“Medieval Fun and Activity Day” – Hosted by Class of ’15

Medieval Fun and Activity Day

Written by 26276 OCdt (I) Logan Moore

On Saturday May 5th, the class of 2015 hosted a “Medieval Fun and Activity Day” at the Kingston Military Community Sports Center. This event was meant to involve the first year Officer Cadets with the Kingston community and was aimed at children ages 5-11 from organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and Girl Guides of Canada.

The children started arriving at around 10 am and the fun began! The event consisted of 13 medieval themed games, each run by a different squadron. Each game was run by an activity coordinator from that squadron and they were rotated every 20 minutes. The kids were put into groups and paired up with a first year that was to take them to each activity and have some fun with them at the same time.

The games were split in half to change up the activities so the kids wouldn’t get bored throughout the day.

Seven activities were held in the morning and seven in the afternoon as face painting was an all-day activity. There were a variety of activities planned for the day, including face painting, soccer, and dodgeball. As well as game called “Stockade” run by 6 squadron’s activity coordinator OCdt Powis-Clement. In “Stockade”, OCdt Simard was tied up in a stockade and the object of the game was to hit him in the face as many times as possible using wet sponges. Each time the OCdt was hit in the face he made a funny remark in an English accent to motivate the children to hit him. Needless to say this activity was a hit and OCdt Simard put a smile on a lot of young faces with his enthusiasm.

Lunch was at noon and consisted of pizza, apples, orange slices, juice and water. After lunch the new activities had been set up and the kids were ready to go for round two. The games concluded at 3:15 and parents started arriving to pick up their kids from a long and fun filled day.

Cadets were tasked with different jobs including hosting a child, setup and teardown of the activities, activity co-ordinators, event security and first aid, photographers and various other positions in charge of logistics and admin.

The OPI for the event was OCdt Larocque and her 2IC was NCdt Frank. With the help of her HQ team and the rest of the first year class she planned and executed a well put together, fun, safe event for the children. The day went off without a hitch except for a blown breaker which caused the move of the bouncing castles to the other side of the field house. There were around 75 kids expected at this event and the class of 2015 worked hard to make it as fun and safe as possible in order to return the 75 kids to their parents at the end of the day.

Mission accomplished.

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  • 4806 John Whitaker

    May 7, 2012 at 9:53 am

    This article and the previous one describing how the third year helped clean up the city parks, make me proud to be an ex-cadet.
    Too many of we Old Brigaders make comments like, “Oh, it was far more disciplined in our day,” or, “Cadets today have it much too easy.” To them I say, stuff it. The wing is well handled, a credit to itself, the college and the ex-cadet club and show a community spirit and discipline that we can only envy.