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  • 1933 Random Class Notes: Some interesting RMC related tidbits from the great depression years


  • Mike Kennedy #12570

    June 18, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    It would be interesting to know more about the career of # 6 S.J.A. Denison. By the time the 1933 Review was published, 57 years would have passed since his entry into the College, meaning that he would have been well into his 70’s. He was from a prominent Toronto family and I believe he left the College prematurely to accept a commission with a regiment based in the U.K.
    If you do a bit of research, it appears that he served in South Africa as a Brevet Major with the RCR, and was appointed to command the Regiment in September, 1910. I also recall being in the Garrison Club several years ago and seeing his name on a reproduction of a seating plan for a dinner that was held to celebrate Quebec City’s 300th anniversary in 1908, he was listed as being a Lieutenant Colonel at the time.
    Also interesting to note that the other member of the Old 18 who became a Major General was #13 A.B. Perry, he made his career in the RCMP and was the longest-serving Commissioner of the Force. He lived until the age of 95, and passed away in February 1956. Evidently, 13 was a lucky number !