26750 OCdt Jeffrey Girard – Designated CSL – 10 Squadron – Fall Term 2016

26750 OCdt Jeffrey Girard – Designated CSL – 10 Squadron – Fall Term 2016

What was your motivation to attend RMCC?

I have always wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember, but I did not know whether I wanted to join the military or become a civilian pilot. The biggest inspiration for me to go the military route and come to RMCC was my older brother who was in the infantry at the time. The professionalism and skills I saw my brother learn as member of the CAF motivated me to join such a prestigious institution like RMCC.



What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?

My most favourable memories, I cannot limit it to one, are the moments of camaraderie with the amazing friends I have made here at RMCC. Whether it’s the thrill of getting a promotion, going through the hardship of training, working hard to improve fitness, stressing over exams, or taking a quiet moment to relax at the mess, none of these moments are special without the friends that I have made here. It is these friendships that are my fondest memories because they are friendships that will outlive our time here at RMCC and our careers in the forces.

What– in your opinion– makes a good leader?

In my opinion, a good leader sacrifices for their subordinates. They will put the needs of the mission and the good of their followers ahead of their own ambitions and wants. Doing this takes an incredible amount of courage but I believe yields the best results.

What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

TDV is more than just a motto. It is an ethos that every leader can live by. It takes integrity and bravery to do your duty as a leader and to put others first.

What makes your Squadron unique and / or special?

Part of what makes 10 squadron unique comes from the fact that we live in a building apart from every other squadron. This creates a special bond amongst the squadron members that I do not think is fully present in other squadrons. It will be my privilege to lead such a tight knit and motivated group in the coming semester.