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  • 11745 Frank Bognar: Yugoslavian-born Ex Cadet spent over 44 years with DND

11745 Frank Bognar: Yugoslavian-born Ex Cadet spent over 44 years with DND

11745 Frank Bognar: Yugoslavian-born Ex Cadet spent over 44 years with DND

Article by: WJO

11745 Frank Bognar was 14 years old when he arrived in Canada with his parents and seven year-old brother from Yugoslavia – now known as Serbia.

The family settled in West Lorne, ON – approximately 35 miles SW of London.

Some time during his grade 10 year while attending West Elgin High School, Frank, got the bug to attend Royal Military College of Canada.

He was 20 years old when he arrived at RMC with a strong preference for the military way of life.

Among his favourite memories as an officer cadet:

–       playing on varsity soccer: team mates, coaches, traveling to games;

–       incredible friendships (lasting to this day +)

–       the “Arts men” parties

–       dances

–       social life in general

He ended up with a very productive 30 year plus career serving as a Logistics –  Air Movements Transportation Officer.

Postings included:

CFB Kingston,  – 3 years;

RMC, Kingston – 2 years;

Chatham, NB – 2 years;

Ottawa,  – 3 years;

Winnipeg, MB – 4 years;

EU Monitoring Mission in Yugoslavia – 5 months;

Ottawa,  – 2 years;

Haiti – 6 months;

Ottawa – 2 years;

Stuttgart, Germany ( with US Forces) – 2 years;

Budapest, HU – 2 years; and

Ottawa,  – 3 years.

Following his time in uniform he switched over to the civilian side of DND and served as the Manager, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy, for 14 years.

His Class will be celebrating their 40th reunion from graduation this coming September – although Frank admits he has only been keeping contact with his ‘buds’ infrequently –  he is really looking forward to the big weekend.

Reunion Weekend 2018 – 14-16 September.


  • 10700 Graham Keene

    January 15, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    I remember Frank very well. He seemed to always be in his soccer gear running on or off the field. Really nice guy with a positive spin on everything. Thanks to Frank for his great service to our country.


  • Theresa Winchester

    January 15, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    We carpooled together because we both lived in Collins Bay area, back when I was a MCpl in the Records Section and he was ULO, then Squad Boss. Our respective spouses seemed to want their cars at home so it worked out well. Good to hear his story here. That’s a lot of postings there, Frank.

  • Philip Wall

    January 15, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    11024 Philip Wall

    Always positive, always a good sport, solid contributor and dedicated. Many fond memories.

    Thank you Frank!