2012 Fall Convocation Sees Full House

Commandant Pinch-Hits for MND in Currie Hall

On Friday, Nov 16, 75 individuals walked across the stage in Currie Hall to receive their PhDs, Masters, and Batchelors Degrees. BGen Eric Tremblay, College Commandant, presided over the ceremony in his role as Vice Chancellor of the College (Chancellor Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defense, was unable to be present), and Canadian author Margaret Atwood received an honorary Doctor of Laws, honoris causa  (see here for the story) and General Abdul Rahim Wardak received an honorary Doctor of Military Science, honoris causa.

e-Veritas noticed a number of ex-Cadets receiving degrees. If we missed anybody, please let us know.

Ex-Cadets who received degrees:

Master of Arts – Maîtrise ès arts

War Studies – Études sur la conduite de la guerre

Hunt, Christopher Warren, Major – Edmonton, AB 20766

Thesis – Mémoire : From Bears to Snakes: Army Transformation in Canada and the United States During the Post-Cold War and 9/11 Eras – De l’ours aux serpents : La transformation de l’armée canadienne et de l’armée américaine à la suite de la guerre froide et du 9/11 Thesis Supervisor – Directeur de mémoire : Dr. P. Mitchell

Batsford, Mark W. 14918, Commander – Kingston, ON

Dufault, François 21353, lieutenant-colonel – Montréal, QC

Ewing, Robert Bruce 14426, Lieutenant-Colonel – Trenton, ON

Master of Engineering – Maîtrise en génie

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – Chimie et génie chimique

Sheink, Christian 22166, Major – Thetford Mines, QC

Master of Applied Science – Maîtrise ès sciences appliquées

Electrical and Computer Engineering – Génie électrique et informatique

Murdoch, Andrew Paul, Captain – Colborne, ON 22478

Thesis – Mémoire : Investigation and Design of a Very Compact Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna for Use on Micro-Satellites – Étude et conception d’une antenne microruban miniature à polarisation circulaire pour des applications micro-satellites Thesis Supervisor – Directeur de mémoire : Dr. Y.M.M. Antar

Master of Business Administration – Maîtrise en administration des affaires

Baskerville, Kaitlin Anne 24702, Second Lieutenant – Gatineau, QC

Lepp, Brent Gordon 21119, Lieutenant (Navy) – Saskatoon, SK

Master of Defence Studies – Maîtrise en études de la défense

Costelloe, Aidan Gerard 20725, Major – Ancaster, ON

Davidson, Bryan Douglas 20318, Lieutenant-Colonel – London, ON

Ermel, Ross William 16536, Colonel – Ottawa, ON

Kenny, Jason Christian 21103, Lieutenant-Colonel – Bathurst, NB

Koester, Tanya Laureen 17929, Commander – Ottawa, ON and Halifax, NS

Robidoux, Christopher L. 20836, Major – Sudbury, ON

Setchell, Nancy 21502, Lieutenant-Commander – Midland, ON

Ward, Michael 17033, Lieutenant-Colonel – Berwick, NS

Master of Defence Engineering and Management – Maîtrise en génie de la défense et en gestion

Cihlar, Janus Benjamin 22612, Major – Ottawa, ON

Koss, Ian Robert 20722, Major – Petawawa, ON

Morin, Michaël 23786, capitaine – Ste-Germaine, QC

Master of Public Administration – Maîtrise en administration publique

Gosselin, Dionysios G., Second Lieutenant – Regina, SK 24613

Thesis – Mémoire : Outsourcing Operational Effectiveness: A Case Study of the Royal Canadian Air Force – La sous-traitance de l’efficacité opérationelle : Une étude des cas en provenance de l’Aviation royale canadienne Thesis Supervisor – Directeur de mémoire : Dr. U. Berkok

Bachelor of Arts – Baccalauréat ès arts

Military and Strategic Studies and Psychology

Giberson, Stephen Bruce 20153, Major – Plaster Rock, NB

Bachelor of Science – Baccalauréat ès sciences


Chapman, Ryan James 25496, Officer Cadet – Chatham, NB

Computer Science

Chu, George Hua, rmc 25013, Naval Cadet – Vancouver, BC

Space Science

Tchernov, Ilya Alexeivich 25373, Naval Cadet – Moscow, RUSSIA

General Science

Hughes, Benjamin Joseph 25208, Officer Cadet – Dartmouth, NS

Sheasby, Edward B.W. 25456, Second-Lieutenant – Sussex, NB

Bachelor of Military Arts and Science – Baccalauréat ès arts et ès sciences militaires

Caron, François 19615, major – Québec, QC

Marshall, David Dallas 18210, Colonel (ret) – Portage la Prairie, MB

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More photos from convocation (click to enlarge):

“Fixture” of RMCC Receives Honorary Degree

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