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Kingston Branch April Luncheon – Yeo Hall – Wednesday , 6 April

In case you missed it, here are the arrangements:

We will gather at the usual time, 1130 hrs in the cadet mess, behind the new gym – 2nd floor Yeo Hall. There, enjoy the usual libations, buy a meal ticket and mix and mingle. At 1220 hrs, make your way to the cadet dining hall downstairs and enjoy lunch with a table of cadets. I leave it to you to sort yourselves out. Sharp at 1300, please reassemble upstairs in the cadet mess where we will have a presentation from one cadet from each of the four years.

Note: There is an elevator in Yeo Hall with access inside, beside the north entrance (Fort Lasalle side).

Reg Watts,  President. Kingston Branch – RMC Club of Canada

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