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2015 graduate catches up with his mentor before leaving town


2015 graduate catches up with his mentor before leaving town


26288 Sarabjot Anand graduated last Wednesday May 11 from the Basic CELE Air Officer Course (BCAOC). “On Wednesday, I got promoted to Lieutenant and am finally fully trade qualified.”

The Class of 2015 RMCC graduate had some unfinished business to clear-up before departing Kingston.

It all started about two weeks ago.

“I’m contacting you in hopes that you will be able to provide me with any updates on 2908 Al Pickering’s contact info.”


26788 OCdt Sarbjeet Nijher went on to explain.

“He’s been my, and 2Lt Anand’s (Class of 2015) mentor and a very close friend throughout our time here at RMC. We would try to get together at least once a semester in order to touch base and give Al some insight to how life at the college is going.”

The third year officer cadet from 9 Squadron obviously needed some help.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been trying to get in touch with him through email and phone, with no success. The last time I was able to make contact with Al was early October of last year, and I haven’t seen or heard from him since.”

We were able to provide what we knew were up-to-date coordinates on Al Pickering who we are well aware has been a mentor to dozens of Ex Cadets over the years. He is a former RMC Director of Cadets – 1967 -69.

Fast forward to this past Friday, 13 May when Sarabjot sent us a short note.

“Thanks for all your help. We did get in contact with Al yesterday and went out for dinner in town. He’s been my mentor since first semester of my first year at RMC. It was great to meet him again before I go onwards to my next posting.”

The personable Lieutenant brought us more up-to-date on his career.

“I will be heading off to Trenton on June 1 for my first three year posting to work with 8 Wing Telecommunications and Information Services Squadron (WTISS).”