15345 Lyne Jutras: As chance would have it! Le hasard fait bien les choses!

15345 Lyne Jutras: As chance would have it! Le hasard fait bien les choses!

Some would say that I joined RMC by coincidence! Two of my hometown friends from Asbestos, Québec, 15296 Jacques Dionne and 15435 Paul Raymond, had planned for years to study at RMC. So, on a bright and sunny fall day of 1980, I decided to join them for some shopping while they were heading to the Recruiting Centre in Sherbrooke. While my plan had been all along to pursue my studies in Health & Science, one of the recruiting officers took me aside for an informal interview while waiting for them, and I must admit he was very good at what he was doing! Next thing I know, I was joining my friends for rook camp at CMR St-Jean in August 1981!


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My main motive at the time for choosing CMR over other colleges and universities was the challenge, and the combined experience to be gained while pursuing an academic program with a leadership program, sports, military and language components, the camaraderie, and a code of conduct that we can all relate to. Once on the grounds at CMR, I immediately knew this was the life I was looking for, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I spent three years at CMR and then moved on to complete my Commerce degree at RMC. Throughout those years, I took part in Varsity Volleyball, played with the Band at both Colleges, and planned and organized many social events. I even managed to advance my English profile through microeconomics assignments (yes it can be done!) and weekend girls’ road trips to Toronto from lovely CFB Borden during summer training…

RMC and Kingston bring back fond memories! This is where I met my husband, 15256, Jean-Philippe Caron, also a classmate from 1986 (JP is also the son of 5760 Jean Caron, who passed away in 2010). A few months after graduation, in August 1986, we got married at the Citadelle in Québec, as Jean-Philippe was joining the Royal 22e Régiment. Initially deployed to Valcartier as a Finance Officer with the Base Comptroller’s office, I had the opportunity to work with operational units and the Combat School (l’École de combat du R22eR). This is where I also became the first female officer to provide career leadership courses for logistic personnel. After three years in Québec, while JP was transferred to the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters in Kingston, I headed to Training System Headquarters at CFB Trenton. A year later, JP was deployed to the Combat Training Center at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick, and I then decided to leave the military. I thoroughly cherished my experience with the Army and the Canadian Forces, and I would never hesitate to do it all over again!

At the Combat Training Centre, JP taught tactics and advanced weaponry for three years without knowing at the time how teaching would become a real passion for him. In 1992, our daughter Audrey was born in Fredericton, and a year later, we moved back to Québec, as JP completed his Staff College and deployed to Bosnia on a UN Mission, while I briefly came back in uniform as the Comptroller for the Centre d’Instruction du Secteur du Québec. In early 1996, we then decided to move to Ottawa to take on new challenges in our professional lives, and to offer a quality education to our daughter. We then both completed our Master’s Programs in Public Administration, and managed to find the right balance between our respective careers, our family life, and the projects we wanted to undertake together.

Depuis maintenant plus de quinze ans, je travaille au sein de l’Administration de la Chambre des communes, et j’occupe aujourd’hui le poste de conseillère exécutive du Sous-greffier à la Chambre. Quant à Jean-Philippe, il occupe dorénavant le poste de Dirigeant Principal de la Sécurité et des Enquêtes au sein de la Société canadienne des postes; enseigne depuis une douzaine d’années à la Maîtrise à l’Ecole nationale d’administration publique; et siège sur le conseil d’administration de l’Institut du Savoir à l’Hôpital Montfort. Tous deux passionnés par l’éducation et l’innovation, nous avons décidé de fonder avec un groupe de partenaires, l’Institut des Opérations de Sécurité, un organisme à but non lucratif, dont la mission est d’offrir de la formation et effectuer de la recherche et un développement de qualité dans le domaine des opérations de sécurité, le tout afin de créer des organisations plus sécuritaires, intelligentes et résilientes. Dans nos temps libres, nous adorons voyager et faire du vélo. Depuis maintenant plus de six ans, nous demeurons au Centre-ville d’Ottawa et nous apprécions faire nos courses et nos sorties à pied dans les différents quartiers de la capitale nationale. Quant à notre fille Audrey, elle termine ce printemps son baccalauréat en Architecture, et entreprendra dès cet automne sa maîtrise pour l’obtention de sa désignation professionnelle, ce qui lui permettra de compléter le design de notre résidence secondaire dans l’Estrie!

Encore aujourd’hui, les cents coups que Jean-Philippe a fait durant ses années au RMC; nos souvenirs comme jeunes officiers; et ces belles années que nous avons vécus au sein des FAC et que nous avons chérie ensemble, se retrouvent souvent dans nos échanges avec d’anciens camarades et amis ayant parcourus les mêmes sentiers professionnels. Nous serons évidemment de la partie pour la prochaine Réunion à Kingston cet automne pour célébrer le 30ième anniversaire de notre classe de 1986, et nous avons bien hâte de vous revoir avec nos confrères et consoeurs. À très bientôt!