27182 OCdt (IV) Carmen Kiltz: the end of my Summer OJE with e-Veritas

Letter to the Editor…the end of my Summer OJE with e-Veritas

This letter is in appreciation to Bill Oliver, editor of e-Veritas and my “boss” for the past two months. Bill is very modest and I am not sure if he will let this letter be published, but I will do my best to convince him as I think the readers should get a glimpse at who is behind all the hard work that goes into making e-Veritas a success. This is from the perspective of a fourth-year RMC student (myself) however I am sure that the many cadets whom have worked for Bill share a similar view.

First off, however, I’d like to give you just a bit of background information.

Bill joined the RCAF in 1958 and eventually became a Physical Education Recreation Instructor (PERI). In 1982 he was commissioned from the ranks (CFR) while serving at RMC as a Master Warrant Officer (MWO).


In all, Bill held three different RMC positions including: Senior PERI, Physical Education Officer, and Director of Athletics. He was a 1991 recipient of the J.P. Loosemore Award for exemplifying the best in university sports in terms of ethics, integrity, and honesty. He is the only RMC staff member to date to be recognized for this 40 year old Ontario Universities Athletics (OUA) award. It is evident from working with him that he continues to uphold such moral characteristics.

The Saint John, New Brunswick native has had a very enriching journey through life thus far.

And now I would like to share with you my letter to Bill.

Bill, despite your modesty, please publish this letter!

NOTE 1 from Editor: After all the outstanding work contributed to e-Veritas by Officer Cadet Kiltz, how could we refuse her request.


Dear Bill,

I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing “boss” to me over the summer. Initially, as a Chemistry student, I was skeptical that I would find any sort of enjoyment in writing for e-Veritas as part of my OJE (on the job experience). After all, I was supposed to be on an “exciting” OJE in Whitehorse if my paperwork hadn’t gotten shuffled around, and also, most engineering and science students really dislike writing.

Within a week, however, my initial reaction had completely changed. I generally approach everything I do in life with an optimistic attitude, and this has served me well in terms of turning any situation into a good one. Your passion towards making e-Veritas a top-notch read each and every week was contagious, and your leadership style served to only deepen my interest and really helped me connect with my work in the way I am sure readers connect with the articles. I know I spent a fair amount of time telling you how much I admired your style of leadership, however I want to take one more opportunity to do so. It has inspired me and I hope to give the same confidence and sense of responsibility to my subordinates as you have given me. You take a personal interest in the well-being of the students that work for you, and this instils confidence in trust within us, which is a valuable asset in all aspects of our lives.

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and gained perspective and invaluable insight as part of my work for you and e-Veritas. Interviewing people I look up to, such as Sharron Donnelly, Tony O’Keeffe, Kommy, Helga Grodzinski, Doug Poucher Meagan McGrath, and various academic professors has been a wonderful and enriching opportunity. I have also gotten a glimpse of what life is like in various trades in the military beyond RMC, and have a greater appreciation and respect for work being done outside of our regular school schedule during the academic year. In fact, with the knowledge and perspective I have gained, I feel that much more mature and ready to take on my career upon graduation (this is my final year at RMC)! This confidence is very valuable to me and will serve me well in the future.

A side note…

My apologies for not being a tennis player. I am sure it would have been a good time to hit the ball with you on the courts during the lunch hour as you do so often during the week. I am happy to see that you are keeping active; it is a positive example to people of your age group. Nonetheless you were always fair in giving me the time I needed to take part in my own fitness activities, which I very much appreciated.

Please continue to spread your wonderful attitude to those that come in contact with you. It is contagious.

Kind regards,

27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz

NOTE 2 from Editor: Regular readers may be wondering – hey, how about Rolande? Well during the two months of OCds Kiltz’s OJE, Rolande was taking care of family business (more than usual). Life and …death sometimes gets in the way of the routine. We had three family deaths over the past few months – two from natural causes and the other the result of an accident. Consequently, Rolande and Carmen had little contact during the summer.