26945 OCDT (IV) CHELSEA ST-AMAND – C Division – CDL

What was your inspiration to attend RMCC?

My inspiration to attend RMCC stemmed from my love of academics and my increasing interest in the cadet program. I had been in the cadet program for close to seven years, and I had my heart set on joining the military, but at the same time, I always knew I was going to go to university and continue my education. So, reasonable, I looked to RMCC, which offered both! Not to mention the fact that I would be committing to serving my country and to developing my leadership skills and ability to overcome challenges.

Basically, I wanted to become a better person; someone who served their country as an educated leader.

What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?


There are so many great memories it’s almost hard to pick. But, if I had to, it was the moment that our flight found out that we had won the FYOP obstacle course. All of our work, all of the rigorous training and the mental wear and tear had finally resulted in success. In that moment, I had never been so proud and I finally realized that I had made the best friends of my life.

What – in your opinion – makes a good leader?

You know, we get lectures on lectures about what makes a good leader; powerpoints that tell us that confidence, intelligence, and compassion is what makes and ideal leader. But to me, being a leader is not a list of attributes because every good leader is different. To me, there is no checklist of qualities they need. Although, I say that with one exception; a good leader needs to care about the people they’re leading. If they do that, they will find ways to be compassionate, to have confidence, to act from experience and knowledge. Every good leader leads in different ways, but they all want what’s best for their followers.

What does TDV mean to you?

Honestly, at this moment in life, it’s the college motto. It’s something I see on walls and crests, that I hear at every speech from the Commandant. When I see them, I know how important those three words are; I know that they are the foundation on which not only good soldiers and officers, but good citizens live upon. But to me, they are something I just try to do in my day-to-day life. I don’t think about them, I don’t write them on my door so I see them every time I leave my room; I just believe in them and do my best to live up to them in all the little things.

What makes your division unique ?

We all live in the same building, unlike most other divisions. So we’re really close, have great cohesion, and are really proud of our division!!