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 In This Issue 31:

Ex Cadets In The News…

Class Notes…

Chuck Oliviero Lives Up to Advanced Hype

Direct from Panet House

RMC Foundation Top 10 Classes – #4 – Class of 1953

Jen Ochej Meets Up With 9143 Bruce McAlpine ‘72

1958 Perspective from a Prominent Professsor: Is ROTP A Failure?

We Remember: 1960, One of the Best Skylarks

Perpetrated by the RMC Cadets All Time & More

Recruits Tip Their Toes in the Water Before the Real Fun Begins

C’est la rentrée au Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean!

Keeping Tabs…

CISM W Volleyball – Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Quiz By E3161 Victoria Edwards…

Who am I…?



Jobs – Careers / Carrières 





Morale building quotes from General of the Army George C. Marshall:

“Don’t fight the problem, decide it.”

“Go right straight down the road, to do what is best, and to do it frankly and without evasion.”

“When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective.”

“I can’t expect loyalty from the Army if I do not give it.”

George Catlett Marshall, Jr. (December 31, 1880 – October 16, 1959) was an American soldier and statesman famous for his leadership roles during World War II and the Cold War. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Secretary of State, and the third Secretary of Defense. He was hailed as the “organizer of victory” by Winston Churchill for his leadership of the Allied victory in World War II,[4] Marshall served as the United States Army Chief of Staff during the war and as the chief military adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Marshall’s name was given to the Marshall Plan, subsequent to a commencement address he presented as Secretary of State at Harvard University in the June of 1947. The speech recommended that the Europeans collectively create their own plan for rebuilding Europe after World War II noting, “It is logical that the United States should do whatever it is able to do to assist in the return of normal economic health in the world.” The State Department developed most of the plan, and Truman was shrewd enough to let Marshall’s name be attached to it. Unlike Truman, Marshall was widely admired by members of both political parties. Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for the plan, which was aimed at the economic recovery of Western Europe after World War II.[5]

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Ex Cadets In The News…

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24912 Capt Jeremy Whalen (right), who flew the special cargo to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta. Jeremy was a varsity soccer player (goalie); Cadet Wing Commander in his final year at RMCC. Article   Previous e-Veritas article - Out of Japan in the Nick of Time


Canadian Army Debuts Uniform Prototype

“The unveiling of the prototype uniform is an important step in restoring the historical identity of the Canadian Army. There is a certain element of pride that we can all feel knowing that we are honouring previous generations, as we return to the common use of important symbols of the Canadian Army.”

14472 Brigadier-General Karl McQuillanArticle


Command of 19 Wing Comox changes hands

“It is a great honour to be taking over the “Best Wing in the Air Force” – I can see that all members take great pride in their mission protecting Canada and Canadians.

My family and I also truly appreciate the warm hospitality that we have been shown by this wonderful community since our arrival. We are really looking forward to getting to know the Wing, the area and its people.”


17829 Colonel Tom Dunne, 19 Wing Commander – Article


PPCLI celebrations draw huge crowds in Edmonton

“It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our soldiers, their families and our equipment, and welcome Edmontonians onto the base,” said 1 CMBG commander Trevor Cadieu. “This brigade and the PPCLI have enjoyed tremendous support from the community over the years so this is a way to thank Canadians for their support.”

20043 Trevor Cadieu – Article

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Class Notes…

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We’re pleased  to let our readers know that 18866 Eva M. Martinez (Class of ’93)  has been selected as the 2014 recipient of the Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Award in the Business category.

Elsie MacGill was the world’s first female aircraft designer, working as an aeronautical engineer during WWII.  The Northern Lights Foundation’s mission is to recognize outstanding women in aviation and aerospace to inspire and encourage increased participation in these industries by heightening their visibility as role models; promoting awareness of the vast opportunities in all sectors; ensuring organizations recognize and benefit from women’s diverse and untapped talents.

Eva  is in the company of some pretty amazing women including Roberta Bondar – Canada’s first woman astronaut!  She is receiving the same award under the Pioneer category and will be the keynote speaker for the awards dinner to be held Friday September 26.




Eva Martinez is a graduate of both the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering; she holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Management with a specialty in Aerospace. Eva served in Royal Canadian Air Force from 1989 to 2002 as an Aeronautical Engineer, retiring at the rank of Major.

During her military career, Eva helped the Chilean Air Force and the Guatemalan Army with the integration of women into their respective militaries. Most notably, Eva participated in the United Nations Mission to Guatemala (MINUGUA) as Canada’s first female military observer as part of an international contingent responsible for overseeing a ceasefire following the end of a 36-year old civil war.

Eva is currently a Director at UTC Aerospace Systems Landing Systems. She participates on several Boards including Women in Aerospace Canada , the Air Cadet League of Canada (Ontario Provincial Committee), and the Spanish Speaking Education Network.

Eva lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband, Bill Foster, and their three children – Emi (9), Ken (4), and Willa (3).

You can see the profiles of the other 2014 recipients at this link:

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Chuck Oliviero Lives Up to Advanced Hype

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Kingston Branch Aug Luncheon was once again well attended. Prior to the meal many of the Ex Cadets from the area met up for a cool one. Pictured above are (L-R) Ron Mann, Chuck Oliviero who happened to be the guest speaker and Donald “Dusty” Miller. Also spotted in the crowd and visiting from the Ottawa was 6560 Andrew Nellestyn.

Chuck Oliviero Lives Up to Advanced Hype


The monthly luncheon for the RMC Club – Kingston Branch was held last week ( 6 Aug).

The guest speaker was 10982 Dr. Charles (Chuck) Oliviero. Chuck is currently employed by Calian Technologies as the National Contract Wide Coordinator for the six simulation centres in the Canadian Army. He is also an Assistant Professor (pro tem) at Royal Military College of Canada and an Adjunct Professor of Military History at Norwich University, America’s oldest private military academy. He is also the Secretary for the Class of 1976.

The Branch had been trying to have Chuck speak at a luncheon for a good long time. He came highly recommended as a great speaker with a very interesting topic.

His highly interesting talk centered around of what Calian is all about. In his words:  “The best kept secret in the Canadian Forces”. The 45 minute presentation – without any talking points or visuals aids certainly caught the attention of all in attendance.  Which was obvious, by the far ranging questions which were asked. So much so, a number of the Ex Cadets are looking into paying a visit to the Army Simulation Centre, which is located at CFB Kingston in the building which was once the Anderson gymnasium to see first-hand, this state of the art equipment in action.

Chuck took the audience on an interesting journey; in what is currently happening and why Canadian Army are recognized as World leaders with this type of technology.

More photos by Curtis Maynard from the luncheon here

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Direct from Panet House

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Direct from Panet House


The train is winding into the station and the 2014 / 15  RMCC year is soon to begin.

This week the two day RMCC Staff Orientation starts on Monday; a three week (11 – 29 Aug) Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) Orientation Camp will be held. Monday to Wednesday (13 – 15 Aug) the Training Wing Workshop will take place. Next week – 16 – 29 Aug varsity rugby and soccer players will start training for their respective upcoming seasons.

Needless to say, by the time the Class of 2018 March through the Arch – 23 Aug the train will have left the station.

Panet House was the site of a nice visit last week.

Panet House has been around the college since 1903. Over those 111 or so years, except when it was closed following a fire for 10 years (1951 – 1961) it was the home for a number of families.

8738 BGen (ret) Marcel Parisien, his wife Janet, son E3838 Guy his wife and two children dropped by and walked through the house they called home from 1992 -95.  For two years, Marcel was Director of Cadets – the last year(94-95) he  actually moved to Ste Jean, PQ and was the last commandant of CMR.

The rest of the family stayed in Kingston and were the last residents of Panet House. It was interesting to listen to them recall the memories of what happen in what room and when. The grandchildren were soaking it all in and genuinely looked as though they were enjoying the experience.

Shortly after the Parisien family moved out, major renovations were taken place in Yeo Hall and a number of offices -Padres / Foods staff moved into Panet House; took over the second and third floors. H3439 Doug Youngson, Executive Director of the Club, 3625 Art Wade, Executive VP of the Foundation and office manager, S115 Joy Fehr moved out of a back room in the Massey Library and took over over the first floor.

In 1997 the Padres & Log folks returned to Yeo Hall when the renovations were completed. The Club and the Foundation staffs which were slowly growing in size took over the space in the entire building.

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RMC Foundation Top 10 Classes – #4 – Class of 1953

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#1 Class of 1966

#2 Class of 1965

#3 Class of 1969

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Jen Ochej Meets Up With 9143 Bruce McAlpine ‘72

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9143 Bruce McAlpine ‘72 – President at Fulcrum Search Science Inc.

By: Jen Ochej

Like many young cadets, 9143 Bruce McAlpine grew up in a military family and found that attending military college was a logical first step into adulthood.

“I was accustomed to the military life. It was part of what I always planned to do,” recalls McAlpine on the phone from his office in Toronto.

While studying electrical engineering at CMR and RMC from 1967 to 1972, McAlpine swam and played water polo, the seasons for which sadly coincided with that of the other sport he wished to play: hockey. It would seem that the university course load, water sports, and a courtship with the woman who would become his wife during graduation week in 1972 were enough to keep the young cadet busy, though, without the addition of one more sport!

After spending four years as an infantry officer in Val Cartier, McAlpine left the Forces for a position with Xerox in the Hamilton area. From there, he and his young family moved on to first McMaster and then York universities, where he completed an MBA.

McAlpine’s first business venture was a company called Marketing Systems Inc., a development company for business-to-business sales organizations, which he ran for six years before selling the company and moving on to the Executive Search industry.

Now forty-two years removed from his RMC graduation, McAlpine is the President of Fulcrum Search Science Inc. and a mainstay of the Executive Search world who is a former President of his national industry association, Chair of the Ethics Committee for the same, and an accredited national industry trainer. Behind all that success is the firm foundation he says he received through his military college training.

“The disciplines that you learn are hugely transferrable. The self-discipline, [and the] value system that’s instilled through the College system; truth, duty, and valour— it certainly stands you in good stead, the whole idea of personal integrity and keeping commitments that you make, and doing everything to the best of your ability. I think [those] are fundamental to success in business,” McAlpine reflects. “I think also there’s perseverance that comes through the military college system; you don’t leave until a job’s finished. So if you’re committed to doing something, you will see it through. It’s not a question of 9-to-5, it’s a question of getting the job done, and whatever it takes, whatever obstacles need to be overcome, you just realize you’ve got to do it— it’s not optional.”

All these years later, McAlpine is not only strongly influenced by his time with the military college but is still very much involved. He has participated three times (2001, 2006 & 2011) in Chasse-Galerie, an initiative of the Class of 1971 which raises funds for the Major Danny McLeod Endowment Fund, an experience he has cherished at each opportunity.

Serving also on the Executive Committee for the Club, McAlpine co-authored The Road Ahead, a year-long strategic review looking at some of the challenges facing the Club and making recommendations for its continued success. Beyond that involvement, he is also a part of the Toronto chapter of Treble Victor, the national organization Canada Company, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto. All these organizations and initiatives allow the former infantry officer to remain connected to what was a vital and formative period in his life.

“The life-changing experiences, and the camaraderie and the bonds that you build there are so fundamental to your life value system that it becomes a very, very important part of your life,” McAlpine says. “Even right now, when I go back there, I get a visceral, emotional feeling about going through the buildings, about walking cautiously across the parade square… It’s amazing how emotionally connected we all are to the college, and we begin to realize the value it played in our lives only later on, as we look back on our career and realize how formative that was.”

As each new adventure arises, McAlpine’s undeniable link to the college is reinforced, in sometimes surprising and unexpected ways, as with an upcoming hiking trip on Canada’s west coast.

“I’m planning a week-long hike this coming September— we’re going to do the West Coast Trail. It’s billed as one of the most arduous hiking trails in North America, and three out of the four of us will be ex-cadets! So that should be fun,” McAlpine explains with a note of anticipation in his voice. “The Club has really been helpful; we were looking for transportation to get from Victoria out to the trailhead and back, and I just [wrote] to the president of the Victoria chapter of the Club and problem solved! They’re going to look after us out there, so the Club connections really help. It’s great to have that network.”

With the task of implementing the recommendations outlined in The Road Ahead, a nomination for First Vice President of the Club on the table, and many ongoing personal and business connections, McAlpine’s close ties to the College have certainly stood the test of time and will continue to do so ad infinitum. Says McAlpine with a laugh,

“I didn’t realize how big a part of my life [the College] was until I started listing these things!”

Jen Ochej is a journalist and freelancer in the music industry, currently completing an internship at Eggplant Entertainment in Toronto as part of the Government of Nova Scotia’s Emerging Music Business Program. She is most often found wherever live music is being played and dreams of one day working as a Tour Manager. She has also contributed an article which was published in the RMC Club Veritas magazine.

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1958 Perspective from a Prominent Professsor: Is ROTP A Failure?

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We Remember: 1960, One of the Best Skylarks Perpetrated by the RMC Cadets All Time & More

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Recruits Tip Their Toes in the Water Before the Real Fun Begins.

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1st year Recruits ready for CFLRS

by E7830 OCdt A. Castle, an ALOY cadet who has joined the ROTP program as a new recruit

Last Wednesday, 6 August close to 200 “recruits” arrived at RMCC. The group stayed around the peninsula until Saturday when they headed off to Saint- Jean, PQ; where they immediately commenced an intense two week indoctrination period at the  Canadian Forces Leadership Recruit School. During the four days in Kingston, the recruits completed the in-clearance process and have started to learn basic military skills such as leadership, deportment, and drill.

They are slated to return to Kingston, Saturday, 23 August when they will commence a month of First Year Orientation Period (FYOP). They will be officially received into the Wing at the Badging Ceremony – all part of Reunion Weekend including the  Obstacle Course – 26 / 27 / 28 Sep.

 More photos of the 2014 by Curtis Maynard recruits here

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C’est la rentrée au Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean!

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C’est la rentrée au Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean!

Ajouté par Nicolas Laffont

Certains la craignent, d’autres avaient hâte d’y être, quoi qu’il en soit c’est bel et bien la rentrée pour 150 nouveaux élèves-officiers au Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean. a passé les premières heures avec eux.

Moment attendu et redouté par les familles, la séparation entre l’enfant et les parents a eu lieu dans le bâtiment principal du CMR Saint-Jean. Pour certains, c’est la première fois que la séparation sera aussi longue.

«C’est dur de me contenir, mais je suis excité!», nous dit Octavian Zara, alors qu’il vient tout juste d’intégrer l’escadron Richelieu. «Je suis prêt, j’ai hâte de voir comment cela va se dérouler. J’ai pas peur des nouvelles choses», précise le nouvel élève-officier, très enthousiaste.

Si d’un côté, les nouveaux élèves-officiers se font expliquer ce qui les attend par le sergent Olsen dans l’ampithéâtre du Collège, il en va de même du côté des familles, où le major Alain Proulx a pris les choses en main pour apaiser les craintes des pères et des mères.

Au cours des cinq prochaines semaines, les 150 jeunes hommes et femmes qui viennent d’intégrer le Collège, deviendront des militaires des Forces armées canadiennes, avec un Programme d’orientation conçu pour leur donner la base de la vie militaire.

Les premiers jours seront surtout consacrés à toute la partie administrative, mais très bientôt, les vraies choses vont commencer et les pratiques de drills vont s’enchaîner à un rythme effréné, jusqu’à culminer avec la traditionnelle course à obstacles, qui aura lieu le vendredi 5 septembre.


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Keeping Tabs…

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Aerospace Engineer at Canadian Forces

Cargo Warehousing Manager at Canadian Armed Forces

Retired RCAF/CF Engineering Test Pilot

Canadian Army Comptroller at Canadian Forces

Vice President, Product Development – Fantasy Games and Social Media

Flight Instructor at Edmonton Flight College

Former rugby player now Engineer Officer

Commanding Officer – 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron

2013 UTPNCM graduate

Cyber Defence Military Attaché

Former Arabic Language Training Student

Director of Strategic Plans and Synchronization at Canadian Armed Forces

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CISM W Volleyball – Rio De Janiero, Brazil

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15th World Military Women’s Volleyball Championship

On August 4th, 2014 the official opening ceremonies of the 15th World Military Women’s Volleyball Championships commenced at the Army Physical Training Center, Rio De Janiero, Brazil.  There are five women’s teams competing – Brazil, Canada, China, Germany and the Netherlands.  They are playing a round robin format with the final match on Sunday August 9th.  Representing Team Canada are members from all of the CAF, including three current OCdts and various alumni.


Maj Marilyn Bernier (Manager)

WO Darral Rafuse (Coach)

WO Richard Amos (Assistant Coach)

Maj Daniel Crumback (Trainer)


Kristen Cohen

Cassidy Chang (III) 4 Sqn

Sarah Degen,

Melissa McCoy

Glynis Rogers

Danielle Vortisch (IV) 12 Sqn

Emmanuëlle Gratton,

Chelsey Litjens

Carrie DeRoo

Nicole Behnke (III) 11 Sqn

Britt Desbarres

Vanessa St-Georges

For results and host information, the official website is:

CISM Team Canada Facebook page:

Teams are gearing up for the 6th World Military Games, Korea 2015:

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Quiz By E3161 Victoria Edwards…

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Quiz by E3161 Victoria Edwards…

The Royal Military College of Canada has a collection of British Regimental Silver, which had belonged to the 100th Regiment and, later, to the 1st Battalion, The Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment. The 1st Battalion was raised as the 100th Regiment of Foot in Canada in March 1858. The Leinster Regiment was, through the work of a former Colonel of the Regiment, Major-General Upton Prior associated with two distinguished Canadian regiments: 10th Royal Grenadiers of Toronto and 100th Grenadiers of Winnipeg. Major General George Upton Prior first joined the Leinster Regiment, then the 100th Regiment of Foot, in the 1860s.

1. The battalion officers had originally donated a collection of British Regimental silver to the officers’ mess of which regiment?

A) Royal Canadian Regiment

B) Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

C) 10th Royal Grenadiers of Toronto

D) 100th Grenadiers of Winnipeg

E) Governor General’s Foot Guards


2. The Government of Canada placed the Leinster Regiment silver collection, in trust, with the Commandant of the RMC in what year?

A) Col Edward Osborne Hewett (1886)

B) 151 LGen Sir Archibald Macdonell (1922)

C) 1841 Brigadier D.G. Cunningham (1948)

D) 2364 Air Commodore Leonard Birchall (1966)


3. The Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment’s silver is on display at Royal Military College of Canada in    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A) Commandant’s residence and Commandant’s office

B) Currie Hall and Senate Chamber

C) Senior Staff Mess (Officers Mess) and Museum (Fort Frederic).

D) Sawyer Building and Fort Haldimand

4. A plaque which enumerates the Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment locations of service is on display in RMC’s…

A) Senior Staff Mess

B) Museum (Fort Frederic).

C) Currie Hall

D) Senate Chamber

E) Massey Library

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Who am I…?

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Who am I…?

While at RMC I was a member of the varsity hockey Redmen and played for “The Major”.

I started out after graduation as a CELE Officer with 1st Canadian Signals Regiment in Kingston.

  • I attended medical school at McMaster University, and interned there before becoming a general duty medical officer.

  • I served as Base Surgeon in Shilo, Manitoba, and in Winnipeg before training in orthopaedic surgery.

  • While in Shilo I played Base hockey and for a local senior team.

  • Prior to retirement, I was Head of the Orthopedic Section at the National Defense Medical Centre in Ottawa.

  • During the First Gulf War, I was Commanding Officer, Canadian National Medical Augmentation Team, a Canadian team of 13 medical professionals deployed to the Gulf aboard the USNS Mercy, a 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ship. For this, I received a Certificate of Commendation from the United States Navy and acknowledgement and thanks from the Minister of National Defense.

  • After leaving the military, I ultimately settled in Syracuse, NY, where I worked at Upstate Medical University as a general orthopedist, and trauma surgeon.

Am I…?

a. 8378 Bas Wheeler

b. 7675 Ken MacCauley

c.7602 Tom Smallman or

d. 6810 Gilles Nappert

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