26969 OCdt Alex Upshaw-Dammer – Designated CSL 11 Squadron

26969 OCdt  Alex Upshaw-Dammer – Designated CSL 11 Squadron – Pilot – Aero Eng

1. What was your inspiration / motivation to attend RMCC?

My motivation behind attending RMCC was the prospect of being given the chance to become a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and achieve an engineering degree all in the same package.

While I did not know much about the specifics of RMCC before initially deciding to apply, it seemed like the best way to achieve my goal of flying.

2. What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?



My most favourable memory of my time at RMCC was finishing the obstacle course in first year, and hitting that bell on the parade square with the rest of Victory Flight 2013. It was an immense feeling of pride and camaraderie to be done with FYOP, which I can say was, at the time, the most difficult thing I had done in my life.

3. What – in your opinion – makes a good leader?

In my opinion, the definition of a good leader is simple. A good leader is someone who can be relied upon to get the job done, whilst still being respected by subordinates, peers, and superiors. The current CWO of the Royal Canadian Air Force, CWO Gérard Poitras said it best during MOC weekend 2016, a good leader is firm, fair, and kind.

4. What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

To me, Truth, Duty, and Valour exhibit the most fundamental values that RMCC attempts to instill in the future leadership of the Canadian Armed Forces. Any leader should have the basic abilities to adhere to these values. Honesty is integral to any leader, any mistakes made should be owned up to, so that they can be learned from. Duty represents the immense requirement to get the job done. Valour represents the courage, and bravery that military leaders will be expected to exhibit along their careers, and must begin to develop here at RMCC.

5. What makes your squadron unique or special?

11 Squadron has always been a very close knit group. Some around the college have described us as a cult, however I would say that that brings a negative light to it. The fact of the matter is that the members of 11 squadron share an incredible comradery. RMCC brings several unique challenges, and at times can be overwhelmingly stressful. Being in 11 squadron means that there is always a smiling face in the hallway to vent to, or a rambunctious first year to shoot you with a nerf gun right before that big midterm, just to make you laugh. 11 squadron provides a family away from home.