25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt: We Need Your Help

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

I’ll be the first to admit that the role of Class Secretary isn’t one that comes to mind that often. (I had to look up my class on the Club website just to see who our Secretary is.) And I think it’s safe to say that Class Secretaries serve in a role we often only truly appreciate when we need something from them. That’s what we want to change and we need your help to do it.

As one ex-Cadet from the Class of ’56 told me this past week, “Our class of ’56 has had the benefit of marvellous class secretaries who wrote and distributed class newsletters over the years.  WI McLachlan, Duane Sharp, and now Ron Capern have helped maintain such contacts for over 63 years.”

So I want your stories. Stories of the effort your Class Secretary has put in. Stories of the way they’ve helped your class stay connected. Stories of the funny little moments you’ve shared. Send them [email protected] and I’ll collect them, polish them up, and publish them in a coming edition.

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