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Photo of the Week By Curtis Maynard

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In This Issue 23:

Class Notes

Osteoarthritis in Both Knees,Doesn’t Stop 14962 Sandy Malone (nee Gebhardt)

Ex-Cadets in the News

5 anciens des CMRs descendent en rappel d’un edifice de 24 etages au centre-ville de Montreal / 5 Ex-Cadets from the RMCs rappelled down a 24 story building in Downtown Montreal

Class of ’65 Well Represented During Ukraine’s Presidential Election

Ex-Cadets Abroad – Connecting with: 3506 Ron Capern who lives in Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador

Keeping Tabs

South of the Border Guests Get all the “Canadiana” that they Could Handle

The Next Generation

Catching Up With the News

Odds & Sods From Around the Peninsula…

Little Known Facts:Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Meet Some of Our 212 Partners

Careers / Carrières



e-Veritas: Reality

Class Number # 2 in the top 10 classes countdown – Class of 1965

Nominations are invited for the 2014 Vimy Award | Nous invitons les nominations pour la Distinction honorifique Vimy 2014


The 2014 Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award / Le Prix d’excellence en enseignement de la Promotion 1965

Royal Roads Paverstone Project

17th Annual Legacy Dinner

Golf – Ottawa Branch Annual Tournament – 11 July @ Greensmere Golf Course / Club des Collèges Militaires Canadiens Chapitre d’Ottawa Tournoi de Golf Annuel le vendredi, 11 juillet, 2014 – Au club de golf Greensmere

Business Section


Morale building quotes from Moshe Dayan:

“We are a small nation, but strong.”

“To aim and hit, you only need one good eye, and one good finger.”

“Most important, don’t do anything you don’t want.”

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.”

Moshe Dayan (20 May 1915 – 16 October 1981) was an Israeli military leader and politician. He was the second child born on the first kibbutz. As commander of the Jerusalem front in Israel’s War of Independence, Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (1953–58) during the 1956 Suez Crisis, but mainly as Defense Minister during the Six-Day War, he became to the world a fighting symbol of the new state of Israel.[1] After being blamed by some for the army’s lack of preparation before the outbreak of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, he left the military and joined politics. As Foreign Minister Dayan played an important part in negotiating the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

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Class Notes

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11338 BB (Bruce) Barteaux, Class of ’78 is scheduled to participate in the 70th anniversary of D-Day and this event will take place on 12/13 Jun. There will be a 100 mile (169 km) run through Normandy, France, starting at Utah and through Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches and pass through 14 sites of significant and historical importance.

These will also include the Canadian Cemetery at Beny-sur-Mer.

The seven nations who participated in D-Day will be represented by two runners each, one military and one civilian and Bruce has the honour to represent the Canadian Armed Forces.

All the runners will complete the full ultra run, being joined in some sections by members of local running clubs and the final leg we will join some 3000 children in Caen.

Here is the event web site and Bruces’s page on it is here

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 21378 Major Casey MacLeod joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1994. He started his career by attending Collège militaire royal de St-Jean and the Royal Military College of Canada, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor of Space Science. He remained at RMC to complete a Master of Science in 2001.

After completing his Signal Officer training, he was posted to the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment (CFJSR) during which time he served in various Troop Commander positions, as 1 Squadron Operations Officer, and second-in-command of Support Squadron. In March of 2004, he deployed to Haiti as the Theatre Activation Team Operations Officer as part of Op HALO and, in the fall of the same year, to Op ATHENA ROTO 2/3 as the National Command Element G6 Ops/National Command and Control Information Systems Troop Commander. During his posting at CFJSR he was also the OPI for Exercise MERCURY TREK 2003, a three-month long, cross-Canada cycling expedition in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals.

In July of 2006, he was posted to ADM(IM) as the Capability Delivery Manager for the Joint Space Support Project and promoted to Major during this time. In November of 2011 he was posted to Directorate of Space Requirements (DSR) as the Deputy Project Director for the Protected Military Satellite Communications Project. His most recent assignment at DSR, prior to be selected as the Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces Crypto Support Unit, was as the Project Director for the Tactical Narrowband SATCOM (UHF) Project.

On 18 July 2013, Major MacLeod took command of the Canadian Forces Crypto Support Unit.

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Osteoarthritis in Both Knees,Doesn’t Stop 14962 Sandy Malone (nee Gebhardt)

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

14962 Sandy Malone (nee Gebhardt) – RMC Class of ‘85

Sandy’s a military brat and graduated from RMC in 1985.  Since leaving the military in 1989, Sandy’s lived in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and twice in Washington State.  She’s called Mukilteo, WA home for the past 13 years.

Sandy’s worked in credit card customer service for First Union Bank, as a catalog order verification specialist at Eddie Bauer, and as a fitness instructor.  She currently works at PEMCO Insurance, in Seattle, as a licensed insurance agent.  She’s a member of the Greater Seattle Insurance Professionals and when not at work, can be seen Sunday morning singing in the church choir.

Sandy also spends time doing community service, and participating in fundraisers for the United Way of King and Snohomish Counties, the Goodwill, and the Puget Sound Blood Center. In the past year, Sandy’s led members of Toastmasters International, in District 2 (Western Washington), as the district governor (with over 3,000 members).  In August, Sandy’s planning on attending the Toastmasters International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sandy misses the time she spent doing sports at the college, and talks about her glory days. Although her body sometimes fails her, her competitive spirit is alive and well.  A few years ago at a kettle bell boot camp, Sandy’s “no pain no gain” attitude caused her a torn rotator cuff when told to do as many push-ups as she could.

In the past decade, she’s competed in sprint triathlons, took up inline speed skating, raced indoor speed skating nationals in Lincoln, NE, and skated a dozen inline speed skating marathons, twice in Berlin.   Her personal best for an inline skate marathon (26.2 miles) is 1:34 set in Duluth, MN.  Her husband, Bob said “Berlin’s the best skate marathon for spectators, with beer and brats at the finish line.”

Sandy has osteoarthritis in both knees, and more than a few extra pounds slowing her down these days, but still makes time to walk, swim, and bike.

Sandy became an American citizen June 6, 2001.  She was born in Kingston, and returns home often to visit family and friends, including her mom and dad, Yvonne and Jim Gebhardt (RMC Director of Athletics 1986-88).  Sandy’s been married 27 years to 15146 Bob Malone (RRMC/RMC Class of ‘85) and has one daughter, Tami, of Bruderheim, Alberta.

Sandy was Class of ’85 secretary for 20 years and enjoys sending her annual holiday newsletter to family and friends.  Whether or not you’re traveling in the Seattle area, Sandy would welcome an email at

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Ex-Cadets in the News

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23606 Major Chris Greaves (left) and Mr. Ronald Kent (right), of Stantec Architecture Ltd., accept an Award of Environmental Excellence from Mr. John Clark, of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG), on May 15, 2014. The award recognized an innovative solution to treating waste water in the demanding environment of Canadian Forces Station Alert in Nunavut. Major Greaves, the base construction engineering officer at Joint Task Force (North) in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, accepted the award on behalf of 1 Canadian Air Division. PHOTO: Submitted - Full article


Government of Canada begins D-Day commemorations with Second World War Veterans

“As a grateful nation, we also have a duty to remember these Canadian Veterans who stepped forward when our nation needed them, who served with courage and distinction and who defended all the things we still hold dearly today.”

19894 Erin O’Toole, Member of Parliament for Durham and Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces Article


Fly over during Hanover Cadet review

23821Adam (Manik) Runge  Article


ING Robotic Aviation flying unmanned aerial vehicles with Canadian army

“I continue to be very proud of the work our guys are doing in the field,” said Ian Glenn, CEO/CTO of ING Robotic Aviation. “On ops or on training, we are always there for the Canadian Armed Forces.”

13735 Ian Glenn Article


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5 anciens des CMRs descendent en rappel d’un edifice de 24 etages au centre-ville de Montreal / 5 Ex-Cadets from the RMCs rappelled down a 24 story building in Downtown Montreal

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

5 anciens des CMRs descendent en rappel d’un edifice de 24 etages au centre-ville de Montreal le 30 mai dernier dans le cadre de l’activité “Au-fil-de-l’espoir” de la fondation Fais-Un-Voeu Quebec. Fais-Un-Voeu réalise les rêves d’enfants atteints de maladies qui menacent leur vie.

5 Ex-Cadets from the RMCs rappelled down a 24 story building in Downtown Montreal, May 30th, as part of the Rope-For-Hope event, to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Quebec Foundation. The MAW Foundation grants wishes to children with life threatening diseases.


In order from left to right Pierre Sergerie, Harold Arsenault, Paul Raymond, Robert Beauregard, Luc Filiatreault.

If you want t register for next years event, just go to the Rope-for-hope website

Si vous voulez reserver votre place pour l’edition 2015, allez au site de rope-for-hope

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Class of ’65 Well Represented During Ukraine’s Presidential Election

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

Two Ex Cadets from the Class of ’65 observed Ukraine’s presidential election

Special effort was made to select election observers for the Canadian-led mission to monitor Ukraine’s presidential vote who had military or security backgrounds.

Two Ex Cadets fit the bill! In total, Canada deployed 338 election observers.

Ukraine Election Observers 6339 Phil Bury (Photo right) and 6523 Terry Colfer unexpectedly met in Kiev last month.

The two members of the RMC class of ’65 were participating as Election Observers for the Ukraine Presidential Elections that were held 25 May.

Following briefings in the capital, they were deployed to different parts of the country for pre-election days and election day monitoring.

Both Old Brigaders found the experience challenging and rewarding.

Bury and Colfer returned safely to ‘the true north’ at the end of May.

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Ex-Cadets Abroad – Connecting with 3506 Ron Capern who lives in Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador,

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003) interviewed 3506 Commander (Ret’d) Ron Capern (RMC 1952-1956) who lives in Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador, as part of a series of interviews with ex-cadets who live overseas.

e-veritas: Your 27 years of Naval Service included stops in Ontario, BC, Nova Scotia, England and the US.

Ron Capern: I graduation from RMC, with four years in the Stone Frigate, and with Navy summer training at both HMC Dockyard Esquimalt and Royal Roads, I received my commission as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant Engineer Officer [AS/LT(E)]. That was followed by a year at University of Toronto to acquire a BASc in Mechanical Engineering, since RMC did not, at that time, grant degrees.

I travelled to Plymouth, England in 1958 for a one-year Marine Engineering specialist course with the Royal Navy Engineering College at Manadon. While I was there, the RCN called for volunteers for submarine service. In spite of my Army RSM father’s advice, “Never volunteer for anything…” , I did volunteer, and was appointed to the USN Submarine School in New London, CT in June of 1959, as a LT(E).

On completion of the Basic Submarine Officers’ course, I was appointed to USS Crevalle for further training leading to qualification and award of my dolphins. In the Spring of 1961, I was appointed as Weapons Officer of HMCS Grilse (formerly USS Burrfish) and sailed from New London, via the Panama Canal, to Victoria BC.

I was then selected for Post Graduate training in Nuclear Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. So, I spent the next three years (1962-1965) living in Lexington, MA and commuting daily into Cambridge to acquire both a MS degree and a Nucl. Eng. Degree, and being promoted to LCDR(E).

I was then appointed to, and served eight years in NDHQ (1965 – 1973) in various marine and combat systems offices, and was promoted to CDR (E) in 1969. I was subsequently transferred to MARCOM HQ in Halifax, NS, in 1973 as Senior Staff Officer (SSO) for Combat Systems Engineering. I served in that office until 1976, when I was appointed as Commanding Officer, #1 technical Services Unit, also in Halifax.

With nine years in rank, I could see that promotion beyond Commander was probably not going to happen, so I enrolled as a (full time, but evening) student in the Management Faculty of Dalhousie University to study for my MBA (Finance and Accounting), which was granted in 1978.

e-veritas: Your civilian career included stops in The Netherlands, Quebec…

Ron Capern: I left the Service in September 1979, after 27 years and one week service. I joined Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (HSA) in Hengelo, The Netherlands, on retirement from the Navy, and formed a subsidiary company (Nova Signaal) for them in Halifax to assist the Navy in acquiring spare parts for Signaal equipment aboard the DDH 280 Class ships.

Then HSA teamed with Pratt and Whitney in Montreal in (an unsuccessful) joint venture to bid on the Canadian Frigate shipbuilding program, and I was seconded to that program office in Longueuil from 1981 to 1984.

When the P&W / HSA program office folded, I formed my own consulting company. I worked with a group like-minded individuals, many of them retired military, assisting companies in France, Italy, Scotland and the USA, that wished to bid on government defence programs, to prepare their responses to Requests for Proposals.

e-veritas: I understand that your path to retiring in Ecuador involved stops in British Columbia, Australia, and Mexico? Was it challenging as a retired person to achieve permanent residency in a foreign country?

Ron Capern: At age 80 (almost), I am completely retired ! I retired to the Greater Victoria BC area in 1984. In the late 1990s, I was inspired to leave BC by a book, ‘Take Your Money and Run’. By 2006, I had sold my house in Sooke, BC, and had got rid of most of the “stuff” I had acquired during my lifetime. A very severe downsizing it was; I realized that I did not really need all that “stuff” and that it had, in fact, kept me captive for many years.

I decided to visit relatives and see Australia. I bought a motor home, and began to prowl around the south-eastern states of Australia – southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. I had enjoyed Tasmania enough that I thought to settle there, and began enquiries in 2007 with Australian Immigration about acquiring permanent residency. While the government would be delighted to have me buy property and invest in Tasmania, I would have to leave the country every six months. The Australians had no provision, in their immigration policies, for granting permanent residency to retired senior persons.

While “on the road” in OZ, I had subscribed to International Living Magazine, which I received by Internet. In it I had read articles about Merida, Mexico and Cotacachi, Ecuador. A couple of weeks living in Belize in late October 2008 convinced me that I would never be able to handle the climate in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, so I decided to pass on Merida, and to carry straight on to Ecuador – where I arrived at about midnight on 01 November 2008. I have lived in Ecuador almost six years. I emigrated from Canada to Ecuador, where I now live in the village of Cotacachi, about one degree north of the equator, in the Andes mountains – enjoying a very much relaxed life style, and learning Spanish. I chose Cotacachi partly due to the cost of living in Canada, partly a wish to avoid Canadian winters and see some new places.

e-veritas: Any memories or best practices as a tenor drummer with the 1955 RMC pipe band?

Ron Capern: In my fourth year at RMC, I was appointed as Cadet 2 I/C of #5 Squadron. That 2I/C position is somewhat like a US Vice-President position (i.e., only one heart-beat from the Presidency). However, since the Cadet Squadron Leader was as healthy as any other Cadet at RMC, there was virtually no likelihood of becoming the CSL. So, I became a tenor drummer in the 1955 RMC pipe band (having discovered I had no talent for playing even the chanter, much less the pipes).

e-veritas: Living in Ecuador, any tips for keeping in touch with ex-cadets as Class (RR ’54 – RMC ’56) Secretary?

Ron Capern: I have enjoyed receiving your issues of e-Veritas each week during my move to, and time in, Ecuador. It is a great way for me to keep in touch with the Club and the College from here in the very deep south. The Internet has made it fairly easy to maintain contact with my Classmates and I continue to prepare and distribute periodic Class Newsletters – as I receive news from my Classmates about their activities. Naturally, since we are all octogenarians (or close to it), we are all much less active than we were many years ago, and Newsletters are now being published less frequently.

e-veritas: Any special memories or best practices as a former Secretary-Treasurer of the Vancouver Island (VI) Ex-Cadet Club?

Ron Capern: Some 58 years have passed since my graduation, and memories fade with time. However, I have had the pleasure, and good fortune, to have served as the Class (RR ´54 and RMC ’56) Secretary for quite a few years. That has allowed me to keep in touch with my Classmates through Class Newsletters, maintenance of the Class List, and organization of Class reunions. I had the pleasure as serving in the VI Club for some 14 years, and can lay claim to having incorporated the VI Club from the former Vancouver Island branch of the RMC Club. One highlight during that period was organizing the Western Reunion at Royal Roads, on the occasion of that College’s closing in 1995.

e-veritas: What do you usually do in your spare time?

Ron Capern: I have established an Educational Trust to provide for education of local children – few of whom get beyond sixth grade, which is the end of state-sponsored education in Ecuador. To provide funding for the Trust, I have also established an International Business Corporation (IBC). That IBC has invested in several activities, including a vineyard, a forestry project, agriculture, and even gold mining. As part of my retirement (in)activites, I continue to study Spanish. Much of my time is spent reading; either Internet articles about investing profitably, or novels on my Kindle reader. As a type 2 diabetic, I need a fair amount of exercise, so I walk briskly around the town for about one hour per day.

e-veritas: Do you run into many other Canadians, specifically ex-cadets there?

Ron Capern: I currently serve as volunteer “Warden” (a dreadful term, I think – sounds like I am running a prison – but that is the established term for the function coined by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), on behalf of the embassy in Quito, for Canadians living in the Cotacachi area. As a consequence, I am aware of some 15 or so Canadian families here. However, I seldom meet many of them, as I have a very limited social life. I am the only Ex-Cadet living in this area, but I understand that there is one other Ex-Cadet a (relative) youngster, living in Quito – or at least he was, while working on the construction of the new Quito airport.

e-veritas: Do you travel back to Canada regularly?

Ron Capern: I was last in Canada in 2008, just as I was leaving. I had returned from a trip to Australia in 2007 to visit “rellies” there, and to investigate the possibilities of settling there. However, Australian Immigration had no interest in, nor allowances for, elderly immigrants… I may possibly visit Canada during 2015. I still have children and grandchildren living there, and it is probably easier for me to visit them, than for them to visit me because of their employment, or their schooling.

e-veritas: How do you compare your present location with living in Canada?

Ron Capern: Pros: Better weather here (always Springtime here), and a lower cost of living.

Cons: Ecuador is a developing country, so the condition of roads, streets and sidewalks is less than most North American would consider suitable.

e-veritas: What if any were the challenges in adjusting to the local customs /culture etc?

Ron Capern: Language was the greatest challenge. Since I had virtually no Spanish language skills on arrival, and since some (even modest) skill is required to survive, I took language lessons for three years. I am still nowhere near bi-lingual, because my vocabulary tends to be limited that which is required to shop and engage in basic social communication. Also perhaps because of my age I cannot seem to listen fast enough, and the local population seems (to me) to speak very rapidly!

e-veritas: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ron Capern: Two persons (one now deceased) still come to mind whenever RMC is mentioned: the first is the then-College RSM, Mr. Coggins. I think he had the greatest influence, on me and my Classmates, of anyone serving at the College at the time. Also, during my third and fourth years as a student of Mechanical Engineering, then-professor (and now an Honorary Classmate) S102 Flight Lieutenant Jim Moran (RMC 1956).

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Keeping Tabs

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  • Aerospace Engineer; Royal Military College – Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Chemistry; Imperial College London Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

  • Certified Financial Planner at ALP Financial (London Life)

  • FMF Cape Breton Engineering Manager at Canadian Forces

  • Retired!

  • MARS officer at Royal Canadian Navy

  • Maritime Surface and Subsurface Operation Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy

  • Retired at AECL

  • Senior Manager, Business Development at CAE

  • Business Management

  • System Engineer

  • Communications and Electronics Engineering (Air) at Canadian Forces

  • Electrical Mechanical Engineer Officer at Canadian Forces

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South of the Border Guests Get all the “Canadiana” that they Could Handle

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Photo by Capt Yvette Grygoryev -RMCC Public Affairs Officer

Joint Services Academies Alumni Executive Conference (JSAAEC 2014) Canada Style!

This year’s conference participants numbered 32 participants and 11 spouses from the six JSAAEC members. The conference is as much about relationship building and networking as it is about exchanging best practices and ideas. To that end, the conference was enhanced by quintessential Kingston social activities. The Meet and Greet was held at the Battery Bistro at Fort Henry on Wednesday evening which was highlighted by the City’s Town Crier, Chris Whyman, who never fails to make a positive impression.

The conference meetings commenced on Thursday morning with a wonderfully warm welcome from the Commandant, BGen Meinzinger, in Currie Hall. Following that, the conference divided into five break-out groups which catered to the CEOs, Finance, Development, Communications and Marketing, and Alumni Relations. It was amazing to see how much each of the organizations has in common and to share best practices!

On Thursday evening, everyone was treated to a wonderful boat cruise to the fabled 1,000 Islands while being entertained by the talented and amusing Billy Bridger who also provided incredible retirement memories for two long serving JSAAEC members!

8838 Ross McKenzie (Class of 70), the RMC Museum Curator, played a key role in providing our American colleagues with a much better appreciation for both Kingston and RMC. First he provided the on board narration during the guided trolley tour from the historic downtown to the Fort Henry. He later provided a more detailed briefing on Kingston’s strategic military contribution to the evolution of our country and Kingston’s prominent role during the War of 1812 and its consequence which brought the enhanced fortification of the city.

First of all, a Bravo Zulu for our Adjutant of the Old Brigade, 5611 Gerry Stowe, for acting as a tour guide on Friday and again to Ross hosting the private tour of the Museum in Fort Frederick.

As well, many thanks to Commandant, College and the four Cadets for their enthusiastic support and for being such wonderful ambassadors. The presence of Cadets was certainly popular; not only did they act as guides but they also interacted with the conference attendees and allowed them first hand to compare the differences and similarities between cadets.

The conference successfully concluded on Friday with all of our American guests American guests getting all the “Canadiana” that they could handle. Everyone came away enriched with a much clearer understanding of RMCC as well as an appreciation for the beauty and historical significance of Kingston. Fuelled with new ideas and friendships, the conference succeeded in prominently showcasing the College while also deepening the bonds that Canada enjoys with our American counterparts.

Bryan Bailey and Rod McDonald

Photos from 2014 JSAAEC by Curtis Maynard – Here

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The Next Generation

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

The Next Generation

23 years ago, a young Lieutenant(N) Squadron Commander (14944) at RMC persuaded a young Army Captain Squadron Commander (15004) to help him strip down, sand, and refinish two stand-up tables at the Senior Staff Mess because they needed the attention, and no one else seemed to be doing anything about it. The Lieutenant (N) was that type of man – if he saw something that needed doing, he didn’t wait for someone else to do it. Fortunately, the PMC and the Mess Manager of the day were quite generous, laying on a few beers while we worked.

Speed ahead a couple of decades and the same two tables were in pretty rough shape – the solution was obvious. Unfortunately, in the interim, the not so young Lieutenant (N) had passed away from cancer after a heroic battle. However, he and the now slightly older Army officer had each fathered a son – Phillip and Gerard respectively, who were more than eager to undertake the work required to refurbish the tables yet again.


The young men, worked through a long weekend from early morning to late at night in order to finish in time. To accomplish the work, they first carried the tables out to the back deck of the Mess in order to strip and sand the tables without creating a mess in the Mess. The weather did not cooperate at all – rain, 5 degrees, and 40 kph winds made for a pretty miserable first day on the job. Luckily, the weather was more favourable inside of the Mess for the refinishing portion. The PMC and Mess Manager were just as generous this time around supplying Root Beer and Ginger Ale given Phillip and Gerard are still teenagers. It was noticed by the supervisor that he never received any beers though!

The refurbished tables were re-designated in memory of 14944 (30 January 1963 – 29 August 2006).

Just prior to writing this article, we were pleased to hear the great news that Phillip was accepted into RMCC, and will be part of the Class of 2018. Who knows, maybe Phillip and Gerard will have something to do with refurbishing the tables in another 20 or so years.

The final bit of this story proves yet again just how small the world really is. When picking up the new plaques for the tables – the owner of the Trophy House on Sydenham Road, provided the plaques free of charge – it turns out his daughter 25833 had graduated from RMCC the previous year, and is now serving proudly in the RCN.

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Catching Up With the News

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

  • Walter Carter appointed by Obama to head US naval academy Article

  • Siblings Graduate from Different Service Academies Article

  • Anti-spam legislation means headaches for small business  Article

  • Zukunft Relieves Papp as Coast Guard Commandant Article

  • MAY: Obama’s pitiful performance at West Point Article

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Odds & Sods From Around the Peninsula…

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

Odds & Sods From Around the Peninsula…

Jan, Feb, March, April, & May have slipped into the past and June is nearing the mid-way point…

The 90th anniversary of the RMCC Memorial Arch is on Sunday, 15 June. A parade is being planned for Friday, 13 Jun to acknowledge this special occasion. The estimated start time is 1100 hrs. It is contemplated that there will be a Padre component and Historical piece. Dress will be formal with Blazers and Medals for ex-Cadets. Consequently, e-Veritas readers who will be in the area are encouraged to attend.

The June Kingston Branch meeting’s program featured a presentation and discussion about Heritage and the RMC Museum. The lead presenters were Gwyn Griffith and Ed Murray. This topic is very important to the Branch as their primary focus, in support of the College, continues to be “heritage”.

Last Wed (4 June) the Kingston Branch members were joined by the Commandant, 16888 BGen Al Meinzinger for a presentation on heritage at the College. 5256 Gwyn Griffith recounted how the Kingston Branch decided in late 2009 to take advantage of their residences near the College to support both the RMCC Museum and heritage on the Point Fredrick Peninsula. Griff spoke about the many opportunities and challenges his working group initially faced initially culminating in the College artifacts being placed under the care of the RMCC Museum for the first time. The biggest change occurred approximately two years ago when the members became aware of a DND document titled CF Museums – Operations and Administration. When the document was reviewed with the Commandant at that time, he became aware that College was in non-compliance and faced a potential liability.

4459 Ed Murray continued the dialogue explaining how the Commandant subsequently re-organized the previous Museum Committee thereby taking full responsibility for both the Museum and heritage at the College. Under the authority of the Commandant, the Committee has been expanded to include all the major stakeholders. Ed explained more fully the objectives and scope of the committee now re-named the RMCC Heritage and Museum Committee. The committee has successfully completed a number of projects not only in the College but also on the peninsula with the turnover of the War of 1812 Walking Trail. The location of the RMCC Museum in the Martello tower without any environmental controls is a problematic with the result that many areas within the College are being set aside with the authority of the Commandant exclusively for Museum displays thus resolving part of the difficulty. The current Museum Curator,  8057 Ross McKenzie has announced his pending retirement in early 2015. The Committee already had an initiative underway to hire a professionally trained and experienced assistant who should be on board shortly and which should smooth the transition.

More Curtis Maynard photo from the Kingston Branch June Luncheon Here

Club, Executive Director, 13987 Bryan Bailey reports: Summer 2014 Veritas magazine layout continues – delivery  to postal mail boxes should be complete by early July; and the redesign of Club website is nearing completion, fingers are crossed that it will be up and running by next week. We will keep you updated.


An important bit of news was just recently brought to our attention by 25057 Nalae Yang. We are looking into whether the manner in which we alert readers about the current edition of e-Veritas is delivered is legal in terms of Canada’s new anti-spam legislation. Primarily three things that the Anti-spam legislation mentions (1) consent, (2) identification information and (3) an unsubscribe mechanism We have a little time to sort things out before it becomes official 1 July. Stay tuned.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation     FAQs

NOTE: Following posting this article, we found out that the Service is Temporarily Unavailable.

We will monitor and update when available.

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Little Known Facts: Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014

Little Known Facts…

1. An Admiralty anchor recovered from Fury beach on Somerset Island, which originated from Sir W.E. Parry’s (1790-1855) ship, “The Fury” is located on the northeastern corner of the parade square at Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

The anchor was part of the HMS Fury, a vessel under the command of William Edward Parry, who was a British pioneer in the exploration of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago circa 1820. In 1825, the ship was trapped in ice and abandoned on Somerset Island (Fury beach) in the present Nunavut.

2. The starboard side anchor of HMCS Bonaventure was donated by Maritime Command 6 May 1998.  It too is located at Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

The significance of this anchor is that it is one of the two anchors of the NCSM Bonaventure (CVL22), a Majestic-class aircraft carrier. First built for the Royal Navy as HMS Powerful, this aircraft carrier served Canada from 1957 to 1970. It was the last aircraft carrier to serve Canada.

Thanks to Eric Ruel, Curator, Fort Saint-Jean Museum and E3161 Victoria Edwards for the photos, descriptions and the article.

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Meet Some of Our 212 Partners

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212 Partners:

e-Veritas is highly dependent on partners and sponsors.

We have been negligent in not better identifying and promoting our 212 partners and other sponsors / partners. We are currently going through a transition on how we will improve.

Please be patient with us. For now we have a list with a new 212 format. It still needs work.

In the meantime, if you’re in a position – either in your own business – or an executive in a small to middle size company – please help us out and be a 212 partner.

For more info on partnerships & sponsorship options – please contact Bill Oliver – at our business e-mail

e-Veritas compte fortement sur nos partenaires et commanditaires.

Nous sommes présentement dans une période de transition afin d’améliorer la promotion envers nos partenaires 212 ainsi que d’autres commanditaires /partenaires.

Veuillez être patients avec nous. Notre liste avec un nouveau format pour 212 qui est en progrès d’amélioration.

Entre temps – si vous êtes en mesure – soit en affaires ou exécutif d’une compagnie petite ou moyenne – veuillez nous aider en devenant un partenaire 212.

Pour de plus amples renseignements veuillez communiquer avec Bill Oliver par notre courriel d’affaires.



Le Château DuBlanc, résidence de béton d’une architecture européenne dans laquelle règne convivialité, bien-être et charme d’un château de style Renaissance est situé dans un cadre enchanteur, au milieu du Golf Les Légendes, à Saint-Jean sur Richelieu.

Les antiquités, épées, dagues du Château vous donneront l’impression d’être dans une autre époque.

12944 André Durand


Dargewitcz Consulting Corp

17962 Rob Dargewitcz, Founder and Managing Director

Dargewitcz Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of financial consulting services for companies looking to achieve their goals and growth aspirations in the Oil & Gas Industry. Whether the organization is in start up mode or a multinational looking to achieve aggressive growth targets our financial consulting services can create a clear path to success. Dargewitcz Consulting’s years of Oil & Gas Industry experience, combined with deep technical expertise, distinguish it for its strategic analysis work.



12046 Pierre Ducharme, President

Welcome to MARCON, a specialized market research, strategy and management consulting firm. The main goal of our team of experts is to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Bienvenue chez MARCON, une firme conseil spécialisée en reserche marketing, stratégie et gestion. Le but principal de notre équipe de professionnels chevronnés est de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs le plus efficacement possible.



15737 Bryan Brulotte, CD, MA, MBA; President

MaxSys is a professional staffing and solutions firm, offering the best in innovative and creative professional service needs.

MaxSys traces its origins back to 1993. All the experience, quality and professionalism that you have come to expect from a national firm are offered by MaxSys. Since 1993, we have been providing quality contract and temporary help services to the private and public sector.

MaxSys is committed to Employment Equity objectives and is proud to have served many clients in this regards ensuring a more representative proportion of working people in designated groups.


RTI Group

11756 Les Chapman, Chief Operating Officer

A leading global, multidisciplinary, forensic engineering consulting firm that provides world class investigative, expert witness, legal visuals media, safety, security, and education services to law firms, insurers, corporations, and governments. Offices in Annapolis, San Francisco, London, Panama & Bahrain.


Shipley Canada Corp

7264 Ross Betts, President

At the core of the Shipley expertise is the full, broad spectrum of Business Development (BD) from very early-stage strategic positioning through to successful proposals and post-contract-award transitioning. Shipley injects rigour and discipline into the various stages of the BD process by bringing to bear sophisticated, well-documented applications of best practices and next practices.

Engineering and Project Management Services

TimmiTprovides a wide range of engineering and project management services as well as technical editing and writing services for requests for proposals (RFPs), proposals, and contracts. TimmiT has special expertise in editing technical papers for those writing in English as a second language (ESL).

Feel free to explore these online engineering notes for information about how TimmiT can make your life easier. Site. (The person behind TimmiT is 11497 Tim Green)


Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited

10950 David Hall, CMA, FCSI, CSWP – Portfolio Manager, Investment Selection & Money Management

Burgeonvest Bick’s promise to you is:

-Professional Advisors who share a belief in our Mission and Values – independent, objective and unbiased advice and service.

-A full range of investment offerings which allow our Advisors to customize a portfolio to maximize products and services that are suitable and appropriate for you in an environment free of corporate pressures or influences.

-Personalized and customized service.

-Fee and compensation disclosure with maximized transparency.

-Useful technology such as online financial tools, online account access, and access to online information sources.


Elizabeth Summers: CFP FMA FCSI – Financial Planner

Currently the Financial Planner for the TD Wealth Investor Center, and at the wonderful Westside Village branch of TD Canada Trust in Victoria BC.


Information Technology


12833 Pierre Lafond, President

Holonics helps public sector organizations improve information collection and sharing and preserve corporate knowledge through best-value information management and collaboration solutions.

With nearly two decades delivering information system solutions and expert services, we have developed a strong balance of business knowledge, data management expertise and technical implementation skills to meet the unique demands of our clients.



Acme Concord Corp

17138 Steve Godreau, President and Sales & Key Account Manager

21832 Derek Niles, Director of Ontario Sales & Operations

Acme Concord is a professional technical sales company that focuses its efforts and resources on selling quality products, while adding value to select customers via strong partnerships with select suppliers.

Our focus will be on those products that provide value to our customers and are best represented via a consultative, technical sales presentation.



Patriot Law Group

14019 Edward Gallagher, Founder and Partner

At Patriot Law Group, we help clients manage and resolve the legal issues they face, both routine and unexpected.

We are a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to providing high-quality, cost-effective legal services in a range of areas, including family law, small business, real estate, and wills and estates.

Our service area includes greater Edmonton and beyond, including Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Red Deer and Calgary. In addition, we assist Canadian Forces personnel posted around the world.


The Law Offices of Thomas H. Marshall, Q.C.

4803 Thomas H. Marshall, Owner and Senior Litigator

We assist Ontario families with their various legal needs including family law and divorce, real estate, general litigation, employment, wills and estate planning. We effectively utilize alternative settlement methods including negotiation and mediation to prevent avoidable litigation and achieve results.

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Careers / Carrières

Posted by rmcclub on June 8th, 2014


Analyst EngineerIngénieur analyste

Argon 18, Montreal

Android DeveloperDeveloppeur Android

Mighty Cast, Montreal

Planning Coordinator (Temporary 6 months)Coordonnateur planification (Temporaire 6 mois)

Agropur, Longueuil

Frame Specialist R&DSpécialiste Chassis R&D

B-PWR Conception inc., Canada

Mechatronic Specialist R&DSpécialiste Mécatronic R&D

B-PWR Conception inc., Canada

Senior Project Manager / Building / Civil and Maritime InfrastructuresGestionnaire Principal de projets / Bâtiments / Infrastructures civiles et maritimes

Travaux publics et services gouvernementaux Canada, Montreal, Quebec & Rimouski

Stock Management Coordinator (Temporary 6 months)Coordonnateur planification (Temporaire 6 mois)

Agropur, Saint-Hubert

Specialist DistributionSpécialiste Distribution

Sanofi, Kirkland

Software Support Analyst- Analyst de soutien logiciel

ColasCanas Inc., Montreal

Scientist Advanced Building SystemsChercheur/Chercheuse, Systèmes de construction avancés

FPinnovations, Quebec City

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