27193 Kevin Partner: RMC has set him up for success

27193 Kevin Partner:  RMC has set him up for success

Article: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Allyssa Millie

Kevin Partner, a recent grad from the class of 2017, is currently posted at Air Traffic Control Unit at 8 Wing Trenton waiting for his   –  Instrument Flight Rules training later this month. As an Aerospace Controller (AEC), 2Lt, Partner took his degree in Aeronautical Engineering during his four years here at RMC.

Two of his favourite memories were completing the first year obstacle course and doing the fourth year project with the other people in his program. The obstacle course is a fond memory for most cadets when they look back at their first year. Working together with the rest of the 6 squadron Romeo flight in 2013 and coming in 3rd place overall will always be one of the highlights that Partner will recall when talking about his time here at the college. Another is the fourth year project, where Partner worked with his  peers to design a multirole combat aircraft, which was a great way to finish off four years with his classmates. They spent a lot of hours working both separately and together to design a great product that used all of the skills they acquired through the years.

Partner is enjoying his new life after RMC, saying that since receiving his commission he has experienced being treated with a newfound respect. “RMC has prepared me quite well,” Partner said, as he is one of the few people on his new course that knows how to do the paperwork for various things and who also has a profile in his second language. Compared to Direct Entry Officers who attended a civilian university, he feels that graduating from RMC has certainly given him a good base off which he can begin a strong career.

“I’m glad to have done RMC. Now that it’s over I have a good basis for leadership moving forwards.” In the future, Partner is looking forward to building a real career and life for himself, working for an important institution, and contributing to the Canadian defence effort as best he can.