17696 Sylvain Graveline: ’91 grad brings much to the classroom

17696 Sylvain Graveline: ’91 grad brings much to the classroom

Allyssa Millie

Article by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Maj. Sylvain Graveline is an AERE officer and currently is a professor for the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at RMC. Being an RMC graduate, from the class of ’91 where he also studied Mechanical Engineering, Graveline has a good idea of what the lives of his students are like on a daily basis.

He enjoys teaching here because unlike a civilian university, students are expected to attend every class, show up on time, and being a Major, he never has issues with disorderly classrooms. The best part he says though, are the small French classes.

Graveline has been teaching at RMC for about a total of three years on and off over the past five years. He says that his favourite class to teach is Aerospace Propulsion, which he also did his PhD on. One of his best memories about teaching here was a half-day trip to Trenton for the propulsion course, where his class was able to visit the engine test cell and watch an engine ground run. The students were able to see what happened and could have a hands-on experience.

Although teaching was not the original plan for Graveline, he enjoys his life in the beautiful city of Kingston.

Some advice to cadets at the college is to not be afraid to go where your dream leads you.