2015 Final Obstacle Course Results & Captain John Bart Leadership Award winners



In an early edition of Issue 39 we had a copy of what we thought was the 2015 obstacle course results. Turns out we had an error and consequently removed that list. following are the correct results.

Following to the best of our knowledge are correct obstacle course final results and Captain John Bart Leadership Award winners.



Obstacle Course Results:

1st place Papa flight (5 sqn)

2nd place Warrior flight (9 sqn)

3rd place Hunter flight (12 Sqn)

4th place Romeo flight (6 sqn)

5th place Whiskey flight (8 sqn)

(Picture of 2 squadron FYOP not available at present time)

6th place Fighter flight (2 sqn)

7th place Savage flight (10 sqn)

8th place Kaeble flight (4 sqn )

9th place Tango flight (7 sqn)

10th place Alpha flight (1 Sqn)

11th place Victory flight (11 Sqn)

12th place Grizzly flight (3 sqn)


The Captain John Bart Leadership Award is awarded to the best leader in each Squadron during the Obstacle Race. It was presented by: Mr. Keith Ambachtsheer, Class of 1965.

Escadron 1 27543 OCdt Colin de Grandpré

Escadron 2 27595 OCdt Dean Ridley

Escadron 3 27582 NCdt Liam Buckley

Escadron 4 27550 OCdt Augustin Mirea

Escadron 5 27820 OCdt Jason Toth

Escadron 6 27567 OCdt Drew MacDonald-Wangen

Escadron 7 27707 OCdt Drew Spinney

Escadron 8 27780 OCdt Simon Leslie

Escadron 9 27576 OCdt Adam Welsh

Escadron 10 27544 OCdt Tim Johnston

Escadron 11 27705 OCdt Paul Kavanagh

Escadron 12 27542 OCdt Alex Cameron