In This Issue 13

In This Issue 13:

CDS Statement on Royal Military College of Canada /
Déclaration du chef d’état-major de la Défense sur le Collège militaire royal du Canada
SSAV Report: What Cadets & the Media Are Saying
Ex Cadets & more in the news
7340 David Blaney – Class of ’67 memories:
From shaking hands with MND, Paul Hellyer to the death of a ‘bud’
Golden Oldies
Looking back 51 years: H7543 Joe Day
Keeping Tabs…
The Canadian Global Affairs Institute “Fellows”: 4 Ex Cadets
Opinion: Maybe it’s Time to Re-Think Our Notion of “Physical Fitness”
Soon-to-be-graduates: Wise to pay heed
2 future CAF leaders sharing a few thoughts
What’s Happening At RMC
Message Board / Affiche de Messages 
The Matriarch—a Towering Leader at 5’ 2”: With Canadian Roots
Deaths | Décès

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi

Previous articles you may have missed:

5533 GLENN ALLEN : Remembers Well His Appointment to CWC & More
H3439 Doug (Digger) YOUNGSON – Class of 1955 – ‘Class Act’
22716 Jessica Davis, Class of 2003 has published her first book! / Class of 1966 – claiming Dave Dorman  
The mile and a half is back! Now called the 2.4km run
The Calling of an Engineer / L’Engagement de l’ingénieur
Varsity Awards / AWOD: Through the Eyes of a III Year   

Branches and Classes – We Need Your Help With The Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign /
Promotions et divisions : la campagne « Vérité, devoir, vaillance » a besoin de vous

Prestigious Leadership Award to be Presented to Astronaut Chris Hadfield in Hamilton /
Un prestigieux prix de leadership sera présenté à l’astronaute Chris Hadfield à Hamilton

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour

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