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24689 Kyle Stanley Traded RMC for the National Test Pilot School

“I think overall I enjoyed my time at the College”

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

24689 Kyle Stanley (RMC 2010) is still in the Air Force and has, in essence, traded one school for another. “I’m currently attending the National Test Pilot School to become an experimental test pilot,” he explained.

Such a career move suits one who always wanted to be a pilot in the military. “I knew that the military would pay for a university degree,” he said. “At the recruiting center I found out there was an option for RMC and that RMC was offering Aeronautical Engineering, which appealed to me.” Kyle entered RMC in 2006 and graduated in 2010 (the “first good AERO class” as he called it).

“I think overall I enjoyed my time at the College,” he remembered. “There was a great feeling of camaraderie. An improvement would be to move it closer to downtown so you don’t have to walk back across that bridge in the winter anymore, but it did give you time to finish your poutine!”

He learned a lot about leadership while at the College, too. “One morning in second or third year the whole class was hauled in to Currie Hall to hear what a disrespectful class we were. We were regaled with stories about the accomplishments of the Fourth Years over the summer and how great they were. We as a class were placed into 4’s and gators immediately. However, when we arrived back in Sqn lines we found out that none of our barslate had even been informed that we were being assigned this punishment. I learned a few things during this. One is that ego will cloud your judgment. Another is that if you don’t have to make an emotional, sudden decision on your own, don’t. And finally, collective punishment (especially if the ‘crime’ is poorly understood) will only serve to strengthen the camaraderie of those being punished and cause them to lose trust in you and your abilities.”

“Another lesson I learned while being the CSTO is the beauty of decentralization. We made sure everyone knew what time things would happen but other than that everyone pretty much took care of themselves. We were able to maintain a high standard without micromanaging people, which I believe led to a higher level of overall satisfaction in 4 Sqn.”

These lessons in leadership served him well after graduation. “I went to 440 Sqn in Yellowknife for OJT, where I deployed to Cyprus and Kuwait as part of the air bridge moving everything back from Afghanistan. Then it was off to pilot training in Moose Jaw and Portage where I earned my wings in 2013. After that I was posted to 408 Sqn in Edmonton to fly Griffons. That posting included a deployment to Iraq with the Griffon as well. I was posted to the National Test Pilot School in 2018 and I expect to be posted to AETE in 2019.”

Kyle is married and they are expecting their first child in the New Year.

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