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  • 27472 Eliza Bruce (III): Perspectives of In-Clearance Week

27472 Eliza Bruce (III): Perspectives of In-Clearance Week

Perspectives of In-Clearance Week

27472  OCdt Eliza Bruce (III)

Cadet Wing Choir Master& e-Veritas Correspondent

The ever-inevitable week before the school semester beginning with full force, that of in-clearance, is marked as being the first week of FYOP, a time of academic registration, paperwork, annual medicals, text-book pickup, and briefings on updated rules and conduct.

It is not just about cadets melding back into the patterns of college culture, its subsequent processes, and the streams of communication that are its life blood (such as a typical 50 student emails a day), but it is also an adjustment period for the military staff and faculty as they respond to changing requirements and a fresh year’s orders.

My own observations taken from highlights of the Commandant’s address to academic year/barmen briefings are that he reminded us that we, the Officer Cadets, are the ones faced with the choice to turn our leadership opportunities into either a burden or an opportunity.


He finished with an emphasis on the necessity of approaching things with positivity; the power of the present is in our hands, and the decisions we make will affect the college’s culture for years to come.

According to first year OCdt Rusu from speaking from the FYOP perspective in 7 Squadron, “I find the in-clearance/military admin process to be overall quite efficient. There is a great deal of administrative work to be done, especially upon entering the Canadian Armed Forces.  I would say that most of the administrative work is dealt with very well.  However, there are often many mistakes and delays in these processes [but] this is understandable due to the amount of people requiring the same sort of admin requests.”

In the words of second year OCdt Labiuk from 3 Squadron, “In-clearance week was a time to relax and slowly ease back into day to day RMC life after a summer of training, which was nice. As a second year, it was also the first time I saw FYOP from the other side of things, which also proved interesting.  All in all, after 5 days back at RMC, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here at the college.”

OCdt Gurmani, a third year from 6 Squadron, says that despite the patience required to wait for various steps in the reintegration of admin,  this in-clearance week consisted of a “smoother transition than previous years.”

Fourth year OCdt Melanie Hughes, from 4 Squadron, is relieved for her final year of studies, and thinks “It’s exciting to get back into the rhythm of college life again.  I’m looking forward enjoying every moment back in my last year!”