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  • 18777 BGen Sébastien Bouchard takes over as 47th commandant / Le Collège militaire royal du Canada à Kingston accueille un nouveau commandant

18777 BGen Sébastien Bouchard takes over as 47th commandant / Le Collège militaire royal du Canada à Kingston accueille un nouveau commandant

Feature caption: The change of command ceremony of the Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) between outgoing Brigadier-General Sean Friday (right), and incoming Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard (left), was presided over by Rear-Admiral Luc Cassivi,(centre) Commander, Canadian Defence Academy, at RMCC in Kingston, Ont., on July 14, 2017

 Photo by Steve McQuaid, CFB Kingston Base Photo

18777 BGen Sébastien Bouchard takes over as 47th commandant

Article by: WJO

18777 Sébastien Bouchard has taken the top command position at Royal Military College of Canada  during a 55 minute ceremony Friday morning (14 Jul)  in historic Currie Hall.

The presiding officer was 16204 Rear-Admiral Luc Cassivi.

Bouchard officially became the 47th commandant replacing 16855 BGen Sean Friday, who is moving to NDHQ Ottawa and will fill the position of Chief of Staff for Vice Chief Defence Staff.

Bouchard entered the military colleges system at CMR in 1988 and graduated from RMCC in 1993 with a degree in mechanical engineering and commissioned as a electrical and mechanical engineering officer (EME).

The Lac St-Jean native has an impressive résumé highlighted with a number of international and domestic leadership accomplishments.

The ‘family’ has quite the military college connection. His wife is 19619 Karine Chayer and is a 1995 CMR grad. Two sons are currently in the system – one entering II year at RMC and the other just starting at RMC Saint-Jean. Two daughters were in attendance and watched proudly as their dad signed on as the new commandant.

Threatening weather dictated that the Change of Command ceremony was moved inside.

Weather aside the event was well attended with Currie Hall being full on the main floor and the balcony.

Over the 55 minutes there were three main speeches  – outgoing commandant; presiding officer and the incoming commandant. All three pretty well touched all the bases on what one has come to expect in this type of handover (See the Whig Standard article below).

What was inspiring to this writer and many others was the blessing given by the chaplain – LCdr Catherine MacKinnon:

LCdr Catherine MacKinnon – Chaplain

If it be your tradition I would invite you to join me in asking God’s blessings and protection for those in uniform and of course on the outgoing and incoming Commandants of RMCC. If you have not already done so I would invite you to remove headdress. If you are not a person of prayer then kindly take this time to reflect on your own wishes and hopes for our CAF personnel and these two men.

Good and gracious God, traditionally summer is a time to “down tools”, to rest, and be re-energized. Grant rest, we pray, to all of our CAF personnel, especially our staff and students, and their families.

Pour ceux et celles qui ne peuvent pas profiter d’une pause estivale : pour nos troupes déployés outre-mer ou qui combattent des feux de forêt dans l’Ouest du Canada ; pour le personnel des Forces aériennes qui les transportent (parmi d’autres tâches) ; et pour les marins dans nos navires déployés. Protèges-les et aides, nous te prions, les membres de familles de tous les membres de nos Forces Armées.

We ask your blessings on the outgoing Commandant and his spouse, Anne-Lucie. General Friday led this College during an extremely difficult period rife with challenges: BOIs a major SSAV; the deaths of a few students; and one staff member. The task of leadership was not an easy one.  May God bless you both, and your family, as you turn your attention to new challenges in the Nation’s Capital.

Prions aussi pour Brigadier Général Bouchard et sa famille. God grant General Bouchard a sense of humour, a ton of energy, a sound life-work balance, compassion, wisdom, and courage as he assumes the mantel of power over hundreds of staff members and students here at RMCC. May he, with the help of his leadership teams, create an environment where morale is high, people desire to come to work, and students crave the next day of learning and growth. May the example that he gives by all of the choices he makes be a positive influence on every member of the Royal Military College of Canada. Amen.


Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard

‘Cadets need to trust the system’: RMC Commandant

Whig Standard article

Le Collège militaire royal du Canada à Kingston accueille un nouveau commandant


More photos from the CoC on flickrHere


47) 18777 Brigadier General  Sébastien Bouchard

2017 –

46) 16855 Brigadier General Sean Friday

2015 – 2017

45) 16888 – Brigadier General Al Meinzinger


44) 14835 – Brigadier General J.G. Eric Tremblay

43) 15181 – Commodore Bill Truelove,

42) 12192 – Brigadier-General Thomas J. Lawson


41) E1607 – Brigadier-General Jocelyn Lacroix

40) S133 – Brigadier General Jean Leclerc

39) 8850 Commodore David Morse

38) 9098  Brigadier General  Ken Hague

37) 6496 Brigadier-General  Charles Émond

36) S123 Colonel Howie Marsh
1996–1997 (acting)

35) 6719 Brigadier General Michel Matte

34) 8790 Brigadier-General Jean Boyle


33) 4459 Commodore Edward Murray

32) 3543 Brigadier General Walter Niemy

31) 3572 Brigadier General Frank J. Norman

30) 3173 Brigadier General John A. Stewart

29) 4860 Brigadier General John de Chastelain

28) 2816 Brigadier General William W. Turner

27) 2530 Brigadier General William Kirby Lye

26) 2576 Commodore William Prine Hayes

25) 2364 Air Commodore Leonard Birchall

24) 2424 Brigadier G.H. Spencer OBE, CD, ADC

23) 2265 Brigadier William Alexander Beaumont Anderson

22) 2184 Commodore Desmond Piers

21) 2140 Air Commodore Douglas Bradshaw

20) 1137 Brigadier-General Donald Agnew

19) 2727 Major-General John Whiteley

18) 2120 Brigadier-General J. Desmond B. Smith

17) 1841 Brigadier D.G. Cunningham

16) 2727 Major General Halfdan Fenton Harboe Hertzberg


15) 816 Brigadier General Kenneth Stuart

14) 749 Brigadier General Harry Crerar


13) Brigadier Henry H. Matthews

12) 624 Brigadier William Henry Pferinger Elkins

11) 621 Brigadier Charles Francis Constantine

10) 151 Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Macdonell

9) Brigadier-General Charles Noel Perreau

8) Brigadier-General L. R. Carleton

7) Colonel J.H.V. Crowe

6) 45 Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Thornton Taylor

5) Colonel R. N. R. Reade

4) Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald C. Kitson

3) Major-General Donald Roderick Cameron

2) Major-General John Ryder Oliver

1) Colonel Edward Osborne Hewett

1875 – 1886

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