26032 Kyle Reed: 4 years of extraordinary opportunities

26032 Kyle Reed – Class of 2014

I do have fond memories of the RMC Debate Club! Gees, it seems like only yesterday.

My debate team highlights have always been the opportunity to debate at different universities. I personally had the opportunity to debate at The Université de Montréal and Queens University. I also was on the Model NATO team and had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C for 3 years in a row. Obviously debating is lots of fun anywhere, but especially so at different universities because I was exposed to so many different perspectives and ideas. Some perspectives I agreed with more than others, but that’s the point of debate in my mind: to strengthen and adjust your ideas through relentless review and scrutiny. It’s also fun to socialize with fresh faces and to get a taste of what civilian university life is like.

Having left the College 3 years ago this May, I am now well-established as a trade qualified Intelligence Officer for the RCN. I’m currently posted to Canadian Joint Operations Center HQ in Ottawa, and I have the privilege of working as an analyst.

My areas of expertise are the Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions.

I definitely like to think my time as an RMC debater is serving me well in my job given that so much of it involves analyzing events from different angles and presenting my ideas through both reports and presentations. Looking into the future, my next goal is to get on a deployment. I’d go anywhere, as deploying has been a goal for me since I joined the CAF.