot 15626 Rob Erdos puts the Challenger 300 through its paces, and finds that the jet delivers impressive utility and performance. Source


First Pull-Ups, Then Combat, Marines Say



The Law Offices of 4803 Thomas H. Marshall, Q.C

10950 David Hall

MARCON, a specialized market research, strategy and management consulting firm

Président – 12046 Pierre Ducharme



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Ex-Cadets Organizing “Prospective New Branch” in Washington

Posted by rmcclub on 27th January 2013

HMCS Potomac Sets Sail!

By 15119 John R. Graham , Class of ’85

In preparation for Inauguration weekend in Washington, DC, a number of ex-Cadets in and around the U.S. national capital decided to have an inauguration party for (what we hope will be) a new branch of the ex-Cadet club. Ten of us met at the Gordon Biersch brew pub, a few blocks away from the embassy, on January 18, 2013. We were especially honored by the participation of 13551 LGen Guy Thibault, Class of ’83, Chairman of the Inter-American Defence Board, and 12995 MGen Nicolas Matern, Class of ’82, who leads the Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (CDLS).


In the photo (L-R): LCdr Robert D’Eon (1990), 24035 Capt Denis Lopes (2008), 12995 MGen Nicolas Matern (1982), 23991 Mr. David A. Chee (2008), 20396 Maj Charity Weeden (2005), 15687 Capt (N) Kurt Salchert (1986), 15119 Mr. John R. Graham (1985) , 22031 LCdr Francis Leung (2002), 22189 Mr. Eddie Lucas (2002), 13551 LGen Guy Thibault (1982).

We also had a special guest, Ben Rodgers, a 1996 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, who leads the Joint Services Academy Alumni Association Committee, and has welcomed us enthusiastically. The Committee hosts monthly mixers for business networking, and ex-Cadets who are living in the area will surely find many interesting contacts amongst their American peers.

Three civilian ex-Cadets participated in the Happy Hour: 15119 John R. Graham, currently Vice-President of research at a major trade association; 23991 David A. Chee, a law student at Georgetown University, and 22189 Eddie Lucas, a PhD candidate at American University. We hope to identify and recruit many more civilian ex-Cadets in the area, and interest them in our events.

For the time being, we plan to have a Happy Hour quarterly, which means the next one will be in April. Any ex-Cadets in the DC area who’d like to get involved, please e-mail John R. Graham


ADM(Mat) Ethics Awareness Week – 21 to 25 January 2013

13700 John Turner, Class of ’82, ADM(Materiel)

Ethics programs naturally evolve over time and 2012 was certainly no exception, with a lot of change in the governmental and departmental ethics spheres.

In April the new Treasury Board Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service came into effect for entire public sector including Agencies and Crown Corporations who were not included in the former Code. It addresses emerging issues such as the use of social media and encourages consideration of the immediate and long-term effects our actions have on people and the environment.

In June, we released the new DND and CF Code of Values and Ethics to address our own particular environment. This new code includes chapters on values and ethics in operations, disclosure of wrongdoing, ethical principles and values, conflict of interest and post-employment as well as organizational conflict of interest in which actions or decisions could call into question the integrity, objectivity, impartiality and non-partisanship of DND and the CF.

The DND/CF code includes a table that lists general ethical principles and specific values, each with a set of expected behaviours that are an essential part of the public roles exercised by DND employees and CF members. Together they constitute a compass to guide DND employees and CF members in everything they do.

Our own Materiel Group has seen changes, too. RAdm Patrick Finn is the new Group Ethics Champion and our talented staff has produced a new ethics video which you will see at your own Ethics Cascade.

I am a great believer in the Ethics Cascade. The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) requires all government organizations to have an annual dialogue on ethics and I think that discussing the ethical dilemmas with your colleagues is a wonderfully engaging way to shine the spotlight on ethics in the workplace.

The theme of this year’s Ethics Awareness Week is “”Know what is right, and do the right thing.” Our Ethics Program is always looking for ways to communicate what is right; publicizing the ethics codes and holding the Ethics Cascade are just two of them. We also have a Materiel Group Ethics Advisor, Ann Louise Gratton, who is available to help you when you are faced with a particularly difficult ethical situation.

I am confident that I can count on all of you to be mindful of the codified public sector values of integrity, loyalty, courage, stewardship and excellence and thus do the right thing as you go about our complex business.

Semaine de sensibilisation à l’éthique du SMA(Mat) – du 21 au 25 janvier 2013

8771 John Turner, Class of ’71, ADM(Materiel)

Les programmes d’éthique évoluent naturellement au fil du temps et l’année 2012 ne fait pas exception à la règle, puisque de nombreux changements d’éthique sont survenus dans les paliers de déontologie gouvernementaux et ministériels.

Au mois d’avril, le nouveau Code de valeurs et d’éthique du secteur public est entré en vigueur dans l’ensemble du secteur public, y compris les agences et les corporations de la Couronne qui n’étaient pas visées par l’ancien code. Le nouveau code aborde les nouveaux enjeux, tel que l’utilisation des médias sociaux et nous incite à considérer les conséquences immédiates et à long terme que nos comportements peuvent avoir sur les personnes et sur l’environnement.

En juin, nous avons publié le nouveau Code de valeurs et d’éthique du MDN et des FC, lequel aborde notre environnement particulier. Ce nouveau code renferme des chapitres sur les valeurs et l’éthique dans les opérations, la divulgation d’actes répréhensibles, les principes et les valeurs d’éthique, les conflits d’intérêts et les après-mandats de même que les conflits, l’intégrité, l’objectivité, l’impartialité et l’impartialité politique du MDN et des FC

Le Code du MDN et des FC comporte un tableau qui énumère les principes d’éthiques généraux et les valeurs spécifiques, chacun étant assorti d’un ensemble de comportements attendus qui sont essentiels aux rôles publics que remplissent les employés du MDN et les membres des FC. Ensemble, ils guident les employés du MDN et les membres des FC dans toutes leurs activités.

Notre Groupe des matériels a également noté des changements. Le Cam Patrick Finn est le nouveau champion d’éthique du Groupe et notre personnel des plus talentueux a réalisé un nouveau film vidéo sur l’éthique que vous visionnerez dans le cadre de la Cascade sur l’éthique.

Je crois énormément dans la Cascade sur l’éthique. Le Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor (SCT) exige que toutes les organisations gouvernementales tiennent un dialogue annuel sur l’éthique et je crois que le fait de discuter des problèmes d’éthique avec vos collègues est une façon formidable de mettre en valeur l’éthique dans le lieu de travail.

Cette année, le thème de la semaine de sensibilisation à l’éthique est «Sachez ce qui est bien et faites ce qui est bien.» Notre programme d’éthique est constamment à l’affût de nouvelles façons de communiquer ce qui est sensé; faire connaître les codes d’éthique et présenter la Cascade sur l’éthique constituent deux façons parmi tant d’autres. Notre conseillère en éthique au sein du Groupe des matériels, Ann Louise Gratton, peut également vous aider lorsque vous êtes confrontés à une situation d’éthique particulièrement difficile.

Je sais que je peux compter sur vous pour vous rappeler les valeurs du secteur public codifiées d’intégrité, de loyauté, de courage, de gérance et d’excellence et ainsi, de continuer à faire ce qui est bien lorsque vous gérez nos opérations complexes.


More Ex Cadets In The News…

Armed Forces in Canada Resolved Issue Long Ago

“It doesn’t even enter into conversation anymore,” said Capt. Jaime Phillips, a female artillery officer who commanded not only Canadian men but male American and Afghan combat troops in Afghanistan. “It’s just so ingrained in my generation that it seems silly to hear the same old arguments again.”

22973 Jaime Phillips  Source

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Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 20th January 2013

Brian Burke honoured with Canadian Forces Medallion

“Mr. Burke, as president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club, provided exceptional support to the men and women of the Canadian Forces.”

12192 Gen Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defense Staff



Armstrong leads Hasty Ps as regiment’s new honorary colonel

Chair of Peterborough’s police board takes over as honorary colonel of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

4585 Ken Armstrong



Guelph Professor a Food-Safety Force

“I’m obsessed with relevancy. The idea is to play a leadership role in igniting public discussion on very important issues related to food.”

18095 Sylvain Charlebois



Catching Up with the News…

Suspended Dalhousie hockey players won’t sue school





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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 13th January 2013

5300 Bob (Tex) Thomas has made us aware of The Canadian Naval Heritage Centre Project. Current & former members of the Canadian Navy may find this project of interest.


What do a fighter pilot and a doctor have in common? Safety!

The second step was even more remarkable as each member evaluated his own performance, identifying even slight miscalculations for others to watch, consider and comment on. I sat in amazement as pilots, with rather large egos by nature, openly revealed the inner workings of their personal show with the goal of indicating to their team members that they could see the strengths and, more importantly, the weaknesses in their performance.

Dr. Catherine Hansen – wife of 21364  Major Jeremy Hansen, CF fighter pilot and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Source


 Canada extends its presence in the Arabian Sea Region

“HMCS Toronto will carry-on the excellent work that has already been done by the Canadian Armed Forces’ during earlier contributions to CTF 150′s maritime security mission in South West Asia. The deployment of HMCS Toronto will allow us to continue working alongside our allies and partners to help contribute to international security in the region,”

12192 General Tom Lawson, the Chief of the Defence Staff

“The deployment of HMCS Toronto demonstrates the Canadian Armed Forces’ capability to support our allies and gives Canada an opportunity to operate within a responsive international force,”

13337 Lieutenant-General Stuart Beare, Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command  Source


 U.S., Canada Expand Arctic Cooperation, Military Training

“We hope to work through this in an exercise format to find out where the seams and capabilities are,”

Royal Canadian Navy Cmdr. Darren Rich, Canadian Joint Operations Command’s representative to NORAD and Northcom  Source


Pranksters bear responsibility for consequences

“I have personal experience of pranks taking an unexpected course. In my final year at the old Royal Roads Military College another cadet and I fashioned a hoax. Cadets were appointed to an internal pyramid of command ranks to maintain discipline and attend to minor administrative chores. For the final month of the college year what was called the “honour slate” was appointed – the ranks went to the cadets deemed by the authorities to have performed best in the preceding eight months. The announcements of new slates were pinned up on a notice board outside the cadet dining hall.”

7000 David Haas   Source



Location:599 Whitetail Dr, Tracy New Brunswick (Near Gagetown)

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 6th January 2013

e-Veritas recently received the following  from 8057 Ross McKenzie Curator, RMC Museum- :

New On-Line Resource

Although the College has been around since 1876, it did not become a degree granting university until 1959. Prior to that date it was common for RMC grads to transfer their credits to a university and then complete a degree programme. There weren’t that many universities to choose from, so, in the majority of cases, ex-cadets would attend Queen’s University, University of Toronto or McGill University.

The McGill University Achieves has recently launched what it calls the, “McGill Remembers Project,” which is described as follows:

On 11 November 2012 the latest phase of the McGill Remembers project was launched on the web. This new site offers, in a searchable, digital format, access to the documents collected by the University War Records Office between1940-1946 related to McGill students, staff and faculty participation in the Second World War. These records are fully searchable by name.

To anyone researching the war service of ex-cadets (or anyone else for that matter) this could be a valuable tool.

For example of what’s available search for: “John Meredith Cape.

[#2026 John Meredith Cape – joined RMC in1928, graduated in 1932, and subsequently attended McGill University.]

The link:



New association to help commandos’ families in emergencies and in civilian life

Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson says the charitable group is still under development and will register with the Canada Revenue Agency within the next few weeks.  Article

Canada’s lean military must choose its next battle carefully

“It doesn’t take much of an imagination to come up with an emergency situation where Canada’s interests might be involved,”  Article

14378 Denis Thompson


Injured crewmember airlifted from freighter by RCAF helicopter

“We communicated a lot as a crew to determine the best place to hoist the Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR Techs) on board,” said Captain Luc Coates, aircraft commander. “We decided to hover over the centre of the ship, taking care to avoid the cranes and guide wires, as we hoisted them to the deck.”

23031 Luc Coates  Article



Mr. NGG has no intention of finishing last

“Ultimately, what I think they look for in a leader is somebody who is strong, somebody who is reassuring when there’s a crisis and somebody who puts forward good policy … and I think I have those things,”

8276 Marc Garneau Article



Councillor call for integrity commissioner

“It’s become very clear over the past year and a half or two years that there’s a difference of opinion in terms of behaviour and roles and responsibilities of councillors,”

14444 Dorothy Hector Article



Governor General invests 39 recipients into the Order of Military Merit –

Among the recipients:

14358 Major-General Christian Rousseau, C.M.M., C.D., Chief of Defence Intelligence, Ottawa, Ont.; and

17595 Lieutenant-Colonel Telah Morrison, O.M.M., C.D., 35 Quebec Service Battalion, Québec, Que.


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