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28057 Colin Bond: The trials and tribulations of writing exams

The trials and tribulations of writing exams

Article by: 28057 OCdt (II) Colin Bond

Colin Bond

By the time you read this article, RMC cadets will have already begun their exams for the winter semester. While it is an exciting time of the year for cadets since the winter semester has come to a close, it also means that the winter exams have begun.

With the library open longer then normal and peer groups coming together to study, exams are a chaotic time. There is a large amount of studying that goes on during the exam period, with spaces such as the cadet mess and the library being turned into study havens for the cadets. Especially for the fourth years at the college, this exam period marks the conclusion to their long journey through RMC, and the beginning into their future careers: just as long as they study hard and pass their exams.

The testing that take place at RMC are similar to most Universities with a dedicated test-hall for the cadets. The hall itself is housed in one of the gyms located in the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre, with many rows of desks to split up cadets. In the hall itself, there are many watchful eyes looking over the exam takers, and strict rules that must be followed in the hall. Cellphones, water bottles, smart watches, and other items are prohibited during the exam session due to the possibility of cheating. While the rules may be strict in the exam hall, they are necessary precautions to make sure that testing protocol is followed.

While the exams can be nerve wracking for everyone, there is no other feeling like the one cadets get once they leave the exam hall. Especially for the fourth years, who in a few weeks will be off on their new adventures as commissioned officers, the feeling is indescribable.

While exams can be a difficult time that follows a semesters worth of work, the results that come from the hard work during the exam period are very worth while. For the fourth years, it marks the conclusion to their time at RMC, and for the rest of the cadets, fun summer training awaits them in the future.