26884 OCdt (now 2Lt) Scott Tucker: Got it right as a CSL

a)      What was the most rewarding experience in your position as CSL?

The most rewarding experience for me was dealing with issues that developed suddenly, such as injuries that required hospitalization. It’s easy to lead on a daily basis at RMC because the regimented lifestyle makes things run smoothly. It’s only when things go wrong that your leadership gets tested. At the time, those moments are stressful but in hindsight those leadership experiences were the most rewarding during my time as CSL.
b)      What was the most frustrating experience in your position?
The most frustrating experiences were the times when information was passed later than it should have been, making simple tasks more difficult. Even though this was frustrating it happens everywhere and as a leader you need to adapt and overcome.

c)      What advice would give to a ‘Jr Cadet’ (I, II, III Year) who may be looking to fill that position in the future?

I have two pieces of advice that I think would be valuable:

Trust your barslate. If you’re someone who likes to be in control it can be difficult and unnerving to avoid micro-managing but it’s important to remember that the workload is divided for a reason. You should be aware of everything happening but don’t need to, and shouldn’t try to control it all.

Give honest feedback and speak up when there’s an issue. You may unintentionally be asked to do things that aren’t the best for the Squadron. Explain why there’s an issue and give a solution or better alternative. Having a well explained argument and a valid solution to present to your Squadron Commander or CDL is normally all it takes to prevent unnecessary negative effects on the Squadron. Always be prepared to go forward with the original directive should your proposal be turned down.

d)      Did the responsibilities of the position live up to your expectations?

Yes. As CSL your advice and judgement is taken very seriously by the Squadron Commander and Squadron NCO. The position truly does let you guide the direction of the Squadron and gives you the opportunity to lead a large group. I believe the experience of being CSL has developed me and will make me a better officer after graduation.

e)     What effects (if any) will the results of the SSAV have on your position in the future?

I don’t foresee any major changes to the roles and responsibilities of CSLs resulting from the SSAV.

f)       Add anything else you would like to express pertaining to your experience in your position.

It was a real privilege being CSL of 1 Squadron. I’d like to thank my barslate for doing their jobs well and making the semester run so smoothly. Go Boat, sink the Wing!