In This Issue 6

In This Issue 6:

Ex-Cadets in the News
19894 Erin O’Toole: Running to be our next PM
Retirement & 8 more ‘buds’ step-up
Golden Oldies
Winter of ’17, on the peninsula
Drug testing at the two military colleges
Getting to know the CWC / Quelques mots pour vous faire connaître le CWC
Band Leader, Aldwin Albino: Consummate artist
Keeping Tabs
26374 Marie-Claire Pharand
Collège Militaire royal de Saint-Jean Liste du Directeur des études (Tableau d’honneur)
Looking Back Feb 2010
How can a commander love his troops and yet send them to their deaths?
The Mortar Carrier—Rebuilding a “Track”
Deaths | Décès

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi


Notice: Many of the links for the archives going back to Issue 11 / 2016 are under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Attention : nous procédons actuellement à l’entretien de plusieurs des liens qui mènent au numéro 11 / 2016. Toutes nos excuses pour le dérangement.

Previous articles you may have missed:

Military Colleges’ connection: Saluting former, current and want-to-be astronauts /

Lien avec les collèges militaires : les anciens, actuels et futurs astronautes

Prestigious Leadership Award to be Presented to Astronaut Chris Hadfield in Hamilton /
Un prestigieux prix de leadership sera présenté à l’astronaute Chris Hadfield à Hamilton18777

Sébastien Bouchard: named incoming commandant / nommé nouveau commandant du Collège militaire royal du Canada

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour

The RMC Battlefield Tour 2017 is happy to announce that it will be launching a Twitter account dedicated to this year’s trip.  The account will be updating followers in real time as the tour progresses through the Canadian battlefields of the First and Second World War with photos and video of the experience.  If you would like to follow, just go to, sign up and follow @RMC_BT_2017.

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