25281Dana Batho: “Warrior Rising”

Warrior Rising one-hour documentary that’s being aired on TV – Remembrance Day

By: WJO  (Photo credit – Matthew Wocks)

25281 Dana Batho is one of three featured bike riders in a one-hour documentary that’s being aired on Remembrance Day about the Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride Dana did with her service dog Coco in June.

We connected with Dana last week.

“I thought maybe some of the RMC Club members might be interested in watching this documentary, especially as so many of them made it possible for me to go by donating in response to my letter you posted in e-Veritas. I’m released now (medically) and relocated back to Victoria – it sure is nice not seeing snow flying here.”

Wounded Warriors Canada does an annual battlefield bike ride across Europe, not only as a fundraiser for soldiers and veterans with PTSD and other OSIs but also to help those who are suffering by providing an environment to bond with others going through the same challenges. The ride in June was very challenging for Dana (she was the only disabled rider and the only Canadian with a service dog with her), but she did it. The ride started at Vimy Ridge, France, went across Belgium, and ended in the Netherlands.


The documentary that was made of the ride, “Warrior Rising,” will be airing on AMI (Accessible Media Inc) on Remembrance Day. “I was one of the three featured riders, and the documentary will show the physical and emotional journey the riders faced.”

Viewer will also get to see Coco in his “Batdog” flying doggie pose, riding in his basket behind Dana’s head on the trike like a little rockstar.

Romeo Dallaire and his wife Elizabeth travelled with the riders through the Netherlands. “Having them there was very emotional for many of us, and really brought it home that no matter how bad things are for you and how much you’ve gone through, you can survive it with the right support.”

Any cable package will get AMI, it may be in your TV listings as the “described video” channel. Their website says it will be on at 9am, 2pm, and 11pm (Eastern and Pacific), although readers  would be wise to check their local listings. It should also be aired on their website (ami.ca) within a few days of airing.

When asked: What does Remembrance Day mean to you? The Wellington, New Zealand born Class of 2011 graduate did not hesitate.

“To me, Remembrance Day means not only remembering those who were lost in battle, but also those who are lost from the aftermath of war. I’ve seen firsthand how the sacrifice of those who have served doesn’t end at the end of a deployment or the end of their active service.”

A seasoned world traveler who before attending RMC spent over three years teaching in Japan went on to say.

“We sign on the dotted line to protect Canada and to uphold Canadian values abroad for all Canadians. The sacrifice of anyone who has served is unfathomable to most, whether that person deployed or not. Freedom isn’t free, and Remembrance Day to me is about honouring the sacrifice of all who served, and everything they have given up to help keep Canada what it is.”

The recently medically released Ex Cadet concluded:

“As a new veteran, I’m honoured to join the ranks of those who no longer actively serve, but of course it’s a difficult transition. I will keep doing what I can (through avenues like the Facebook Send Up the Count group that I’m proud to be an admin of) to help serving members and veterans cope with all the sacrifices that must be made.”