What have ALOY, II, III & IV Years Been Up To?

Most readers understand that traditionally, at this time of the year,  a major focus on what is happening in and  around the college centres on FYOP. However ALOY, II, III, & IV Years have things going on too. Following is a glimpse of happened last Wed at their their first Professional Development session of the school year.


Articles coordinated by: 27340 OCdt (IV) Léonard Legault Cadet Wing Internal Information Officer (CWIIO)



Weapons handling training begins / La formation sur la manipulation des armes commence 

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II Years

The Personal Development (PD) training that took place on Wednesday September 5th consisted of one hour of Drill practice for the second year cadets. Under the watchful eye of squadron commanders, and squadron NCOs, second year cadets lead their flights through various drill movements on the parade square. This PD served as a useful refresher for returning second year cadets, allowing us to brush up on our drill in preparation for the upcoming badging parade. Permitting second years to call drill for their flights provides more than simply a refresher on basic foot drill, it also allows second year cadets the opportunity to improve their abilities at calling drill, a skill that will become critical not only as future barman but throughout their military careers. Drill practice is by no means the most popular PD at RMC, it is nonetheless essential in order to instill the vital military ethos all successful future officers must possess.


III Years

PD for the third-year cadets at on Wednesday September 5th was one hour of drill practice outside on the parade square. Under the leadership of the squadron NCOs, cadets practiced basic foot drill as well as taking turns practicing calling out drill commands for their respective squadrons.

Third year is when cadets at the College begin to take on leadership positions, and being able to call out commands effectively is a vital skill a cadet needs to have should they hold a position on parade that calls them to do so. Even for those cadets that do not hold bar positions this semester, there is a good chance they may at some point in their future at the College, so the experience is valuable to have.

Although no one was excited to hear that they would be doing drill practice for their Wednesday morning, the hour was put to good use and cadets had ample time afterwards to shower off their sweat before beginning the school day.


IV Years

This week, the fourth year class participated in a professional development session with the Cadet Wing Commander (CWC) and the class senior and 2iC. The briefing began at 0800 when the class of 2019 shuffled into Currie Hall to hear about the CWC’s expectations and vision for the first semester.

The CWC, OCdt Colin de Grand Pré, spoke of the importance of setting a positive example for junior cadets. He noted that, as the most senior cadets in the college, we are responsible for mentoring the younger years and developing them into successful leaders.

After the CWC concluded his address, our class senior and 2iC, Ryley Mackin and Riley Ewing, respectively, discussed their plans for the semester. This included mention of our upcoming class project, future fourth year social events, and announcing a proposal for the class gift.

Fourth year is an exciting time and, with the strong leadership of the CWC and class senior, the Class of 2019 is sure to make its mark on RMC.


RMC takes first place at Iron Warrior / Le CMR prend la première place à Iron Warrior

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