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24517 Lt (N) Kayla Lamb: Naval Officer Remembers Her Time at Military College with Pride

Naval Officer Remembers Her Time at Military College with Pride 

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt 

“All the ‘normal things’ brought me to military college”

When 24517 Kayla Lamb (RMC 2010) was asked why she attended military college, she answered with “all the normal things.” “Free education, prestige of the school, a well-rounded education, job security, and a desire to continue to serve my country,” she explained. As the St. John’s, NL, native went on, “I had joined the reserves, 56 Field Engineer Squadron, in St. John’s in April 2004 when I was 17. I really enjoyed it and when confronted with the idea of military college at a school university fair I thought why not go for it.”

Lamb is currently posted to Naval Fleet School Atlantic in Halifax as the Submarine Technical Systems Training Officer and while she’s now somewhat closer to home she’s had quite the career since graduation. “Throughout university I was actually in the Army as an Electrical Mechanical Engineering Officer,” she explained. “I switched in my fourth year to the Navy as a Marine Systems Engineering Officer. From Kingston I was posted to Halifax, NS, where I awaited training. Once my shore based training was complete, I was posted to HMCS ST. JOHN’S in October 2011 to complete my Phase VI training. I did that and then in December 2012 was posted to the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School as the Standards Officer for the Marine Systems Engineering Division. From there, I was posted back to a ship, HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC, for my Assistant Head of Department Tour in June 2014.” Lamb followed that up with a posting to MARLANT HQ as the Flag Lieutenant for the Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic at the time, Rear Admiral John Newton, and a seven-month stint working out of Irving Shipyard with Major Project Delivery on the Canadian Surface Combatant Project. “I was posted to the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in April 2017,” she went on. “I stayed there a little over a year working as a Platoon Commander and was posted back to Halifax to my current position in July 2018.”

Memorable moments from her career so far include OP CARIBBE 2011/2012 with HMCS St. John’s, OP NUNALIVUT April 2014 – Resolute Bay, OP NUNAKPUT 2016 – Yellowknife/Mackenzie River, the various places and ports visited while sailing / working as Flag Lt(N) to Commander MARLANT, and serving as a Platoon Commander for Basic Military Officer Qualification from June 2017-June 2018.

Kayla Lamb looks back on her time at military college with pride. Like many ex-Cadets, she had her ups and downs. “I thoroughly enjoyed most social aspects of university,” she said, “including the obstacle courses (first year and last year), the half way to grad, 200 days to grad, the Christmas balls, the grad ball, the lifelong friends I met along the way, and my weekends off campus with them.” Physical fitness, for her, was a bit of a challenge. “Physical Fitness was the hardest aspect for me given some injuries I sustained there/prior to,” she explained. “School work was also difficult and required much attention but it was manageable with the right work ethic. I think not having any sort of co-op built into the heavy course load was also a struggle for me as I am a very hands on learner.”

The professors she had were “phenomenal.” “Dr. Haddad and Dr. Gosselin from the Math department, to name a few, played a key role in me obtaining a degree in Mathematics.”