In This Issue 45

To those of you who will be celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus on the 25 December – Merry Christmas. To everyone – Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Pour ceux qui célébrerons la naissance de Jésus le 25 décembre – Joyeux Noël.
Et à tous joyeuses fêtes et bonne et heureuse Année!!


In This Issue 45:

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Kipling’s Ultraman;

Insider’s View: Major Geneviève Lehoux;

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY);

Dîner Vimy 2008;

Where are they now?

An Officer, A Gentleman, And Then A CISM TKD Competitor;

Ex-Cadets in the News;

Catching Up With the News;

Commandant Series;

Who Am I?

Notices / Avis;

Deaths / Décès:

BIRCH-JONES, Sonia (nee Rubenstein); and

The year in Snapshots; and

We Get E-Mails.


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