27064 Officer Cadet Gabriel Paquet – Designated CSL 7 Sqn

27064 OCdt Gabriel Paquet – MOC Arty 00179 – Honours chemistry + double minor (Life science – Env)

What was your motivation to attend RMCC?

I have always wanted to join the military. First I wanted to join as an NCM but after researching different trades and possibilities in the Forces, I realized RMC would offer the best advantages for a good career. Not only does it offer outstanding education it also allows us to hone our leadership skills.



What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?

As a member of seven SQN, winning the obstacle course in first year was one of my most cherished memories. This experience created an unbreakable bond amongst my flight and reflected how teamwork and perseverance are key factors of FYOP and of all military trades.

What– in your opinion– makes a good leader?

Respect is one of the key aspects of being a good leader. It needs to be earned both ways and cannot be demanded. In order to earn respect, one must care about his subordinates and take the time to understand their needs.

What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

At the college Truth, Duty, Valour serve not only as a motto but also as guidelines for each cadet to follow. These qualities are essential to guide you in making decisions, most importantly as a leader, since you are brought to mentor and guide your peers.

What makes your Squadron unique and / or special?

After joining Wolfe SQN, I truly understood the meaning of camaraderie. In the College Seven SQN is known for its cult-like aspect in the sense that we support each other and develop long lasting friendships. In my opinion, this is true and reflect the compassionate nature of its members.