2010 Varsity Program Review

RMC Commandant,Principal and MP Stephane Dionne.The long awaited announcement on the Varsity Program review has been made.

The first meeting will take place Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. in the Senate Chamber (Mackenzie Building).

During this initial meeting, the intent and the desired outcomes will be outlined. In addition, a meeting schedule will be established. It is expected that weekly meetings will be held during the initial phases of this varsity review.

The aim of the RMC Varsity Review Committee is to review the orientation of the present varsity program and make specific recommendations to the commandant by 15 February 2010.

The committee will be comprised of a cross-section of people representing the diversity of RMC, so that a variety of views and perspectives are included in the review.

In total 15 persons will make up the committee representing both RMCC and RMSJ.

The committee composition:

a. LCol Tony O’Keeffe, Director of Cadets, as Chair;

b. Mr. Darren Cates, Director of Athletics, as the Co-Chair;

c. Maj Robert Parent as the Mil Wing Representative from RMCC;

d. Capt Gosselin as the Mil Wing Representative from RMCSJ;

e. Capt Durand and Mr. Hugo Cantin, PSP;

f. Dr. Racey as a Faculty Representative;

g. LCol (Ret’d) Peter Dawe, Executive Director, RMC Club of Canada;

h. Maj (Ret’d) Bill Oliver, former Director of Athletics RMCC;

i. Mr. Guy Dubé, RMC Varsity Manager;

j. Mr. John McFarlane as a Member of Distinction from the University Athletic Community;

k. Capt Paul Hungler as an Ex-RMC varsity athlete and serving CF Officer (male);

l. Lt (N) Comisso as an Ex-RMC varsity athlete, serving CF Officer (female); and

m. CWSRO – OCdt Simon Johnson.

The purpose of the 2010 Varsity Program Review Committee is to make specific recommendations to the Commandant on the following:

a. are the current varsity programs meeting RMC and CF expectations;

b. whether RMC should be competing at the university (CIS), college (CCAA), or civilian league level;

c. whether the current composition of the varsity program is appropriate;

d. whether the current composition be increased, maintained or reduced;

e. how RMC varsity programs can be better aligned with RMCSJ representative teams;

f. whether the RMC varsity program is providing value for the allocated funding; and

g. how RMC varsity teams will be measured in the future.

One Comment

  • dave read

    January 8, 2010 at 12:02 am

    I was interested in reading the item on the Varsity Program review. As a former Patron of Swimming for the Canadian Forces, I was disappointed when the swimming program was deleted from the Varsity Program a number of years ago. RMC used to have some top notch swimmers, and formed the foundation of the CF Swim Team that competed in numerous CISM World Games. Indeed, the CF swim team (comprised mostly of Cadets) in the early 2000’s won more medals than any other CF sport team at CISM.

    Once leaving the College, the swimmers can continue to participate in this sport through Masters Swimming, and also act as ambassadors to promote the sport CF wide by encouraging others to participate. Each year, the Canadian Forces creates a Master Swim Team and forms one of the strongest contingents at the Canadian Masters Swimming Championships. Many of the CF master swimmers hold Provincial and National records.

    It seems a shame that RMC has such a nice pool facility, yet cannot field a swim team. All I can hope for is the committee to consider adding swimming in the Varsity Program during their deliberations

    Dave Read (Col Ret’d)