27131 NCdt (IV) Mackenzie M. Brauer: Designted CSL – 12 Squadron


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27131 NCdt (IV) Mackenzie M. Brauer: Designted CSL – 12 Squadron

What were your inspiration / motivation to attend RMCC?

The soccer head coach, Chad Beaulieu  back in grade 12 recruited me, and when he told me about RMC I did not want to go at all! My mom encouraged me to look into it more to find out what RMC had to offer. After a few visits to the college, talking to several students, and the support of my mom, I decided to go to RMC. The support I had from my mom was a huge inspiration to attend RMC because I was not going to consider it at all in university selection, so thanks Ma and coach Beaulieu.!

What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?


I would say my favourite memory at RMC is taking points from the U Ottawa soccer team in my first year. They we ranked something like 3rd best in all of Canada and RMC was, as we all know, not anywhere close to being on the leader board. I just remember the disappointment on their faces when the game was over; it really brought our team together. We were definitely recognized by other schools for that too.

What– in your opinion– makes a good leader?

The quality of a leader is determined by their way to boast the self-esteem of their personnel. Taking care of the troops is the most important thing; if they believe in themselves, then you have done your job right.

What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

Truth, Duty, Valour, is something I haven’t heard of before coming to RMC. I mean obviously everyone knows what those words mean and apply them to daily life, but when combined together they mean a lot more. These words are the ethical foundation expected from us as cadets and future leaders, inspired by integrity, self-discipline, and courage.

What makes your Squadron unique and / or special?

12 Squadron is pretty unique when it comes to leadership levels and rewards. If we go above and beyond in one of the pillars such as a really high PPT score, or a high average, we will be rewarded. The rewards are generally something like going up a leadership level room standard for the semester, or being recognized in front of the whole division for your efforts. Fear the Deer!!!

MOC: MARS 00207 – Degree: Honours Chemistry, Minor: Life Science

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