17450 Paddy Dennehy (RRMC / RMC ’91) – Headed for TV Appearance



17450 Paddy Dennehy (’91) – Headed for TV Appearance & Spruced Up Cottage

Fellow Ex-cadets and interested readers,

I, Patrick Dennehy, 17450, 1991 grad, had a unique experience that I thought would be fun to share.

It started in Aug 2015 with an innocuous email.  The email was from the Casting arm of RTR Media and asked if I would be interested in appearing on a TV show called ‘Income Property’.  I had heard of the TV show but I had never actually watched an episode.  The Host I knew from media references.

The email, I should mention, came through a website where I list my cottage for rent, called CanadaStays.

I purchased my wife’s family cottage, 10 years ago, as a retreat from the city (Kanata) for my then young family (boys; 6 & 3).  It is in Prince Edward County (PEC) not too far from the famous Sandbanks Park and the town of Picton.  The cottage is on Lake Ontario and PEC is now a burgeoning wine region.   It needed quite a bit of maintenance which I was slowly tackling.  To help pay for the maintenance I rented it out.

It was a step up from a hoochie ‘lean to’ in Gagetown but needed work.  My goal was to make it pretty and functional and I replaced the roof, then rugs turned to laminate, linoleum became peal and stick tiles, kitchen was done and most recently the bathroom was modernized from rental income.

So, this email had me intrigued to say the least.  I like real estate and renovations (the cottage was my playground) so I replied that I was interested and what was this show all about?   Why would I do this?



There are many benefits to working with Income Property, including:

  • • Expedited renovation timeline (projects are intended to take 4 – 6 weeks).
  • • Free project management and Project Manager.
  • • Free Designer services (a value of $5000+).
  • • Discounted labour and materials (where possible).
  • • Free Construction Coordinator services.
  • • Ability to advertise your space as renovated by Income Property (only for the purposes of renting and/or tenanting the space).
  • • Professional photographs of the renovated space to advertise your rental.
  • • The expertise of Scott McGillivray – and maybe even some hair tips.

So, we haggled over the budget…  I started with $10,000 (rent stored up that year) and they wanted a minimum of $25,000.  It got higher as I considered the many things the cottage still needed.  Then we met 2 weeks later and the Casting agent (from Toronto) took pictures and interviewed my brother and I as one grouping but I wanted my son, Aidan, to join in as he had some acting skill (lover in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and mad son in ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’).  They did not want kids, sadly, but loved my brother and I and our Manning Brother antics.

As Sept ‘15 rolled around, continually larger groups scoped out the cottage.  The producers and HGTV execs seemed to like us so we were a go.

In Oct ‘15, after contract signing, filming started and we got to meet Canada’s ‘A Lister’ in Home Renovations; Scott McGillivray.  http://scottmcgillivray.com/.  Up there with Mike Holmes.  He was like a 3rd Manning brother and the jokes and teasing never stopped.  Several retakes had to be done due to uncontrolled fits of laughter.

I had to make a decision on Reno Options 1 & 2.  Option 1 is usually smaller.   We showed up each week to do some filming and assist with the reno for the camera.  I watched the cottage transform under Income Property’s control.  Giving up control was difficult but my sister said it best.  She found Scott’s renovations to be great every time.  Other shows did not always agree with her tastes.  This comment helped me feel confident I was in good hands.  Watching the director, the cameramen, the light and sound people was an eye opener.

In November ’15, we had the big ‘Reveal’ which is the final day of filming.  The cottage looked stunning.  The changes and improvements flowed well throughout the whole cottage.  Paddy (that’s me) was floored (pun intended).  They incorporated some old stuff that was in the cottage into final product plus some surprises which made it special but the completeness of the end product was a sight to behold.

I am sworn to secrecy with many details until air date.  I have not seen the show yet… but rental prices and property values are divulged.

So, I invite you, my military friends and families, to watch my Income Property episode on TV:

Channel:   HGTV Canada

Date:  16 March 2016  10 pm  (Close to my Patron Saint, second birthday – St. Patrick’s Day)  I did High School in Ireland.

Channel:  DIY USA

Date:  19 March 2016

PS. I hope you enjoy it and I don’t look too foolish.

PPS. And do rent it if it works for you and your family as my Line of Credit is maxed out: http://pec.on.ca/baileysplace/

PPSS. I have learned that HGTV has spread from Canada to US to 40 other countries.  Big Canadian export.

PPPSS.  I did not have HGTV with my Bell Subscriptiuon but for $2 I added it in.


One Comment

  • Murray Thom

    March 7, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Well done, Patrick. Glad to see that you have been up to something more constructive than just rugby over academics. It is such a pleasure to see that one of the lads recruited for the RR rugby team has become so successful with growing family and now a TV star.
    Best regards to you and your family, Murray Thom