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Ex-Cadets & more in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 18th March 2012

New security concerns for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan

“I think for a time they’re not going to be as effective because they’ll be extra careful,” 

5105 Jack Granatstein, a historian with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.


Experts float idea of Canadian naval support for Israel

“Do we send a frigate to help the Israeli navy enforce its blockade against the Gaza Strip, for instance, so that the Israeli navy can focus on other problems?”

Christian Leuprecht, a professor with Royal Military College and Queen’s University.


War of 1812 Two Hundred Years Old This June

“Whenever I talk about the burning of the White House, there’s always cheering in the class.”

John Grodzinski, professor of history at Royal Military College


Attack on Iran could trigger bloodbath for Bahá’ís

“History has shown us, and I’ve learned firsthand, that propaganda campaigns designed to incite hatred are a key ingredient in the slaughter of innocents. We must not forget the propaganda used against the Jews in Nazi Germany, Muslims in Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, or the Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda. In each case, ethnic or religious minorities were targeted, and referred to as rats and cockroaches, all in an effort to dehumanize them.”

H7860 Roméo Dallaire


Custer and His Roommate Part Ways

How two second-rate West Pointers found themselves on opposite sides of the Civil War.


AFCEA Personality Profile: M0488 Dawn Ottman

“Today, I combine my work experience with the military on R&D projects and my understanding of advanced electronics to develop some of my ideas into inventions of green technology.”




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Where are they now? Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 11th March 2012

“Four members of the RMC class of 1969 (left to right, 8003 Norm Gervais, 7964 Don Bell, 7855 Paul Hession and 7956 Paul Corriveau) were among 27 ex-CMR Cadets who joined the Cadet Wing at the Mess Dinner which was held on March 8 at Saint-Jean campus in the General J.A.Dextraze Pavilion. The guest of honour for the evening was Major-General Chris Whitecross, Chief Military Engineer of the Canadian Forces. MGen Whitecross’ dinner address included 60th anniversary greetings to the staff, students and alumni of CMR as well as special recognition of the role of women in the CF – particularly appropriate as the event was held on International Women’s Day.”

3521 Charlie Simonds, Class of ’56 will be a special guest at the RMC Athletic Sports Award Night later this month. Charlie will be on hand to present the prestigious Guy Simonds Memorial Trophy to the fencing MVPs. Charlie is the son of late 1596 Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds, Class of ’21 whom the trophy is named.

5564 Norm Hass, Class of ’62, is an Exercise Training Mentor at Pearson Peacekeeping Centre; he acts as Guru to personnel manning simulated Brigade-level Headquarters during High Level training exercise at Corps level for Turkish, German,Dutch and other NATO participants. and Exercise Controller at Calian/DLSE.

6601 Ernie Cable, Class of ’65, retired from CF after 35 years spent mostly associated with Argus/Aurora operations. A three year exchange with the US Navy at the Naval Air Development Center provided excellent experience for developing and operating the Aurora. After retirement Ernie became involved in researching Air Force and naval aviation history. Currently he is helping two fourth year RMC cadets with a project about Argus/Aurora operations in the Cold War. Ernie and wife, Carol, reside in Dartmouth, NS.

6804 Alec Calder, Class of ’66, retired in 2005 from a lifelong career in the helicopter business. He returned to the family home in Elora Ontario where he spends many happy hours tending the gardens and renovating the house. Do not disturb at siesta hour.

10238 Ron Guidinger, Class of ’74 – the former Base Commander at 4 Wing – CFB Cold Lake (1996-98); retired as VP&GM Raytheon Canada Support Services Division in 2011 he is currently the President at Guidinger Military Insights Ltd.

10569 Gary Hook, Class of ’76 has been the President at SET International in Winnipeg for the past nine years; prior to this position he was an Instructor at Southern California Safety Institute in Torrance, CA.

11001 William (Bill) Schultz, Class of ’76 is the Process Manager at Canadian Pacific Railway in Calgary. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates a transcontinental railway in Canada and the United States and provides logistics and supply chain expertise.

M0121 Jim Grecco, Class of ‘78 finds himself living and working in Calgary these days. After spending 27 years in the CF he is currently the Team Lead at Cenovus Energy Inc and Board Chair at Aero Space Museum Association of Calgary.

12341 Al Stephenson, Class of ‘79 has been a full-time PhD student at Carleton University since August 2010. The RRMC BSc, Physics & Physical Oceanography grad hold a MA, Strategic Studies Air University / Air War College in ’02.

12606 Brian Read, Class of ’80 who owns Horizon Plastics International Inc in Cobourg Ontario has been appointed as the Honorary Colonel for ATESS at CFB Trenton. He has recently started a solar panel manufacturing facility which was expanded in 2012 and relocated to Welland Ontario. He and Kym have an 18 month old Grandson and they currently reside in Cobourg.

14082 Michael Sharon, Class of ’83 is Chief Pilot, Transport Canada Aircraft Services. Prior to this position he was: Chief, Safety at TC Aircraft Services; Senior Accident Investigator at Transportation Safety Board of Canada. His last position in the CF was as a pilot at 421 Sqn.

14831 Yves Tessier, Class of ’85 is currently a pilot with GX aviation near Hartford Connecticut; the former CF Fighter Pilot also had a position with Bombardier as a Demonstration Pilot for over 10 years.

16147 Brett Stewart, Class of ’87  brought his collection of Royal Roads Military College uniforms, badges, yearbook, album, memory box, and photos for the show-and-tell part at the (March) monthly meeting of the Bytown Militaria Collectors’ Association last week in Ottawa.

16169 Andrew (Andy)  Anderson, Class of ’88 is now working and living in the Seattle area and along and with Heidi spending just about every free moment in hockey rinks on both sides of the border following Daniel’s hockey.

17846 Shirley Greenwood, Class of ’91 has been a Logistics Officer at Department of National Defence since May 2007.

19350 Lieutenant-Colonel Carla Harding, Class of ’94, will be handing over her job as Canadian Army G4 Operations as she prepares to deploy to Op PROTEUS in Jerusalem for one year. Op PROTEUS is the Canadian contribution to the Officer of the United States Security Coordinator which has a mandate to encourage co-ordination on security matters between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

21443 Cheng-Hsin Chang, Class of ’99 and wife Penny are proud to announce that Philip Edward was born on Tuesday, March 6 within 3.5 hrs after arriving at the hospital weighing 5lbs 10oz (only 3 weeks early). The proud father reports that Penny and baby are doing great and were expected to be home last Thursday.

E3161 Victoria Edwards, Class of ’03 presented on Military College insignia memorialized in various media (silk, silver, stone, stamps, stained glass) at the Bytown Militaria Collectors’ Association (BMCA) on Wednesday March 7. Her powerpoint slideshow and talk was based on her ongoing research as a staff writer for e-Veritas for which she was awarded the RMC Club President’s Award.

Ex-Cadets & More in the News…

Muskoka Mosaic: Introducing 19052 Jason von Kruse and 19016 Tanya Sprathoff – Class of 1993

“When we were going to Moose Jaw everyone was divvying up who was going to be roommates. The only person I knew was Tanya,”


Captain Crosier reached for a dream and landed a very large plane

“I have always wanted to fly, even when I was 10 or 11, and I guess it might have been from going to all the air shows. My dad (Brian) was a navigator in the military and I enjoyed hearing all his stories, as well.”

24204 Elizabeth Crosier (RMC 2008)  Article


RCAF flies Arctic Ram

“Today’s operations were extremely successful,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Nick Grimshaw, Chief of Staff, 1 CMBG, regarding the Feb. 19 activities. “The airborne insertions into Whati and Gameti were executed according to plan through the dedicated support of the Air Component Commander and its affiliated Royal Canadian Air Force elements.”

19033 Nick Grimshaw (Class of 1993) Article


Presenter on clean energy

 “It’s not the first time I’ve talked about it,” she says with a smile. “I was pretty comfortable. Knowing what level to break things down to was the most difficult.”

22777 Sarah Roberge (Class of  2004) Article


Vet serving in Afghanistan arrives home

“He said it was quite a hero’s welcome,” she wrote. “They had 15-20 police cruisers escorting them through the city (they didn’t have to stop at a single intersection) from the Edmonton airport to the base where they were reunited with their families. On all bridges and overpasses fire trucks were pulled over with firemen saluting.”

23165 Tom Hammond (Class of 2005) Article

An update on the Royal Canadian Air Force

Mise à jour sur l’Aviation royale canadienne


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Ex-Cadets & More in the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 4th March 2012

Canada’s stuck with second-hand subs until 2030, navy says

“In terms of surveillance of our ocean approaches and the protection of our own sovereignty, I would consider a submarine capability critical and so to lose that for a G8 nation, a NATO country like Canada, a country that continues to lead internationally, and aspires to lead more, I would consider that a critical loss,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, head of the Royal Canadian Navy  Article


Army commander joins Ex ARCTIC RAM to highlight northern priorities

“We have to be able to shoot, move and communicate in Canada’s North,”

19033 LCol Nick Grimshaw, chief of staff for 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Article


Chinese commanders learn winter lessons during Canadian visit

“I think the potential for small level exchanges between the two armies would be a first good step, but that will require the government of Canada to confirm what their intent is in that regard.”



Personalized Media Communications Names RMC PG – Boyd Lemna as Director



How to prepare for life after retirement

“The joys of service and grandparenting are underscored, and the importance of family communications and preserving family histories and heritage are emphasized.”

Roy Prete, professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario  Article


USMA cadets educated in safeguarding themselves from financial scams

Medal of Honor recipient speaks to Air Force Academy cadets


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Ex-Cadets and more in the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 26th February 2012

Ex cadet Competing at the International Level


17383 Lucy Cerantola (RMC 1990) (nee Rourke) has a big date coming up 2-3 March in Columbus, Ohio where she will be competing in the Arnold Sports Festival.

Yes, that Arnold!

The former RMC Cadet Wing Sports & Recreation Officer has the support of a number of friends and, of course, her family. She gratefully stated:  “I am fortunate to be able to work in an industry that helps youth and adults build healthy bodies and they inspire me to set my own goals!”

The photo (above) is  from her last competition almost 1 year ago in April 2011. This was at the Canadian Natural Physique Championships. Women’s Bodybuilding (Amateur) in Heavyweight where she placed 2nd  which allowed her to compete at the  international level.  Previous e-Veritas article.


Go ahead, jump!

“I tried bungee jumping, rock climbing, downhill ski racing; I like speed, I like to go fast!”

21556 Andrea Greening

To learn more about Crimson Fox and their path to the World Parachuting Championship in Dubai 2012, please visit For information on sponsorship packages please contact the team at


Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. Appoints New COO to Defence and Aerospace Business Unit

Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. CA has appointed Michael O’Rourke (Mike) to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Defence and Aerospace (D&A) business unit. Mike brings considerable defence industry and operational experience to Bluedrop.

15165 Michael O’Rourke  Article


Manotick scholar awarded Diamond Jubilee medal

“The main goal is to have a world we can survive in, and that’s a very important component in sustainability,”

4106 Peter Meincke  Article


Women In The Canadian Forces (CF)


1 Fighter Wing reunion in Marville, France


National Flag of Canada Day – H 7860 Hon. Roméo Antonius Dallaire


In Afghanistan, Canada’s female soldiers earned the right to fight, and die, as equals


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Catching Up With the News & Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 19th February 2012

RMC Prof Participates in Historic U of A Announcement / Une Prof du RMC participe à un announce historique de l’Université de l’Alberta

Stéphanie Bélanger, PhD, professeure au Département d’études françaises du Collège militaire royal du Canada et Directrice scientifique associée de l’Institut de recherche sur la santé des militaires et des vétérans (IRSMV), participait, ce lundi 13 février 2012, à l’ouverture d’une Chaire de recherche en Réhabilitation physique et mentale pour les militaires et les vétérans à l’Université d’Alberta (Edmonton), la première chaire de recherche canadienne dans ce domaine. Cette chaire de recherche offre une excellente opportunité de collaboration entre le titulaire de la chaire, professeur Ibolja Cernak, et l’Institut de recherche sur la santé des militaires et des vétérans, un institut pancanadien unissant 21 universités (jusqu’à ce jour) et plus de 150 chercheurs qui se penchent sur les problèmes de santé des militaires, des vétérans et de leurs familles ( De plus, la semaine dernière, l’Université Queen’s, qui a co-fondé l’IRSMV avec le CMRC, annonçait la chaire de recherche Bell sur la santé mentale et l’anti-stigma, dont la récipiendaire, le professeur Heather Stuart, est un des chercheurs membres de l’IRSMV ; voilà qui constitue une autre excellente opportunité de collaboration pour l’avancement de la recherche sur la santé des membres des FC, des vétérans et de leurs familles.

Dr Stéphanie Bélanger, from the French Department at the Royal Military College of Canada and the Associate Scientific Director of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR), participated last Monday 13 February in the University of Alberta’s announcement of the first Canadian Chair for Military and Veterans’ Clinical Rehabilitation. This Chair offers an excellent opportunity for collaboration between the appointee of the chair, Dr Ibolja Cernak, and the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR), a pan-Canadian institute bringing together 21 universities (and counting) and more than 150 researchers who are focussing on health issues of military members, veterans, and their families. ( Also, last week, Queen’s university, who co-founded CIMVHR with RMCC, announced the Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair, appointed to Dr. Heather Stuart, one of CIMVHR’s Researchers; this is yet another excellent opportunity of collaboration for the advancement of research for the well-being of CF members, veterans and their families.


New wave of troops deploy to Afghanistan as part of NATO training mission

“You’re the very best Canada has to offer,”

14493 Colonel Paul Rutherford Article


RCAF members drop the puck

21818 David McNiff  Article


Fisher: Canadian troops left in Afghanistan committed to new role

“Our guys have a very tough job. Progress is incremental. When you are at the coal face, it is hard, sometimes frustrating, because it seems to be slow. But it is actually quite impressive. There has been some real progress.”

Col. Pete Dawe – the colonel, who has day-to-day responsibility for Canada’s Afghan training mission  Article




Military revives skills needed to fight in Canada’s north



At ISS, high stakes high above Earth

“We are our own ambulance service, our own 911 and our own hospital and our own pharmacy,” Hadfield says. “We have to be all of those things and take care of each other.”

 13738 Astronaut Chris Hadfield Article

‘We’re still the baby’ out in space – Article


Canadian Army mentors proud of healthier, self-reliant Afghan training institution

“…My mantra since arriving has been that we give ANA staff nothing that they are supposed to get from their own supply system. That is not our job and it only fuels dependence on the coalition. Instead, we have taught the ANA to use their own sustainment systems and to develop their own solutions to problems.”

21212 Lt.-Col. Derek Chenette, of the Edmonton based Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) armoured regiment, is the senior military adviser at Regional Military Training Centre.




All Canadian civilians who served in Afghanistan now eligible for medal – Article


Colonels honoraires – Profil complet – 6541 Major-général (à la retraite) D. Fraser Holman, CD Article


Quel est le salaire des soldats et quelles sont les primes pour les missions à l’étranger?  Article



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RMC Talent Show Coming Up 10 & 11 Feb…Ex-Cadets in the News & More…

Posted by rmcclub on 5th February 2012

RMC Talent Show Coming Up 10 & 11 Feb…

Now a yearly tradition, RMC Cadets will once again step out of their comfort zone and on to the stage for the annual RMC Talent Show! From improvisation to tap dancing, the performers will show off some hidden skills that one might not expect to find at RMC. These interesting talents make the show special and unique. This year’s edition will be quite different from the last. Due to a growing interest among the Cadets, we will hold the Talent Show for two nights on February 10th and 11th. Additionally, RMC Cadets will be giving all the show’s profits to the unique and inspiring ‘Soldier On’ organisation. This organization contributes to optimizing the functional independence of ill and injured CF personnel. For more information about the Talent Show or to help the Officer Cadets contribute to ‘Soldier On’, please contact 25663, OCdt Dmitri Sapeguin at .


De nouveau cette année, les Cadets du CMR se sont lancés dans une aventure hors de l’ordinaire, le Spectacle de Variétés du CMR. En commençant par l’improvisation et passant par le chant et la musique, les performeurs de l’édition 2012 en feront voir de toutes les couleurs au public présent avec leurs talents cachés. Ce sont ces talents rares qui font du Spectacle de Variétés un événement si unique en son genre. D’ailleurs, cette année la formule sera quelque peu différente, alors qu’en raison d’un intérêt monstre chez les Cadets, il y aura deux représentations de l’événement, le 10 et le 11 février. De plus, tous les fonds amassés seront remis à l’organisme «Sans Limites» qui nous a inspiré par ses actions et ses objectifs. Cet organisme unique en son genre cherche à optimiser l’indépendance fonctionnelle des membres des Forces canadiennes blessés ou malades. Pour plus d’information à propos du Spectacle de Variétés ou pour aider les Cadets à contribuer à «Sans limites», svp contactez 25663, l’Élof Dmitri Sapeguin au .



Former CSE Chief John Adams Joins Queen’s University

“This opportunity gives me a chance to contribute and share the knowledge I have picked up after 50 years in the security and intelligence community,” says Mr. Adams. “I hope I inspire students to consider a career in public service.”

6508 John Adams

Related article: Former top soldier joins Queen’s


Bruni scores with Hockey Canada

Father of 3 Ex cadets – Mike Bruni – chairman of Hockey Canada


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Catching Up With the News

Posted by rmcclub on 22nd January 2012

Christening Tradition Still Strong at RMC

Lillian Rose Price (born April 27th 2011) was baptized by Padre Heather Smith at the RMC Protestant Chapel on January 15th 2012. Parents, 22558 Sandra Price (nee Reibin) and 22702 Nathan Price, have both worked at RMC since 2008. The service was very special in that the Christening Bell currently at the chapel is the same one that was at Royal Roads Military College before it closed. It is a naval tradition to Baptize children with naval bells and to engrave their names on the bell afterwards. Sandra Price’s father, CWO (Ret’d) Donald Reibin, was a Drill Instructor at Royal Roads from 1977 to 1980. Both Sandra and her sister Captain Heather Reibin (23234 class of 2005) were christened in the same bell in 1979 and 1982. Sandra and Nathan’s first daughter, Isla, was baptised in the bell in December 2009 and her name has been added. They hope to get Lillian’s name engraved on the bell this spring. A special thank you to PO1 James Levesque, C Div WO, who volunteered his time to attend the service in full uniform and piped while the baptismal water was poured off the pier back into the lake.

More photos from the big day:


A Veteran, Regardless of Age

Luke’s Troops: Lt.-Col. Martin Breton

17805 Martin Breton  Article

Former ‘base brat’ flying high

“It’s just a different concept now. It’s not just about flying anymore it’s about your crew, it’s about planning, it’s about your cargo load,” she said. “It’s just new stuff like that that they don’t really teach you while training on simulators.”

24204 Elizabeth Crosier (RMC 2008)  Article

From Peacekeeping to Partisan Policing?


HMCS Vancouver completes successful Mediterranean mission

“I have no doubt in my mind that there are Libyans alive today who would not be if this ship and crew had not been here,”

18880 Commander Bradley (Brad) A. PeatsArticle


HMCS Charlottetown Sets Sail To The Mediterranean Sea

 “Like all members of the Canadian Forces, the men and women of HMCS Charlottetown are committed to protecting Canadians’ safety and security, at home and abroad,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, Commander Royal Canadian Navy  Article



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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 8th January 2012

Canadian special forces and families severed from social support

“It was, frankly, ridiculous in some senses,” the general said. “We’ve taken a step back from being completely rigid on operational security and the identity of our members – in fact we only insist on it for JTF-2.”

14378 Brigadier-General Denis Thompson   Article


Dallaire’s real anguish over Rwanda: Worthington

I (and others) have always felt the mental anguish Dallaire endured was as much from having witnessed 10 Belgian paratroopers under his command being killed by a mob, and him not doing anything. It’s every military commander’s nightmare.


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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by rmcclub on 1st January 2012

Appointment to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

“I am pleased that Mr. Watt has agreed to serve as CEO of CATSA,” said Minister Lebel. “His impressive service with the Royal Canadian Air Force has given him outstanding leadership skills that will be a valuable asset to the authority.”

11330 Lieutenant-General (retired) Angus Watt    Article



 Canuck astronauts could be grounded after 2012 mission

“it’s highly possible” the next Canadian astronaut after 13738 Chris Hadfield will be transported to the space station in a commercial rocket.



Direction du PLC : Marc Garneau ne ferme pas la porte

Le député 8276 Marc Garneau ne dit pas non à son éventuelle candidature comme chef du Parti libéral du Canada.




Brodeur Boys – Father & Son Still Active @ 60 & 90 – Excellent video

9901 Don ‘Brode’ Brodeur (previous ‘Brode’ e-Veritas article)


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Awards / Decorations / & More…

Posted by rmcclub on 1st January 2012


Foreign Honours to Canadians

Canadian policy requires Government approval before an order, decoration or medal can be awarded to one of its citizens. Otherwise, Canada will not recognize the honour, and it cannot be worn with national honours or on a Canadian Forces (CF) uniform.

The policy has been described to all diplomatic missions accredited to Canada (Foreign Affairs Circular Note No. XDC-0678, 31 March, 2005), and is outlined in A-AD-200-000/AG-000, Chap 2, with further military instructions.

Although the policy requires approval before an award, requests after the fact which explain the presentation circumstances may be considered.

The Sovereign is the fount of all Canadian honours. Therefore, foreign honours must emanate from a similar level, a head of state or government, to be recognized. Awards originating by some other or lower authority are regarded as private honours can be accepted as private mementoes only. Except for courtesy reasons at the moment of presentation, they cannot be worn with national honours or on a CF uniform.

Canada will only approve honours which recognize meritorious activity. Canada does not engage in exchanges of honours, nor give or receive honours based solely on an individual’s status.

Canadian protocol differentiates between orders and decorations (which recognize individual meritorious activity), and campaign and service medals (which recognize honourable participation in some group activity).

Canada does not approve foreign orders and decorations for the normal performance of paid government duty. Thus, requests to award foreign honours to public employees, military or civilian, must explain why the activity to be recognized was outside the paid duties or beyond the norm expected of the individual’s rank and experience. Each such request is assessed individually.

For campaign and service medals, a request is assessed on a group basis for all who qualify for the honour. If the request is approved, the decision will guide future requests for the medal.

Nothing in this policy applies to foreign honours properly presented to a country’s own citizens. However, after immigration, a Canadian citizen can only wear foreign honours in accordance with Canadian protocol, ie, the honours must emanate from a head of state or government.

Requests to award foreign honours to Canadians must be submitted to the Canadian Honours Policy Sub-Committee through normal diplomatic channels. Further information can be obtained from:


On behalf of the queen, unrestricted permission has been granted between 1 Jan and 31 Oct 2011 for the wearing of the following commonwealth and foreign decorations awarded to members of the CF

(Special thanks to E3161 Victoria Edwards for her help in identifying the military colleges connection)

Decorations conferred by her majesty in right of the United Kingdom

Operational service medal – Afghanistan

 • B0195 LCol L. Don W. Haisell

• 21794 Capt Jameel J. Janjua

• 21124 Capt (now Maj) Scott D. Lloyd

Iraq medal

• 18985 Maj Stephen W. Carius

Decorations conferred by her majesty in right of Australia

Australian active service medal with international coalition against terrorism clasp

• 21103 Maj Jason C. Kenny

Decorations conferred by the president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan

(2) First degree success medal

• 15706 BGen Paul F. Wynnyk

Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan Medal Of Bravery

• 14475 BGen John G. Milne

Decorations conferred by the president of the French Republic

Commander Of The National Order Of The Legion Of Honour

• 12320 Gen Walter J. NATYNCZYK

National defence medal – bronze

Decorations Conferred By The President Of The United States Of America

Legion Of Merit – Degree Of Officer

 • 14274 BGen Allan .J. Howard

 • 12995 BGen Nicholas E. Matern

 • 15706 BGen Paul F. Wynnyk

 • 14069 Col Michael J. Pearson

Bronze Star Medal

12491 Col David E. Barr

Col (now BGen) Michael.R. Dabros possesses a Master’s in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.

• Col Marc R. Gagne (RMC 2003) obtained a Master degree of defence studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.

• 13846 LCol Kevin F. Bryski

• 14090 LCol Kevin M. Tyler

• 15123 Maj Philip Hernen

• E0955 Maj Sean Wyatt

Meritorious Service Medal

 • 12773 Capt(N) J.J.R.R. Richard Bergeron

 • 12984 Col Stephen G. Laplante

 • 19171 LCol Eric J. Kenny

 • E2907 Maj Glenn C. Barbour

 • 15728 Maj J.V.Marc Bouchard

 • 21351 Maj J.P.Gabriel

 • 17384 LCol Dave R. Rudnicki

Air Medal, First Oak Leaf Cluster

• 21818 Capt David A. McNiff

• 23219 Capt Quinton Oliviero


  •  18257 Maj Stephen Hanson





The Governor General Announces 117 new Appointments to the Order of Military Merit. We were able to pick out 15 from the list with a connection to the military colleges.  Let us know if we missed anyone.






14274 Major-General Alan John Howard, C.M.M., M.S.M., C.D.

12708 Major-General Ian Charles Poulter, C.M.M., C.D.

This is a promotion within the Order.

14358 Major-General Joseph Marius Christian Rousseau, C.M.M., C.D.

14369 Rear-Admiral Andrew Mark Smith, C.M.M., C.D.

This is a promotion within the Order.


13994 Colonel Jamieson Cade, O.M.M., M.S.M., C.D.

16271 Colonel Joseph Pierre Hervé Hercule Gosselin, O.M.M., C.D.

16975 Colonel Omer Henry Lavoie, O.M.M., MSC, C.D.

14154 Colonel Guy Joseph Maillet, O.M.M., C.D.

17595 Lieutenant-Colonel Telah Sybil Morrison, O.M.M., C.D.

17606 Lieutenant-Colonel John Vincent Pumphrey, O.M.M., C.D.

15939 Lieutenant-Colonel Darlene Olga Quinn, O.M.M., C.D.

E – # uk Colonel Pierre Ruel, O.M.M., C.D.

15907 Colonel Joseph Sylvain Sirois, O.M.M., C.D.

16496 Major Raymond Joseph Stockermans, O.M.M., C.D.


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Catching Up With the News…

Posted by rmcclub on 14th December 2011

A Major induction – Major W.J. Danny McLeod was happy to go home to deliver a thank you. Article


Governor General Invests 49 Individuals into the Order of Military Merit

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada presided over an Order of Military Merit investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, on December 2, 2011. The Governor General, who is chancellor of the Order, will bestowed the honour on three Commanders, eight Officers and 38 Members.

The Order of Military Merit was created in 1972, to recognize meritorious service and devotion to duty by members of the Canadian Forces. The Order has three levels of membership: Commander (C.M.M.), Officer (O.M.M.) and Member (M.M.M.).

We noticed the following Ex cadets on the list. Let us know if we missed anyone.




12286 Rear-Admiral Nigel Stafford Greenwood, C.M.M., C.D. Joint Task Force Pacific Headquarters Victoria, B.C.

This is a promotion within the Order.

13143 Major-General Mark McQuillan, C.M.M., C.D. Canadian Operational Support Command Headquarters Ottawa, Ont.

13551 Major-General Guy Thibault, C.M.M., C.D. Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) Ottawa, Ont.


M0773 Major James Burton, O.M.M., C.D. 22 Wing Hornell Heights, Ont.

16663 Colonel André Corbould, O.M.M., C.D. 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Edmonton, Alta.

14596 Colonel Dean Milner, O.M.M., C.D.2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron Petawawa, Ont.



1 Wing retraces historical steps

By Capt Yvette Grygoryev

Braving chilly winds, and with the soft whisper of maple leaves at their feet, nineteen members of 1 Wing recently followed the paths and trails of their forefathers, as they learned the history of the War of 1812.

The weather in the Niagara region was ideal, as the newly-fallen leaves allowed for a clear view of the vistas surrounding the numerous battlefields and skirmishes between the British North Americans and the Americans.

For Major Jay Medves, who organized the tour for 1 Wing, the benefits of the experience were clear.

“All military operations face common challenges – human, logistical and with execution,” Maj Medves said.

“A clear understanding of the circumstances – strategic, operational, and tactical that influenced the decisions of leadership in the War of 1812 to do what they did, is a way to validate the way we approach similar problem-solving today,” he also said.

“The successful defence of British North America in 1812 was a singular accomplishment in the face of near overwhelming odds. An appreciation and celebration of the feats of the soldiers and sailors of that time should serve as inspiration for us all.”

The tour was led by Major Doctor John Grodzinski, a history professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston. Dr. Grodzinski has numerous published articles on the War of 1812, and is a powerful advocate of acknowledging this dramatic time in history, the bi-centennial of which will be in June 2012. He echoes the sense of value in excursion like this one, so member gain an understanding of their military roots.

“Canadians generally know little of the country’s history and in particular the military history of this continent,” said Maj. Grodzinski.

“Several major conflicts, often a part of a larger global struggle, occurred here that helped shape the territory that ultimately became Canada, and which influenced the development of our armed forces, and to a degree our foreign policy,” Grodzinski also said.

According to Maj Grodzinski, the understanding of historical battlefields translates to modern warfare.

“The study of past battles allows us to gain an appreciation of the challenges faced by leaders and soldiers in various circumstances,” Grodzinski said.

“One very quickly realizes that many difficulties that are encountered with modern operations are not altogether new and the past offers us examples of how others dealt with similar circumstances,” he added.

The tour included the most notable sites of clashes occurring between 1812 and 1814 including Fort George, Fort Erie, Chippawa, and Lundy’s Lane. It also introduced the tour group to a host of notable historical figures such as Generals Isaac Brock and Gordon Drummond, Major-General Phineas Riall, Red Jacket and Laura Secord (who had nothing to do with chocolate).

Most of all, the tour reminded all who attended what it’s like to try to do too much with too little, facing insurmountable odds. Still though, the British North Americans eventually changed the tide of Canadian history and laid the groundwork for the great country we know today.



Just In…

The 75th anniversary of the longest international hockey series, Royal Military College of Canada vs. the United States Military Academy, is commemorated on a 2006 gold $100 coin. This match-up, played since 1923, takes place annually during West Point …


Governor General Announces the Awarding of 44 Meritorious Service Decorations (Military Division)

Le gouverneur général annonce l’octroi de 44 Décorations pour service méritoire (division militaire)

What the #!%*? The Defence Department’s hidden multimillion-dollar Nortel bill

Canadian army short on mid-level leadership due to Afghan mission

West Point seniors get started on career path

Pakistan border closure to NATO stalls Canadian convoys leaving Kandahar

“The use of a ground line of communications through Pakistan with a contractor is something we’ve been using for quite a while. In fact, all nations use it to move material,”

15137 Charles Lamarre



E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003) and 16147 Maj. Brett Stewart (RRMC 1987)  co-presented on Military College insignia memorialized in various media (silk, silver, stone, stamps, stained glass, etc.) at the Bytown Militaria Collectors’ Association (BMCA) on Wednesday December 7.

Their talk was based on her ongoing research as a staff writer for e-veritas for which she was awarded the RMC Club President’s Award.

The BMCA meets at the Warrant Officers’ & Sergeants Mess next to the Cartier Square Drill Hall, 2 Queen Elizabeth Driveway in Ottawa, Ontario on the first Wednesday of each month (except Jul and Aug) at 19.30 hrs. A number of BMCA members are either serving or ex-military, or work for DND.

BMCA members share an interest in all things militaria. Maj Stewart brought in his uniforms and militaria for the show-and-tell part of the meeting.


20965 Duncan K. Stewart has been promoted to branch operations manager in the Chesterfield County office of MBP, a construction consulting firm. He joined the firm in 1999 as an engineer. He earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Construction Specifications Institute. Source

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Ex-Cadets in the News

Posted by admin on 27th November 2011

Canadian Forces successfully completes mission in Jamaica

“We were privileged to have had this time to strengthen our relationships, through training and experience, with our partners in the Jamaica Defence Force. It’s my hope that we will continue to work together, both in the Caribbean and wherever we may be called upon to serve next.”

12320 Walt Natynczyk  Article


Severely disabled vets kept in the dark about additional benefits: Ombudsman

“The culture of the department was not about serving veterans and it’s still not. It’s rotten,”

12723 Pat Stogran  Article


DND: Military’s ‘values’ shape ‘Canada’s identity’

“The problem is that Canadians have an anti-military attitude. We’re not very good about recognizing our military historically, it seems to me, except in wartime. And obviously that rubs this government the wrong way. And obviously it rubs the military the wrong way. And it seems to me quite a good idea to try to enhance the place of the military in society.”

5105 J.L. Granatstein  Article


A bright future

“not being in the know about what is going on in the squadron is a challenge, but I have only been here three weeks and things are getting better”.

24929 Kyrle Symons  Article


CF join RCMP in training exercise

“First, to bring all of the Regular and Reserve military police in my regiment together for the first time,” he said.

“[Second], to create an exercise where the military police [are outside] their comfort zone and their regular work environment, such as a military base.

“[Third],.. Read the article

18277 Stéphane Vouligny


Marc Garneau’s take on extra-terrestrials: ‘There must be life out there’

“I believe that if a civilization is so advanced that it can actually time travel from some other part of the universe and come and look at planet Earth, they are not going to spend their time just sort of orbiting around and looking at us,”

8276 Marc Garneau Article


Search and Rescue: Time is life

“If you’re at your kid’s soccer game, and the beeper goes off, you don’t stay to watch the last ten minutes. You don’t stop to make arrangements for someone else to drive your kid home. You already have a plan in place. When that beeper goes, you’re gone.”

16733 Michel Lalumière Article


A Forward officer

“Jenny is one of my best friends and has always been a great sounding board throughout my career. That’s the thing that often gets missed. Deploying overseas is nothing compared to waiting at home and trying to carry on a semblance of order when your life is chaos. I don’t have kids but some of my team do, and it is the strength and fortitude of their wives that hold their households together and allow us to come over here to face the challenges we do unencumbered by worries at home.”

19142 George Forward Article


Canadian navy to introduce drones in new Mediterranean mission

“A UAV provides an excellent capability … to do that surveillance and reconnaissance,”

12444 Paul A. Maddison  Article


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Ex-Cadets in the News & Where are they Now?

Posted by rmcclub on 6th November 2011

13069 John Baker (white hard hat), general manager for Inner City Renovation (ICR) looks over some plans with site supervisor Larry Laberge as a crew renovates an old bank into a credit union in Winnipeg’s North End Thursday, October 20, 2011. Inner City Renovation (ICR) is a social enterprise in Winnipeg which does construction work and employs people with criminal records, former gang members, etcetera.




Canada’s Chief Of The Defence Staff Attends Chiefs Of Defence Meetings In Qatar

“This is the second Qatari hosted meeting I’ve attended, in as many months, which dealt specifically with the issue of the situation in Libya,”

12320 The Chief of the Defence Staff, General Walt Natynczyk   article




ADM(Mat) Dan Ross with award winner 21833 Capt Karla Swift, Jennifer Pouliot, widow of 11301 BGen Marc Pouliot, and Nicole Pouliot.

21883 Capt Karla Swift (RMC 2001) honoured with 11301 BGen Marc Pouliot (CMR 1977) Leadership and Well Being Award

At a ceremony today in Ottawa, 21833 Capt Karla Swift was presented with the Pouliot Award, which is given annually to a Materiel Group employee who exhibits exceptional leadership and demonstrated concern for the well-being of subordinates. Capt Swift is Deputy Project Control Officer at the Aerospace Engineering Testing Establishment in Cold Lake, Alberta.

The citation says that her “active role in the welfare of all unit members led to her selection as the assisting Officer for an AETE member who was a casualty in Afghanistan. Her exceptional leadership and extraordinary capacity to manage a crushing workload led to outstanding results for the member and the unit. She championed him and his family every minute of the day, while meeting the needs of personnel without interruptions and providing flawless support to high tempo force-protection projects”. The honour is awarded in memory of BGen Marc Pouliot who passed away suddenly in 2005 while serving as Director General of Logistics/J4 Materiel.



Troop readiness at risk, top soldier warns MPs





14890 MGen Dave Neasmith, OMM, CD, Chief of Staff Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management), joined the Canadian Forces in 1980. He began his education at Collège Militaire Royal de St-Jean and graduated from the Royal Military College, Kingston in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science (Math and Physics).

Childhood: I was born in Montreal. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a musician, an architect or in the military. I was accepted by universities for both music and architecture, but chose the military. My best childhood memory is canoeing, swimming and sailing with my dad at the family cottage. When I was a kid my favourite toy was my bike. In high school I was an entrepreneur who played football, rugby, and track and field.

Career: My first job was at the age of 13 when I painted school buses and the school bus garages, shovelling driveways and delivering newspapers. The coolest thing about my job is the people I work with. If I were not in the military I would be an architect or a musician.

Pop Culture: My favourite TV show is Star Trek, although I don’t watch much television. The book currently on my bedside table is The Source by James A. Michener. The reality TV show I’d most like to be on is: I don’t watch TV so I’m not familiar with them. My favourite musicians/bands are Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Blue Rodeo.

Food: The worst vegetable is cold cooked string beans. My favourite junk food is tortilla chips and tzatziki.

Leisure: My favourite sport is sailboat racing. My favourite board game is chess. I am happiest when I’m biking through the woods or sailing or swimming in Otty Lake or when I’m surrounded by family or when people are smiling. My perfect day would be getting up early to watch the sunrise with my wife and then having an unstructured day in the outdoors.

Travel: The farthest place I’ve ever traveled to is Australia. My favourite city is Quebec City.

Advice: My best piece of advice is: Life must be lived in balance.


14890 Mgén Dave Neasmith, OMM, CD Chef D’État-Major Sous-Ministre Adjoint (Gestion de l’information) est devenu membre des Forces canadiennes en 1980. Il entreprend sa formation au Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean puis il obtient un baccalauréat en sciences (mathématiques et physique) du Collège militaire royal de Kingston en 1985.

Enfance: Je suis né à Montréal. Lorsque j’étais enfant, je voulais être un musicien, un architecte ou un militaire. J’ai été admis à des universités dans les domaines de la musique et de l’architecture, mais j’ai choisi les FC. Mon plus beau souvenir d’enfance est de faire du canotage, de la natation et de la voile avec mon père près du chalet de ma famille. Mon jouet préféré lorsque j’étais enfant était ma bicyclette. Lorsque j’étais au secondaire, j’avais un esprit d’entrepreneur et je jouais au football et au rugby. Je faisais aussi de l’athlétisme.

Carrière: J’ai décroché mon premier emploi à l’âge de 13 ans lorsque je peinturais les autobus scolaires et les garages d’autobus, je pelletais la neige des entrées de cour et je livrais des journaux. L’aspect le plus passionnant de mon emploi : les personnes avec qui je travaille. Si je ne travaillais pas pour les Forces canadiennes, je serais architecte ou musicien.

Culture populaire: Mon émission télévisée préférée est Star Trek, mais je ne regarde pas souvent la télévision. Le livre qui se trouve actuellement sur ma table de chevet est The Source de James A. Michener. L’émission de téléréalité à laquelle j’aimerais le plus participer : Je ne regarde pas la télévision, donc je n’en connais pas.

Mes groupes musicaux préférés sont Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who et Blue Rodeo.

Nourriture: Le légume que je déteste le plus : les haricots à filet, cuits et froids. Ma malbouffe préférée : les croustilles au maïs et la sauce tzatziki.

Loisirs: Mon sport préféré est la course en voilier. Mon jeu de société préféré est les échecs. Mon plus grand bonheur est de me promener en bicyclette dans le bois, de faire de la voile ou de la natation dans le lac Otty, de m’entourer de ma famille ou de voir les gens sourire. Ma journée idéale se passerait à me lever tôt pour voir le lever de soleil avec mon épouse et ensuite à passer une journée en plein air sans horaire fixe.

Voyages: L’endroit le plus lointain que j’ai visité est l’Australie.Ma ville préférée est Québec.

Conseils: Si j’avais à donner un conseil, ce serait : La vie doit être vécue en équilibre.




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Ex-Cadets in the News

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Ottawa eyes new Caribbean staging base in talks with Jamaica

“We have a great partnership in the region,” said Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare, who’s in charge of Canada’s overseas military force. “Geographically, it’s in a perfect spot.”

13337 Stuart Beare  Article


Advising in Afghanistan: A Canadian woman’s perspective

23415 Lauren Banks   Article



Major Yvonne Pratt “engineers” safe operations

“This is the sort of mission that you picture yourself doing when you join the military.”

19028 Yvonne Pratt  Article



Parajumpers jump from newest Air Force capability: CC-130J Hercules

“This exercise provided our military personnel with a realistic training experience, in a simulated humanitarian deployment, to effectively operate and sustain a deployed operating base,”

17871 Sean Lewis  Article



Major Shane Pasiechnyk – Communication and Electronic Engineer

“I have been extremely impressed how the Communication and Electronic branch, both deployed and back in Canada, have worked together as a team to make Op Mobile so successful from a communications perspective,”

Shane Pasiechnyk   Article



International Operations: HMCS Vancouver conducts demolition operation in Libyan coastal waters

Once HMCS Vancouver’s captain, Commander Bradley Peats, got a look at the object, he knew that it warranted further investigation.

18880 Bradley Peats Article



Behind the door of the COC

“The Combat Operations Centre and its personnel are an integral piece to the puzzle of 4 Wing Operations and the Canadian Forces NORAD mission,”

M610 Kirk Soroka  Article



Soaring to new heights: what’s next on the Horizon?

“more adventures, … I look forward to undertaking further difficult challenges in extreme environments. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I hope I can continue to embark on these exciting adventures.”

21678 Meagan McGrath  Article



Canadian Navy ‘go, go all the time’

“We knew that we were always going to deploy we just didn’t know exactly where we were going and I was excited because there’s financial bonuses that you get for being deployed but you also get a medal so it was kind of exciting to get a medal,”

23555 Nadia Shields  Article



Klima hopes to help Loyalists bring home Caledonia Cup

“Those (U.S. Military) crowds were pretty ridiculous, you played in a stadium pretty well packed,”

Alistar Klima    Article



Two subs will be fully operating by late 2012, top sailor pledges

“That will give us, for the first time, what we’ve always wanted to achieve … high readiness submarines operating on both coasts,”

12444 Paul Maddison Article


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Ex-Cadets in the News & Commemorative Stones Program

Posted by rmcclub on 16th October 2011


AB – BC – MB – NB – NL – NS – ON – PEI – QC – SK


Reaching the first 100 in Jamaica

“Reaching 100 sorties is important as it helps mark the progress we are making not only in Force Generation training, but also in our mission support to the Jamaica Defence Force when called upon,”

14769 Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Lalande, Commander of Task Force Jamaica





Hadfield to be first Canadian to command a space mission

“I spent an entire winter learning to fly the new version of the Soyuz [TMA] capsule,”

Canadian astronaut 13738 Chris Hadfield  Article


Commemorative Stones program



The Arch has always had special meaning and majesty for most Ex cadets.  Many of whom have purchased a Commemorative Stone.

These large 12.5” x 8” stones are made of granite and have College No., Surname and Initials, Colleges attended, and year of graduation inscribed in them.

To learn more about the Commemorative Stones program, visit the Foundation Web site.

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