In This Issue 27

Thank you / merci comment from astronaut

22911 Joshua Kutryk


In This Issue 27:

(3) Reunion Weekends 2017, Registration / (3) Fins de semaines des retrouvailles 2017, inscription
Cérémonie de passation de commandement CMR Saint-Jean / RMC Saint-Jean Change of Command Ceremony
Impressive DCdt CoC Ceremony: 20478 Chris Ayotte takes over from 19401 Chris Renahan
Who is this guy? 20478 COLONEL C.C. AYOTTE, CD – RMCC new Director of Cadet
Ex Cadets and more in the news / Anciens et autres dans les nouvelles
2017 Grad: “Help my dad return to Canada”
Golden Oldies
Ethics and Operations – 8027 Ron A. Dickenson
Aspiring pilot learning the A,B,Cs of flying: No life like it!
2017 Legacy Dinner info & Keeping Tabs
RMCC professor and MPA Student Explore Borders and Security in the Arctic
Nijmegen Team: Mentally, physically fit & ready to go
Message Board / Affiche de Messages
The Island—The Enemy that wasn’t There


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi


Astronaut 22911 Joshua Kutryk (Class of ’04): Feedback from ‘other buds’
Sandra Perron: Comments on the ‘Out Standing in the Field’ – Book Review by Mike Kennedy  The 3rd Annual

Golf Classic / Le 3ième Golf classique annuel
Golden Oldies 


The Platoon Competition

8475 Rem Westland: Getting from There to Here

11 July 2017: Depart with Dignity – 21991 Major Paul Hungler

Birchall Leadership Award Dinner – 28 Oct

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour

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