19365 Adam Lowes: Flying Off to International Test Pilot School

19365 Adam Lowes: Flying Off to International Test Pilot School

19365 Major Adam Lowes (RMC 1994) will be retiring on 08 May 16, after 26 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the CAF and the RCAF.

Maj Lowes joined the CAF on 23 Jun 90 as a pilot through the ROTP program. In 94 he graduated from RMC with a b. Eng. in electrical engineering and upon earning his pilots wings in Nov 95 was posted 423 (MH) Sqn, starting his long association with the maritime helicopter community.

While at 423 he deployed in numerous Canadian ships on both the east and west coast including deployments on op determination, the Winnipeg floods, and Westploy.


Following 423 Maj Lowes spent a short posting at HOTEF where among other things he completed a Masters in Electrical Engineering before proceeding to the US naval test pilot school at Nas Patuxent River. Upon graduation he was posted to rotary wing eval at AETE Cold Lake in late 2004.

While at AETE Maj Lowes worked on a number of high priority programs including: CH146 Ingress, M134, and CH124 NVIS. Following close to 8 years at AETE Maj Lowes was posted to the CH148 combined test force in West Palm Beach Florida. In West Palm Beach, Maj Lowes was a driving force behind a number of different areas of the CH148 development. However, without question his single largest impact was on CH148 ship integration testing where he spent numerous days at sea flying the CH148 in demanding conditions. His contributions will have a lasting impact on the future CH148 operations at sea.

Throughout his career, Adam has made friends throughout the RCAF and RCN and he would like to thank them all for their support and guidance. Adam would not have made it this far in his career without the unwavering support of his wife Joana and his three children Jordan, Evan, and Jakob. He would like to thank them for their love and constant understanding. Upon retirement, Adam will continue his contributions to Canadian flight test by instructing the next generation of test pilots at the International Test Pilot School in London, ON. He can be reached at [email protected]. Adam has opted not to have any formal DWD. Those wishing to send best wished, congratulatory messages anecdotes, etc. may do so to maj sasha diakow at [email protected]