22103 Laura Sheppard CSL 4 Squadron – Class of 2001

22103 Laura Sheppard former CSL 4 Squadron …

When invited to share a few words as part of the e-VERITAS catch-up with former Bar Slate, it gave me pause to reflect. In addition to a strong foundation of education and training, it built an even stronger foundation of camaraderie and friendship.

Of all my memories of RMC and military life, friendships formed along the way are undoubtedly the fondest. Much has changed, but it is always great to cross paths with a familiar face, sometimes in the most unexpected of places around the world.

After graduating from RMC, I was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood, transitioning through several roles within 14 AMS before being assigned to Ottawa as the C140/A D/AEO and later AEO. From Ottawa, I made the difficult personal decision to leave not only my military career but also my country, heading to Australia in 2008.


Working with Australian Aerospace (subsequently rebranded as Airbus Group) as a contractor to the Australian Defence Force was, in some ways, an easy transitional bridge between military and civilian life; however, the move was still an enormous change on all fronts. Initially, I worked with the P3 program before being given the opportunity to establish a new depot-level maintenance capability for the transitioning C130J program. I recently left my role in maintenance operations when my husband and I decided to leave Australia for new opportunities abroad. It had been a great life experience, but we were ready for a change. Who knows what the future will hold, but for now I am enjoying a respite from the aviation world, taking some time to relax and undertaking studies in other interests.

Regrettably, such long distances mean that I am unable to participate in college events, but I send my very best to all those from the class of 2001 who will be marking the celebration of our 15th graduation anniversary this year. Enjoy the festivities and new memories!