27472 Eliza Bruce admits to IV Year nostalgia

Admitting to IV Year nostalgia

27472 OCdt Eliza Bruce


The rush of the academic semester and subsequent athletic and military obligations are on pause until Environmental Preparation Training and Drill Fest.

In such a lull of activity, I found it genuinely difficult to think of anything particular to say when all the semester’s activity gives way for exams. Then I thought of the sighs of relief I’ve started to hear as students complete exams, find out their grades, finish out the year, and gradually realize that they really did make it—regardless of what ‘it’ is.

This relief doesn’t express under-appreciation for all the work that’s been done up until this point—it’s a re-assurance that RMC was a good choice after all because here we are again at the end of another great year.

On a recent hike on a watchtower trail, I stood at the lookout point and saw the endless circle of the horizon stretching out in forests and fields. This is what is feels like to be in the middle of something like RMC sometimes—you’re busy hiking through the assignments and practices and duties and parades and landmark moments, to reach the point where you can stand and look back at where you’ve come from, understanding how it’s challenged you in some ways and affirmed your principles in others.

At least for the fourth years, we’ve started to get pretty nostalgic—even amid the stress and studious discipline applied to exams, this time of year isn’t about a countdown anymore.

Cadets are putting their checks in the boxes to mark finished tests, essays, projects, theses, and waiting for summer course loadings and posting messages to drift in.

The long winter is almost over and RMC is practically a metaphor for spring—it’s on the verge of exploding into action again any day now.

In the meantime, being able to focus on academic responsibilities allows for a period to order and process the year’s events; to organize and prepare for the changes ahead. Finding inspiration and motivation in the presence and support of the peers and mentors we’ve met among the RMC family can provide the needed power boost to conquer the days ahead until course…or grad.

This is not the time for letting things slide, this is the opportunity to tighten up ship and put the best boot forward to accomplish the hurtles that await.


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  • 5611 Gerry Stowe

    April 24, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    I, and, I suspect, many other readers of eVeritas, are going to miss the excellent articles by Eliza Bruce.