27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding: Talks RMC Hockey

Hockey and RMC

Article by: 27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding

Danielle Fielding

Hockey is very popular in Canada year-round during all seasons and is widely considered Canada’s national pastime and national sport. At RMC, hockey holds a special place in its history. No one knows exactly when it all began but there are a few different stories that are still talked about amongst the cadets, and after it was brought to RMC cadets played on Navy Bay starting in 1885.

Hockey teams from RMC and Queen’s played the first ever recorded game of hockey in 1886, beginning a rivalry that is still present to this day. Even now, years later, RMC and Queens still face off during the Carr Harris Cup, which was initiated in 1986 by the International Hockey Hall of Fame in celebration of the hockey rivalry.

RMC has a similar rivalry with the West Point United States Military Academy. RMC and USMA is the longest running international hockey series. The first game was played at the West Point rink in 1923. The game was quick and clean, with no penalties and RMC winning 3 – 0 over USMA. This no penalty “gentlemanly rivalry” continued into the early 1950s, with still no penalties being called on either team. This led to a messy game, with hits and body checks throughout. It wasn’t until the third period the West Point goalie slashed an RMC player and the referee called the first penalty.

Now, these hockey traditions continue, with cadets playing on the RMC Hockey Varsity team playing Canada’s most loved game.