12570 Mike Kennedy: The Old Samurai Fights On

12570 Mike Kennedy: The Old Samurai Fights On

At the recent Ontario Community Games Judo Tournament held in Markham on June 16, 12570 Mike Kennedy competed in the Masters Men’s – 100 kg. category. At 60 years of age, and as the oldest entrant in the tournament, Mike was initially apprehensive about fighting. But he went ahead and did it anyway, drawing strength from the knowledge that the indomitable 2759 Sir Charles Forbes, RMWO was with him in spirit. http://everitas.rmcclub.ca/the-greatest-generation-four-true-canadian-heroes/

The end result was that Mike came away with a Bronze medal in his category. He also accumulated enough points to qualify for testing for his shodan (1st degree black belt) as soon as he is ready to take the test. If his experiences preparing for the shodan examination are anything like his experiences preparing for passing off the square in 1976, he readily acknowledges that he still has a long, long way to go !

But in competing at the tournament, Mike was also reminded of the time in recruit camp in 1976, when his CSC came up behind him one day at lunch, and sternly admonished him to “get a grip on your body.” Mike can now hardly wait to run into his former CSC again, this time in order to get a grip on his body !

As Sir Charles himself once famously said, “Destiny works in ways we will never be able to understand.” And in thinking back to what happened in 1977, Mike is reminded of the time-honoured Zen maxim, “Seven times fall, eight times rise.”

The best part of the whole day, however, was that Mike had the great good luck to meet a gentleman who is now living in Kingston, a post-doctoral fellow at Queen’s, and an experienced black belt judo instructor. This newfound friend and judo comrade is keenly interested in teaching at RMC, and Mike is looking forward to bringing him to the College, so that many more cadets will be able to take advantage of the benefits that the practice of judo has to offer. This chance encounter is just one more real-life illustration of Sir Charles’ immortal words of wisdom.

More information in Mike’s previous adventures in the world of judo can be found here http://everitas.rmcclub.ca/12570-mike-kennedycommando-training-at-age-58/


  • 11766 James Philip Doherty

    June 25, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Dear Mike, Bloody good for you to make the podium at the judo tournament, especially as the senior competitor. It is truly a phenomenal achievement at your tender age. Although I have kept myself in good shape as a former CWSO, there is no possible way I could have handled a judo tournament at age 60. I wish you joyful adventure and great success in your quest for the black belt.
    I will add that I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Geneviève Bonin and will conclude this note with the same valediction following my comments on Geneviève, that is, With much admiration, 11766 James

  • Mike Kennedy #12570

    June 25, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    Thanks, guys ! At least I walked away from it standing up, which at 60 I suppose is a victory in itself. But it was the knowledge that all of you were with me in spirit that gave me the strength to take the plunge and go for it. And one thing I discovered is, once you get out there and get going, it is really not all that bad.
    It’s been 40 years since our time at the College, but even so, we’re all still the same guys we were back then. Maybe we’re just getting started now, and the best is yet to come. Thanks again !
    And by the way, if any of you know where my former CSC is, please let me know………..

    TDV !