25439 Amber Duthie: “Listen to your NCOs”

Ex-Cadet Credits Her Troops with Making Her the Officer She is Today

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

25439 Amber Duthie (nee Blanchet; RMC 2012) is currently posted to 2 CMBG HQ in Petawawa, ON. She and her husband George are currently resource parents within Renfrew County, in their Foster to Adopt program, and they can’t wait to have a family of their own.

“My career after graduation started out a little out of the norm,” she recalled. “I still had to complete BMOQ-L and my logistics phase training.” Straight out of RMC she was posted to 2 Svc Bn Admin Coy, where she was tasked with planning and organizing various events and got a grasp of staff officer work. Following the completing of her courses, her first “official” job posting started after Ex Maple Resolve ’14 when she was posted to Tn Coy as the AO. “I loved the HR portion of this job,” Amber recalled. “Although Fin will always be my strong point, HR comes a close second.”

Her next posting was back to Sup Coy with 2 Svc Bn as the Contracts Officer and that was a wake-up call for the Newmarket, Ontario native. “I had no official training in contracts so I took the necessary online courses and jumped right in. Boy was it sink or swim!” she remembered. “I finally stood my ground after that and requested a ‘hard’ Fin position. In the summer of 2016 I was posted 4 CDGB Technical Services Garrison Petawawa as the Adjutant and Finance Officer, which was as close to a ‘hard’ Fin position as I could get. It was the best of both worlds for me, HR and Fin, and I enjoyed it.”

In January 2018 she was posted to 2 CMBG as the G4 Fin, where she presently manages the brigade budget. “It is strictly finance work and I am thoroughly enjoying it,” she said. “I am also pursuing courses at Athabasca University with the hopes of completing my CPA.”

Amber credits RMC with preparing her for such varied postings. “The first thing I took away from my time at RMC was how to treat your troops and fellow officers. ‘Listen to your NCOs’ was repeated time and again while I was at the College and for me that’s been key in facing almost all the challenges I’ve faced in my career. The NCOs guided me into the officer I am today. I listened to them and took their advice to heart. Sometimes I’d have to go against it, but for the most part I built a great bond with them and still rely on many of them to provide advice in all types of situations that I find myself trying to resolve.”

What does she remember the most about her time at the College? “The studying,” she joked. “I remember the various study sessions during exam time. Those are the best memories that I have. Yes, we were studying, but I connected with so many people and helped so many peers out. We had a blast pulling almost all-nighters and coming up with weird ways to remember things. Teaching each other various techniques to study and ensuring everyone was comfortable with the material. We spent hours upon hours with our best friends studying – memories I’ll never forget.”