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  • 27014 Brooke Blogg – 3 knee surgeries won’t keep her down!

27014 Brooke Blogg – 3 knee surgeries won’t keep her down!

27014 Brooke Blogg – 3 knee surgeries won’t keep her down!

Article by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Brooke Blogg – Convocation

Brooke Blogg –  Grad Parade

A/SLt Brooke Blogg, 27014, graduated with the class of 2017 with a BSc, Major in Chemistry, and a Double Minor in Life Science and Environmental Science. She is currently posted at RMCC as the Assistant Staff Officer of Careers. She assists the Staff Officer of Careers on figuring out summer training for cadets, finding OJEs/OJTs, and working with the COR to make sure they get where they need to be.

Currently she is awaiting her third knee surgery, so after a medical decision has been made she will be expected to go on MARS II. It also may be possible for her to get a new military occupation. She hopes she will be able to stay in the military, but it depends on the decision about her medical situation. Her goals are going to be completing her training for whichever military occupation she stays in and finally get a posting. Her fingers are crossed for a posting in either BC or Ontario.

When asked about her favourite memory of being a student here at the college, Blogg said, “My best RMC memory was probably in my second year. I was playing on the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team. Our rivalry with Queen’s University is quite intense on the field. During that game I scored a hat trick! Scoring 3 goals in one soccer game was an amazing feeling but scoring those goals against Queen’s just made it so much better! I’m glad my parents and team were there to be part of my best memory.”

“I’m glad I have gone through Royal Military College because it has made me the person I am today. It has developed my leadership and teamwork skills. I received a Bachelor’s Degree from the best department (a little bias), the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Department. I have also met some great people during my past 4 years at RMC. I will be able to take all these things that have impacted me during this experience into my future in the military and in life.”

Blogg is really enjoying life now that she’s not a student. She has her own apartment, adopted a cat, bought furniture, and cooks for herself now. She says that it’s been a really fun experience and she has a lot more responsibilities now. She has more bills to pay, buys her own food, but still has time to do fun things for herself.

kommy Farahani

She is very glad to have had the support of her parents when she was applying for RMC and to become part of the CAF.

Throughout her time at RMC she has also met a few other people who have encouraged her to continue on her path in the CAF.

To list a few; kommy Farahani and his wife Bev, her boyfriend, her most recent Squadron Commander/Squadron Sgt. and some of her friends.

She says that she could not have gotten to where she is today without their help and support.

Brooke plans to continue her journey within the CAF wherever it takes her.

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