In This Issue 15




A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status: Chapeau aux membres suivants qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club:

3237 John S Mothersill; 3209 Joseph B Ford; 5842 Nigel W Van Loan; 4265 Richard Eaton; RRA12 Daniel Farrell; 10162 C. Brian Palmer; 16073 Stephen J Brown, Lifetime Membership; 22430 Jon W.J.; 3697 Donal A.L Lefroy; 8972 Roger Roger Sashaw;

M0135 Don W McLeod; 2515 GC Baker; 2716 James Wilken; 3276 William Evans;5237 Robert Craig; 16414 Michael C Colwell, Lifetime membership; 2979 Donald JG McKinnon.

In This Issue 15:

RMCC Commission Report

We Need Help! Nous avons besoin d’un coup de pouce!

What are these 24 up to these days…?

Class Notes

Catching Up With the News

Once Upon a Time They Were Officer Cadets

History Marches Through the Gates of RMCC

Remembering Sergeant Major J.E. Coggins, MBE,CD – Born 16 April 1904

Call for Papers The Royal 22e Regiment on all Fronts-

Appels à contribution Le Royal 22e Régiment sur tous les Fronts

(IV) English Symposium: Heritage, Diversity, Futures

Warrior Wilderness Training to Learning How to Plan an Expedition

3069 W.A. McColl’s – II Year – 1951: “watching the Wolfe Islander

come across and several times it seemed as if she wouldn’t make it to the mainland”

Careers | Carrières

Deaths | Décès

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