24712 Brent Fisher: “It may be the most hated job in MARPAC, but I enjoy it!”

Ex-Cadet Committed to Military College from the Start 

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt 

24712 Brent Fisher was fully committed to attending military college from the moment he first conceived of the idea. The Kingston native was in grade 10 at the time and, as he recalls, “I didn’t apply to any other universities because I was convinced that RMC was the school for me.” As he goes on to explain, what drew him to the College was the Four Pillars. “I loved the idea of a well-rounded education, and this fit well with my personality. It was really this aspect of the College that attracted me to the idea of joining the CAF in the first place.”

Following graduation in 2010, he completed his MBA before moving west in 2012 and then completing his MARS (now NWO) training. Lt(N) Fisher has been in Esquimalt ever since, with the exception of serving five months as an exchange officer with the Chilean Navy and deploying to Europe with HMCS WINNIPEG. He also served as an instructor in Venture Division for the better part of a year. Currently he is posted ashore to the Personnel Coordination Centre at CFB Esquimalt. “Some call it the least appreciated (or even most hated) job in MARPAC,” he joked, “but I enjoy helping out people through some of the problems that we solve.”

Lt(N) Fisher finds it easy to keep up with former classmates. “We are blessed to live in the era of Facebook,” he said. “It makes staying connected and checking in on classmates much easier than in generations past. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the RMC Club of Canada and that certainly helps me stay involved with the College.”

He looks back on his time at the College with pride. When asked to pinpoint a “few” favourite memories, he recalled playing volleyball, forming close friendships and attending Class parties but also one instance in particular. “A specific moment was completing my final PPT. In first year I was challenged by a fellow teammate to pull off 77 push-ups by Fourth Year. I was really proud to have beat that goal (and then some) three and a half years later.”