27099 Corey Davidson NCdt (IV) – CSL 3 Squadron

27099 Corey Davidson NCdt (IV) – CSL 3 Squadron

What was your motivation to attend military college?

My motivation to attend military college was to pursue a career that was different than any other career path. I have always been interested in doing different things and trying to stand out, and I felt that Royal Military College was the best fit for this aspiration.

I feel as though RMC has been a challenging yet exciting experience so far, and I am very glad I chose the path I did, and I know that this institution will prepare me for an even more exciting future in the Canadian Armed Forces.


What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?

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My most favourable memory while attending RMCC would be on two separate occasions when my squadron, 3 squadron, had won the commandants cup back to back years. I am very proud to be a part of such a successful but modest squadron, where morale is always high due to a strong core of leadership and determination which lead to the past two years on top. When I was chosen as CSL for such an amazing squadron, I had never felt so much pride in my life.

What– in your opinion– makes a good leader?

A good leader is hard to define, because the best leader would never be given the spot light for something written as a definition, but more shown through the presence that a leader provides. In my opinion, a strong leader is someone who can inspire a group of people to accomplish a goal through methods of motivation, determination, and compassion.

I have always found that my most inspirational leaders have been able to terrify me, but at the same time, make me want to follow them through anything. Having grown up playing a wide variety of sports, coaches were my first experience of leadership and the best coaches were those who gave breath-taking pre-game speeches, but when things did not go as planned, were able to discipline a team in order to inspire an improved effort for the next day.

A good leader is someone who subordinate can look up to for advice and direction, in any given environment.

How will you verify that those you lead are passing on your input to their subordinates?

I will verify that the ones I lead are disseminating my input through their subordinates by always communicating with my barman in my squadron by having weekly meetings. I feel as though communication is very key at RMC because the school is so busy, that if one detail is left out, it is noticed right away, but if everyone is on the same page, things run much more smoothly.

What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

Truth, Duty, Valour is a large part of the college, and especially a crucial part in a leaders’ job at RMC. Every day I must be truthful to my superiors and subordinates about what to expect in terms of disciplinary, but as well the rewards that come with success.

As a CSL, I feel it is important to never hide anything from your squadron, even if it is not what they want to hear and it may make things more challenging. It is Duty to make sure this college is up the standard that the CAF expects in terms of their officers.

My job as a senior leadership is to have the valour to lead my squadron through hard times and have the courage to be the role model they can look up to for guidance and advice.

What makes your Squadron unique and / or special?

3 squadron is special in the sense that we have a very strong core of students who are more driven and strong minded than I have seen across the college.

All of the leadership levels from 1-4 have shown great interest in the well-being of our squadron, by creating and showing off banners for every event, by taking time out of their individual days to help out a friend who needs to improve their PPT, or by helping a struggling cadet get his bilingual profile.

I feel as though these cadets in my squadron have inspired the years below them that 3 squadron is one who never leaves anyone behind and always makes sure there is someone behind them in case they fall.

Hail to the 3.