27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz: Wants to know, how well, you know your RMCC history


Do you know your Royal Military College of Canada History? How many questions can you answer correctly? Fifteen questions to boggle the brain

Composed by: 27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz

1. “Military College of Canada” opened its doors to the first eighteen cadets in June of what year?

2. Name at least five members of “The Old Eighteen,” keeping in mind that cadets at RMC must memorize all the names!

3. Who was the first Commandant?

a) Major Edward Osborne Hewitt

b) Major General John Ryder Oliver

c) Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald C. Kitson

4. Based on a recorded 1886 game of hockey between Queen’s University and RMC, the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association declared Kingston, Ontario as: ___________________

5. The Pillbox hat replaced what form of headdress in 1878?

6. Who granted the college the right to use the prefix “Royal” in 1878?

7. For the remainder of the war after 1942, what did the College serve as?

8. What year did RMC open with the “New One Hundred” cadets?

9. What was the “Royal Military College Degrees Act, 1959”?

10. The RMC flag inspired whom to design the Canadian Flag? When was the flag adopted?

11. 490 Brigadier FH Maynard (RMC 1901) unveiled the RMC Club’s centennial gift to the College in 1976. What was it?

12. Who were the “First 32”?

13. When and why was Royal Roads Military College closed?

14. To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of RMC, The Royal Canadian Mint issued a coin of what value?

15. What is ALOY and when was it launched?



1. 1876


1. AGG Wurtele,

2. HC Freer,

3. HE Wise,

4. WM Davis,

5. TL Reed,

6. SJA Denison,

7. LH Irving,

8. F Davis,

9. CA DesBrisay,

10. VB Rivers,

11. J Spelman,

12. CO Fairbank,

13. AB Perry,

14. JB Cochrane,

15. FJ Dixon,

16. GE Perley,

17. HW Keefer and

18. D MacPherson


3. Major Edward Osborne Hewitt


4. The Birthplace of Hockey

5. The Shako

6. Her Majesty Queen Victoria

7. A wartime training area which offered courses such as the Company Commanders Course, Military Intelligence Course, and War Staff Course.

8. 1948

9. The Degrees Act enabled RMC to offer degrees in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering to undergraduate and graduate levels

10. The RMC design inspired Dr. George FG Stanley. It was adopted as the official design for the Canadian Flag in 1965.

11. The statue known as “Brucie.”

12. The “First 32” were the first lady cadets accepted into the College for their first year of studies in 1980

13. RRMC was closed in 1995 at the end of the Cold War due to massive government cutbacks on defence spending.

14. Five Cents

15. ALOY stands for Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year and began in 2008.