2019 Sandhurst Team “Hungry for a Win”

Be sure to check eVeritas Issue 15 for coverage and results of the 2019 Sandhurst Military Skills Competition!

The Sandhurst Team would like to thank the RMC Foundation for their continued support. The 1 Canadian Parachute Battallion Association began with a $20 000 donation in 2006 and over ten years the Class of 1964 have contributed $125 000 as well.


Article and above photo courtesy of RMC Public Affairs

In build up towards #Sandhurst2019 here is how our team did last month!

RMC’s military skills team placed third in the 2019 Chimaltlalli Military Skills competition at the Heroic Military College in Mexico. The RMC team competed in the three-part event held March 5 and 6, beating a number of international teams including the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. The first part of the event consisted of a 20 km ruck and skill stands including an obstacles course, leadership reaction course, first aid stand, reaction to enemy fire situation, day reconnaissance and a fully loaded swim. The second part was during the night and consisted of a 5 km ruck with stands including urban combat, night reconnaissance, prisoner rescue simulation and night navigation. The third and final part was a 10 km ruck run and skills including rappelling, pistol and rifle shooting. The event was made all the more challenging by the 2400 m of altitude, heat, and mountainous terrain.

While only 11 Officer Cadets were allowed to compete in this competition, the 20 aspiring officers who passed the selection process have been training twice a day and most weekends since early October. The team will continue the hard work as they shift into preparation for a similar competition held at West Point in April where they hope to take first place.


Article et photo ci-dessus avec la permission de RMC Public Affairs

Voici ce que notre équipe #Sandhurst2019 a fait le mois dernier!

L’équipe d’adresse militaire du CMR a décroché la 3e plage à la Compétition d’adresse militaire Chimaltalli de 2019, qui a eu lieu au Heroic Military College au Mexique. L’équipe du CMR a participé à l’activité en trois volets les 5 et 6 mars, et a battu un certain nombre d’équipes internationales comme les équipes des États-Unis, du Vénézuéla, du Brésil, du Ski Lanka, du Guatemala, du Honduras, d’El Salvador et du Mexique. Le premier volet de l’activité était une course de 20 km avec sac à dos et des stations de compétences, comme une course à obstacles, une course à décisions réactives, un poste de premiers soins, une situation de réaction aux tirs de l’ennemi, une activité de reconnaissance de jour et une activité de nage avec équipement. Le deuxième volet se déroulait pendant la nuit, et comportait une course de 5 km avec sac à dos et des stations de compétences, notamment un combat en zone urbaine, une activité de reconnaissance de nuit, une simulation de secourisme d’un prisonnier et une navigation de nuit. Le troisième et dernier volet était une course de 10 km avec sac à dos et des stations de compétences, y compris une descente en rappel, le tir au pistolet et le tir à la carabine. L’activité était d’autant plus difficile en raison de la montée à 2400 mètres d’altitude, de la chaleur et du terrain montagneux.

Même si seulement 11 élèves-officiers pouvaient participer à la compétition, les 20 aspirants officiers qui ont réussi le processus de sélection s’entraînent deux fois par jour et la plupart des fins de semaine depuis début octobre. L’équipe continuera de travailler fort en vue de la compétition similaire qui aura lieu à West Point en avril, où elle espère remporter la première place.


Meet the 2019 RMC Sandhurst Military Skills Team

From the top, left to right:

28215 OCdt Jamie App, Infantry

27285 OCdt Eric Guevremont (Team Captain), Infantry

28043 NCdt Cael Halvorsen, Naval Combat Systems Engineer

28050 OCdt Jennifer Abbas, Artillery

28244 OCdt Gabriel Kemp, Infantry

27877 OCdt Tyler Purchase, EME

28326 OCdt Zachary Smith, AERE

28038 OCdt Matt Choquette, Infantry

27666 OCdt Morgan Perigo, HCA

27746 OCdt Nick Bomers (Team 2IC), Engineer

27576 OCdt Adam Welsh, Engineer


With the 2019 Sandhurst Military Skills Competition coming up this weekend, 28560 OCdt Bennett Dickson sat down briefly with team member 28326 OCdt Zachary Smith to see where the team is at.

OCdt Dickson: How does the team feel for the competition?

OCdt Smith: The team feels good, really good. Last year was framed as a rebuild year, having lost so many senior team members the year before. However, when you’re working with a group as competitive and excellent as this, there are no rebuild years. This year we are stacked full of experience, and after a second-place finish last year (first international), we are hungry for a win. We have “ONE SHOT,” a year to bring home the sword, and this is it.

The RMC Sandhurst Team puts in time on the range at CFB Kingston in March 2019. Photo Credit RMC Sandhurst Instagram

OCdt Dickson: How long have you guys been practicing for this competition?

OCdt Smith: The team has been training since October. We conduct a week-long selection process in order to pick the team. From there we train almost every morning and every evening at 0600 and 1700. We primarily focus on our running and rucking ability, CrossFit style functional fitness, military skills and swimming. Almost every other weekend we have a team activity whether that be more in-depth skill sessions in training or shooting on rifle or pistol, or working on team spirit and cohesion.

The Sandhurst Team completes a 30 km ruck march as part of their training in January 2019.

OCdt Dickson: Did you learn anything from the competition in Mexico and do you think it’ll help you next week?

OCdt Smith: Personally, I did not travel to Mexico this year. I stayed back and learned an important lesson about having your academics in order. However, the team which did travel absolutely learned and benefited a lot from that experience. For the few first-time competitors, they learned what is truly required of competing. Competition is a very dynamic environment, and just as important as being physically prepared is to be mentally prepared. You can be the fittest team going but if you can’t roll with the punches and get up when you are knocked down, you will not succeed. Just as important as having your own mental battle sorted is knowing how to help your teammates win their own mental battles. Every person responds to a different type of motivation and when they’ve spent 24, 36, 48 hours with their nose against the grindstone, knowing how to lift each others spirits and keep moving forward seperates good teams from great teams. Some of the people on our team need to be reassured of their own successes, reminded of how awesome they are, and will continue to be going forward. Others need to have a little humour thrown into the mix in order to help turn a negative event into a positive motivator. We are pretty confident in our physical ability, winning the mental battles is our game plan.


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